RE Chapter 104


Chapter 104 Getting Rid of the God of Disaster

The night sky of Dunerk was filled with fluttering snow as the gale whistled through the air at high speed like a flying knife. Snowflakes fell on those fragile plants with plopping sounds. Occasionally, some snowflakes would solidify into lumps of ice up in the sky. These lumps of ice as big as a thumb could even make a person blind.

Lin Qi’s group of three stood on the roof of a tall building by the side of the street, overlooking the brightly lit city hall nearby.

Geare Tang was riding a black steed, clothed in a set of ancient knight plate armor while holding a five-meters-long knight dragon spear, dashing back and forth on the street like a bull in heat while occasionally letting out angry roars.

“Coward, scum, shameless bastard, come and accept death!”


“You shameless swindler who faked noble status, take out your proof as a nobility!”

“Various gods above, how can there be such a despicable creature in the world? Shameless scum, come out and accept death!”

The long dragon spear tore through the cold wind with an ear-piercing hissing sound. Geare Tang randomly brandished the long spear to the left and right with a layer of deep red halo faintly flickering around the tip. Middle-stage Man Knight, for Geare Tang’s age, this level of strength wasn’t considered good, yet wasn’t considered lacking either. For a youngster in his twenties to be able to reach Middle-stage Man Knight, it at least proved that Geare Tang was very diligent in his training.

“Lowly ant!” Long Cheng spitted out a faint purple aura that flew dozens meters like a long sword, accurately cutting ten snowflakes into two. He maliciously said, “This idiot, those days when I lead troops during the war, massacring seven cities of enemy country, I don’t know how many idiots like him I’ve killed!”

Lin Qi’s heart twitched. He suddenly recalled what Long Cheng called himself – the bloody mass murderer! Did this guy really have done that kind of thing?

Massacring the whole city, even during the century-long Land Island War with the alien tribes of Five Dalian Islands and Odin Ice Origin, it was very rare for the West Continent and the northern alien tribes to massacre a whole city. During the century-long war, only several hundred cities on the West Continent was breached by the alien tribes, but they also didn’t commit wanton massacre, only capturing healthy men as slaves while the young women were captured to produce descendants. Massacring the whole city was a taboo felony in the west.

But Long Cheng actually massacred seven consecutive cities. It was said that the population of eastern cities exceeded that of major western cities, how much blood were his hands actually drench in? This guy with a sharp tongue, was actually not a good person.

Lightly coughing, Lin Qi faintly said, “My family has seventy percent secret share in the Trident Whale-hunting Company. Thirty percent of the selling price of the Single-horned Whale King, I have roughly estimated, it should be three millions gold coins. After deducting empire tax and other expenses, you should be able to receive more than two millions five hundred thousand gold coins.”

Turning around to face Long Cheng, Lin Qi lowered his voice and said, “Do you want cash, or golden notes? I will pay you in advance using my family funds.”

Long Cheng thoughtfully nodded. “Then, just give me one thousand gold coins in cash, and convert the rest into golden notes. Oh, the money I brought with me fell when I was chased by those uncivilized beastmen bastards, I’m so poor now.”

Glancing at Lin Qi with a little shame, Long Cheng softly said with a forced laugh, “Even all the expenses from today afternoon were paid by that girl called Anleen. Tch, when did I, Long Cheng, ever use a woman’s money? You give me the money as soon as possible, I still want to buy presents for the two girls.”

On the street, Geare Tang brought several bodyguards and continue to wildly dash back and forth. He already left the main street in front of the city hall, dashing straight towards Black Beech Hill. Following Gooseberry Avenue, Geare Tang should be heading to Lin Qi’s home. When Lin Qi pulled Long Cheng out of the city hall, in Geare Tang’s simple thinking, Lin Qi should be Long Cheng’s accomplice, Lin Qi had to hand Long Cheng over.

On the roof, borrowing the light in the distance, Lin Qi took out a big pile of golden notes, counted an amount of two million five hundred thousand and gave them to Long Cheng. These gold coins were the money Ya and Ling carried with them, which was taken by Baltic from their bodies.

Long Cheng whistled in astonishment. He glanced at Lin Qi and said while nodding, “I didn’t expect your family to be so generous!”

After snatching those golden notes without any politeness, Lin Qi also gave him two thousand gold coins in cheque. With the cheque, Long Cheng could choose any bank in Dunerk to withdraw cash since Lin Qi didn’t have so much cash with him.

After storing the money into a secret pocket, Long Cheng patted Lin Qi’s shoulder with a smile, “Lin Qi, you’re a pretty good youngster, very much to my liking. Oh, are you interested in going to the east? Follow me for three years, after that if you’re not dead, a title of hereditary earl is unavoidable.”

Lin Qi immediately shivered. He hastily shook his head and said, “Thank you, thank you for your good intention, but nevermind! I still want to look after my old man, I don’t have the courage to go to the east with you!”

Lin Qi didn’t say that he ‘wasn’t interested in going to the east with Long Cheng’, but that he ‘didn’t have the courage to go to the east with him’. Someone who could make a bet with a governor position, a madman who cross the North Sea and Odin Ice Origin during winter, Lin Qi doubted if he could survive for three months as this person’s subordinate.

Especially Long Cheng’s preposterous behavior; he provoked such a crazy farce after arriving in Dunerk for a while, in the end it was still Lin Qi who had to clean up his mess. Lin Qi had an intuition, if he followed Long Cheng to the east, perhaps only these crazy lawsuits could kill him. He was a thoroughly dangerous character, the chief of disaster magnet, it was better if he quickly left Dunerk.

Long Cheng looked at Lin Qi with a little regret. He softly murmured, “Such a good seedling! Fine, let’s meet again when we have the chance!”

After muttering to himself for a moment, Long Cheng took off a small golden chain from his wrist and gave it along with the red wooden tile on it to Lin Qi.

“It was fate that we met, although I don’t want to admit it, you certainly saved me at sea. This is my Imperial Order Tablet, keep it as a momento!” Laughing strangely, Long Cheng nodded and said, “Heaven and earth is vast, as a man, you have to go to many places, see many things, kill some men, play with some women, if you have the chance to go to the east, bring this Imperial Order Tablet and find me, as long as you go to the imperial capital of ‘Xue Qin’, there’s no one who doesn’t know me!”

Strongly patting Lin Qi’s shoulder, Long Cheng narrowed his eyes at Enzo and said with a smile, “You’re also a very interesting youngster! If there’s a chance, come together to the east. The girls of the West Continent are good-looking, but our eastern beauties are even more beautiful!”

Laughing at the sky, Long Cheng soared hundreds of meters to the sky like a white crane, quietly disappearing within the wind and snow.

“I’m going to the imperial capital of Gaul Empire, let’s meet again someday!”

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