MT Chapter 97


Chapter 97: The anger of the Heavenly Wolf Young Master

The sky was at dusk.

A solitary goose was circling low, while grass fragrance filled the air.  There was a desolate scene in the wilderness.

Jing Xian and Jing Hao both had ruined faces and the guards were all in terrible conditions.  If they didn’t have broken arms, they had broken legs.  They could only support each other as they advanced, just like a defeated army returning home.

Jing Xian stopped and turned around with his pig face, “Everyone listen, if the chairman hears the matter of us selling the resources for a low price, we will definitely be held responsible.  If the punishment is light, our families will receive a fine.  If it is heavy, we might not be able to keep our lives.  You should know the current situation.”


Jing Hao gave a heavy sigh.

The faces of the over one hundred guards turned desolate.  Jing Xian and Jing Hao were the chairman’s brother and grandchild respectively, the two of them would at most receive a heavy fine and wouldn’t lose their lives.  The ones that were in trouble were themselves.

The guards were in a bad situation, they had been completely humiliated.  This was enough to sentence them to death!

Jing Xian had mixed feelings as he said, “This matter to us could be considered a significant trial, but I believe that if all of us work together, we can definitely make up for it.”

Jing Hao dejectedly said, “Things are already like this, how can we still make up for it?  Do you want to fight our way over to Chu Tian to work things out?”

Everyone had a dazed face.

Wasn’t this nonsense?

Who was willing to face that devil again!

They wished that they could hide even further from him!

Jing Xian seemed to have thought of a way, “We sold the meteor grass basin and Hidden Sound Stone mine for five-six million gold coins, this is something unforgivable.  For this plan, there is only one method – concealing it!”


How could it be concealed!

This kind of large matter, how could it be concealed?

“Although the stockpile of the Hidden Sound Stone mine is very big, the yield is not a lot.  We never reported back on it and the chairman doesn’t know we’ve sold the mine.”  Jing Xian’s brain was unceasingly turning as he thought about how to avoid the punishment, “As for the meteor grass basin, the original price was twenty-thirty million gold coins, but we only sold it for five-six million gold coins.  The loss for the company is too big, so we can only think of a way to make up the money.”

Everyone stared in a daze.

Jing Xian’s meaning was very clear.

Since there wasn’t enough money, they had to make up for it themselves!

To make everyone more willing, Jing Xian steeled his heart and clenched his teeth as he said, “I will take out my personal savings, in total there are ten million gold coins.  This is my limit, the rest will have to be made up for by everyone else.”

Jing Hao was also afraid of the punishment.  Even though the punishment was small, it would have a big effect on his future.  So he could only use money to make it disappear, “I’ll take out all of my money, in total it should be around five million gold coins!”

Jing Hu said, “I’ll give one million!”

“I’ll give two hundred thousand!”

“I’ll give a hundred thousand!”


The over hundred people collected the money and in total raised eighteen million.  If they add in Chu Tian’s five-six million, the total was already around twenty four million gold coins.

True emotions appeared in a crisis!

The two of them were moved to the point of tears.

“Many thanks brothers!  If we become successful, we definitely won’t forget you guys!”

“Vice chairman, you don’t need to say anything!””

“This is something we should do!”

The over a hundred brothers agreed to work together.  They collected the money and once they had enough gold coins, they set off to return to Central State City.

Jing Xian and Jing Hao did not believe Chu Tian.

The benefits he spoke of, they seemed impossible!

Once the Tianchen Commerce chairman Jing Tianming knew of the two’s return, he quickly rushed out to greet them.

Jing Tianming was the chairman of Tianchen Commerce, he was the highest authority in the Jing Family.  He grasped the Jing Family’s company in his hands and was only second to the Central State Four Great Families.

Jing Xian and Jing Hao had just left Central State for the negotiations.

Jing Tianming had received the news from South Sky City.  He had heard of how Chu Tian had beheaded a Ye Family elder, taken care of over twenty Chu and Ye Family elders, instantly creating a stir in Central State City.

Miracle Commerce was not weak!

It was simply a keg of gunpowder!

If Jing Xian and Jing Hao accidentally set off this keg, they wouldn’t be able to keep their lives!

Jing Tianming had been restless for over two days.  He was most worried that the two would offend Chu Tian and then be killed by Chu Tian in Hidden Sound Town.  If Chu Tian even dared to kill elders from the three families, he wouldn’t care about them!

Who would have thought that Jing Xian and Jing Hao would suddenly come back.

When Jing Tianming saw the two of them and the injuries on their face, he asked in surprise, “How did you get injured?”

“Eh, this……This was because we encountered some bandits halfway and suffered a little injury while fighting, there’s nothing to worry about.”  Jing Xian didn’t wait for Jing Tianming to ask before instantly taking out the Source Stones and the gold card out, “While we were negotiating with Miracle Commerce, we found that Miracle Commerce was much stronger than we imagined.  So we temporarily stopped our plans and carried out the normal selling procedure for the meteor grass basin.”

Jing Tianming let out a long breath, “Good thing you guys are sharp, otherwise this matter would be hard to end.  The benefits the meteor grass basin brings Tianchen Commerce is not high, selling it doesn’t matter.  How much did you sell it for?”

Jing Hao replied, “We sold it for a total of twenty four million gold coins!”

“To be able to receive this much money from such a dangerous person, it is not a small deed.  It’s been hard on you!”  Jing Tianming was a little surprised, “You must remember, from now on, don’t casually come in contact with anyone from Miracle Commerce.  Otherwise you’ll be drawing fire to yourself!”

