MT Chapter 60


Chapter 60: A large harvest

The area was dead silent, countless gazes stared at Chu Tian, everything else in the world disappeared, only this miracle youth remained!

Li Changyun was half crippled and expelled!

Luo Yuanshan was struck by lightning and killed!

Chu Yi was killed by Chu Tian on the spot!


Three fights three victories, crisp wins and no suspense, each win was also unexpected!

Every competition, no one believed in Chu Tian.

Every outcome, shocked everyone present!

Chu Tian was crazy, he was so crazy no one could break him, no one could solve him, how many people in this world could achieve this?  This was a genuine talented youth!  This was a hot blooded man!

A person that was crazy to this extent, he could no longer be called arrogant.

It was self confidence, a strong undefeatable self confidence!

Would a dragon flying through the nine heavens be humble to ants?

Ye Xiong spread the news through the town to try to get the public’s support, dragging Chu Tian into hell, forever bringing shame upon himself, forever drowning in ten thousand people’s hate.

Who knew he would be lifting a large stone to drop on his own foot!

Everyone now knew the Ye Family’s true colours.

Ye Xiong actually brought shame and ruin upon himself!

Nangong Yi found it hard to keep in his excitement as he announced for everyone, “Chu Tian is a genius of our South Sky City!  Who dares call Chu Tian incompetent!  Who dares insult Chu Tian’s birth!  Who dares slander Chu Tian!”

“Chu Tian!”

“Chu Tian!”

“Those that slander Chu Tian, they will suffer what they deserve!”

Everyone seemed to have been infected by pride as they loudly shouted out, their cries were like a tsunami.

Nangong Yi let out a disgusted breath as he glowered at the crowd and said, “What kind of people are you?  Weren’t you just screaming that you wanted to cut Chu Tian into a thousand pieces?  You still dare say this kind of things!”


Completely finished!

Once again they were completely defeated!

Du Zhentian had a very awkward expression, after thinking for a few minutes, he suddenly seemed to have made a decision and stood up to walk away.

Chu Tian saw him walking away and coldly smiled as he asked, “Family Head Du Zhentian does not seemed convinced, so does he want to challenge me again?”

Stop joking!

Learning from other’s mistake wasn’t miserable enough?

One brought shame and ruin upon himself, was half crippled and expelled from the city.  Another one was killed on the spot, without even a complete corpse left behind.  The last one had an overwhelming advantage, but was hit with Chu Tian’s counterattack and died with regret!

Was this not a painful enough lesson?

Did he have to go through it again?

Moreover, the three competitions were over, even if he won against Chu Tian now, did it mean anything?  Chu Tian with his own power, completely turned the tide, and overwhelmingly counterattacked them.

Du Zhentian felt as if his face had been fiercely slapped!

He had already became a pig head!

His prestige had fell on the floor!

He had lost all his face!

This was a serious loss!

He had become a small villain who framed a genius!

If he knew about this earlier, even if you killed him, Du Zhentian would not have entered these turbid waters!

“Young master Chu……You’ve completely misunderstood!”  Du Zhentian was the rudder guiding the Du Family, his skin had to be thick, the Du Family did not have a backer, they did have a main family in Central State like the Ye Family!

They could not fight anymore!

They truly could not fight like this anymore!

Du Zhentian endured his pain as he took out a contract book, “Young master Chu is truly a god given talent, he stole this from others?  It was Du that was mislead by these people’s evil words, he believed this lie and had eyes but could not see your excellence.  In order to apologize, this is the contract book for my Du Family’s mold printing factory, I ask young master Chu to accept it!”

This contract book for a factory worth 1000000 gold coins was meekly handed over!

This was simply cutting into the meat!

Du Zhentian just two days ago had a sinister face as he discussed how to get rid of Chu Tian with Ye Xiong.  Now it was good, his face had changed as he openly admitted defeat to Chu Tian.

This was an expert submitting!

He was also forced to do so.

“Du Family head’s memory is not so good, this factory was something that I won!  It already belonged to me!  Fuck you for taking my belonging and using it to apologize to me, there is not a single person in this world that’s like you!”

“This, this……”

Du Zhentian had an awkward expression.

