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Volume I : The Flood

Chapter 32 – A God’s Rib – Part 1

Amon was better at operating the boat than in the beginning. He pointed the staff into the distance. Waves appeared around the Ironbacks, sending them towards the boat. Then he flicked the staff upwards, an invisible force dragged the Ironbacks onto the boat.

The space inside the boat was quite large, more than enough for five big Ironbacks.

Exhausted and afraid of this strange space, the four big ones sprawled on their stomachs cautiously. The king seemed to feel something familiar towards this invisible boat, looking around doubtfully, but finally it swept its tail gratefully towards Amon before lying down to relax.

These Ironback was at least as intelligent as human children. They knew that Amon had saved them. In fact, Amon dared to get them on his boat, because he was sure that he could keep them under control. He could see that these beasts had used up their strength fighting against the flood. Moreover, he was now able to control the inner space of the boat so he could threw these beasts back into water if he desired.


With the weight of five Ironbacks, the invisible boat became much heavier. Fortunately the boat was large enough to float on the water, and Amon didn’t find that he had to use more power to navigate. The boat continued to stagger forward in the rain, and finally reached the other high mountain. The cliffs were shaped as if they were split by a sword. Grotesque, sharp rocks hid in the torrents quietly, waiting to cut everything passing over them into pieces. Amon found the destination Schrodinger had been pointing to, a smooth cliff.

The boat was about to hit the rock wall, so Amon subconsciously tried to stop. But Schrodinger suddenly started to purr with discontent and threw a glare at Amon. It unhesitatingly waved the paw at the front, seemingly to tell Amon to run straight at the cliff.

After so many bizarre experience, Amon had no intention to disobey this amazing cat’s order. If it wanted him to hit the cliff, then he would hit the cliff. After all, this boat seemed to be quite solid, Amon thought he could stand a shock if he was ready. The boat rushing right into the cliff, Amon gripped the staff harder. All of his muscles were taut. He arched his back as he was about to hit the cliff.

Without surprise, the boat knocked into the cliff. However, there was no shock as Amon had expected. In fact, the boat entered the cliff smoothly!

The next second, Amon started to fall. The whole boat was falling. Fortunately, the falling distance was short. The boat immediately landed on dry ground. The Ironback bounced with fright. They watched around in horror, trying to figure out what had happened.

Penetrating the cliff along with the boat, as if the hard rocks were just thin air, Amon subconsciously looked back, and saw the most surreal scene in his life. Looking from inside, the cliff changed to a transparent curtain. Behind it was a wall of water as tall as several men. Waves hit on the transparent rockface, sending back white sprays, not a drop of water could go into the huge cave which they now were standing in.

Was this hollow some expanded space like the inside of the boat? Amon was still in confusion when he heard Schrodinger sending out a excited meow, jumping off the boat and running deeper into the cave at full speed.

Turning around, Amon started to study this place. They were standing on a platform at the bottom of a huge hollow. It seemed to have been excavated by an immense force instead of being naturally eroded. The cave narrowed to an aisle leading to the interior of the mountain. By the end of the aisle he could see a vague golden light. Schrodinger was running towards the light, its fur was standing up distinctly, reflecting a golden gloss.

Amon waved his staff, the invisible boat shrunk back into a bone and flew to his outstretched hand. It was the first time he used such a magic artifact, sohe forgot to get the Ironbacks out before the transformation. The beasts were thrown out by the bone automatically, rolling to the ground. They took some effort to get up from the dizziness, watching Amon pitifully.

The king recognized the bone in Amon’s hand. It had been in its cave. But it didn’t show any desire to take it back, instead, it growled and lowered its head down over its paws, as if greeting a lord. It seemed to be a sign of submission. The king was more intelligent than common beasts, but now it was likely to have made a mistake.

It had just seen Amon save them in the flood operating an invisible boat, then penetrate the cliff, entering a wonderful space. And the invisible boat turned out to be the bone it used to have. To the king Ironback, Amon knew the bone’s usage, so the bone must have belonged to him. It reckoned that Amon must have mistaken it to be a thief, so he attacked its cave. Now with all that had happened, it decided to show total obeisance to Amon.

But Amon had no idea about all this. For him, he had just been following Schrodinger’s orders all day. Nevertheless, the king Ironback didn’t know how to speak, and Amon didn’t think of explaining anything to it. Amon had lost Schrodinger’s trace, he pointed the staff to the Ironbacks and said, “You wait here. If anything happens, shout!”

