MT Chapter 82


Chapter 82: Leaving

Yun Tianhe, the vice principal of the Central State Academy.  His name was respected, students all over the world.

Although the Yun Family did not participate in the government, many officials of the Southern Summer Country had come from the Yun School.  Although they did not do business, many famous merchants came from the Yun School.  Famous powers, famous mercenaries, famous families, all had disciples from the Yun Family.

Even though they were different, Chu, Luo, Ye three families and the Yun Family all supported the Central State Academy.  They put emphasis on ethics and morality, to establish a strong network of resources and a strong reputation.

This was also the base of the Yun Family’s survival!


But, a scholar family’s atmosphere was more honest.  But as a family becomes bigger, it was impossible to avoid the common failings of a large family.  Young people become prideful.  From their youth they were the center of their world, it would be inevitable that they would grow up arrogant.

Rebellious and unreasonable, Yun Yao was a granddaughter like this.

She caused Yun Tianhe no small amount of trouble!

How could this fellow have never heard of Yun Tianhe’s fame?  Was he a Central State person!

Chu Tian did not care about it, what Central State Academy vice principal?  In this era, in this place, what kind of powerful person could there be?  After Yun Yao’s injury was healed, Chu Tian took out eighteen black cloaks and covered the eighteen corpse soldiers.

Yin Corpse was one of the greatest harvest from this expedition!

Fourteen of the Yin Corpses were in the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer and four of them were even in the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer!

These corpse soldiers bodies were hard enough blades couldn’t cut them and they had their corpse poison.  No pain, no fear of death, and absolutely loyal.  Where else could one find such a good bodyguard?

Out of the several million people in South Sky City, there were only around 20-30 Awakened Soul Cultivators!

Many of them were only in the 1st Awakened Soul Layer.  Chu Tian could bring out this many Awakened Soul Cultivators and they were all 2nd and 3rd Awakened Soul Layer existences.  How terrifying would this power be?

These several Yin Corpses could form a formidable army.  They could serve as battle strength for the severely lacking Miracle Commerce, they would definitely be a powerful battle force!

Of course, the Yin Corpses would not last forever.  In the Yin Corpse Canyon they could consume Yin Qi to restore their strength, but once they left the Yin Corpse Valley there strength regeneration will become very slow.  In a big city where Yang Qi is abundant, it would be impossible for them to recover their strength.

Chu Tian can use large amounts of money and purchase items thick in Yin Qi, letting the Yin Corpses restore their battle strength.  This kind of small problem compared to the benefits of these eighteen Yin Corpses was not even worth mentioning.  But with Miracle Commerce’s profits, they were still unable to maintain these several Yin Corpses.

It was such a pity!

If Chu Tian had a bit more time, he would have brought a few more back with him.  If he could obtain over 100 Yin Corpses, with this kind of immense and incomparable strength, when he entered Central State there would be no one that dared to provoke him.

But nothing in this world was perfect.

Chu Tian didn’t really have anything to not be satisfied with.  This trip to the black market, he had come out with ten times the profit he expected!

He didn’t know how things were in South Sky City.  Were Little Miss and Ying Ying still ok?  With this kind of power in his hands, Chu Tian finally had the power to protect her.  No one will dare to pick on Miracle Commerce again!


The next day.

Yun Yao was practicing in the courtyard.  Her injuries had already healed.

At this time, Chu Tian walked through the courtyard carrying a large bag.  Eighteen tall black robed people were behind him, all of them looked like they were about to go on a long journey.

Yun Yao’s face was a little unnatural, “Hey, do you want to go to the Main City?  Come with me to the Yun Family?  What’s wrong, you won’t go into debt!”

Chu Tian had such a big potential!

Right now he even has this many treasures and owns eighteen strong Yin corpses.  If she could bring this person back to the family, her grandfather would definitely be happy!

“I’ll definitely go to the Main City.”  Chu Tian shook his head as he said, “But right now is not the time.”

Yun Yao quickly asked, “Where do you come from?  Where do you live?  How will I find you?”

“Why are you asking this much?  You wouldn’t be offering yourself to me after I saved you twice would you?  Then I have to tell you, you have to line up first.”  Chu Tian snorted and said arrogantly, “But I still need to remind you to not be too hopeful.  I’ve already said it many time, you are not my type.”