“When we were on the summit arena, you tried to hack me in half, this matter I hope sir Du has not forgotten?”  Chu Tian snorted and said, “With my temperament, those that want to kill me, I won’t let them live.”

“If you have words, nicely say them!”  Du Zhentian wiped away his sweat, “Du will clear up the misunderstanding with the media personally and I will compensate for young master Chu’s lost prestige.  I will prepare a generous gift and visit Miracle Commerce to apologize, is that good enough?”

“Not enough!”

“Du is willing to give up all his personal property to make up for his mistakes!”

This Du Zhentian truly had courage!

Chu Tian could not help but be impressed.

Instead of an extra enemy he prefered having one less and he was getting a bargain out of it!

“Alright, since you are so sincere, I won’t argue with you!  But if you let me discover you stepping out of bounds even a little, then I will be ruthless!”

Du Zhentian nodded his head, “I don’t dare, I don’t dare!”

The Du Family was still one of the large families of South Sky City, but now they were no different that an obedient grandson!

Ye Xiong could no longer tolerate it as he said, “Du Zhentian, do you not want face anymore!”

“The Du Family is only a small family, we can’t compare to the large influence of the Ye Family.”  Du Zhentian let out a long sigh and he coldly looked at Ye Xiong, although he had resentment for Chu Tian, if it wasn’t for this fellow to instigate him, he would not have participated in this matter today.  Today the losses of the Du Family were all caused by this idiot, “I hope you change before it’s too late, stop pursuing this foolish matter!”

The Ye Family was isolated and cut off from help.


Ye Xiong whipped his sleeve as he angrily left.

The farce that disturbed the entire city, the curtains had finally dropped.

Ye Xiong collaborated with 3 large families, but he still couldn’t do anything to Chu Tian.  Instead he helped raise Chu Tian’s prestige and gave him many benefits!

Li Changyun had abdicated.

The Alchemy Master Guild Chairman position, the only qualified person left was Xiong Tianyan!

Chu Tian had gained 500000 gold coins and a well equipped factory, and the entire fortune of Du Zhentian!

This, Du Zhentian hurriedly leaving was to remove all the valuable things as fast as possible!

Would Chu Tian this kind of time?

Du Zhentian had only returned, he did not have the time to move anything yet.  Chu Tian had already brought Nangong Yun and Zhang Liqing to immediately confiscate his family’s property!

There was no choice.

He could only give up!

Chu Tian had sent Meng Yingying, Meng Qingwu, Nangong Yun and Xiong Tianyan, “Carefully search through these houses, as long as you discover anything valuable, even if it is a chamber pot, bring it to me!”

They were excited as the passionately started the big search.

Du Zhentian’s mansion was turned upside down!

In the end, the only things of value were Crystal Stones, Beast Cores, liquid medicine, and pills, the total valuation was several hundred thousand gold coins.  There were also several crystal stone cards with gold coins deposited, the deposited cash was as high as several hundred thousand!

These were easily convertible assets, the total calculation for it, there was around 1000000 gold coins!

What did 1000000 coins count for?

Southern Cloud Commerce’s entire assets did not even add up to that much money!

And there were still the rare treasures, luxury goods, etc.  The value was a bad estimate and it definitely wouldn’t be lower.

Xiong Tianyan excitedly walked out, “Three Lives Demonic Insects!  Three Lives Demonic Insects!  We unexpectedly uncovered 200 Three Lives Demonic Insects!

Three Lives Demonic Insects?

Wasn’t this the main ingredient for refining Qi Training Pills?

This medicine was incredibly rare, there were only a few that appeared in the South Sky City market, but they had unexpectedly uncovered several hundred in the Du Family manor.

Chu Tian was very satisfied, “With these Three Lives Demonic Insects, we can refine several hundred Qi Training Pills, perfect for when we open Southern Cloud Medicine Shop!  Lao Xiong you did a great job, you’ve done a great merit, when we get back I have to properly reward you!”

Xiong Tianyan revealed a face of joy, “Many thanks Chairman!”

Xiong Tianyan was crazy about alchemy, he did not have much interest in money, he was infatuated with alchemy, if he had the chance to receive 1 or 2 high level refining methods from Chu Tian, that for him was the greatest honour!

