RE Chapter 107


Chapter 107 Violent Conflict

Arthur was clearly rather drunk; his eyes were a bit bloodshot while his fair skin was also a little red, clearly not just a little drunk. He just brought several of his subordinates to similarly shuttle among the crowd, intentionally or unintentionally, trying to befriend the young generation nurtured by Black Tiger Family. As a result, he unwittingly saw Lin Qi.

Even if he saw Lin Qi, Arthur absolutely wouldn’t be so foolish as to start a conflict during the new year banquet.

The people who were able to show up in the ancestral home of Black Tiger Family and attend a banquet here were definitely important members of Black Tiger Family, the most loyal among the loyal members. The majority of the people here had followed Black Tiger Family before the Rebirth Calendar even started; their loyalty and devotion could even be traced to the Destruction Age of legends.

The number of people in Black Tiger Family was once flourishing, even Blackbeard formerly had seven biological brothers. The century Land Island War forced Blackbeard to suffer the painful loss of seven elder brothers, the cruel war made Blackbeard lost all of his sons and nephews. Even Blackbeard himself nearly died during the Land Island War. Dozens of years after the war, Blackbeard found a woman he liked, who gave birth to Lin Qi, his only heir.


The sole heir of a huge family with countless loyal subordinates!

To have a conflict with Lin Qi during the new year banquet, Arthur was really not that stupid.

However, when Lin Qi walked towards Mary while chuckling, when Arthur saw Mary’s pretty face that was as gentle as water, Arthur suddenly felt a sharp pain in his good eye. It was as if he had returned to that bloody day, as if he could feel a cold finger moving within his eye socket, feeling his eyeball being ruthlessly pulled out by the hook-like finger.

That beautiful eyeball, as gorgeous as a violet!

Arthur’s body shivered violently. A year after Lin Qi left Dunerk, Arthur secretly entered Lin Qi’s bedroom and stole the soaked eyeball. At that time, the eyeball that was soaked in sparkling and translucent liquid was still as dazzling as before.

It should have remained intact inside his eye socket, shining with charm!

Arthur’s mind turned chaotic. Relying on his drunkenness, he rushed out of the crowd and blocked Lin Qi with a sneer. He wanted to say something to Lin Qi, not only because Lin Qi had scooped out his eyeball that year, even more so because during the past several days, Lin Qi had caused disastrous loss for him yet again.

Arham brought his people to leave Dunerk; in order to cover his escape, Arthur’s zealous confidant paid another high price. Moreover, the departure of those ancestral spirit warriors of Dark Spirit Continent pained Arthur’s heart even more. All these were caused by Lin Qi. Arthur wanted to have a chat with Lin Qi; on the new year, one must not of one’s own initiative use force on the West Continent, so Arthur wanted to have a friendly and peaceful talk with Lin Qi.

What was there to talk about? Affection between brothers? When Arthur blocked Lin Qi, such ridiculous thought actually appear in his mind.

However, Lin Qi didn’t even spare Arthur another glance, instead he kicked Arthur’s crotch. Lin Qi had also drunk a lot of wine; his face was red, the alcohol was affecting his mind. When Arthur, a face that he hated, appeared, Lin Qi instinctively took action.

A very efficient kick; since he bathed in the mysterious medicine from the East, Lin Qi’s qi had stepped onto the threshold of Earth Knight. In addition to the formidable efficacy of Magic Fierce Medicine brewed by Master Ke Zha, the true strength of the current Lin Qi was sufficient to fight a middle-stage Earth Knight.

An abrupt kick, an unexpected kick even in Arthur’s wildest dream.

At the new year banquet, in front of so many people, Lin Qi neatly gave him, who was nominally the elder brother, such a shameless kick. Lin Qi’s foot accurately hit the soft object under Arthur’s crotch. Lin Qi’s foot slightly twisted, making the soft flesh twist for 45 degrees along with the foot. It was the damned spot that could make an even stronger warrior wailed loudly when touched a little bit while this kick of Lin Qi’s was absolutely not light.

Arthur’s face abruptly turned pale, then it rapidly turned red as if painted with a layer of cow blood. He opened his mouth, wanting to scream out, but he could only let out cold air, simply couldn’t make a sound. He looked at Lin Qi while trembling, his only eye nearly popping out of its socket. Sweat flowed down his face like a small stream.

“I don’t know why, everytime I see you I want to kill you!” Lin Qi smiled savagely. “Now do you see my awesomeness? Do you dare appear in front of me next time? What? Arthur, you damned son of a bitch! It was you who asked those two girls to trouble me, right?”

Arthur opened his mouth wide, so wide that Lin Qi could even see the small tongue in the depth of his throat. Suddenly, Arthur let out an exceptionally miserable howl. The scream was so loud it covered the blasting dance music inside the dance hall. The several hundred young men and women who was dancing simultaneously stopped their crazy dance steps. They practically turned around at the same time, looking at the direction of the scream in shock.

“Wretched thing!” Four sturdy middle-aged men stood behind Arthur. Seeing Lin Qi neatly gave their young master such a malicious kick, the four men simultaneously pulled out a dagger from inside their sleeves and rushed at Lin Qi while swearing.

The four glistening daggers were like four vipers, stabbing towards Lin Qi’s vital parts with incomparable ruthlessness. Stomach, throat, rib and lower abdomen, the four daggers went straight for Lin Qi’s fatal spots. A layer of deep orange halo appeared around the bodies of the four men. Amidst the orange halo could be seen faint yellow lights flickering.

Lin Qi didn’t heed the four men with baleful aura. He merely punched Arthur, knocking him down, then heavily kicked Arthur’s face.

“Son of a bitch, at the new year banquet, do you want to look for trouble?” Lin Qi ferociously trampled Arthur’s charming face with red eyes and bellowed, “Are you seeking death? Then, I’ll let you die!” Arthur’s nose was broken while his only eye nearly burst from Lin Qi’s kicks. Lin Qi angrily trampled his body, making him constantly let out miserable screams.

Enzo, who was standing behind Lin Qi, threw his wine jug to the ground. He pulled out his sword and welcomed the four men without the slightest intention of dodging.

Lin Qi’s attention was focused entirely on Arthur; he currently didn’t have the slightest defence. Facing four enemies who had stepped into the rank of Earth Knight, Enzo resolutely chose to pull out his sword.

Standing at one corner of the hall less than ten meters away, Leo suddenly opened his eyes wide.

Like a crazy bull, Leo rushed out in large strides, knocking every person blocking his path flying.

“Damn it, you dare take action against young master?”

No one knew where Leo stored his weapon. With a wave of his hand, a battle-ax around thirty centimeters long was already whizzing out.

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