MT Chapter 92


Chapter 92: Acquiring the basin

Meng Qingwu went through the list of materials for the Infant Soul Pill and then began to make high price purchases in the Central State area.  These materials were not as rare as the Infant Soul fruit, but they were still Elixirs, so it would require a bit of time.

Missing this step!

Only missing this one step!

Once the Infant Soul Pill was refined, Chu Tian was confident in breaking through his current bottleneck and becoming an Awakened Soul Cultivator respected by tens of thousands people.


His source spirit would be awakened.

His battle strength would raise by at least ten times!

This not only related to the strength and stability of Miracle Commerce, but it was also related to Chu Tian’s life or death.  So to collect the materials as soon as possible, Miracle Commerce had mobilized all of its strength.

Xiong Tianyan and Zhang Liqing began to ask their personal connections and Nangong Yi began to ask through his family channels.

In three days, half of the materials were collected.  This was already considered not bad!

But, Chu Tian did not want to wait in the city.  These few days he had been practicing, but it was also enough time for him to accomplish a big thing.  He had made a very important decision – Miracle Commerce was going to acquire the meteor grass basin!

Meteor grass was an important cultivation resource for them.

Although it wasn’t an Elixir, it took a long time to grow.  And with its harsh growing environment criteria, it could be considered a rare herb.  Every time they used some there would be less, if they acquired the basin earlier then they would be able to lose less meteor grass.

With Miracle Commerce’s financial situation, it was still far from having the ability to buy the basin.

But, with the giant amount of money from the black market, it was enough for them to pay a deposit.

Chu Tian was thinking, they should first reserve the basin to stop more meteor grass from being used.  Chu Tian was confident that once the deal went through he would get the rest of the money and finish the transaction.

Money was just a thing, it was a stepping stone used for self cultivation.

To become stronger, to get more cultivation materials!

It didn’t matter how much money was spent!

Meng Qingwu was not surprised.  Chu Tian had already proposed this takeover idea so she had began preparing for it half a month ago.  Right now she treated it like doing homework.

The meteor grass basin was owned by a company called “Tianchen Commerce”.  This company was a large materials company that was a subordinate of a large Central State business family.  They did business all over the Southern Summer Country, managing a variety of raw material businesses.  They had a very large influence.

They had been producing meteor grass for over eight years now and it did not turn a good profit.

Because the meteor grass was only used to treat low grade cultivator’s injuries and there were many alternatives to it, so it could be easily substituted.  Meteor grass was much more expensive compared to the alternatives so it didn’t sell in large quantities.

Moreover, after eight years of foraging, there was a decline in the basin value.  They had pretty much picked most of it last year and they had decreased the amount and quality of people working on it.  This meant that as long as a reasonable price was given, it was absolutely possible to acquire it.

Meng Qingwu secretly sent an intent to buy, but she didn’t expect that the other side would reply this quickly.

  1. They agreed to negotiate the sales terms.
  1. The negotiations would be in three days.
  1. The location would be in the nearby Hidden Sound Village and the Miracle Commerce Chairman must be present.

The Tianchen Commerce’s straightforward reply made the two of them relieved.  Chu Tian had been idle for too long in South Sky City so he would personally take part in the negotiation!

The Hidden Sound Village, it was six hundred li away from South Sky City.

The town’s population was around one hundred thousand and it was around the same scale as Black Stone Town near the Yin Corpse Valley.

The Hidden Sound Village was an important material transfer point.  Because around the town there were several material production areas.  Even the meteor grass valley was only one of the production areas nearby.

After Meng Qingwu researched the area and the background of the other company and once she determined whether the area was safe or not, she set off with Chu Tian.  They rushed over to the negotiation area in a carriage.


On this day.

The sun shined high up in the sky.

The bronze ox carriage majestically drove across the road.  When the people on the road saw them, they had no choice but to let them pass.

The eighteen black robed behind followed behind the beast carriage.  They did not utter a single word, the just followed behind the carriage.  Not too fast and not too slow, it seemed like they would never become tired.

“Stop for a second!”

“We’ll take a break.”

The bronze ox carriage slowly came to a stop.

Chu Tian came out the side in a set of blue clothing, he turned his head back to take a look.

Meng Qingwu followed behind him.  She was wearing a long snow white gown, her black hair was carefully combed.  Her smooth white jade cheeks had a hint of a blush in them.

At this time, a gentle breeze blew.

Meng Qingwu’s snow white dress fluttered, revealing a set of attractive white as jade legs.  A lock of black hair was blown onto her face and she pushed it back with a white jade finger.  The scene at that moment, it was enough to make people feel dizzy.

Meng Qingwu pretended not to notice Chu Tian’s gaze.  Her eyes like an autumn stream sweeped across what was in front of her, “This place is……”

The place in front of their eyes, it was a basin.

Meng Qingwu looked into the distance, her field of vision was incredibly wide.  In front of her was a prairie covered basin, it had a diameter of around twenty li.  The interior was very flat, it was almost as if it was a vast stretch of flat land.

White waterfalls flowed down the cliff in all four directions, unceasingly flowing down into the basin.  The water stirred up mist, giving a sense of mystery.  White cranes could be seen flying around all over giving it a sense of paradise.

Inside the basin there were many sources of water.  There were several small creeks flowing and it was covered in lush plants.  In the centre of the basin there was a man made camp.  There existed a spirit farm and this was where the meteor grass was produced.

