MT Chapter 63


Chapter 63: Hundred Year Old Corpse

30-40 year old Yin Corpse, should have been formed in modern times, it was most likely a tragic rogue cultivator that died, it’s cultivation was at most 3rd or 4th Body Refinement Layer, this did not constitute as a threat!

Di Jian took out his bow in a single step and took out 4-5 arrows.

Sou, sou, sou, sou!

Drawing up at a 45 degree angle, he fired right into the sky.


The black arrows crashed down!

The Yin Corpse had not even notice the people nearby and the arrows had already landed, piercing right on through.


Too fast!

Chu Tian could not help saying, “Good archery technique!”

Di Jian put away his long bow, smiled a friendly smile, and said nothing.

Bai Zimo crossed his arms in disdain, “This insignificant skill, what are you so proud of!  What are you doing, watching a play?  Go get the corpse core!”

Bai Zimo not only did not give Chu Tian face, he also embarrassed Di Jian.

And he was even giving out orders.

This made the others feel a little annoyed!

Chu Tian pondered.

You little brat really has a superiority complex, I let you go once, you won’t think that I’m an easy to push around person now will you?

Bai Zimo with his arms crossed, coldly smiled as he said, “You don’t seem convinced?”

“Lu Ren, I’ll go with you.”  Cai Die feared that the team would start fighting so she pulled Chu Tian to leave.

Bai Zimo’s brows wrinkled when he saw this, his eyes flashed a hint of anger.

Everyone else was getting along fine.

Only Bai Zimo’s attitude was too poor.

Bai Zimo was indispensable, first not to mention he was familiar with the terrain, he knew how to avoid traps and dangerous areas, also in a pinch, he could help relieve the team’s problems.

With a strong teammate, everyone’s heart was a little more relaxed.

Attitude……they just had to endure it and it would be fine.

Corpse cores and beast cores were not the same.

Beast cores were the source of energy for demon beasts, when a demon beast gets to a certain step, they would condense one in their body, therefore if one could find a single beast core after killing ten demon beast, that would already be considered good.

Corpse cores were not the same, it was congealed from yin qi and corpse qi, each Yin Corpse will have one in their bodies.  Therefore the output of the Yin Corpse valley was incredibly high.

Some evil cultivation techniques drew on corpse cores, certain special alchemy recipes and refining methods also required them.  Corpse cores were an important multipurpose resource.

Chu Tian did not know any evil cultivation techniques, corpse cores were no use to him, but he might as well get some to exchange in the black market for the resources he did need.

The five of them continued forward.

The Yin Corpse Valley was filled with Yin Corpses, but so far, every Yin Corpse they met were all weak, Xiang Hu, Cai Die, or Di Jian always took care of them instantly!

Di Jian was incredibly mobile, excelling at killing from range!

Xiang Hu practiced a wild cultivation technique, he had strong short range strength, not a single Yin Corpse could block his hammer.

The one who surprised Chu Tian the most was Cai Die, this girl’s strength was not weak, her cultivation was at the 9th Body Refinement Layer, but she had high comprehension of a cultivation technique, strong martial arts experience, and held an autumn water treasured sword, it significantly increased her battle potential, she was almost equal level peak 9th Body Refinement Layer experts!

Young Lady Cai Die was not your average person!

Whether is was cultivation technique, martial arts, or equipment, they were all things a trivial rogue cultivator would never have.

Bai Zimo and Chu Tian never made a move, Bai Zimo’s cultivation was the strongest so he needed to save spirit energy, so he could deal with any possible circumstances.  Chu Tian never made a move because everyone had regarded him as a strong meat shield.

They kept getting more and more corpse cores!

A completely full bag!

Xiang Hu excitedly said, “We’ve almost collected a hundred corpse cores, if divided equally, we can go to the Great Zhou Country’s caravan that just arrived at the black market and exchange for some good medicines or good equipment!”

Cai Die’s face was filled with joy, her hand held her long sword, bright as the autumn’s waters, beautiful enough to move people.

“Right now we’ve already entered the Yin Corpse Valley, we cannot be careless, we have to be careful.”

They didn’t even finish talking!

As a terrible howling came from in front of them!

A bone chilling ice cold wind, like ice blades whistling by, gave the five of them a shock from head to toe.

Di Jian face had a big change as he said, “There is a high level Yin Corpse aura from the southwest!”

