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Volume I : The Flood

Chapter 32 – A God’s Rib – Part 2

Clanking sounds arose from everywhere. Staffs, weapons and armors fell to the ground. Some broke into pieces, looking rusted. Everyone’s body turned to ashes, including the couple on the altar. In the end, Amon couldn’t see their faces in detail.

The last strike thirty years ago had instantly killed everyone, including Bair. The last thing he had done was to fix the whole space, which remained unchanged for all these years. But even then all the people had been smashed into particles by the mighty power, even some top of the line armors were destroyed from the inside.

Amon was the first one to disturb all of this. By breaking the balance, it was like turning a sandglass. The fixed scene faded to reality. He had no idea what magic it was. It seemed that Bair was waiting for someone to come and witness his last moments.

Amon didn’t know how to describe this feeling. Too many shocks at once had flooded his head. Still panting, he couldn’t feel any astonishment or amazement, but tried his best to calm down and examined everything he saw carefully. The blond parangon didn’t drop along with the scepter. It was still floating high in the air. It’s light shone on everything. Amon closed his eyes, and started to feel it with the Detection Eyes. As he expected, he couldn’t sense it with the Detection Eyes. The light seemed to be coming from another space.


Climbing up to the altar, Amon picked up an elegant gold crescent crown of lotus petals. It was Troni’s accessory, one of the symbols of the Adoratrice. He also found a broken armor, made with Damasc iron, covered by a layer of unusual silver metal, etched with hieroglyphs and formation patterns. It was obviously an outstanding piece of work, but had been badly damaged in the fight.

A long sword lay beside the armor. Amon recognized this sword. It was identical to Gabriel’s sword. The silver blade was sharp and tensile, a parangon was set on each side of the crossguard. The sword was intact. Perhaps Bair didn’t have a melee before the final fight.

Beside the sword was the Adoratrice’s scepter. The Gods’ Tear was no longer affixed to its top. Amon picked it up and tried to touch the four special parangons on the golden ring. The parangons turned to ash. Bair’s last strike had even exhausted their power. With the breaking down of the parangons, the scepter also broke into pieces.

Amon stood directly below the shining Gods’ Tear. Looking up, he found some texts carved high on the wall behind the altar. The texts were written both in wedge writing and pen writing. The first text was about how to read and write the hieroglyphs in wedge writing and pen writing. They should have been left by Bair. What a daring sorcerer he was, carving the secret of nobility in an abandoned cave.

At the end of the first text, Bair marked out that all the texts about magic he had ever seen had been written in hieroglyphs, and magic scrolls also had to be written in hieroglyphs because the character themselves were used to construct the formation, as the carrier of the magic power. The content of the next paragraph was what Crazy’Ole had cared the most about.

Bair wrote 一

“The superior deities have been hiding a secret from the commoners, that the latter could become the same beings as they are. Extremely difficult though this path can be, the destination of immortality is clear. I have found the beginning of this path, but sadly I cannot verify it myself. I’ve left all I know in the Gods’ Tear. The information can be read with Osiris’ rib.

I dropped the bone in the nameless mountains. It’s a test. Anyone who wants to acquire this secret must first find the bone, so as to pass my restriction and obtain the Gods’ Tear. If the restriction was broken by force, the information inside the Gods’ Tear would disappear at the same time.

My dear teacher, if you are the first one to reach here, Osiris’ rib won’t be necessary. You can use the token to read the sealed information. The test is for other people who want to find me.

I didn’t send you the things that I haven’t thought through then. You can find my last thoughts and conclusions here. “

The rest of the text was about the usage of Osiris’s rib. Osiris’s rib was a sacred item in Isis’ Shrine, and Osiris was the father of Horus, Isis’ brother and husband. So the eternal god can also fall? And leave a rib? This item was the shrine’s secret relic, but Bair somehow had stolen it from the shrine too.

