RE Chapter 47


Chapter 47 Arthur’s Guests

In front of Dunerk City Hall was the city’s largest municipal plaza. During peaceful days, this was a good place for children to have fun and for men to relax. At the moment, however, snowstorms engulfed the area and thick snow had covered the public square. Except for one road arduously cleared by the part-time workers dispatched by the city hall, the rest was truly covered with one meter of thick snow.

The rectangular plaza was surrounded by old buildings made of gray granite. They belonged to the most prosperous and powerful group of people. The establishments seen here were major chambers of commerce, high-grade salons, top-grade hotels and restaurants, as well as several exceedingly luxurious apartments. Only the wealthy and respected could come in and out of these buildings while commoners could only watch from the public square.

Directly facing the city hall was Dunerk’s most luxurious and well-known Green Rose Hotel. It was managed by the Dunerk Joint Chamber of Commerce that had its main headquarters on the first floor.

At that moment, inside one of the suites on the highest floor, Arthur was reclining on a sofa with his single eye narrowed on the image reflected on a ball of water hanging midair. Each and every move from Blackbeard, Lin Qi, and their surroundings was completely visible on the water’s surface.


Chopped pinewoods were burning inside the fireplace while producing pa-pa sounds. The room was as warm as spring time. Besides Arthur, there were several other people within the room.

Standing behind the sofa was a large and sturdy man with dark skin and a bared upper body who was wearing skintight leather pants. This man was bald and dark from head to foot; the only white color came from his eyes. He was an aboriginal from the Dark Spirit Continent that was one thousand kilometers away across the ocean to the south of the continent.

The muscles on the man’s whole body were sturdy. He stood there like a lion. His sharp gaze swept across everyone but Arthur, just like a loyal and devoted bodyguard. He carried a giant, ivory machete on his waist. The 2-meter-long knife was exceptionally thick. The destructive power of one wave would be particularly astonishing.

Opposite the long sofa was a chair. Sitting on it was an incomparably brilliant youth.

His appearance was much brighter and more handsome than even Arthur’s. Comparing him to Arthur was a futile attempt akin to comparing a stone and a gem; the difference was poles apart. Golden hair, golden eyes, skin as fair as milk, and a face that was exquisite, extremely handsome, and countless times more beautiful than a stunning girl—all these factors combined into a suffocating beauty.

The youth simply sat there. He was wearing only a simple black robe, but it was as if he was wearing a full set of imperial garments. His entire body was radiant. On his knees was a thick ancient book covered with black sheepskin. He was also watching Blackbeard’s and Lin Qi’s movements on the ball of water with keen interest.

On either side of the youth, five youths, three males and two females, sat neatly. Two of the males were dressed as warriors while the last wore a black robe. The two girls, who were clearly twins, wore red robes.

Admittedly, the two girls were incomparably attractive, but their expressions were solemn and cold like an iceberg. On their left bosoms was an impressive, palm-sized coat of arms. It depicted raging flames with the Holy Cross insignia suspended above them.

It was the symbol of a high-level clergy of the Church’s Cardinal Hall. Clergies qualified to wear this red robes held lofty positions in the Church. Outside the Cardinal Hall, their positions and power were equivalent to the Bishops of certain parishes.

Arthur’s gaze swept across the two girls’ faces from time to time. One corner of his mouth faintly pulled up. It was a pity that such beautiful twin sisters were ice beauties. Two such beauties, so young, were unexpectedly high-level clergies of the Church’s Cardinal Hall. They were truly wasting their blessings.

Gloomily sighing and cursing the heavens in his heart, Arthur lazily straightened his body, pointed at Lin Qi on the ball of water, and coldly said, “Esteemed Arham, this is Lin Qi, my foster father’s only son. He’s one hundred percent a scoundrel, a through-and-through ruffian.”

The black-robed youth, who shone with brilliance with an aura so dignified and solemn that people didn’t dare to approach, slowly nodded. He softly said, “Your foster father is very interesting. Unexpectedly, he is a Heaven Knight. All those bodyguards at his side are also peak Earth Knights. Oh, I’m more and more interested in the cooperation that you proposed.”

Tilting his head thoughtfully, Arham laughed softly and said, “Is your foster father vying for the position of Dunerk Mayor?”

Arthur mockingly replied, “It’s quite possible that he is also interested in the Province Magistrate position in the future. In other words, he wants to become a regional official of the empire. Furthermore, according to his wealth and influence, if there are no accidents, he is very likely to succeed.”

Arham’s interest was clearly piqued. He laughed and said, “Oh? This is not bad. If your foster father became a province’s magistrate, stayed in that position for a few years, then suddenly encountered an accident, as long as your nominal younger brother, Lin Qi, suddenly disappeared, you could inherit his family properties and power, no?”

Arthur wrinkled his brows. He shook his head and said, “Lin Qi can disappear, but my foster father, I must admit he treats me well, so I don’t wish for him to encounter any accident. Letting Lin Qi disappear is one thing. Although I long for the wealth and influence under my foster father’s control, I don’t wish to harm him!”

Arham softly sighed. He looked pityingly at Arthur, shook his head lightly, and said, “This is the dumbest feelings that you, as sinners, have, but I respect your choice. Since we are partners, I respect your decision. I will utilise my influence and spare no effort in helping you accomplish your desires.”

Arthur carefully said, “Arham, sir, this cooperation has huge benefits for both of us, right? You help me obtain the things I desire. Afterwards, I will naturally become the most devout believer. I believe my power will be useful to you.”

Laughing in an aloof manner, Arham nodded and said, “Right, I came to Gaul Empire to expand the Church under His Eminence’s command. I indeed need help from people like you. Then, it is decided: Lin Qi will disappear as soon as possible according to your wishes. As for your foster father, we’ll let him become Dunerk’s Mayor and even Yasen Province’s Magistrate!”

Arthur rubbed his hands in excitement. He picked up a bottle of sparkling wine, smiled, and asked Arham, “Then, a toast?”

Arham indifferently nodded and said, “In the original doctrine, things like alcohol that can make one lose control of spiritual power was one of the original sins… To those old fellows, drinking alcohol was an unforgivable crime. However, we are different. Times have changed, we also have to keep up!”

Pursing his lips into a smile, Arham nodded and said, “Toast! I rather enjoy the gentle flavor of a good wine!”

Ding. A few wine cups softly bumped against one another.

Arham’s voice could faintly be heard. “Ya, Ling, go probe that Lin Qi.”

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