The king Ironback was confused, the four big ones showed no reaction. Being aware that he just started to treat random beast as Schrodinger, Amon couldn’t help but laugh at himself. These Ironbacks apparently had never heard of human language, it would be a miracle that they could understand what he said.

So he first performed a simple earth magic to fix the five Ironback, then covered them with a vague white light. It was basic curing magic to keep conscious and dismiss fatigue. The Ironback felt much better, and the king seemed to be smart enough to understand what Amon had asked them to do. It growled to order the four big ones to turn around to the water walls, and lay down quietly.

Amon held up the staff and turned to the aisle. He felt his throat dry. Although he was looking forward to what he was going to find out, he was also nervous. Was this the place where he was supposed to find the answer? Was Bair here? The answer was awaiting him in the deep.

Schrodinger seemed to be so excited that it had forgotten Amon. The cat was even more eager to find this place. Amon even doubted that the cat was not leading him, but using him to get to this place! If it had wanted to come here, why hadn’t it led Crazy’Ole to this place in the past thirty years? An eighth-level supreme sorcerer should be more resourceful than a child.

The aisle was not very long, Amon had soon reached the end before he could sort out the questions in his head. Then he was frozen by what he saw. For a good while, he couldn’t even breathe. Before him was a huge space, dazzling golden light had almost made him believe that all he was seeing was just illusion. The light came from a parangon on top of a splendid scepter. Amon knew this parangon. It was the Gods’ Tear.

In this huge cave there were many “people”. A man in a black cloak was standing on a high altar in the center of the cave, holding high a scepter. On top of the scepter was a Gods’ Tear. Just below it was a golden ring, with four special parangons inlaid: Terroculus, Aquaticore, Ventussalte and Pyrosprite.

The light from the Gods’ Tear enlightened the whole space, gilding every person in the cave. Everything was displayed vividly. The man in the black cloak was tall and mighty, he was holding the scepter high with his left hand, in his right hand was a long sword. Under the cloak could Amon see silver armor. His face was covered by brilliant glory. Leaning on his chest was a woman, embracing him gracefully yet tightly as if she wanted to protect him or stopping him from doing something. Her face was deeply buried in his shoulder. Her brown, long hair spread from her curvy back over his chest.

The instant he saw them, Amon somehow knew that they were Bair the ninth-level sorcerer, and Troni the Adoratrice of Isis.

Around the altar were a multitude of people. They encircled the couple from three directions. In each direction there was a mage holding high his staff, accompanied by two warrior on his left and right, with shield and sword in hand. Apart from these nine people, there were a dozen of warriors and mages scattered in all positions, wielding their own staffs and weapons.

Amon didn’t know these attackers. The chasers were led by three supreme mages and six great warriors. Twenty-one pursuers eventually cornered Bair in this cave, triggering the last fight.

It was a strangely frozen spectacle, everyone looked alive. Amon could see emotions on their faces, magic being cast, lights breaking the air like arrows. But he couldn’t feel the least bit of power. This should be just a recorded image.

However, looking closely, he found that it was more than just an image. There people were likely to be “real”! They were standing the same way they had done thirty years ago. They were fixed at the last motion in their life, like sculptures. An unimaginable force had perfectly preserved all of them for thirty years.

It seemed that what had happened was, Bair took the scepter from the Adoratrice and gave out one last strike, killing everybody in the cave, including himself. Troni, the Adoratrice, seemed to have known what he was going to do. Whether she wanted to embrace him, or to stop him from doing so would be a mystery forever.

Schrodinger was sitting a few steps in front of Amon. It was also watching the scene silently, its eyes were beyond description. Nobody knew what it was thinking. A long time passed before the cat gave out a soft sigh.

The sigh awakened Amon from the shock. He had to get close to see what Bair had left, and whether he had left anything about the secret of the gods. That was why Crazy’Ole had told him to find Bair.

Amon had just advanced a few steps before he felt a strong force in the golden light, pushing him away. Along with the force was various information 一 shouts, cries, pain, fear, suffering from hesitation. They came from the people in the light. Amon instinctively waved his staff to disperse it. He then realized that it might be difficult, but to his surprise, he broke it up easily.

What happened the next moment astonished him again.

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