RE Chapter 5


Chapter 5 – Travelers from the East

Back when Lin Qi and Cripple had just started their business transaction, the tavern’s thick wooden door was pushed open heavily, a group of men wearing black silken cloaks strode in at strange pace. Cold wind came whistling in behind them, bone piercing chill rapidly permeating throughout the warm tavern. All those wild and crude patrons, drenched in sweat and shouting loudly, put down their wine cups and looked over the new arrivals, all at the same time.

“Tch, rich uncle!” said a shifty-eyed man, greedily swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

Cloaks made from black silk from the East. In the Gaul Empire, only the nobility could enjoy these kinds of precious goods. Moreover, ordinary nobles wouldn’t be able to shoulder the expensive price of one bolt of silk; only those belonging to major nobility could use silk to craft clothing. As for ordinary minor nobles, having a pair of silk stockings was already a thing worth showing off.

“Hey, rich fat sheep!” several robust men with thick arms and legs looked at this group of people with interest, their greedy eyes constantly sweeping up and down their targets’ bodies. A group of customers wearing clothes made of silk unexpectedly came to the dock area’s Crippled Shop in the middle of the night; it’s like a group of little lambs entering a wolf’s nest, simply asking for trouble!


Especially these few customers, since they looked so fragile!

They were all wearing strange-shaped hats, one foot tall round-shaped hats, their tops flat, and on them a sculpture of a poisonous lizard made of black jade. Compared to these burly men inside the tavern, their figures were obviously particularly petite and frail, even the tallest among them wasn’t taller than 6 feet, simply incomparable with those high-spirited 7-8 feet tall burly men inside the tavern.

Furthermore, what made one fascinated was the fact that the whole group of travellers had the delicate,pale complexions of pretty boys. Their complexions were deathly pale, similar to corpses, especially the young man leading the group. His face was so white that it was almost transparent, even showing unhealthy hints of blue . This kind of physique, this kind of complexion… it clearly was a group of sick travellers. The wolves inside the tavern were confident, any one of them could easily deal with these few rich ‘fat sheep’.

Striding in at a gentle pace while making soft rustling sounds, a group of 19 young men with deathly pale complexions and bright, clean faces strolled into the tavern. Two men at the very back easily closed the thick, heavy oaken doors and the whistling cold wind was once again blocked outside.

The youth leading the group coughed lightly, he extended his right hand from under the cloak, and grabbed a snow white kerchief to rub his nose vigorously. Jewels glittered past, and several hundred burly men inside the tavern stood up almost at the same time. They gazed excitedly at this youth’s right hand – what a valuable hand, his fingers were filled with rings, in total nine gold rings embedded with large chunks of gems and fine jade!

Huge red gems, dazzling blue gems, rare and precious green gems, and even two abstruse ‘Tiger Eye Gems’ among them; these few precious stones’ value was very high. For the sake of these precious stones, nobles in Borali were willing to spend money extravagantly without batting an eyelid! In particular those two Tiger Eye Gems, which were said to have miraculous effects for men, since they could make men vigorous and invincible in bed – each was worth more than ten thousand gold!

Fat sheep, unprecedented fat sheep! Never mind plundering cargo ships in the ocean, all that profit couldn’t even compare to one finger’s worth of riches on this youth!

The female maid nearest to the tavern’s door, Lisa, laughed. She threw herself on that youth while bringing a gust of fragrant air, then held his head and pressed it onto her own body. Lisa’s upper body only wore a piece of cloth which barely wrapped her chest. Her two white breasts, each the size of a small child’s head, were mostly exposed. She enthusiastically embraced this youth, her right hand customarily grabbing towards the young man’s lower body.

This was Lisa’s signature move in Crippled Shop. Regardless of whether it was sailors from a ship or workers from the dock, or other men with all sorts of professions, if Lisa used this move to assault them, they would generously offer all the money in their wallet down to the last copper!

However, this time Lisa made a huge mistake. That young man never in his wildest dreams thought that when he had just entered Crippled Shop, he would suffer such enthusiastic ‘surprise attack’ from a woman! Facing Lisa’s strange actions, he who was usually exceedingly sharp-witted simply couldn’t respond in the least bit.

Lisa used her breasts to smoothly rub the youth’s face quite a few times. Her small and delicate hand was also stroking below the youth’s hip. Her five fingers kneaded lightly, but the only thing in contact with her frivolous hand was smooth silk clothing, there was nothing else underneath!

“You!” Lisa shouted in astonishment! What’s the matter with this youth? Could it be that he was really a woman disguised as a man? Why was that thing missing?

“Slut, accept death!” The youth’s figure twisted, vigorously struggling to get free of Lisa’s enthusiastic embrace. One slap on the face made Lisa stagger seven or eight steps back, leaving a burn mark on her face. This one slap on the face was extremely powerful. When Lisa’s body staggered backwards, the corners of her mouth had already spurted an arrow of blood, quite a few teeth also flying out along with the blood.

“Hey, Easterner!” the black bearded man who had just raised his wine cup and shouted loudly along with his pirates subordinates, parted the crowd and strolled towards the youth who had just taken action. He sneered while speaking in Eastern language with great difficulty, “This is not the place where you can just act recklessly, you actually dare injure the beautiful and lovely little sister Lisa, I think you should give her compensation!”

All the burly men looked at these few youths greedily; their gazes were full of malice.

Except for that youth who just took action, the men behind him all bent their waists slightly, standing still in a kind of humble and respectful posture. So much so that their eyes were fixed on the ground in front of their feet. They had been perfectly still ever since entering the tavern, continuously maintaining this uncomfortable posture.

The youth who just took action sneered arrogantly. He raised his head slightly, using hoarse yet shrill voice to say, “A slut, if she dies then she dies. What could she be worth? Not just her, but all of you as well, hehe!”

The black bearded man halted his steps a few meters away from these youngsters. When getting closer to them, the black bearded man had perceived a sense of danger. This feeling was even more intense than two years ago when he had unexpectedly run into five berserker warships from Dalian Island on the North Sea! The black bearded man trusted his own intuition. These young men were some of the very few people who seemed incomparably frail, but were actually extremely dangerous, maybe even to the extent of being deadly.

‘Wretched Easterners! ‘

Only when meeting a lot of sailors with vast knowledge could one know how many dangerous people and things existed in the East.

These 19 youngsters in front of the eyes, they gave people the same feeling as the poisonous lizards lying on their hats. Silent, yet deadly.

Coughing awkwardly, the black bearded man felt like retreating.

At this moment, Cripple noiselessly walked out from behind the wine shelves.

“This is the Crippled Shop, you are all my customers. As customers, you can’t start a fight here in this Crippled Shop.”

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