“Are you done!”

This narcissistic crazy man!

Yun Yao was so angry she almost reopened her wound.  She almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

If not for her body being injured, she really wanted to split him in half with her palm!

“No need to be angry, I am just an honest person.”  Chu Tian laughed.  Then he stopped joking and changed the topic,” We have some time right now and your cultivation technique is a little interesting.  Come, practice it once and let me see.”

Yun Yao said while on guard, “Humph, you want to steal our Yun Family’s secret arts?”


What secret arts!

Your family’s cultivation technique is nothing more than a pile of shit in my eyes.

Chu Tian snorted, “My mood today is not bad so I’ll give you a pointer or two.  But since you don’t want this chance, then forget about it.  We’ll meet again if we have the chance!”

Chu Tian turned around and left.


“Fine, I’ll practice it once.  But only one time.”

Yun Yao didn’t know why she complied with Chu Tian’s request, but it was as if she felt an incomparable profound feeling from this seemingly normal youth.

In the end she wouldn’t lose out on anything.

Cultivation techniques could not be learned whenever one wanted.  The attribute of Chu Tian’s source spirit was different from the Yun Family’s cultivation technique, so even if he knew the details of the Yun Family’s cultivation technique, it would be no use to him.  The Yun Family’s cultivation technique was of no use to him.

“The Yun Family’s cultivation technique is the most extensive in all of Central State.  The Yun School is spread all over the country enveloping over hundred families and thousand of sects.  The base of this «Lightning Blitz Secret Art» is the «Secret Thunder Art» of the six main arts of the Central State Academy.  After being improved over several generations of Yun Family members, it is now an extremely high level cultivation technique.”

“Strong as lightning, mightier than a thousand men.  The «Lightning Blitz Secret Art» is not inferior to Central State’s strongest attack power cultivation technique «Soul Sword Secret Art»!  Open your eyes wide and look carefully!

Yun Yao began to demonstrate her cultivation technique.

Chu Tian watched from beginning to end, opening the Mind’s Eye at critical moments to observe closely.  This «Lightning Blitz Secret Art» was a cultivation technique that focused on destructive might.  Yun Yao was still practicing to break through to the next realm.

Yun Yao slowly stopped and proudly asked, “How is it?”

Chu Tian gave a brief assessment, “Ai, from what I can see from the cultivation technique, Central State’s Yun Family can only be considered mediocre.  It is full of holes, forming an incomprehensible mess.  It has potential, but you haven’t understood its essence.  Practicing this cultivation technique will give very strong might in the beginning, but its continuation is not good enough, it will only become weaker and weaker.  After your cultivation base reaches the 6th Awakened Soul Layer, it will be hard to advance any further.”

A cultivation technique was the base of a family’s well being and survival!

Chu Tian’s appraisal of the Yun Family’s «Lightning Blitz Secret Art» was simply a slap to the Yun Family’s face!

Chu Tian didn’t wait for Yun Yao’s outburst before cutting her off and saying, “I’ll help you improve it a bit!”

With just you?

Improving it?

The Yun Family has inherited this technique for several hundred years and this «Lightning Blitz Secret Art» has been improved by countless Yun Family geniuses and experts.  Right now it could be considered perfect.  There was almost nothing that could be improved.  This fellow’s attitude is too arrogant, he actually wants to improve the Yun Family’s cultivation technique.

“I’ll only say it once.  However much you can remember will depend on your own fortune.”

Chu Tian recited word for word the revised version of the «Lightning Blitz Secret Art» cultivation technique.

Yun Yao did not care about it at first, but after hearing two sentences, she was completely shocked.  Because the flaws that Chu Tian had pointed out, was precisely the key flaws of the Lightning Blitz Secret Art.

These were the parts that her grandfather Yun Tianhe had mentioned before.  The parts that the «Lightning Blitz Secret Art» needed improvement on.  But although her grandfather had found the issue, he hadn’t found the way to solve them.

Something that Yun Tianhe had studied for countless years and still couldn’t solve.

Chu Tian could solve with a single sentence!

Was this even possible?

He had already seen the flaws of the «Lightning Blitz Secret Art»?