Meng Qingwu revealed a heartfelt smile, “Truly beautiful.  If the talks go well, will this place really belong to us?”

Chu Tian looked at Meng Qingwu.

He suddenly felt this girl had endured a lot.

A sixteen year old had to support her family’s company through its crisis.  A girl in the prime of her life had to suffer the evil that came from human nature.  Everyday she had to come up with new strategies.  She never had a single day of proper rest, she never had a chance to live a safe and secure life.

Meng Qingwu turned her face around, “What are you looking at?”

Chu Tian straightforwardly said, “Young miss has a beautiful smile, you should smile more.”

Who knew that Meng Qingwu’s face would turn red and the smile of her face would freeze.  Her face turned serious and she said, “If you keep being this frivolous then I’ll ignore you.  You think I’m as easy to cheat as Yingying?”

Chu Tian suddenly felt embarrassed.

This girl really is no fun, just complimenting her two words is considered frivolous?  The little fox sat on Chu Tian’s shoulder, it held its stomach as it laughed.

“You dare laugh at me?  You’re looking to be hit!”

The little fox jumped off and landed on Meng Qingwu’s shoulder.  It stretched out two claws as it stuck out its tongue to make a face at Chu Tian.

Little rascal!

Eating my food and drinking my water!

Now you don’t even place your master in your eye!

Chu Tian was so irritated, that he wanted to go over and teach it a lesson, but who would have thought Meng Qingwu would stare at him, “What are you doing?  A grown man fighting with a little animal, you really need to work on your self control!”

The little fox nodded its head and in its crystal clear eyes, it let out a single tear, giving itself a pitiful appearance!

“My young miss?”  Chu Tian pointed at the sly little thing, “You really think this fellow is a small animal?  Do you know that this fellow’s meals for a day or two is enough to buy us a month’s worth of cultivation resources!  I’m becoming bankrupt feeding it!”

Where did this little beast come from?

Actually even Meng Qingwu felt it was strange.

Meng Qingwu could see that this seemingly adorable little fox wasn’t actually a normal spirit beast.  Even if a normal spirit beast’s intelligence was this high, how could it still act like a human?

Even the legendary dragons, when they were just born they still wouldn’t be this intelligent!

Meng Qingwu rubbed the little fox’s head.  The little fox didn’t move and even moved its head over.  This made it seem very obedient and made Meng Qingwu like it, “You’re not allowed to bully it!”

Chu Tian felt he was treated unfairly.

This little thing was quite sinister.  Not being bullied by it was already pretty good!

“You should be done watching.”  Meng Qingwu said, “Let’s get back on the carriage.  This kind of important negotiation, it is better if we’re not late.”

The little fox jumped back onto Chu Tian’s shoulder as if nothing had just happened.

The bronze ox started moving forward and dragging the heavy carriage as it slowly made its way to the little village.

The carriage kept shaking, but Meng Qingwu wanted to discuss some matters.  Chu Tian noticed the atmosphere became solemn so he instantly took the initiative to ask, “Young Miss, do you know where the hidden sound for the village name came from?”

“How can I not know?”  Meng Qingwu was a little startled, but she calmly said, “There are mountains near the Hidden Sound Village, there are frequent strange events that occur where people will suddenly hear the sounds of an army approaching.  Or they hear the sounds of a demon beast’s roar, or even hear the sounds of people talking.  Although these strange sounds occurred, nothing dangerous ever happened.  So the people called this place the Hidden Sound Village, a place where one can hide behind sounds.”

Chu Tian nodded his head.

Meng Qingwu continued, “Long ago, scholars came to study this place.  They wanted to find the reason why this occurred and they found it was caused by a special material.  A kind of material that could store sound and release it.  Currently they are starting to begin mining.  It can be used in arrays and it is frequently used, but it is not valuable.”

Chu Tian revealed a mysterious smile, “This stone’s use, it cannot be drawn out with a simple array!”

[TL Note: Magic telephone?]

[ED Note: Alexander Chu Tian Bell?]

Meng Qingwu’s heart trembled.

She naturally knew Chu Tian meant something with his words!

But before Meng Qingwu could ask, the bronze ox carriage began to slow down.

“We’ve arrived in Hidden Sound Village.”

“Let’s get out of the carriage!”

Chu Tian jumped down from the carriage.

The Hidden Sound Village was around the same size as Black Stone Town, but the town’s planning was much better by several folds since it was a town in the center of Central State.  Moreover it was surrounded in resource production areas.  It wasn’t like Black Stone Town where it was on a border area and was surrounded by the dangerous Yin Corpse Valley and the black market.

At the agreed location.

Over a hundred silver armoured elites surrounded the area.  Each one of them had a treasured sword hand engraved with a seal.  Around the roof and windows of the house were archers with bows in hand.

They were truly cautious!

“Are you two from Miracle Commerce?”  A large and ugly man walked over, “I am the captain of the guard for Tianchen Commerce, Jing Hu.  If you please.”

Jing Hu was an Awakened Soul Cultivator!

A butler was this strong!

The surrounding guards, were all Body Refinement experts!

They were truly worthy of being a large company.  This kind of lineup, it was something ordinary companies could not achieve.

Chu Tian was dressed in a blue robe and Meng Qingwu was in a white gown.  The eighteen black robed corpse soldiers followed behind them, their group’s hierarchy was very clear.  They two of them arrived at an open air teahouse.

Jing Hu remained outside.

There were one old and one young, the two of them sat in front of them.

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