MT Chapter 76


Chapter 76: Stuck in a dilemma

The amount of treasures buried in ancient tomb was countless, was it possible to take them all?  It would be a case of biting off more than you can chew, one should always only take what they need.

The bronze masked old man took out a piece of ancient paper.

“Take a look, this is a rough map of the ancient tomb, as long as we follow the marked route, we’ll be able to avoid most of the dangerous traps and won’t be lost.

“Then what are we waiting for?  We don’t have much time, let’s go!”


The area of the thousand corpse ancient tomb was gigantic, there were over two hundred markings on the map, there were also many intricate secret passages marked, if they didn’t have this map, who knew how long it would have taken them!

The ancient grave would only be open for two days!

On the road they were taking, there were many Yin Corpses, all of them were black fur corpses, there was not a single white fur corpse.  If it wasn’t for the ancient tomb’s suppressing effects, each one of these black fur corpses would all be formidable existences, if they wanted to break through this heavy barricade, then they would have been dreaming!

Ci, ci, ci, ci!

Yun Yao used the Thunder Spirit Bead to shoot out lightning and quickly took out three black corpses, Chu Tian didn’t hesitate to take the corpse cores out one by one.  Right as he was about to place the corpse cores in his pocket, a streak of blood red sabre qi shot out right for his arm, Chu Tian quickly drew back his hand and the sabre qi slashed through the ground.

Too dangerous.

If he was slow by even a second he would have lost an arm.

Cai Die looked at Yang Zhan angrily and said, “You guys actually sneak attacked Chu Tian!”

Yang Zhen held his sabre as he coldly said, “You took something you shouldn’t have took, losing your hand is already the lightest punishment.”

“This little brat was trying to steal our loot.”

“Quickly take out the corpse cores!”

The Yang Zhan group came over and surrounded him.

Chu Tian faced the five of them, and casually said, “According to our previous agreement, everything that we harvest half would go to me and the other half would be yours.”

Yang Zhan flew into a rage, “Why the fuck would you get half!”

Chu Tian lightly said, “An agreement is an agreement, the bronze mask old man wouldn’t be breaking an agreement just for a few corpse cores would he?”

Each black corpse core could be traded for an Elixir!

How could Yang Zhan’s group not be angry?

They usually robbed people, overbearingly powerful, never losing, how could they let a little wet behind the ear brat take advantage of them?

The bronze masked old man revealed a pained look, but still he nodded his head, “Of course I won’t, you can take it.”

“Good old man, us brothers decided to help you and this is how you repay us?  A little brat pretending to be strong, if there wasn’t a woman protecting you, Father would have cut you in half already!”

Yun Yao coldly looked at the five of them, in her heart she was calling them stupid.

Yang Zhan stared at the bronze masked old man and shouted, “You are a dignified Great Zhou Country Outer Sect Elder, not even daring to fart like this, aren’t you afraid of it hurting your prestige?”

“Shut up!”  The bronze masked old man was expressionless as he said in a cold voice, “We already agreed on a price, as long as we leave the ancient tomb, I’ll give it to you.  You won’t receive a single copper less than what we agreed on, for now what I make the decisions!”

The Yang Zhang brothers filled with hatred.

Their greed knew no bounds, a valuable corpse core like this, was taken away by Chu Tian like this, how could they not be jealous?

They really don’t know what kind of medicine the bronze masked old man had taken!

He would actually be this polite to this little brat!

Their group traversed across eight palaces, killing over 200 black coloured Yin Corpses.  At this time, Flame Ghost ran in front of the bronze masked old man, “Elder, there is a cliff in front!”

The bronze masked old man raised his hand, “Everyone, let’s rest here for a bit!”

Chu Tian curiously asked, “Why are we stopping?”

The bronze masked old man had a serious face, “You’ll know once you see it.”

The gloomy darkness was filled with an aura of death, in the dense fog was a giant black wall stretched out in front of them, like an ancient beast had been sealed within, it released an immense constricting pressure on people.

This was a hundred meters high, ninety degree cliff.

In front of the cliff wall, there hung over a thousand ancient coffins!

Each one of these coffins were black, there was a web pattern engraved on each one, a scarlet light shone from them, just like a layer of blood thread was wrapped around it.  What was strange was that even with this many coffins, there was some kind of mysterious strength that kept all of them floating.

These coffins had been suspended for tens of thousands of years, this kind of terrifying image, it had a very shocking effect, everyone that saw it would be deeply affected!

The bronze masked old man muttered, “This is one of the most dangerous places in the ancient tomb, the legendary ten thousand coffin cliff!”