Chu Tian’s thoughts were very clear as he word for word revised the «Lightning Blitz Secret Art».  The more Yun Yao heard, the more surprise she felt in her heart, the more shock she felt.

How was this improving it?

This was a completely new «Lightning Blitz Secret Art»!

It wasn’t guaranteed that a person could master a cultivation technique even after a lifetime.  Chu Tian had only heard it once and he had already understood the profound meanings of the «Lightning Blitz Secret Art».  Moreover he drastically change it like this, turning it into an almost new cultivation technique.

“I’m done speaking.  How much you can understand will depend on you.”  Chu Tian turned around, “Goodbye and try your best.”

Chu Tian had already walked away.

Yun Yao seemed like she had not heard.

She was as still as a statue, completely immersed in this new world.  Every word and sentence that Chu Tian had said was like a burst of thunder exploding beside her years, letting her feel a kind of profound wisdom filling her.

She could clearly feel it.

She was close to breaking through her bottleneck.

Too profound, too obscure.  She hadn’t understood most of it, but Yun Yao’s instincts told her that Chu Tian’s corrections were correct.  The parts that Chu Tian had changed were places that could not be understood before, but now they had all become clear!

An epiphany.

Out of nothing!

Cultivation was just this mysterious!

Yun Yao pondered for a full ten minutes.  Suddenly clenching her fists, a lightning mark appeared on her head.  She slowly began to practice with this new knowledge.

Every time she finished a cycle.

She felt her insights increase by a bit.

After the tenth time, as if a large door had been pushed open, Yun Yao felt herself step into a brand new world.

In that instant, endless strength filled her body.

She looked up and roared.

A bolt of lightning shot into the heavens!

An endless might covered the entire black market.

All the cultivators in the black market were shocked.

“A breakthrough!”

“An expert has broken through!

“Such a strong aura.  It should be at least a breakthrough into the 4th Awakened Soul Layer!”

Everyone began to discuss.  There were many hidden talents in the black market.  Although there were masters breaking through frequently, but a 4th Awakened Soul Layer expert, they were even rarely seen in the Central State area.  Because of that, it really attracted everyone’s attention.

At this time.

At the black market entrance.

A cold wind blew as Chu Tian got onto a large horse.  Turning around to look at the center of the camp, seeing the bolt of lightning soar into the sky, his mouth turned into a smile, “Her insight isn’t bad, truly a promising person!”

The little fox disdainfully curled its lips.

His master was too cocky!

Wasn’t it only modifying a cultivation technique?  The little fox could do it too!

“Brother Lu, are you really leaving like this?”

“You’re too anxious in leaving!”

Cai Die walked in front of Chu Tian.  Xiang Hu was leaning a walking stick to the side.  The two of them had come to send Chu Tian off.

“The news about the ten thousand ancient tomb will be spread sooner or later.  I have things that were taken out of the ancient tomb.  If I stay in the black market, it will definitely attract the attention of everyone, so I have to leave.”

Chu Tian took out two bottles from his bag.

“The people that I meet who become my friends, are people who I am destined to be acquainted with.  So before I go, I’ll give you guys a present!”

“Brother Xiong, this is for you.  A level 2 Elixir.”

Xiang Hu could not believe it, “2…..Level 2 Elixir?  This is too valuable!”

Xiang Hu was only at the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer.  Not to mention level 2 Elixirs, even level 1 Elixirs were already incredibly precious to him.

“Cai Die, this is something I’ve prepared especially for you.”

“I’m not lacking in Elixirs.”  Cai Die held the bottle with the red lingzhi, her face was anxious as she said, “Moreover, Elixirs are not much use to me.”

“This thing is different.  This is a rare level 2 Elixir, the Blood Marrow Lingzhi!”  Chu Tian slowly said, “To ordinary people it isn’t much use, but to you that isn’t the case.  If I didn’t see it wrong, then you have a innate blocked vein!”

Cai Die’s eyes filled with shock.

How does he know about my physique?

Perhaps he knew about my status from the beginning?

Xiang Hu was shocked……innate blocked vein?  Coming from the Central State area, perhaps it’s that person.  She was incredibly famous in the Central State area…..If Cai Die really was her, then that would be incredible!

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