RE Chapter 38


Chapter 38 Broken Sword

Just as the five long swords were less than one meter away from Lin Qi, Enzo pulled out his sword as well. As the constantly trembling tip of the sharp sword was about to reach those men’s bodies, the decorative metal front gate behind them was suddenly flung open, and an enormous figure, like that of a huge bear from the northernmost Ice Origin, sprang out.

“Hahaha, young master, you’ve returned?” The thunderous roar was  accompanied by a shock wave that was almost visible to the naked eye. A thick iron chain flew out from his sleeve. Following an ear-piercing and resounding whistle, a black, round iron mace the size of a small child tore through the air.

The five men’s long swords shattered into pieces inch by inch. The iron chain that was like a monstrous python heavily whipped their waists and stomachs, tearing their skins and nearly breaking their spines. The men howled miserably as they vomited blood, their bodies flying very far away before landing heavily on the thick snow, writhing.

The enormous figure landed with a thump behind Arthur, who’d been continuously retreating with varied emotions playing across his face. His body bumped against that extremely robust body behind him, and it was like bumping against a small mountain. No matter how he pushed, the heavy figure would not budge. Taking advantage of the split second when Arthur was unable to move, Lin Qi’s fist unrestrainedly and strongly smashed upward, landing on Arthur’s face. Arthur gave a muffled groan through his firmly gritted teeth as he flew from the force of Lin Qi’s punch.  


The instant Lin Qi’s fist hit his face, Arthur’s body flashed with a thin layer of pale golden light. The golden light shone with a holy and majestic power before fading away. Lin Qi’s punch that contained enough power to smash a bull’s head into pieces was completely absorbed by the golden light. Arthur received virtually no injury.

As ashes fell from the gaps between his fingers, Lin Qi pulled his fist back with a sneer on his gloomy face. He said, “Protective talisman? My, an Apollo Protective Talisman no less. Oh, and also drawn by a high-leveled clergyman—way more powerful compared to that First Glimmer of Dawn Protective Talisman I used last time!”

Faint golden light could occasionally be seen under Arthur’s skin, proving that the power of this protective talisman was truly not weak. Compared to the defective protective talisman that Lin Qi used before, this protective talisman of Arthur’s was of genuinely good quality, produced by a high-level clergyman of the Church.

Arthur indifferently smiled. Although he had been punched flying by Lin Qi, he had flipped his body in the air before landing steadily on the ground. He smiled towards Lin Qi while nodding his head, then calmly asked, “Lin Qi, why did you take action against me as soon as you returned? The matter from that year has already passed. Have you forgotten Father’s words?”

Lin Qi coldly snorted. Tie Chui who had just rushed out from the front gate and nearly killed Arthur’s five subordinates also followed suit. He firmly stared at Arthur and gloomily said, “Young master Arthur, if I once again see your subordinates dare to take action against the young master, don’t blame be for being impolite.”

The thick and long iron chain and the enormous iron hammer were leisurely withdrawn into Tie Chui’s sleeve. Tie Chui wore a hint of a hideous grin as he observed those men who were ceaselessly wailing on the snow. He coldly snorted and said, “I remember where all your families live! All of you have to remember the young master’s face! Next time you dare to show even the slightest bit of disrespect, I swear your families will be eaten by wild sharks!”

The five men looked at Arthur in alarm and desperation. Arthur, whose expression was similarly not good, obediently gave a slight bow towards Tie Chui and said with a smile, “Uncle Tie Chui misunderstood. This is merely a little misunderstanding. The matter this time is actually not what you thought.”

Tie Chui waved his hand dismissively, then gloomily said, “I don’t want an explanation. I never listen to explanations anyway! In short, young master Arthur, if the young master hit you, it’s okay! But if your men dare to take action against the young master again, this time I merely injured them, but next time!”

Tie Chui didn’t conceal his malice towards Arthur at all. He looked at Arthur, smiled sinisterly, then raised his hand to to make a threatening throat-slashing gesture.

Arthur’s expression changed again. He lowered his head and dejectedly complied. The several men who were lashed by the iron chain struggled for a while on the ground before they propped up their bodies and pathetically staggered away, supporting the middle-aged man who had been stabbed by Enzo.

Another shadow emerged from the front gate. Different from Tie Chui’s  enormous, bear-like figure, this man was short and shriveled like a monkey that had been dried in the sun. Tie Chui’s body emitted a blazing aura like that of magma, yet what followed this man’s appearance was a burst of cold that assaulted the senses, chilling everybody at the scene from head to foot.

“Young master, you’ve returned?” That shadow loudly shouted with incomparable happiness, circling at full speed around Lin Qi several times like a gale.

Lin Qi also joyfully and loudly shouted, “Uncle Tu Dao, I haven’t seen you in three years!”

With a peculiar chuckle, Tu Dao halted his dazzling movements. He was a middle-aged man with a small stature, his height only reaching 1.6 meters at most. His skin was passably fair, but he had triangular eyes, drooping eyebrows, and rotting yellow teeth filling his mouth. His rank truly made people fearful in approaching him. On his head was a cluster of short, withered, and mottled yellow hair, and on parts of his scalp were burn scars.

Lin Qi and Tu Dao warmly embraced. With Lin Qi’s robust body, it was almost as if he was hugging a child.

Tu Dao quickly discovered the strange visual impact made by the tremendous difference in their statures. He struggled out of Lin Qi’s arms while swearing, then ruthlessly kicked Lin Qi’s butt and said, “Young master, what have you eaten in Borali for the past three years? How could your height soon catch up to the Lord’s?”

After letting out his peculiar laughter, Tu Dao’s gloomy gaze suddenly fell on Arthur, whose body immediately shook. He sketched a slight bow towards Tu Dao and didn’t dare to even say a word before he hastily descended Black Beech Hill with his five subordinates and the severely injured middle-aged man propped between them.

Tu Dao sinisterly smiled and suddenly said, “Young master Arthur!”

Arthur turned his head and respectfully replied, “Uncle Tu Dao!”

Tu Dao chuckled several times, then beckoned towards the middle-aged man’s  broadsword that had been lost and left on the snow-covered ground several paces from the road. An extremely thin black silk was shot out from his sleeve, grasping that broadsword and carrying it to his hand. Tu Dao waved his right hand and several extremely thin but dazzling gleams flashed. Following a screeching sound, the broadsword made of refined steel was suddenly broken into dozens of sections.

Enzo’s forehead was drenched in cold sweat—Lin Qi’s Uncle Tu Dao was also a freak!

Tu Dao said in a gloomy voice, “Next time I see your men being disrespectful towards the young master, it won’t end so easily!”

Arthur didn’t dare utter a word. He deeply bowed towards Tu Dao in salute, then with a smile plastered across his face, brought his men to promptly leave following the main road.

Lin Qi showed a brilliant smile. Tie Chui and Tu Dao grabbed Lin Qi’s hand and very joyfully pulled him through the courtyard’s front gate. Tie Chui walked several steps, then turned his  head to look at Enzo. He waved his big hand, an iron chain rolled out, and Enzo was pulled in by Tie Chui like a scarecrow.

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