RE Chapter 14


Chapter 14 – Timely Help

At the west end of the Fifth University was a grove. Inside, among the numerous trees stood a villa. This was the residence of the university’s high level administrative staff and high level professors. It was also the best place with the most peaceful scenery in the entire university. There was even a small lake in the middle of the grove.

Although thick clouds covered the sky, they couldn’t block the morning light. As the eastern sky gradually brightened, the university’s head of administration, Ge Lang, was already fully dressed and was sitting at the dining table, enjoying a delicious breakfast.

Firewood chopped from an apple tree was burning inside the fireplace while producing a soft pa-pa sound. A soothing warmth, and a faint fragrance from the burning logs set people at ease. Unceasing snow could been seen through one of the wide windows. It surely was very cold outside, nevertheless it was as warm as spring inside the room. The intense contrast made Mister Ge Lang happily sighe. He opened up his mouth to drink a mouthful of fresh milk.

The furnishings inside the room were gorgeous. There was a beautiful wallpaper on the wall, with silver furniture inlaid with gold and various kinds of small decorative items everywhere. The entire east wall was covered with precious china from the East. The chairs and bedding were all covered in silk. Everything attested to the richness of the family.


The Fifth University’s head of administration, an Imperial Lord, was also born of a lady from a Count’s family, Mister Ge Lang, gave out a burp full of satisfaction. Rubbing his slightly balding head, his round crimson face showed a hint of a cheerful smile.

A young and pretty female servant carefully carried a silver tray, delivering the white bread with dried fruits that Mister Ge Lang liked the most. Mister Ge Lang softly laughed; his right hand automatically slipped into the young female servant’s skirt and firmly grabbed her young and tender thigh. He recalled this young female servant’s tender and lovely moans under his body last night and the pit of his stomach couldn’t help but heat up.

Last night, with several gold coins as the price, he finally made this lovely and young female servant  climb into his bed. His own wife hadn’t been home these  days, so the door was conveniently opened for Mister Ge Lang.

He knew that these few days his own wife was in a relationship with a certain official of Borali. He knew even more what that so-called literature and art salon all about was. However all this was acceptable. She wouldn’t mind whose body he ‘sweated’ on; likewise, he wouldn’t complain about under whose body she tenderly moaned.

The young female servant coquettishly let out a sound of protest and glanced at Mister Ge Lang with incomparable charm.

Mister Ge Lang let out a mischievous laughter and felt the pit of his stomach heat up once again. However what made him a little worried was that even though his mind was filled with charming and gentle thoughts, his body, or a certain part of his body to be exact, hadn’t had the least bit of reaction. Ice-cold and soft, just like a little Grass Snake in hibernation, it hadn’t been moved in the slightest.

Mister Ge Lang, whose interest was quickly waning, pulled his hand back, grabbed the white bread with a little concern, slowly picked out a hazelnut that was inside, and chewed it with a ka-ka sound. This kind of omen was not good, indeed, it was very bad. He understood his own body well; this indicated that he couldn’t exhibit his ‘treasures’ in the next few days.

It didn’t matter that he couldn’t perform during weekdays, but he had just raised that subtle and small request to Priest Bahrain. So naturally, Priest Bahrain should have, according to his request, passed the task on to those ‘ruffian’ students inside the university who had various methods in their hands.

Without a doubt, in Mister Ge Lang’s mind, the kind of students like Lin Qi were ‘ruffians’ through and through. He didn’t have favorable impressions towards those guys who ran amok inside University City. However, he still had to admit one point, an important character like him was also inseparable from the help of these bad students.

Mr. Ge Lang thought  about the lead female dancer of that Jisai performing troupe, Gina. According to his many years of experience among ‘flowers’, she should still be a pure girl. She was different from his wife; and also different from his young female servant. His wife who was born of nobility, also these obedient young female servants, were all like pampered and soft pet dogs.

Glancing sideways to look at the small golden Dachshund lying in front of the fireplace and snoring away, Mister Ge Lang couldn’t help but shrug.

Gina wasn’t like them; she was a wildcat, full of unruliness, a strong and healthy young leopard. The youthful fragrance all over her body, her vigorous movements, everything deeply infatuated Mister Ge Lang. Whatever the price, he had to spend one joyous evening with this beautiful girl. Picturing the scene of her beautiful and youthful body struggling and twisting under his own, Mister Ge Lang’s heart suddenly violently throbbed.

But damn it, a certain significant part of his body still hadn’t had the least bit reaction.

“The hell with it!” Thinking about the completely hot and wild Gina, Mister Ge Lang started to regret last night’s self-indulgence.

His own young female servant, he could enjoy anytime, even if his wife was at home, there was no harm doing it. But the girl from the Jisai performing troupe, that kind of high quality good was extremely rare. Regardless of their looks, figures, or skin, they had a totally different and wild temperament to them that was different from ordinary women. The attraction power that Gina had over Mister Ge Lang was indeed too strong.

To have given Gina up for the sake of one young female servant? This was simply a disaster.

However he was most clear about his own body, he couldn’t show his ‘treasures’ again for several days, yet the Jisai performing troupe never stopped at one place longer than three days! With a gloomy face, Mister Ge Lang rose to leave; the delicious breakfast was incapable of attracting his attention anymore. Sighing in despair, he grabbed the triangle hat inlaid with gold on the dining table and wore it on his head. After grabbing the small cane made of Old Mountain Vine, he walked out of the room with a drooping head.

Cold wind blowing on his body, Mister Ge Lang shivered. A hint of demonic fire in his heart was incapable of giving vent to his indignant roars. These wretched lazy servants, this noble Lord Ge Lang wanted to leave, yet they unexpectedly still hadn’t prepared a proper carriage?

While yawning unceasingly, Lin Qi entered Mister Ge Lang’s courtyard and waved towards the latter while smiling.

Mister Ge Lang was incomparably tired of seeing Lin Qi; it was like eating a housefly first thing in the morning. He admitted that rogue students like Lin Qi were very useful, but it didn’t mean that he could put up with a scoundrel like Lin Qi freely coming and going in his own courtyard. With a gloomy face, he waved the small cane which produced hu-hu sounds of the wind and sent out a roar full of deterrence: “Lin Qi, you wretched guy, is this a place you can casually  come to?”

No matter what, this was the family residence of a Lord and Lady from a Count, how could a scoundrel like Lin Qi casually enter the residence of nobility?

Lin Qi held out a crystal medicine bottle the size of only a thumb in his hand. He contentedly laughed towards Mister Ge Lang: “Dear Mister Ge Lang, I came to deliver you some good stuff! I think you ought to want this precious thing, a miraculous medicine refined from mysterious medicinal herbs from the east!”

Lin Qi subtly shot a glance at Mister Ge Lang’s lower body. Lin Qi had numerous eyes and ears in University City. Mister Ge Lang’s carriage driver was an outer member of the Ironfist Brotherhood. He was fully aware of what shameful ailment Mister Ge Lang had.

This bottle of Violent Potion would absolutely fetch a huge sum of money from Mister Ge Lang.

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