Jing Xian asked, “Why is this?”

“You still don’t know!”  Jing Tianming told the two of them the hottest matter in Central State, “Chu Tian is a madman, he even dares kill people from the Four Great Families.  Right now, three out of the four families have a death grudge with him.  It would be best to stay far away from this kind of person.”


Incredibly violent?

Dangerous person?

Why didn’t you fucking say so earlier!

Jing Xian and Jing Hao could only cry in their hearts.  If they knew that Chu Tian was someone that even dared to kill elders from the three great families, would they have dared to extort him?

The two of them felt that they had suffered unjustly!

“You two should go rest!”


Jing Xian and Jing Hao prepared to leave.

At this time, a long cry rang out into the sky.  There was a wild and powerful aura to it as it suddenly covered the entire sky.

The vase inside the room wouldn’t stop vibrating.

The plants all around wouldn’t stop shaking.

It was just like an earthquake.

Jing Xian said in amazement, “Such a powerful strength, what is happening?”

“This pressure is……”  Jing Tianming seemed to have thought of something, “It’s the Heavenly Wolf Young Master!”

Jing Hao quickly asked, “Isn’t the Heavenly Wolf Young Master with the Ye Family main forces, currently exploring the ruins?  Why did he come back early!”

In the Central State sky, an incomparably giant golden peng flew across the open space.  It was like a golden mountain, blooming with dazzling light.  Each feather seemed to contain great strength.

It couldn’t be wrong!

This was the Heavenly Wolf Young Master’s mount!

The Heavenly Wolf Young Master had really come back!

Jing Tianming suddenly realized, “I know, the matter in South Sky City must have infuriated the Ye Family, so they called back the Heavenly Wolf Young Master.  The Heavenly Wolf Young Master came back early so they could deal with South Sky City’s Chu Tian!


It was all over!

Jing Xian and Jing Hao had faces of despair.  They almost fell to the ground!

If the Heavenly Wolf Young Master went to South Sky City, would Chu Tian have a chance of survival?

This was one of the Four Great Young Masters.  Absolutely terrifying and absolutely peerless.  Many elder level characters were all still scared of them!

If Chu Tian was killed.

Would they still be able to live?

This time, they were dead for sure!


At the Ye Family’s mercenary headquarters.  There were several thousand mercenaries with their weapons out as they kneeled down.  Their faces were filled with awe as if they were in the presence of a king.  There was only a middle aged man standing, but he bowed his head and cupped his hands in a respectful manner.

A golden peng flew across the sky.

A person’s figure appeared.  As if he were weightless, he jumped off and slowly fell down, landing right in the center.

This was a monster of a youth.  His body was covered in a noble aura and his eyes were filled with light.  As long as someone met his eyes, they would instantly faint.

His aura was this strong.

He was the Heavenly Wolf Young Master!

4th Awakened Soul Layer!

A terrifying super talent with terrifying battle strength.  He was a renowned expert in Central State.

The several thousand Ye Family mercenaries did not dare to raise their heads.  The glow of this heaven’s chosen was too bright, they feared that it would burn their minds.

The middle aged man bowed his head as he came forward, “Greetings to Junior Head on returning!

The Heavenly Wolf Young Master’s eyes were cold, “Where are the waste?”

The seven Ye Family members were brought out trembling in fear. They were the seven people Chu Tian had wasted in South Sky City.  They were originally respected Ye Family Elders.  Chu Tian had let them live, but to punish them, most of their cultivation was wasted and they could not return to their original condition.

“Young Master!”

“Please avenge us!”

“That Chu Tian child is too excessive!”

Although they were terrified, they still painfully pleaded.

“That person, I will kill!”  The Heavenly Wolf Young Master’s demonic wolf eyes swept across the six-seven people.  A thick as blood killing intent was emitted, “As for you waste……”

“Young Master!”


The seven of them seemed to realized something as they tried to escape.

Too fast!

The Heavenly Wolf Young Master’s figure flashed and like a shadow, he passed through the seven people’s bodies.

The seven bodies were simultaneously torn apart, blooming like seven flowers of blood.

“Those that shame our family!”


Ruthless and heartless.  These seven people were family members of the Heavenly Wolf Young Master.  They were uncles and such to him, but he didn’t hesitate in killing them.

The Heavenly Wolf Young Master licked his blood soaked hands, giving off a bloodthirsty look.

The middle aged man didn’t even look at the seven people, as if he had already expected the results.  He stood respectfully at the Heavenly Wolf Young Master’s side and said in a low voice, “Young Master, according to our information, South Sky City’s mayor Nangong Yi has already sent a request to the Nangong Family for aid.  Currently there is a Nangong Family Elder on his way.”

“Nangong Family elder?  What time!”

“He just arrived in Central State.”

“A trivial abandoned child of the Chu Family!  Chu Xinghe has suppressed me for so many years, now even an abandoned bastard child dares offend the Ye Family?  Even the Nangong Family protecting him is no use!”

The Heavenly Wolf Young Master’s figure disappeared.

Just like an arrow flying out, he landed onto the giant golden peng.

The giant peng could feel its master’s rage.  Its wings fiercely flapped and it shot out in the direction of South Sky City.

“Chu Tian!”

“Your time to die is now!”

The giant peng had already left Central State City, but the Heavenly Wolf Young Master’s roar still rang out across the sky.  It made the people feel a sense of terror and apprehension.

This youth…..he was too terrifying!

A small Miracle Commerce in South Sky City, how could they withstand his rage?  In another two days, there would not be a Chu Tian left in this world!

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