RE Chapter 15


Chapter 15 – Generous Ge Lang

The sensitive Mister Ge Lang finally noticed Lin Qi’s subtle gaze. He straightened his body, intentionally sticking his lower abdomen out. Using this kind of obscure body movement, Mister Ge Lang was warning Lin Qi, ‘The things that you suspect don’t actually exist, this respectable Lord Ge Lang is still as strong and vigorous as ever.’

However, Mister Ge Lang’s gaze couldn’t help but flick towards the small crystal medicine bottle on Lin Qi’s palm. He knew who the distinguished visiting professor Lin Qi served was: Arcanum Great Master Ke Zha. He was a Great Master character whom the empire had paid an enormous price to attract. Great Master Ke Zha was most well-known for a single event. Ten years ago, in a royal hunting ground of a certain nation in the West Continent, he used a dose of life-saving medicine to save a certain king whose internal organs had suffered serious damage from a magical beast.

Ten years later, that king, whose liver was torn to pieces was still alive, still vigorously towering over his kingdom’s affairs.

If he possessed this kind of miraculous method, maybe this small medicine bottle on Lin Qi’s hand really came from the mystical Mister Ke Zha? Miraculous medicine refined from mysterious Eastern medicinal herbs? It sounded extremely attractive.


Using the bright and clean head of the small Mountain Vine cane that was inlaid in silver to rub his nose, Mister Ge Lang didn’t comment and let out several grim laughs, “Great Master Ke Zha is a great person who deserves respect. Lin Qi, you won’t use fake drugs to ruin the great master’s reputation, right?”

Lin Qi looked at Mister Ge Lang in astonishment. He shrugged his shoulders and laughed strangely, “Did I say that this was a medicine refined by Great Master Ke Zha?”

Ge Lang didn’t comment, but instead let out several grim laughs, and lightly shook his head. He thought he saw through Lin Qi’s small trick; this kind of medicine was certainly produced by Great Master Ke Zha. This scoundrel Lin Qi, with all his connections and relationships in Borali city, which good medicine could he get? The only place he could get medicine from was Ke Zha’s laboratory.

Lin Qi also didn’t utter a word. He walked up to Ge Lang, took out a small chunk of black bread from inside his sleeve, then opened the medicine bottle, letting a drop of thick light pink colored medicine  drip on the bread. After waiting for the medicine to be fully absorbed by the bread, Lin Qi whistled and threw the black bread into the house. It fell precisely in front of that snoring golden Dachshund which was lying in front of the fireplace.

The 33 cm long Dachshund slowly lifted its eyelid. It looked at the black bread in front of it, and carefully sniffed. After hesitating a while, it opened its mouth and swallowed that piece of black bread. Ge Lang waved his cane disapprovingly. Black bread? His wife’s favourite small Dachshund  always ate porridge and white bread; when had it eaten low quality food like black bread?

“A scoundrel student was still a scoundrel student!” Ge Lang twisted his mouth. He looked at Lin Qi, a little fed up, “However, University City needs these kind of student.”

Ge Lang was well aware that he had quite a few things that could only be accomplished through Lin Qi, including tailing his wife’s carriage, and discovering the identity of the official who his wife had recently fooled around with. These things were all accomplished thanks to Lin Qi’s help. Of course, these things were all done through Priest Bahrain, the mediator of these two people who had never had direct contact.

This was the first time Lin Qi and Mister Ge Lang had interacted face to face. Mister Ge Lang was filled with disdain towards Lin Qi, but at the same time, he was also filled with restrained fear of the hidden meaning in Lin Qi’s words.

When Mister Ge Lang wrinkled his brows pondering over this messy problem for several breaths, that small Dachshund which had smooth and glossy fur suddenly violently trembled. Its originally purple-greenish pupils suddenly turned bloodshot. It produced a deep snarl, its golden fur standing on end and making its long and delicate body look particularly thick and solid.

What became thick and solid wasn’t merely this pitiful puppy’s body, a certain part of its body was swelling at a rate that caused people to be astonished.

It was winter, furthermore it was not a cat’s, dog’s, or that kind of animal’s mating season anymore. Their nature was to start to  preserve their strength for the coming year. However, this small puppy, after eating that piece of black bread, had already became incomparably vigorous. It was roughly panting, its sluggish and bloodshot eyes were fixed on  the soft cushion Mister Ge Lang had just sat on,  before pouncing on it while wailing.

Jumping on the seat like a tiger, the small Dachshund bent the corner of its mouth. Wearing a trace of a weird snarl, its four limbs hugged that soft cushion made of silk from the East and long velvet cotton from the Middle East, then violently started moving its body up and down.

Mister Ge Lang’s mouth hung open. He also had once used some strange medicine during certain moments when he felt weak, but he couldn’t remember a medicine that was as amazingly efficient as this. In nothing more than the short span of several breaths, this small Dachshund had unexpectedly transformed to have so much vigor, giving birth to such formidable urges?

Mister Ge Lang’s heart violently throbbed as he felt a burst of heat in his lower abdomen, and the lovely and charming appearance of that Jisai performing troupe’s lead dancer, Miss Gina, suddenly flashed before his eyes. A youthful and vigorous body, a beautiful body that was as sinuous as a female leopard.

“Oh, so it’s this kind of miraculous medicine!” Ge Lang hid his hands behind his back to lowered his voice, “Alright, Student Lin Qi, this bottle of medicine, how much do you think is its value?”

A puchi sound was heard, that small Dachshunk already punctured a hole on the soft cushion, and white cotton flew about.

The corner of Mister Ge Lang’s mouth lifted, his interest towards this medicine became even more intense. So potent, bold, and powerful, he suddenly recalled his youthful years.

“One bottle?” Lin Qi looked at Mister Ge Lang in astonishment: “Are you joking? One bottle? No, no, no, this kind of miraculous medicine is difficult to make, its materials are extremely rare. In the mysterious East, only their king and nobility are qualified to enjoy it, how can this medicine be sold per bottle?”

Wearing a sly smile, Lin Qi laughed towards an endlessly stunned Mister Ge Lang, “One drop for one gold coin, dear Mister Ge Lang, this kind of miraculous medicine is sold in drops. You see, here is an actual example, your family’s lovely pet, look how abundant its vigor is now?”

The pitiful small Dachshund had already torn the soft cushion to pieces. It impatiently jumped on the sofa at the corner of the room, hugged a new cushion and violently shook. Mister Ge Lang looked entranced at that shattered soft cushion, thoughtfully using the cane to rub his chin lightly: “One drop for one gold coin, it should be a fair price, I must admit this one point, this kind of miraculous medicine, it’s worth this price!”

Sticking out his chest, Mister Ge Lang earnestly said: “This bottle of medicine roughly has a hundred drops right? Student Lin Qi, if you are willing to trade it for thirty gold coins, then the evaluations for you and your friends will be exceptional for all subjects!”

All subjects will be exceptional?

Thinking about those core members of the Ironfist Brotherhood whose grades were always on the passing line, Lin Qi immediately stuffed the medicine bottle into Mister Ge Lang’s hand.

“Generous Mister Ge Lang, its yours!”

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