Bair didn’t explain too much about the rib’s history. He only wrote down his own conclusions on it, which was not far from Amon’s findings. It could be used as a special parangon of every attribute, like a universal special parangon. It could be used as a staff, but couldn’t be inlaid to other artifacts.

It was also a spatial artifact. Some called it a [deitifact]. Activated and controlled by advanced magic, it could be used as carrier, like the vessels on the Nile River. Theoretically, it could be controlled by a third-level mage that could smoothly perform advanced magic. But this possibility only existed in theory, Bair believed that in reality, no third-level mage could actually use it.

Activated by supreme magic power, it could even fly. Theoretically, a sixth-level mage could fly with it, but Bair believed that possibility also just existed in theory.

Bair couldn’t imagine, that when he had written down these remarks, that a third-level sorcerer managed to navigate this deitifact with the help of Crazy’Ole’s wonderful staff, and drive it right into this very cave. In fact, Amon couldn’t even have arrived here by any other means.

The most amazing part of this rib, however, was that it could be used directly as a spatial artifact. Amon didn’t find that out until he read it in Bair’s message. It was like the space in a processed Ventussalte, such as the one given by Crazy’Ole. But Amon couldn’t use the space in the Ventussalte until he mastered spatial magic, which was a supreme magic.

The space in this rib also required it to be operated by spatial magic, which is to say a sixth-level mage who has mastered spatial magic at the very least. But Bair provided another way to activate it, which according to him, theoretically allowed a third-level mage to open it, although he didn’t believe that someone could actually succeed.

Bair’s message on the wall finished there. Another paragraph was also written in hieroglyph. Amon struggled to understand it with the help of Bair’s first paragraph. It should have been left by Troni the Adoratrice 一

“Great Isis, the goddess that I’ve adored all my life. I hope your glory can ease the Pharaoh’s fury. Ever since the day I decided to leave with Bair, I am not expecting any forgiveness or pardon from you. Bair was like a flame in the sky. I knew that he would burn himself to néant. I only wished to stop more disasters from happening. Please forgive my curiosity to you and to the divinity. This curiosity comes from my lifetime of reverence for you. I’ve not betrayed my belief in you for even one second. I want to know more about you. I don’t know if you regard this prying as an offense…”

Troni didn’t seem to have been able to finish her message. The last characters were hastily written. Perhaps she was interrupted by the chasers who launched the final fight immediately.

A detail observation puzzled Amon. Bair didn’t mention a word about Schrodinger. Crazy’Ole had told him that when fleeing with the Adoratrice and the Gods’ Tear, Bair had taken a sacred item and a cat along with him, which the Isis Shrine had secretly searched for. The sacred item was Osiris’ Rib, but the cat’s identity was unknown.

Bair had sealed a message to Crazy’Ole in the token and hung it around Schrodinger’s neck, sending it to Duc to find Crazy’Ole. So if Crazy’Ole had obtained the rib, he could have found Bair’s last place and his real final message. But in the following thirty years, Schrodinger hadn’t lead Crazy’Ole to this place. It was not until recently that Schrodinger had started to lead Amon, first to the rib, then finally to this place. The flood was indeed Amon’s only chance if he wanted to arrive here with his own ability. If the water hadn’t been so high, he couldn’t have reached that cliff even with the boat.

So it was all Schrodinger’s choice. After years of waiting, it had finally chosen to guide Amon to this place, ignoring Crazy’Ole. Why would this cat have waited thirty years? Why did it think it was worth waiting so long? Amon had no idea.

He took out the token from Crazy’Ole, activated it with magic power and projected it to the Gods’ Tear. As he expected, something happened.

A huge curtain of light spread out from the high air. Glittering characters emerged in the curtain from top to down, like water gushing out of a fall. It was the final message about the secret of the gods.

[List of Deities]

Osiris: The god of death and life in Ejypt, the patron of the Nile River. In the legends he was the father of Horus, the King of the Gods. He was also Isis’s husband and brother.

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