RE Chapter 40


Chapter 40 Lin Qi’s Wet Nurse

Making their way to the main fortress, Enzo’s thoughts were in disorder as he calculated the terrifying strength displayed by Lin Qi’s family.

He was able to accurately judge the family’s strength using the knowledge he had accrued from the Imperial Army Academy. Just from the defensive measures alone, the ancestral house was sufficient to deal with an assault from a ten-thousand soldier army as long as there were no powerful magicians or high-level knights.

But this estimation was solely based on the defensive capabilities of this impassable base. If he added unfathomable experts like Tie Chui and Tu Dao, those servants along the way with their valiant auras, and those maids carrying more than 50 kilogram buckets of milk without a change in expression into the equation, this house on a strategically placed hilltop could deal with an attack from tens of thousands of people.

If there were also some objects of interest within this ancestral house — say standardized military armors, crossbow arrows, powerful bows, and other contrabands — then only the gods knew how many people would be needed to defeat this household.


But were there really no prohibited military goods here? Recalling the schemes he and Lin Qi pulled off in Borali over the years, such as selling standardized military weapons to Cripple, how could Lin Qi’s ancestral house be lacking in any of these prohibited goods?

“A truly valiant family!” Enzo curiously sized up his surroundings. There were no trees visible within the compound for two obvious reasons: Without trees, assassins and burglars from outside would be unable to use them as cover. Also, if the enemy used fire to attack, then the damage inflicted to the house would not be as great.

Which part of this ancestral house would indicate that it belonged to a good family with peaceful lives and happy work? This place was clearly a dragon pond and a tiger cave—a genuinely extensive military fort built for war.

“A truly valiant family, but how come I’ve never heard of their existence in the empire?” Enzo couldn’t help but thoughtfully rub his nose. Those grand, aristocratic families of the empire, contrary to one’s expectations, were very much different; their names were known to everyone in the West Continent, yet their military forces were inferior to that of Lin Qi’s ancestral house. On the other hand, Lin Qi’s household possessed such strength, yet Enzo had never heard of them.

In the end, how many mystical existences were hidden in this vast continent? Enzo couldn’t help but inhale deeply.

From inside a spacious stone room at one end of the main fortress, a bull’s mournful roar was heard followed by the creature’s appearance as it sprinted out of the room. It was a well-fed black bull; its whole body covered in dark fur that glistened in the light like satin.

The bull managed to run 10 meters away when an extremely fat woman that looked like a mountain of meat angrily rushed out of the stone room from behind. “Damn calf, where did you run to? Dear young master Lin Qi has returned home, and he loves to eat my bull’s blood sausages the most. You come back here and obediently turn into fragrant and tasty blood sausages!”

This middle-aged aunt was as tall as Tie Chui, but her waist was even thicker than his. With a fearsome face and waves of flesh undulating all over her body, she chased after the calf out of the stone room, carrying a one-meter-long kitchen knife in her hand and laughing heartily all the while.

As Enzo watched in astonishment, the aunt overtook that enormous, mad bull in only two or three steps, lightly coiled her thick and solid left hand around the calf’s neck and twisted it. With a loud ‘kacha’ sound, the calf’s neck broke easily. Soon after, a sharp kitchen knife accurately stabbed into its neck, making its blood spray out like an arrow.

Several servants came rushing in carrying an enormous wooden basin between them, and precisely collected the blood without wasting a single drop. The bull twitched weakly as the blood in its body was rapidly drained. When everything was sucked dry, the middle-aged aunt threw the bull that weighed over a thousand kilograms onto the ground with a hearty laugh.

Tie Chui’s and Tu Dao’s faces simultaneously twitched.

At that moment, the aunt turned her head and caught sight of Lin Qi. That fearsome face suddenly revealed a gentle and benevolent expression like that of an angel’s before tears began to roll down. She rushed towards Lin Qi like a gale and hugged him, pressing his head firmly onto her rich bosom.

“Oh, my young master Lin Qi has returned home! Oh, I haven’t seen my young master Lin Qi for three years. It was truly killing Aunt Lily! Heavens! Young master, how much have you suffered that you’ve become so thin?” Lin Qi was firmly held in Aunt Lily’s embrace. Even with his brute force and the tenfold increase to his overall strength granted by the Magic Fierce Medicine, he was trapped inside Lily’s arms like a young chick, without even a chance of struggling.

This was a terrifying strength that was enough to break the neck of a bull weighing over a thousand kilograms! Aunt Lily hugged Lin Qi while wailing with tears and mucus dripping down. Watching this scene, Enzo only felt a cold burst of fear in his heart and subconsciously retreated several steps.

Very good! Enzo once again realized how valiant Lin Qi’s family was!

A female cook like this, even the house of a duke wouldn’t have such a valiant female cook, right?

Once Lin Qi was almost suffocated to death and his hands and feet were starting to twitch, Tie Chui finally couldn’t watch any longer. With great effort, he pried Aunt Lily’s powerful arms open, finally rescuing Lin Qi who had been choked until his face turned purple and red. Tie Chui gruffly slapped Aunt Lily’s shoulder and said in a low and muffled voice, “Dear Lily, there there, the young master who drank your milk since he was born until he was seven and was nurtured by you since his childhood has returned home! But now you should quickly prepare the blood sausages that the young master likes the most!”

After releasing Lin Qi, Aunt Lily carefully looked him over with incomparable kindness, then roughly rubbed his face that absolutely didn’t look ‘thin and weak’. She sharply sniffed her mucus back up, repeatedly nodded, and said, “Okay, okay, young master, you should first see the lord! In a moment, delicious bull’s blood sausages will be ready! Oh, you must stay longer at home this time and eat a lot of bull’s blood sausages to supplement your body!”

Lin Qi, who was having a hard time breathing, passionately hugged Aunt Lily and praised her cooking skills. Aunt Lily was moved and nearly cried again as she walked towards that pitiful bull while repeatedly turning her head, easily grabbed that enormous bull, and carried it while swaggering into that spacious kitchen.

Looking at Aunt Lily’s enormous and sturdy body, then looking at Lin Qi’s tall and robust body, Enzo seemed to suddenly realize why Lin Qi could be so tall and robust. In the end, it was because he consumed Aunt Lily’s milk while growing up. She was truly a venerable and respectable wet nurse!

A wet nurse like this, if she wore heavy standard armor while swinging that enormous kitchen knife of hers, she should be able to effortlessly sweep across an army of a thousand in a battlefield, right? At least according to what Enzo saw, a thousand-man troop consisting of Army Academy students would absolutely be unable to withstand the attack of such a human-shaped magical beast.

“Too scary!”

Wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, Enzo was incomparably curious. What kind of person was Lin Qi’s father then?

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