RE Chapter 18


Chapter 18 – Warning

Snow fell continuously as the Fifth University’s students left the classrooms one after another, their morning classes having ended. The air was filled with the smell of food, especially drool-inducing smell of bacon. Queued in an orderly manner, the line of students stretched down the recently swept road  towards the dining hall.

Besides the military department’s military affairs academy, the other institutions in Borali University City also implemented semi-militarized management. Most of the students acted according to the rules, their daily lives  standardized down to the smallest detail.

Lin Qi  watched  some students walk past in formation from his dorm’s balcony. A wine bottle was in his hands as he  gave a hiccup, the smell of alcohol evident.

In this world, there were people who made rules and those  who broke them. Lin Qi was, without a doubt, the kind of person who was a specialist in breaking rules. Lifting the wine bottle, he poured a mouthful of drink into his mouth as he vaguely murmured. “Bahrain, that dirt covered guy, the debt for that sheet of protective talisman has to be calculated properly with him. Nearly killed me, that guy, he nearly killed me!”


Contentedly patting the swelling purse hanging from his waist, Lin Qi gave out three hearty laughters. Although he had to risk his life, he was alive,  and already walked out of the Tower of Great Masters. Not had he obtained thirty gold coins, it would also be the New Year holiday in a month. This bounty of thirty gold coins were sufficient to let him  comfortably  lounge about during this month.

Especially with Mister Ge Lang’s personal promise, there was already no need to worry about the major exam at the end of the year. Lin Qi and the brothers he helped could enter the fourth year, their final year, with excellent grades. With this, no matter what his brothers did after graduating, they would have an extreme advantage. Whether it was looking for a job at the imperial administrative department or becoming aids and advisors of those major nobilities, it didn’t matter.

“So, I hope there are a few hot girls in that Jisai performing troupe! That old fool Ge Lang!” Contentedly letting out a breath reeked of alcohol, Lin Qi twisted his waist, swaying his butt while sloppily walking into the dorm room.

The originally clean single-person room was a complete mess with dark colored rum bottles littering the floor. Several sheets of oily paper was randomly spread out on the table in the middle of the room. Before they had been eaten, i there had been  several slices of bacon, sausages, roast chicken, steak, and other delicious meat.

Enzo was sitting on Lin Qi’s bed with his legs  on the bedside cabinet, busying himself by  picking his teeth with a toothpick.  In an iron cup next to him was some black tea  with white sugar and milk. He squinted his eyes and gave out an incomparably cozy groan. “Being able to taste a cup of good tea after eating and drinking one’s fill,  this is the life of  nobility!”

Yu Lian sat at the writing desk with a hand mirror, inspecting his  immaculate face.  He then carefully wiped a little remaining trace of food on the corner of his mouth with a white handkerchief. Hearing what Enzo said, Yu Lian couldn’t help but give him a condescending look. “Enzo, don’t even mention nobility, not everyone can eat such good stuff, drink such good stuff, then enjoy a pot of good tea!”

Letting out a burp  of satisfaction, Yu Lian stared at the one remaining smoked chicken wing inside the oily paper, debating whether or not to eat it. He had already filled his stomach until he couldn’t eat  anymore, but why was this smoked chicken wing so appealing?

Sighing faintly, Yu Lian shook his head: “Before I knew the boss,  I hadn’t even touched  a drop of tea for three years in University City!”

Enzo looked at the ceiling thoughtfully: “But of course, you’re a declining noble family right?! But Yu Lian, I’m different from you; I have to use my own sword and military achievements to win a title of nobility! No need to be too high up, a Lord with an outstanding military service is enough. Then I will have a manor of dozens of hectares, a tract of fertile hill and forest, and it’s best if I also have a small lake filled with various kinds of freshwater fish, or even a small section of a river!”

Yu Lian angrily glared at Enzo, the former indeed came from a family of declining nobles. Enzo unexpectedly exposed his scar in front of his face! If not for his strength being lower than Enzo’s, Yu Lian would have definitely made Enzo lose his capabilities as a male for a lifetime.

Yu Lian silently cursed Enzo, maybe without that  capability, he would also give up on any thoughts of becoming a noble? After  being friends for several years already, everyone knew why Enzo constantly kept the thought of becoming a noble in his mind. The reason this guy wanted to become a noble may be the queerest one in this world.

With a little alcohol energy going to his head, Lin Qi wobbled next to the square table, generously took out dozens of gold coins, and threw them on the square table.

“Dear financial official, properly settle our brothers down. For several brothers who are in particularly difficult situations at home, give each family two sets of thick clothes. For those  who have children at home, getting through the winter is difficult. Give them a few large pieces of bread bread for each child that they have.  These brothers should then find it  a lot easier to get through the winter!”

Besides Enzo and Yu Lian, the last person in the room was Gelang Mu, who was still sitting next to the table diligently eating and drinking. Gelang Mu wasn’t tall, but weighed twice as much as Lin Qi, had a typical Fifth University finance and accounting major’s slug-like body type. Once his plump body sat inside the small dorm room, half the space in the entire room was immediately taken up..

With a strip of pig tail meat in his mouth, Gelang Mu looked at the gold coins abandoned by Lin Qi. Gelang Mu, whose eyes were usually narrowed into slits because of the fat on his face, suddenly stared until his eyes were unusually round. Grabbing the dozens of gold coins, he lovingly rubbed them on his face and swallowed the strip of small pig’s tail meat with difficulty.

“Boss, rest assured, I won’t even waste  a copper coin!”

Gelang Mu had zero fighting strength, but he was the Ironfist Brotherhood’s most trusted financial official.

Gelang Mu was a clever man; a very clever man. The reason why Lin Qi got to know him was because once Gelang Mu was extorted and blackmailed by the rogue students of the military affairs academy, but those two unlucky rogues had searched everywhere for Gelang Mu, yet they only found two copper coins. Yet that powerless Gelang Mu, as if possessed by a demon, angrily leapt, and broke more than thirty ribs of those two powerful warriors the second those two copper coins left his purse.

After this brilliant exploit, Lin Qi was frightened to death by Gelang Mu Since then Gelang Mu had been the treasurer the Ironfist Brotherhood couldn’t exist without.

With Gelang Mu, who regarded money like his life, supervising the brotherhood’s finances, everyone was  very much at ease.

As Lin Qi watched the gold coins disappear into Gelang Mu’s purse one by one, his heart twitched violently; the intense pain nearly driving  him to  tears. He softly murmured, “Lovely children, you have to leave me already!”

While Lin Qi’s heart was endlessly aching, the room’s door was violently pushed open.

The fat Priest Bahrain barged in through the door wiping his sweat as he shouted.

“The hell with it, this thing has nothing to do with me! Lin Qi, your brother Wei Ke was arrested by the Knights of the Round Table!”

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