The gloomy coffins, suspended in the cliff created a deep profound array, as if there was a strange law made them all move mutually, a thick aura of death surged from it, not to mention crossing it, just standing on the edge of the cliff was enough to make people uncomfortable.

Chu Tian said, “This is a giant trap array!”

“Good eye, this is called the Three Thousand Floating Coffins, it is a powerful and ancient array.”  The bronze masked old man sucked in a deep breath, “It is incredibly dangerous, we have to be careful with each step, if we misstep even once, there is a chance we’ll awaken the slumbering Yin Corpses in the cliff!”

Yun Yao could feel it, the Yin Corpse sealed in the floating coffin were not a small matter, they were much stronger than the ordinary Yin Corpses wandering around.

Even through the thick coffin.

Even this far away.

Yun Yao could feel the pressure emitted from the coffin, it was the aura of an overwhelming expert, truly terrifying, truly suffocating.

Thousands of ancient coffins, each one sealing a terrifying existence.  Throughout her whole life, this was the most spectacular scene that she had ever seen.

Yun Yao knit her brow and asked, “How do we cross over this?”

The bronze masked old man let out a sigh, “Until now, no one has ever passed this, so there is no path for us to take.  We can only test our luck and pass through it step by step.”

“Try our luck?”

“Isn’t this a joke!”

“A place that no one has ever passed and you want us to attempt it?”

Everyone had a strange expression, especially the Yang Zhan brothers, they all felt as if they had been deceived.

Chu Tian carefully observed the floating coffin array, “We might not have to, from my observations, the three thousand floating coffins seem to follow the star chart of the moon, I want to find the hidden path in array.”

Everyone was shocked.

He could even see through this?”

The bronze masked old man asked, “Can you solve it?”

“I don’t think it’ll be hard.”  Chu Tian paused before continuing, “But to understand the array, I need a bit of time.”

Yang Zhan mockingly said, “An array that an ancient sect poured all their energy into making, even the top array masters of Central State City wouldn’t dare say they could solve it, who you do think you are?  Stop embarrassing yourself!”

The bronze masked old man angrily said, “Can you shut up!”

Yang Zhan’s face fell as he said, “Us brothers have already given you this much face, but you keep speaking up for this little brat, what do you think we five brothers are?”

The bronze masked old man knits his brows and said, “The Three Thousand Floating Coffins is incredibly dangerous, it would be hard to imagine the consequences of rushing through it, if this little friend is confident in solving it, why don’t we give it a try?  Of course, if you five brothers are willing to lead the way, then I won’t have any objections!”

Once these words were said.

Yang Zhan immediately became quiet.

The bronze masked old man was not certain, but he had an intense feeling about it, this young man was not someone that could be measured with common sense!

Rushing in was too dangerous!

Chu Tian began to carefully observe the array.

This ancient tomb was not simply built, even with the knowledge from 30000 years in the future, there were still some good parts about it.  But in Chu Tian’s eyes, it was still very basic, once he found the flaw, he would be able to easily pass through it.

But right at this time!

A loud voice rang out, it came from behind them, “Ha, ha, ha, ha!  Bronze masked old man, you left too fast, it was truly hard to catch up!”

Everyone’s face changed at the same time.

A clear bell sound rang out, the sound was light as if it was floating, but it rang clearly in their ears, it had a strength that could shake people’s souls, making people feel completely empty minded.

“The Soul Controlling Bell!”  The bronze masked old man’s face fell, “Yang Kun, you……actually obtained it!”

“You never would have thought I could!”

Yang Kun walked over, his hand held an ancient bell.  It was around the size of half a fist, it was plain looking, but it had an aura that exuded antiquity.

A hundred black fur covered corpses, their eyes were filled with a green glow, slowly walked over, surrounding their group.

Also, there were ten cultivators standing around Yang Kun, when the bronze masked old man looked over them one by one, his face became more solemn as he knew that each of them were not ordinary people.

A gloomy old man leaning on a walking stick came over, “Bronze masked old man, don’t you have a comfortable life in the Great Zhou Country, why would you come to the Southern Summer Country to experience such hardships, are the treasures of my Southern Summer Country for foreign cultivators like you to take?”

The bronze masked old man black eyes glowed with purple light, he was probably using a spying cultivation technique.  The old man beside Yang Kun, it seemed like he was 3rd layer Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator.

“Who would your excellency be?”

“Old man Qu Yun!”

Qu Yun?  The Yang Zhan brother’s face paled, Qu Yun was said to specialize in spirits and arrays, he was a famous cultivator in the Central State.

“Spirit Taoist Qu Yun, greetings to you.”  The bronze masked old man’s eyes fell on the middle aged man beside Yang Kun.  The middle aged man had a large stature, but a pale as paper face, on his shoulder was a Demon Beast that looked like a monkey, his body was surrounded by a strange aura, “This must be his excellency Hou Chengyin.”