Nangong Yun ran out from the backyard, “Boss, I found three white rhinoceros carriages in the stable, they are too attractive, can I borrow one to test it out!”

“It’s yours!”  Chu Tian was very generous, “Give the other two to Yingying and little miss!”

Meng Yingying was beaming with joy, “I always wanted a good carriage, but I never had the money to buy one, I never thought I would get a premade one.”

Meng Qingwu’s lips broke out in a smile.

The white rhinoceros was a very beautiful demon beast, jade like body, snow white colour, it was especially suitable for females.  Each white rhinoceros carriage would cost over 10000 gold coins, Meng Qingwu could not bare to by it!

Anyway she didn’t need money!

This fellow’s belongings, she could just keep it for herself!

Chu Tian widely waved his hands, “Search!  Continue to search!  Today the boss is in a good mood, whatever you find, you can keep 10% of it!”

As soon as everyone heard these words.

The fervently surged forward, their eyes were red with excitement.

Before long, Meng Yingying with a small red face came running out with a head of sweat, “Chu Tian, Chu Tian, I found an underground storage space inside, there are many jewels there!”

Chu Tian nodded his head, “Load it up and take it away!”

Meng Yingying loudly shouted, “Yes!”

Du Zhentian was about to cry!

It was truly a massive bleeding!

Although this was Du Zhentian’s personal property, it was still the savings from several years.  These people acting like bandits, taking everything of value from the house!

The inlaid gems on the bed were all pulled out!

The things they plundered were all put in Chu Tian bronze ox cart, unexpectedly it was filled to the brim!

Chu Tian sized up Du Zhentian, then doubtfully asked, “Your Du Family has been in Sout Sky City for several decades, you’re one of the richest families, you as the head of household no matter what should have several million in assets, why is there so little?  Are you hiding some assets from us?

Du Zhen Tian almost spat out blood, then he plainly stated, “None, everything is here!”


You think I’m stupid!

Who would put everything they own in their house?

Chu Tian did not really care since he already had such a big harvest, Du Zhentian no matter what was still a well known person, he couldn’t force him too much, so it’s better to quit while you’re ahead!

“Our past grudges, with this it’s all written off!

“I still have to say, if I find out your Du Family is still secretly plotting, I will not forgive you so easily!”

Du Zhentian also released a sigh of relief!

From now on, if they saw a member of Miracle Commerce, the Du Family would firmly avoid them!

Chu Tian drove the cart full of loot back, when he opened the cart, all kinds of treasures spilled out, they were enough to make a person doubt their own eyes!


“Very good!”

“Finally escaped from poverty!”

Chu Tian laughed with satisfaction.

Yingying Hot Pot City could make several tens of thousands of gold coins per day, but what use was that?  It still wasn’t enough to cover Chu Tian’s training expenses.

This was good!

Luo Yuanshan’s crystal card with 500000 gold coins deposited.

The assets seized from Du Zhentian’s house that was worth more than 1000000 gold coins.

These could be converted into 1500000 gold coins, in South Sky City the people that could take out this kind of money did not surpass 5, even the Mayor’s palace would not be able to do this!

Other than that there was still the pile of hard to convert luxury goods!

Moreover he had large quantities of Three Lives Demonic Insects, but that only cost 100-200 gold coins.  But if Chu Tian refined them into Qi Training Pills, that would be turning stone into gold instantly, turning them into pills that were worth thousands or even tens of thousands!

When Miracle Commerce is lacking money!

Chu Tian was also lacking funds for training!

This was good, this short period of time he did not have to worry about money!

Chu Tian planned to increase Xiong Tianyan’s strength, he planned to help him become an Awakened Soul Cultivator, then he would help him take the position of the Alchemy Master Guild Chairman.  Xiong Tianyan’s intelligence was originally not bad, but since he was infatuated with studying alchemy, his cultivation base training was very slow.  Chu Tian only needed to give him the right supporting formulas and he could certainly succeed!

Ye Xiong’s fear was something he couldn’t even dream of!

This time not only did he failed to beat Chu Tian, instead he forced Chu Tian to break out in this short time!

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