RE Chapter 85


Chapter 85 Partners in Crime

With a joyous whistle, the huge Sea Turtle which just avoided mortal danger dived into the sea with the fastest speed possible. The over thirty-meters-long body of the whale floated on the surface of the sea. It slapped the hull of the Big Maritime Windmill following the rise of the waves. Sea wind blew over, making Long Cheng’s clothes flutter as he stood there on the body of the huge whale, practically looking like a god of war.

“This guy….” The smoking pipe Good Luck Valjean Qiao was holding with his mouth fell onto the deck. His fingers twitched and he was speechless for quite a while.

Not only the old captain, the over three hundred sailors of Big Maritime Windmill were also stupefied. One man, one fist, killed a Single-Horned Wild Whale. Is this the strength of a Heaven Knight? It can’t be, not even a Heaven Knight could easily do this, right? Maybe a Great Heaven Knight of legend could? But Long Cheng clearly only possessed purple qi, he hadn’t broken through to golden-purple color yet!

Yet another dozen shadows flashed past, and Long Cheng was back on the prow of the ship to sit on the head of the mermaid statue again. He knead his right wrist and said with a frown, “This thing is the Single-Horned Wild Whale that you guys want to hunt, right? It’s actually quite interesting, its skin is very tough, I actually nearly sprain my wrist!”


Lin Qi blankly looked at the Single-Horned Wild Whale whose body was still covered in pale golden color and whose horn was glittering like real gold. He hoarsely said, “This is not a Single-Horned Wild Whale, but an advanced Single-Horned Whale King. One Single-Horned Whale King was worth ten ordinary Single-Horned Wild Whale!”

Long Cheng’s eyes suddenly brightened. He laughed heartily and said, “In other words, this huge fish is very expensive?”

Lin Qi nodded. His eyes already shone with bright golden light. He said with a powerful voice, “Very expensive, how can it not be? This thing is worth a sky-high price! This baby can’t be sold according to market value, in an auction, even its saliva can fetch a sky-high price!”

Clapping his hands strongly, Lin Qi shouted, “Quickly bring it up, quick, quick! Damn it, this is a Single-Horned Whale King, with it, this time we already won big, we can directly return to Dunerk! Shit, why can there be such good luck? This must be me, because of me, we saved a person’s life, also ran into a Single-Horned Whale King!”

The sailors abruptly turned extremely excited. ‘Right, this is a Single-Horned Whale King, an advanced Single-Horned Whale King!’ Not including other parts of its body, even its excrement could fetch a sky-high price in an auction! Because its excrement was the best fertilizer, it became a rare ingredient required by a lot of alchemy masters. If fertilized using Single-Horned Whale King’s excrement, the medicinal strength of a medicine could be strengthened by at least three fold.

Think about it, the bottle of Magic Fierce Medicine Lin Qi once drank gave him ten-fold strength. If all medicinal herbs of the Magic Fierce Medicine was fertilized using Single-Horned Whale King’s excrement, then it could give him at least thirty-fold strength!

A thirty-fold strength was enough for Lin Qi to challenge a peak Earth Knight expert!

Single-Horned Whale King was no longer an ordinary sea beast. I could be worth gold coins of the same weight. With this thing, this time the sailors of Big Maritime Windmill would be rewarded with at least two hundred gold coins each, enough for them to enjoy life for a long time.

Following a soft ringing sound of the spell formation, a ten by ten area on the deck opened up. An oddly-shaped machine rose from under the deck. It was a magic-powered loading equipment produced . As long as it was filled with enough magic crystal, it could move heavy objects that men couldn’t move.

Several iron chains hung from the loading equipment. Dozens sailors jumped into the ice-cold seawater and tied the iron chains firmly around the body of the Single-Horned Whale King. The entire Big Maritime Windmill trembled violently. The magic-powered furnace at the bottom part of the hold of the ship rumbled and the iron chains on the loading equipment made a ‘ka-chang’ sound. The huge Single-Horned Whale King was forcibly pulled out of the surface of the sea, but the draft line of the Big Maritime Windmill also abruptly sank for around 17 centimeters.

Lin Qi joyfully looked at the Single-Horned Whale King that was worth thousands. He shouted, “Uncle Valjean Qiao, remember to write down on the ship’s logbook, for the sake of hunting this Single-Horned Whale King, we used 36 whale-hunting prongs in total!”

Long Cheng who had been smiling at the busy sailors suddenly slapped Lin Qi’s shoulder. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Magic-powered whale-hunting prongs? You mean, that kind of powerful arrows that cost thousands of gold coins to produce?”

Lin Qi impatiently looked at Long Cheng. With a Whale King that was worth thousands before him, how could he be in the mood to respond to this man? He groaned and said, “That’s it, but it’s a whale-hunting prong, not an arrow!”

Long Cheng nodded thoughtfully. He stroke his chin, tilted his head while looking at Lin Qi, and said, “The money made from selling this big fish, I want half, no problem right? Oh, when I was besieged by that group of Odin Holy Guards, I lost my purse, I’m penniless now.”

Lin Qi who just sank into a feverish mode trembled from head to foot. He turned his head and bellowed, “Impossible! Half? In your dreams!”

Long Cheng pouted. He coldly snorted and said, “Then, how many people are needed to control this ship to return to the mainland? I will kill everyone on this ship, then this ship along with this big fish will be mine. What do you think?”

Lin Qi’s face abruptly paled. He suddenly realized how terrifying this person was. A freak who could kill a Single-Horned Whale King with one fist. He even doubted whether his own father could handle him. After hesitating for a while, Lin Qi’s thirst for money surpassed his fear of death. He gritted his teeth and said, “Twenty percent, you see, we saved your life, otherwise could you really float along with the iceberg and reach the mainland?”

Long Cheng wrinkled his brows and sighed deeply before saying, “A real man clearly differentiate between gratitudes and grievances, forty percent! You see, I’m someone who likes to have fun, but I can’t do it without money. After reaching that Dunerk you mentioned, the first thing I want to do is to look for several beautiful young ladies to connect with my feelings, how can I do it without money?”

Lin Qi unhappily bellowed, “Don’t you like killing and burning, ransacking and **? If you had no money, you can… use violence?” The faces of Dunerk’s well-known beautiful young ladies flashed through Lin Qi’s mind, fine, no one had a friendly relationship with him. He didn’t need to worry for their lives.

Compared with their chastity, Lin Qi care more about gold coins.

“You little bastard!” Long Cheng pouted. He looked down and mulled it over for a while, then shook his head and said, “To be honest, I don’t necessarily need to use violence. Just like that time when I was on the way to the imperial capital, I don’t know how many old and young women threw themselves at me. My charm is enough to entice those beautiful young ladies to give their virginity to me. Then, just thirty percent, no less. A real man can’t go a day without money!”

Lin Qi still hesitated, thirty percent was still a huge amount.

Long Cheng knitted his brows. He slowly said, “I’m the one who killed this big fish after all, right? If you don’t give me thirty percent of the money, I’ll just ransacked the entire Dunerk. Oh, at most, seeing that you saved my life, I’ll just let your family off.”

A terrifying sight of Dunerk on fire suddenly appear in Lin Qi’s mind. He smacked his lips, his small feeling for his hometown finally surpassed his thirst for money for the time being.

“Fine, deal!” Lin Qi and Long Cheng did a high-five.

The two people looked at each other with golden light flickering in their eyes and suddenly felt a kind of sympathy with each other.

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