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Chapter 12 – Visiting the Priest at Night  

At midnight, Lin Qi left the dormitory.

Silence ruled within the campus. Occasionally, the chirps of birds could be heard as they adjusted to the cold, but the lack of sound from the falling snow created an oppressive pressure on one’s ears. Even walking through the snow, not a sound could be heard from Lin Qi’s footsteps. He cautiously walked towards the dormitory building of the teaching and administrative staff, avoiding several night patrol guards along the way.

The night and the cold gave Lin Qi the best cover he could ask for. Without alarming anyone, he stole into the hidden and gloomy teacher dormitory building. Passing through a glossy and clean corridor with an easy familiarity, he arrived in front of a door at the end of the corridor. After a quick glance around, Lin Qi slowly picked the lock with an iron wire.

Lin Qi learned this lockpicking technique from Wei Ke. Wei Ke, who was determined to be a thief, had unique gift in these kinds of skills. Lin Qi and his brothers had also learned several skills to protect themselves.


Lin Qi noiselessly pushed open the door and found himself directly facing a big white butt.

As naked as the day he was born, Priest Bahrain was sitting on a round stool, checking the inside of his purse for copper coins while mumbling to himself. A spiritual teacher should be well-groomed and dignified at any time. If Priest Bahrain’s superior priests found him like this, he would definitely have to go to the church disciplinary office.

Next to Priest Bahrain’s hand was also a huge bottle of wine and a small wine cup. He chuckled softly while meticulously counting 10 copper coins from his purse and putting it inside a small box. After that, he poured himself a cup of wine, raised it, said softly to himself ‘God bless’, and drained the cup in a single gulp.

Drinking wine in a church was already an enormous sin, yet Priest Bahrain drank contentedly. Blood was already rushing to his fair and plump face, his nose as crimson as a case of blood congestion He cheerfully counted his money, drinking a small cup for every 10 copper coins he counted. He was so happy that he hummed a random folk song while occasionally swinging his plump body. It was certainly a picture to behold, shining white skin and flesh constantly jingling to the rhythm of his song.

“Praise the Lord!” Finally putting the not quite plentiful silver coins and the big heap of copper coins into the small box, Priest Bahrain swung his butts in an unruly way and cheerfully farted. He complacently kneeled on the floor, held both of his hands in front of his chest, and sincerely prayed: “Almighty God, my Father. All you gods in the sky, please gaze upon me with favor and bless this devout Bahrain!”

Sighing emotionally, Priest Bahrain said with incomparable sincerity, “Just today, this devout Bahrain sold another 375 sheets of Redemption Talisman. As such, the church’s funding has increased and the church’s strength has increased. These are all the contributions of this devout Bahrain. Great God, all gods, please bless University City Bishop who will soon die to serve you and let this devout Bahrain replace him!”

Strongly rubbing his red nose, Bahrain sighed sorrowfully, “That greedy lecherous bishop, he is not fit to be God’s servant. He should go to hell along with his several lackeys, then this devout Bahrain will be the best candidate for University City Bishop!”

Crouching deeply and devoutly kissing the floor, the half-drunk Bahrain concluded his evening prayers.

Lin Qi easily closed the door, walked up behind Bahrain, and lightly patted his shoulder.

Bahrain shrieked. Hands and feet flying every which way, he shook from head to foot as he threw himself into the corner of a room and took out a heavy battle-ax from an unremarkable porcelain vase. Not quite noticing who his supposed attacker was, the flustered Bahrain launched a downward chop towards Lin Qi.

“No one can think of snatching even one copper coin from my hands, these are all the church’s property!” Eyes reddened just like a starving wolf whose food was snatched away from its mouth, Bahrain pounced towards Lin Qi.

Lin Qi casually raised his right hand, grabbing ahold of the ax handle, and kicked Bahrain with one foot.

“You damned Priest, how can you call yourself a respectable priest and still use an ax to chop at people?” After briefly weighing the Ox Horn Battle-ax in his hand, Lin Qi tossed it onto the couch in disdain. His eyes couldn’t help but glance at that small bronze box Bahrain had put on the table.

Exceptionally sensitive towards all matters of money, Bahrain shrewdly perceived the hidden hint of greed inside Lin Qi’s eyes. He tensely said, “Mister Lin Qi, if you dare touch even a copper of mine, I swear I won’t let you get away with it!”

Knowing Bahrain for three years, Lin Qi was fully aware of what kind of person Priest Bahrain was. He felt a little regret for glancing at that small box. Smacking his lips, he sighed and faked a wronged tone, “Alas, what kind of person do you think I am? We are old friends, old friends, you know! How can you not trust my character like this? This is your money, I wouldn’t touch a single coin!”

Rubbing both of his hands energetically, Lin Qi narrowed his eyes and laughed, “That Mister Ge Lang, how much did he give you? O’ respectable priest!”

Priest Bahrain eyed Lin Qi vigilantly, then casually pulled a robe and wrapped it around his body. He softly murmured,  with extra caution, “Oh, dear Mister Lin Qi, this request is definitely up your alley. Me? I’m just a mediator. Mister Ge Lang gives me a request, I pass his request onto you, and you help him fulfill it. It’s that simple, isn’t it? Very simple!”

Raising his index finger in front of his mouth and blowing on it, Priest Bahrain warned in a low voice, “As is proper in these cases, I take my profit for services rendered, and you will take yours. We have cooperated in a pleasant manner in these past three years, haven’t we?”

Looking at Priest Bahrain’s tensed appearance, Lin Qi nodded his head thoughtfully.

Priest Bahrain, despite being this church’s scoundrel who didn’t deserve his position, had become the spokesperson for a lot of high-leveled people in University City. The nobility, they had all sorts of requests, but their nobility was also what prevented them from interacting directly with with those lower middle-class people. So since this freak Priest Bahrain appeared, the nobility of University City area discretely passed certain requests to Priest Bahrain, and in turn Priest Bahrain was responsible for contacting people like Lin Qi, who specialized in solving all kinds of issues.

This type of shameful transaction had its own special rules. Lin Qi indeed shouldn’t inquire how much Priest Bahrain received from it.

Helplessly shrugging his shoulders, Lin Qi moved his sight away from that small box with difficulty. He murmured softly, “Fine, fine, lend me a sheet of  Protective Talisman, a real one mind you, an effective talisman. Wait until I get the money, I will pay you back double!”

Priest Bahrain rolled his eyes and raised his eyebrow, “Recently, the price of the materials to make a protective talisman has fluctuated, so the price of every sheet of Protective Talisman has been raised to three silver coins!”

Lin Qi angrily glared at Priest Bahrain, “Then, I’ll give you six silver coins! Hurry up, give me a sheet of protective talisman right away! A powerful, effective one, a protective talisman that can resist all kinds of attacks. Don’t go giving me the kind of stuff used to fool ordinary people!”

Priest Bahrain grinned and swiftly took out a small white scroll from inside his sleeve.

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