When everyone turned to look, they saw a dirt covered Yin Corpse, slowly crawling out of a tunnel!

This one was clearly different from the other Yin Corpses, its body was not withered, but rather it was very strong and it was covered in a dark green corpse poison.  Its vicious eyes stared at them, the terrifying killing intent made it hard for them to breathe.

Xiang Hu felt as if his heart was being gripped, “This Yin Corpse has a cultivation of 9th Body Refinement Layer!”

“Invulnerable Yin Corpse body and it has corpse poison, even at the same level, it would be difficult for us to be a match for it.”  Cai Die felt anxious, she could not help taking a step back, “Bai Zimo, your strength can deal with him, we’ll have to trouble you to make a move.”

“Don’t be anxious.”  Bai Zimo wasn’t in a hurry, he said with a teasing tone, “We still have another person, that hasn’t made a move yet!”

Cai Die clenched his fist, she was a bit angry as she said, “Zimo, this kind of time, can you not act like this!”

“Humph, young lady Cai Die, what are you worried about?  With me here to protect you, you won’t be injured.”  Bai Zimo crossed his arms, his eyes were staring at the Yin Corpse, he did not have a single intention to make a move, “I just can’t stand seeing a petty person who does not want to do anything, infiltrating our team and not helping at all!”

Bai Zimo was clearly aiming at Chu Tian.

“What are you still gawking at?”  Bai Zimo was staring at Chu Tian with an aloof look as he said, “There is only you, now go!”

This Yin Corpse was at the crucial moment of breaking into hundred years old!

Letting a single 8th Body Refinement Layer person go fight it, wasn’t this seeking death?

Yin Corpses were also good at using corpse poison, if one fought them close range, it was necessary to take care of them in one hit, otherwise they would be affected by the corpse poison, then they would die without a doubt!

Yin Corpses were monsters, they did not have any biological weakness and had a layer of copper skin!

This youth’s cultivation base was not only weak, he also focused on defense, letting him fight such a terrifying Yin Corpse, wasn’t this sending him to his death!

Cai Die angrily said, “You just want to see him die!”

“I’ve already told you, our team doesn’t need this worthless person, it was you that wanted to bring him along, how can you blame me?”  Bai Zimo coldly said, “If he really dies, then that would be a good thing, having one less person, doesn’t that mean everyone gets more corpse cores?”

“Alright, alright!  If you don’t make a move then that’s fine!”  Cai Die was driven beyond her limits, “Lu Run, let’s go together!”

Xiang Hu also couldn’t keep watching Bai Zimo act like this, “I’ll also come help!”

Di Jian did not say anything, but he expressed himself with his actions, he took a black arrow from behind him and prepared to fight.

Bai Zimo face filled with anger!

That’s right, he was deliberately doing this to the boy!

Who let this little boy have this kind of strength?

Ding Feng was not a simple person, he could defeat the 9th Body Refinement Layer Ding Feng with his 8th Body Refinement Layer cultivation, his talent was perhaps even above his own!

Bai Zimo’s disposition was very proud, so his self restraint was good.  The thing he hates the most are people who are stronger than him, so because of this, from the beginning he didn’t like this brat.

So what if he was talented?

Geniuses could easily fall down from heaven!

Who would expect that Cai Die and the others, would dare to go against him and ruin the plans of Bai Zimo!

Chu Tian slightly sighed.

How could he not see through Bai Zimo’s thoughts?

This person did not have spirit, was narrow minded, feared competition, no matter how talented he was, he would never achieve anything big.

“No need to trouble you guys, I’ll go and try!”

Chu Tian’s legs shook, like an illusion, he shot out.  The tip of his toes treaded across the stones, his body exploded forward, like an arrow shot out.

The Yin Corpse seeing this, the poison became thicker, his claws filled with black qi, roaring to kill Chu Tian in front of him.

“Hurry come back!”

“You can’t fight him alone!”

Cai Die and Xiang Hu’s complexion changed, Di Jian quickly pulled out his long bow.

Chu Tian fished out a talisman while midair, he added his spirit energy into the talisman, immediately activating the source energy array.  Entering into hyperfocus, flying high to avoid the Yin Corpse’s claw, he shot the talisman onto the Yin Corpse.

The talisman turned into a white spear!

Stabbing through the Yin Corpse’s chest and coming out the back!


