MT Chapter 99


Chapter 99: Mirror Source Spirit

Meng Yingying was clearly a bit thinner, but her eyes that were clear as water made her even more beautiful.  A layer of starlight that seemed to create a mysterious atmosphere covered her delicate snow white skin.

Pure, flawless, spotless.

The elder sister was like an immortal fairy, something that didn’t seem to be from this world.  The little sister was like a carefree elf of the forest, not stained with the dust of the earth.  The two sisters both had an attractive and refined manner.

“Hey, what are you looking at!”  Meng Yingying saw Chu Tian’s bad gaze and her cheeks began to feel slightly hot.  She had a fierce look as she threateningly said, “Where are you looking?  My eyes are up here!”


“How fierce, you sure enough have a poisonous woman’s heart!”

Chu Tian’s look of pain was just like that of someone who had been mercilessly betrayed.

“You truly are something!”  Meng Qingwu was speechless at the sight of Chu Tian’s clumsy performance.  She was more worried about her little sister’s condition right now, “Yingying, what source spirit do you have?”

A cultivator’s source spirit represented their potential and talent!

Source spirits decided the degree of a cultivator’s future growth.  

If they gave birth to a waste source spirit, they would be destined to live a limited life.

Meng Qingwu had awakened the Heavenly Book Source Spirit.  This kind of source spirit was very rare, but Meng Qingwu could not find a suitable cultivation technique, so Meng Qingwu was not destined to become a top battle expert.

The body could change, the mind could change.

The soul could not change!

What source spirit would Meng Yingying have?  This was related to her little sister’s future achievements, Meng Qingwu couldn’t help but feel anxious.

“I don’t know how to explain it, so you guys should just have a look at it.”

Meng Yingying’s beautiful face suddenly slightly wrinkled together and her hands suddenly came together.  She began to gather her spirit energy as little bits of spirit energy glowed, coming out of her body and filling the air.  It then condensed into a blurred mirror.

This was a frameless mirror with a crystal clear surface.  It was as if mercury had been coated over it, making it look a bit strange.

The elder sister had a book source spirit.

The little sister had a mirror source spirit.

Why did both these sisters have such strange source spirits?

Meng Qingwu quickly asked, “Do you feel like anything is different?  What kind of attacks does this mirror source spirit have?”

“None, I don’t feel like any power has appeared on my body!”  Meng Yingying had an anxious look as she sighed and said, “It’s probably a useless source spirit!”

Meng Qingwu’s heart sank.

Her younger sister’s source spirit was useless?

She used her eyes to ask Chu Tian for help.  She could only hope that Chu Tian could discover this source spirit’s specialties.  

Chu Tian revealed a faint smile, “There’s no such thing as a waste source spirit.  Every source spirit is valuable, now we just need to dig out its uses.”

Meng Yingying’s bright eyes shined.  She then lowered her head as she pursed her lips and said, “You aren’t just saying that to comfort me?  Actually you don’t need to go to that extent.  The achievements I’ve obtained up to now, I’m already satisfied with.”

This little girl.

Why was she so unconfident?

Chu Tian studied the mirror source spirit for a few minutes.  Suddenly he seemed to have discovered something profound as his eyes began to glow, “Yingying, keep your source spirit out, I’m about to teach you a set of fist techniques.  Watch carefully now and remember as much as you can.”

The Meng Qingwu sisters were very surprised.

Everything was fine right now, why did he need to teach her a fist technique?

Chu Tian arrived in the center of the courtyard as the mirror floated near him, there was a faint reflection of Chu Tian on it.  Chu Tian began to gather his qi, deliberately going through the full process.  He suddenly lunged forward and his right fist shot out like a meteor.

Rushing the Heavens Fist!

A burst of fierce fist wind shot forward, making the tiny tree in front sway back and forth.

Chu Tian slowly drew back his spirit energy, “Well, how much did you remember?”

“You didn’t even say anything!”  Meng Qingwu didn’t understand what was happening, “To learn martial arts, doesn’t it requires the heart chant, spirit energy method, the output method, etc.?  If one could learn from a single attack, then there would be no secret martial arts under the heaven.”