The pale faced middle aged man lifted his head, his eyes were indifferent and he did not say anything.

The bronze masked old man deeply sighed in his heart.

Yang Kun’s strength was already very powerful, when mentioning dueling in the ancient tomb, perhaps there would be no one that could match him.  He also had Qu Yun and Hou Chengyin’s help, no wonder he was able to pass through the Corpse Storage Hole and obtain the Soul Controlling Bell.

Qu Yun was a 3rd layer Awakened Soul Cultivator, he was not inferior compared to the bronze masked old man, or the Yin Wind Swordsman.

The middle aged Hou Chengyin’s cultivation was at the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer, but he could not be underestimated.

This small monkey like beast was called the “Evil Breaking Beast”, it was a family inherited treasure.  A spirit beast that had been raised for 200 years, the entire cultivation process had been filled with blood, but it was very versatile, it could be used to break any evil being under the heavens.

Hou Chengyin’s grandfather began the process of sacrificing to the beast, since then it had been passed down to Hou Chengyin’s hands and this beast’s abilities have already been greatly increase.  With this beast’s power in Hou Chengyin’s hands, he had the ability to walk through the ancient tomb at will.

Yang Kun with his superhuman strength.

Qu Yun with his knowledge on spirits.

Hou Chengyin with his Evil Breaking Beast.

In addition, with ten strong cultivators, a hundred corpse soldiers, the disparity in battle strength was huge, it was truly a heaven and earth difference.

Yun Yao looked at the dense group of darkness, “What are you planning to do?”

“Purple Lightning Young Master Yun Yao?  What a coincidence!”  Yang Kun had a face of satisfaction, “Father won’t waste any time, take out all your treasures and Father will give you a painless death!”

The bronze masked old man voice was hoarse, “You want to kill us, aren’t you afraid of the consequences?”

“Consequences?  Ha, ha, ha!”  Yang Kun raised the ancient bell high up, his face had a crazy look to it, “The Soul Controlling Bell is in my hand, I control a hundred black corpses, each one has a cultivation at the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer.  This kind of strong army in my hand, can you even find another one in the Southern Summer Country?  Even if it was a large kingdom, they still wouldn’t be able to establish on like this!  Who would try to go against me?”

The Soul Controlling Bell was truly a good item!

Who would have thought that it would end up in Yang Kun’s hands!

The Yang Zhan five brothers had a terrified expression, “Sir Yang Kun, us five brothers are not interested in becoming your enemy, as long as you spare us, we five brothers will give you everything we own and will follow Sir Yang Kun’s orders!”

“Central State Five Sabres?”  Yang Kun rubbed his chin, “You guys do have a bit of skill!  Even though I have the Soul Controlling Bell to control these hundred corpses, I do lack a few living people to help me with things.  Alright, I won’t kill you!”

The bronze masked old man’s face filled with anger, “Despicable!”

“Thank you Sir Yang Kun!”  Yang Kun had a joyful expression, immediately leaving the bronze masked old man’s side and running over to Yang Kun, he did not hesitate to betray them by saying, “Sir Yang, they have the Netherworld Sword and the Thunder Spirit Bead!”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!  The heavens are on my side!”  Yang Kun’s face filled with greed, “With these treasures and the bronze masked old man’s wealth, we can start our own faction and open a sect, we can also become famous people, no need to remain as rogue cultivators!”

With these words, Qu Yun and Hou Chengyin both revealed an excited face.

Why did the two of them help Yang Kun?

Wasn’t it just for achieving this goal?

The Central State Five Sabres were rogue cultivators, they were originally robbers, they were nothing more than passersby, but their strengths were not bad, it was fine to take them in.  As for the others…..they would all have to die!

Cai Die and Yun Yao were in despair.

In front of them were Yang Kun and his group, behind them was the thousand coffin cliff.

Yang Kun strength was too strong!

It was impossible to defeat him!

The thousand coffin cliff was one of the most dangerous places in the ancient tomb, the three thousand ancient floating coffin array, as ominous looking as its name, it was difficult enough to go through step by step, not to mention rushing through it.

No path in front of them and pursuing troops behind them.

Advancing forward or backward would be equally bad!

It seemed like there was no way to escape today!

Yun Yao and bronze masked old man were solemn in their hearts.

“Pay attention!”  At this time, Chu Tian spoke in a low voice to the group, “There is still a slim chance of survival, follow me and don’t be careless, if you misstep even once it’ll all be over.  Remember, this is the only chance of escaping with our lives.”

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