This light spear had nailed the Yin Corpse, it had nailed the Yin Corpse onto a rock.  Normally, the Yin Corpse does not fear ordinary injuries, but this Yin Corpse was sending out shrill cries, its body was letting off smoke, as if it was on fire and before now it had become a withered burnt body.

Di Jian had only half drawn his bow!

Because Chu Tian’s strike was too fast!

Fast as lighting, exquisite dodging, releasing a symbol technique, defeating the enemy in one hit, as if it had been repeatedly practiced, it was smooth as it could be!

Such a powerful Hundred Year Old Yin Corpse, it was unexpectedly taken care of in a single move!

Cai Die’s face was filled with shock, “How did you do that?”

Chu Tian walked back over after taking the corpse core, “I have a light attribute Symbol Technique, light attribute power is good for killing Yin Corpses!”

Bai Zimo’s eyes flashed with anger, coldly he said, “Humph, using items to fight, what are you so proud of!  I really feel ashamed for you!”

Cai Die was disappointed in Bai Zimo, she never thought that this fellow would be this kind of a narrow minded person, “No matter what, Lu Ren killed the Yin Corpse!  The difficulty of killing this Yin Corpse, was more than what all of us had done combined, you don’t have any right to say anything!”

Bai Zimo’s calm face did not speak.

However, at this time.

Di Jian suddenly shouted in a panic, “Not good!  There are lots of Yin Corpse presences nearby!  We’re about to be surrounded!”

As if complimenting his words.

All around time, Yin Corpse cries sound out at the same time, from tunnels, from caves, endless Yin Corpses crawled out, thick Yin Qi surrounded them, fierce faces, the majority of them had a cultivation of 7-8th Body Refinement Layer.

Bai Zimo’s complexion changed, “This route I’ve walked many times, how could there be so many Yin Corpses!”

Yin Corpses were asleep most of the time.

Only in certain special cases, would they awaken together!

At this time, all around the five people, there appeared a hundred Yin Corpses and each one of time were not weak.

“Ao, ao!”

An especially terrifying roar sounded out from above their heads.

On a cliff about 50-60 meters high, stood a Yin Corpse wearing a tattered helmet and armour.  This Yin Corpse’s body was not only strong, his body was covered with corpse qi, it had already turned slightly black, the miasma became larger.

The most terrifying thing was.

The hair on this Yin Corpse, half of it had already turned black!

A Yin Corpse that had basically evolved to the black level was here!

In other words, this Yin Corpse’s strength, was very close to an Awakened Soul Cultivator.  Because of its advantages as a Yin Corpse, even though it had not fully entered the Awakened Soul Realm, its strength was still on par with a 1st layer Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator!

“Not good!”

If it was only a normal Hundred Year Old Yin Corpse, then with the power of the five of them, they could still deal with it.  Now that an Awakened Soul Realm Yin Corpse had appeared, no matter how many people there were there was no way they could deal with it?

Bai Zimo’s eyes flashed, “Waste, now is the time for you to be useful!  Your strong defensive power can block him for a while, as long as you attract its attention, I’ll make a move and kill it!”

Chu Tian’s defensive power was strong.

But could it block the corpse poison?

Let alone, Chu Tian was only at the 8th Body Refinement Layer, this Yin Corpse’s strength was already at the Awakened Soul Realm!

Bai Zimo wanted to Chu Tian to guard?  He wanted Chu Tian to buy time so he could run away!

Chu Tian coldly laughed in his heart, suddenly he had an inspiration as he said, “No need to worry, our team still has someone who hasn’t made a move yet!”

Cai Die, Xiang Hu, Di Jian all stared at Ba Zimo, without a doubt, out of the five of them, only Bai Zimo at the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer, had the ability to block this Yin Corpse.

“You guys……”

Bai Zimo’s fair face turned red!

Chu Tian then said, “Our team need a petty person who does not want to do anything!  So, I ask you to make a move!”

Weren’t these words familiar?

Weren’t they the words he had said to Chu Tian a few minutes ago!

At this time, the Yin Corpse let out a ferocious roar, from the tens of meter high cliff, it rushed right down.  The Yin Corpse’s goal was clear, Bai Zimo’s cultivation was the highest, it would take care of Ba Zimo first!


Bai Zimo let out a roar, taking out the long sword on his back, a beautiful sword light shone out and he pierced right at the Yin Corpse.

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