RE Chapter 54


Chapter 54 Twin Sisters

A gale blew on the seawater, causing rolling waves to crash against Dunerk port’s seawall.

Visible in the distance was an iceberg hundreds of meters high that was being pushed by the gale, following the waves hitting the sea wall. But then, a human shadow flickered on the seawall. Two huge fireballs whizzed out, blasting the iceberg in the chaotic waves. Large chunks of ice were blown off, falling harmlessly into the water.

Two stray dogs with extremely long fur ran awkwardly close to a wall on the roadside. Their eyes shining green in the dim light looked around for anything that could be eaten.

A row of stray black cats crouched neatly at the dock, tilting their heads to look at a fishing boat lighted with lamps. They didn’t have to wait long before a sturdy fisherman walked out of the boat while cursing and randomly threw out a big basin of fish innards at the dock.


They noiselessly ran up and ate those fish innards in big mouthfuls. The fisherman glanced at these strays and strongly shook his head, then carried the wooden basin back to his boat.

Four completely black horses like those that belong to night elves pulled a carriage to noiselessly pass the street next to the dock. Under these four horses’ hair, there were odd ashen-colored veined patterns. They were magical ‘noble beasts’ and descendents of pure-bloodline horses. Whether it was their strength or speed, they were superior to pure-bloodline horses.

This kind of hybrid descendants of magical beasts were worth a huge amount. It wasn’t that officials and aristocrats didn’t want to posses this kind of steed called ‘Dark Spirit Horse’ but that they wouldn’t even be able to find the means to buy it.

The driver was a robust man wearing a black bear-skin cloak. His angular face was full of scars and devoid of expression, and his sinister and indifferent eyes were like a reptile’s and emitted cold light, causing people to not dare approach him. The joints of both his hands were thick and peculiarly protruded. Grey blood vessels were exposed under his green-tinged skin. There were thick calluses on every one of his finger joints. These hands of his clearly possessed an extremely extraordinary fighting skill.

Inside the carriage, a pair of girls wearing dark-red, long skirts sat side by side on the soft couch, both holding a thick ancient scroll in their hands, noiselessly reciting the ‘Disciplinary Law’ of ‘Fire Discipline God’. Their reading speed was exactly the same as the frequency of their page turning.  Although they were two different people, their every movement was extremely in sync as if they were the same person.

They were precisely the twin sisters, Ya and Ling, whom Arham instructed to probe Lin Qi.

Lips opening and closing slightly as they silently recited the Disciplinary Law, the two girls had faint fireballs floating in the space between their eyebrows. The spacious carriage was permeated by a suffocating hot pressure, yet this pressure, which was sufficient to crush ordinary people, was accurately controlled by them, without a hint of leak.

Gradually, faint flames exuded out of their bodies. The flames mutually twisted and fused. Following the continuous fusion, the scarlet flame faintly showed a layer of divine and glorious silver color. Just when they’d almost ran out of breath, the carriage suddenly stopped. The driver murmured softly, “Two respectable ladies, the Golden Rose is at the end of this alley.”

The flames surrounding Ya’s and Ling’s bodies simultaneously merged back into their bodies. They uniformly closed the ancient scrolls and lightly waved their fingers, making the two thick ancient scrolls disappeared without a trace. After glancing at each other, Ya and Ling opened the carriage door and slowly stepped out in the proper and graceful manner of young mistresses of an aristocratic family.

Inside the carriage which had closely followed theirs, a youth covered in jewels from head to toe, with a body as plump as a meatball, squeezed out of the carriage with difficulty. The youth, whose height only reached Ya’s and Ling’s shoulders though he weighed several times their combined weight, walked to the two girl’s side while panting. He bowed towards them with incomparable respect and fawning and said, “Respectable Miss Aya, Miss Aling, this is Dunerk’s most fascinating Golden Rose.”

Inhaling deeply, the youth enjoyed the fragrance coming from the bodies of the two girls, with his little perverted mind. Trying hard to bend his body, he said, “Two respectable misses, please believe me. I, Lafontaine, am the most well-known sincere person amongst all the brokers in Dunerk. Inside the Golden Rose, you can find all kinds of fascinating things.”

Ya and Ling glanced coldly at the fat as a pig Lafontaine and slightly nodded their heads.

Lafontaine politely bowed to the two again and again, then wiped the sweat on his forehead. He led Ya and Ling into the alley, panting with every step.

Having Lafontaine, who was well-known for his vast connection amongst the brokers in Dunerk, to lead the way, Ya and Ling easily entered the Golden Rose Bar. Lafontaine inquired  of the gatekeeper about the location of Jin and other young masters and mistresses, then familiarly led the two girls to the animal-fighting ring.

Lin Qi was shouting at Jin to lend him several hundred thousand gold coins. Adding his own one hundred thousand gold coins, he would have the capital to gamble with the young masters here.

However, Jin was still very hesitant. Lin Qi had a very bad reputation among Dunerk’s silkpants because he always did business without a capital in the past. Although this time he unprecedentedly took out a capital of one hundred thousand gold coins, god knew what would happen. If Jin lent him the money and he won, then it was fine, but what if he lost?

Jin had no doubt that Old Man Blackbeard could easily pay for the loan. The problem was Lin Qi—would this scoundrel even acknowledge his debt?

“Hey, Jin, we’re old friends!” Lin Qi held a cigar is his mouth. With his hands in the pocket of his pants, he sloppily said, “We are old friends. Although back in the day, I ruthlessly beat you up a few times because of some misunderstandings, we are still friends! Just a trifling several hundred thousand gold coins, can’t you be generous and just lend it to me? At worst, I’ll pay you three times the interest. I will definitely win. Don’t you trust me?”

Jin hesitantly looked at the Golden-eyed Green Boa and the Ice-armored Polar Bear in their cages. The Golden-eyed Green Boa was a cold-blooded reptile. The Ice-armored Polar Bear had the ability to manipulate ice and snow, so it was precisely the nemesis of the big serpent. Although, once these two beasts started to fight, it would be hard to say which one would emerge victorious in the end.

Without the slightest hesitation, he would lend money to the other young masters and mistresses present, but when it came to Lin Qi, he felt truly apprehensive in his heart.

At this moment, Lafontaine led Ya and Ling into the animal-fighting ring. Lafontaine cheerfully shouted, “Jin, I present to you two noble guests, Miss Aya and Miss Aling. They are core members of a top aristocratic family of the Vias Business Union and are currently passing by Dunerk!”

Ya and Lin were like epiphyllum flowers that bloomed abruptly at night, attracting the gazes of all males present.

Angel, the well-known beauty of Dunerk, resentfully wrinkled her brows. Ya and Ling were too gorgeous, indeed a kind of natural and elegant beauties. Comparing Angel with them was like comparing an artificial bead of glass and natural diamonds, on entirely different levels.

Jin smiled jovially. When he was about to welcome these two respected guests with noble background, Ya and Ling had already opened their mouths, asking in synchrony, “What are you doing? It looks very interesting!”

The gazes of the two girls simultaneously landed on the tall pile of gambling stake.

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  1. Looks like mc will borrow from them… as their background is huge it is also possible that the two of them will bet on the same beast as the mc hence his final sum isn’t going to be that much larger than what he started off with… also is it possible that mc would be in debt with them and begin working under them to pay it off? Another possibility I’ve got is that the are potential harem members…

    1. Post

      I’m sorry to say you’re quite off the mark this time, DeathStroke96! Let me give you a hint: these sisters are Arham’s partner, which also mean they are on Arthur’s side. You can refer back to chapter 47.

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