Meng Yingying actually closed her eyes to ponder for a few minutes.  Then she suddenly shot forth like a little rabbit and jumped to the center of the courtyard.

Her fists started to move.  Her first time practicing seemed weird, but after just two times, she instantly became more skilled.  It was almost exactly the same as what Chu Tian did.


Her fist shot out.

Fist wind blew across.

She had actually gotten sixty-seventy percent of it!

Chu Tian nodded in satisfaction.  The Rushing the Heavens Fist was a foundation martial art from the future.  It was very refined and contained many profound truths, it was not something easily learned.  This martial art could be used no matter how weak one’s cultivation base was and it would grow stronger with one’s cultivation.  The stronger one got, the stronger the fist was.

Meng Qingwu was stupefied.

Meng Yingying’s brain was not good, it was even a bit empty.  How could she learn it from a single glance?  The practice method and source energy output had all been imitated!

Meng Qingwu’s little face turned red as she revealed a happy expression, “I learned it!”

“Only so-so!”  Chu Tian shook his head, “I’ll teach you the Diamond Cutting Pulse Finger!  The strength of this martial art is not bad.  If you can learn it, you can easily overcome any enemy in close range with ease.  It can also be used to seal up other people’s cultivation and is suitable for capturing people.  Look carefully now.”

Chu Tian demonstrated the Diamond Cutting Pulse Finger.

The Diamond Cutting Pulse Finger was much more complex than the Rushing the Heavens Fist.

How complex was the human body’s acupuncture system?  Different life forms, different races, every body’s acupuncture system was different.  The mystery of behind this set of finger techniques was the fact that one didn’t need to accurately hit the acupuncture points.  As long as it hits the meridians, it will automatically send the power over to the acupuncture point or even directly interfere with the meridians.

After the complete set of martial arts was demonstrated, Meng Qingwu felt dizzy from looking.  She couldn’t remember a single bit of it.

Chu Tian gestured with his hand, “Now you!”


Meng Yingying began to practice.  At first, she was very unfamiliar with it, but after she practiced four-five times, it was already almost just like Chu Tian’s demonstration.

“Yingying’s source spirit’s power is……imitation!”

“That’s right, this is an imitation source spirit.  Because her strength is too low, she can only imitate basic martial arts.  As her strength grows stronger, its imitational abilities will grow with her.  This is a source spirit with great potential!”

Meng Yingying said in surprise, “Really?”

“The mirror source spirit seems to have a special characteristic, it becomes stronger as it meets strong people and it becomes weaker when it meets weak people.”  Chu Tian gave a narcissistic sigh, “You are very lucky.  With a peerless and highly skilled person like me by your side, as long as you imitate me, you won’t have any difficulties from now on!”

Meng Yingying’s heart was happy.  That was too great, as long as she could continue following Chu Tian, then that would truly be lucky.  But her mouth still said, “Narcissist!”

Meng Qingwu curiously asked, “Other than martial arts, can she also imitate other things?”

“Of course she can!”  Chu Tian said to Meng Qingwu, “Release your source spirit for her!”

Meng Qingwu released the Heavenly Book Source Spirit.

Meng Yingying also release the imitation source spirit.

One second, two second, three second……Ten seconds passed.

Meng Qingwu returned her source spirit.

What was surprising was that inside Meng Yingying’s mirror, there was still a reflection of the Heavenly Book Source Spirit.  Moreover, the mirror began to melt like mercury and then finally the mercury reformed into a book.

Meng Qingwu revealed a shocked expression, “It can even imitate source spirits?”

If it was like this, it would be terrifying.  It would simply be heaven defying!

“It is impossible to completely imitate a source spirit, it can only temporarily imitate the abilities, but in the end it isn’t yours so it is impossible to completely imitate the source spirit.  She can only gain part of the abilities and none of the growth and potential.”

Chu Tian performed an experiment and gave a few books to her.

Meng Yingying had also gained a strong memorization ability, but it could not compare to Meng Qingwu’s.  Moreover Meng Yingying could only imitate the most basic abilities, she had no way to imitate the ancient memories inside the Heavenly Book.

Meng Yingying beamed with joy as she said, “That’s great!  With elder sister’s learning ability, the books that would take me six hours to read before now only takes me ten minutes to finish.  Moreover I can fully remember them!

“Now try mine!”

Chu Tian released the Demon God’s Sword Source Spirit.

“Hei hei, I’ll also learn your skills!”

Meng Yingying was now filled with confidence as she immediately called forth the mirror source spirit.  One second, two seconds, three seconds……Meng Yingying felt very tired as she tried to copy the source spirit.  Moreover, the longer she copied, the more tired she felt.


Around eight seconds, Meng Yingying gave shout of surprise and the mirror source spirit shattered.  The duplicated sword source spirit also disappeared.

Meng Yingying’s body swayed and fell onto the floor.

“Are you alright!”

“I……I feel dizzy!”

It seemed like.

The imitation source spirit was not for all use.

The things that the mirror could imitate, there seemed to be an upper limit.  When it met something that was too strong, the source spirit could not imitate it.  No matter what, Meng Yingying’s imitation ability was definitely not weak!

Meng Yingying could have different source spirit’s powers.  Although it wouldn’t be the complete power, she would still win in terms of quantity.

Chu Tian had always been worried the potential of the two sisters was too bad, but it seemed like this worry was unnecessary.  He didn’t know what strength these two source spirits added at this point, but as they became stronger, they definitely would not lose to God Level Source Spirits!

“You should go rest!”

“Don’t use your source spirit for now!”

Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu supported Meng Yingying back into her room.  Yingying lied down on the bed, her face was completely pale.  It seemed like some things couldn’t be forced.  If the thing being imitated exceeded the power of her source spirit, she would suffer some very strong backlash.

“How do you feel?”

“I, I……I’m hungry!”

Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu both laughed.

This dumb little girl, really had some nerves.

Meng Yingying saw the two of them laughing at her, she immediately said, “I’ve been closed up for seven days, I’ve only eating dried food everyday!”

“Good, good, good!  I’ll get you something to eat!”

After Meng Qingwu left, Chu Tian stayed beside the bed to accompany her.

At this time, a small soft hand stretched out from under the covers and fell on Chu Tian’s palm, it was just like a little ball of cotton.

“Chu Tian, thank you!”

Chu Tian stared at her.

She was like a little frightened rabbit, immediately retreating back under the covers.

Chu Tian didn’t tease her like usual.  He didn’t break up this tender and gentle moment, “This is only just the beginning, we will become better and better together.”

“Chu Tian, I know you’re someone who will do big things.”  Meng Yingying hid under the blanket, only revealing a pair of large beautiful eyes, “No matter where we go from now on, what happens to us, me and elder sister will be by your side supporting you.”

Chu Tian gave a knowing smile, “Ha, ha, relax and follow me then!  I’ll bring you and start a whole new era!”


“What do you think?”

“Then miss Yingying will just have to wait and see.  You’re not allowed to boast!”

Meng Yingying’s heart was satisfied.  The things that Chu Tian said, he would definitely accomplish.  A life filled with expectation, it was very soothing.

The materials for the Awakened Soul Pill had already arrived

[TL Note: It says awakened soul pill here instead of infant soul pill.]

Chu Tian was confident he could bring the cultivation bases of the three of them into the Awakened Soul Realm.

Tianchen Commerce should be delivering the goods.  The Nether Flame Grass Chu Tian needed to refine the Netherworld Ghost Flame would arrive in a few days.

He had the «Starlight Immortal Body» for defense!

He had the «Netherworld Flame Sword» for attack!

He could also break through into the Awakened Soul Realm!

There was no need to doubt anything, his strength would increase by at least ten times!

While Chu Tian was confidently making his plans, Meng Qingwu quickly ran over to Chu Tian and said, “The messengers of the Nangong Family have come, the Mayor wants you to come over quickly!”

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