RE Chapter 86


Chapter 86 Odin Dragon Boat

On the deck, the sailors very carefully dissected the Single-Horned Whale King with practiced efficiency. With this kind of extremely valuable treasure, wasting even a drop of blood was a pity. All parts of its body had to be preserved using a specialized magic-powered freezer. This way, nothing would be wasted.

Above all, its blood and other bodily fluids had to be preserved in a special container built by an expert in magic refinery. If they were put in an ordinary container, these bodily fluids would lose all their qualities in less than three days.

Even the nasty things inside the Whale King’s large intestine, some sailors also scooped them out and stored them in an especially established cabin. These things are filthy, nasty and incomparably stinky, but who asked those alchemy masters to regard them as treasures? One shouldn’t focus on how repulsive these things are, but when in luck, half a kilogram of Single-Horned Whale King’s excrement could be sold for a sky-high price of several hundred gold coins.

Lin Qi and Long Cheng stood on the prow of the ship, looking at the hundreds of sailors efficiently sliced up the Whale King.


Long Cheng reclined on the mermaid statue, then suddenly grinned and said, “Do you know why I agreed to thirty percent?”

Lin Qi cast a sidelong glance at Long Cheng. He was a little resentful towards such a person who took thirty percent profit away from his own hands. He shook his head and said, “It’s unlikely due to my kindness in saving your life, isn’t it? That iceberg can’t possibly seal you to death, I’m clear on this point. At most, I only lessened a little bit of your suffering!”

Long Cheng patted Lin Qi’s shoulder. He smirked and said, “Interesting, you are a very smart little bastard. That iceberg can’t possibly seal me to death, but it will certainly injure my vitality. For my gamble against my opponents to count, I have to return to the imperial capital within one year. If I wasted too much time within the iceberg, it’s possible I would lose this gamble.”

Sighing deeply, Long Cheng shook his head and said, “I don’t have time to waste, I have to make money as soon as possible, then hurry on my journey. I don’t have time to personally auction off this big guy, so I can only accept your terms! I have to return to the imperial capital as soon as possible and beautifully win this gamble!”

Lin Qi curiously looked at Long Cheng. ‘What kind of gamble can make him risk so much and do such near-impossible things?’

Starting from an Eastern harbor, sailing northward into the North Sea, then traveling across Odin Ice Origin that was full of danger – one had to know, it was the old home of Frost Titans and some other extremely terrifying tribes. Legend even had it that at the center of Odin Ice Origin was a passage to the underworld where ancient evil existed, those evil beings who, according to legends, destroyed the world before the Destruction Age.

Traveling across Odin Ice Origin without dying was already an inconceivable for an ordinary human being. Yet he also had to travel across the North Sea in winter when the snowstorms were the wildest and entered the West Continent. This gamble was practically toying with death. Even if Long Cheng was stronger, it was still toying with death, what could worth doing such things?

“I don’t understand, why are you doing this?” Lin Qi curiously looked at Long Cheng, “For the sake of money? Or beauties?”

Long Cheng started to laugh in ridicule. He turned his head in disdain and looked at the surface of the sea, “Money? I, Long Cheng, was born noble. I don’t dare to claim the richest person, but ten of what you, savages, called noble families added together, is more or less comparable to my butler’s family. When it comes to beauties, hehe, from the 108 most enchanting and alluring beauties of my Eastern imperial capital, I took the virginity of 38 of them.”

With both hands behind his back, Long Cheng said with extreme heroism, “My family’s wealth amounted to millions and millions, my looks unrivalled, my wisdom unparalleled. I’m a master of pen and sword. No matter if it’s intelligence or wealth, few people can match me for I’m a peerless character. Money? Beauties? That kind of secular matter was also worth me risking this much?”

“Then, Honorable Sir Long Cheng, whose looks is unrivalled and wisdom unparalleled, who was a master of pen and sword, what actually did you bet?” Lin Qi’s curiosity was thoroughly aroused.

Long Cheng laughed complacently. He rubbed his nose and indifferently said, “Nothing, I only gamble the magistrate one province, the governors of four prefectures and the mayors of 39 cities. The stake of this one is quite high, as for several other additional things that I gamble, like prostitution papers of those beauties on the Beauty Paintings and Name List, they are nothing.”

Unexpectedly, Long Cheng suddenly started to laugh crazily. He laughed so hard his body convulsed and his saliva splashed everywhere. He smirked at Lin Qi in an exceptionally lewd way and said, “The most amusing thing is, there is a clause, hehe, if the guy who gamble with me lost, he had to sent his eight most favourite concubines to my home, to accompany me for seven days!”

With glittering eyes, Long Cheng said with gritted teeth, “This cuckold, I have to knock him down firmly, make him a pimp forever and ever! To contend with me, the blood-covered Long Cheng, hehe, sending him several green hats is only the beginning!”

Lin Qi was once again driven mad. ‘This Long Cheng, where did he actually come from?’

To be able to gamble a province magistrate, prefecture governors, and city mayors of a grand county, he must come from a kind of top-notch aristocratic family, right?

What made Lin Qi want to vomit blood even more was, since Long Cheng had the authority to stake such important positions in a gamble, he actually also gamble concubines! Simply preposterous, practically a scum, isn’t he saying those magistrates, governors are of equal value with the concubines?

Through Long Cheng’s description of the gamble, Lin Qi suddenly realized, Long Cheng was a through and through silkpant son of a bitch! Compared to him, those silkpants of aristocratic families in Dunerk was really a group of country bumpkins, basically nothing among silkpants. Lin Qi and those young masters and mistresses in Dunerk merely gamble a little bit of money, but look at Long Cheng, what did he gamble?

Just when Lin Qi was inwardly estimating Long Cheng’s identity, behind an iceberg not too far away, a muffled sound of drumbeat could suddenly be heard.

Lin Qi’s scalp turned numb. He hastily turned his head to look at that direction.

The lookout sailor standing on the mast already started to shout, “Odin Dragon Boat, it’s that fleet that belong to those alien tribes! Start the magic-powered furnace, retreat, quickly leave this place!”

‘Hey, hey, ya, ho’ Following the muffled shouts, following the powerful chants, a several-meter-tall carved wooden dragon boat gradually appeared from behind the iceberg, an oddly-shaped warship slowly appeared from behind the iceberg.

The dragon boat was less than five meters wide, yet longer than Big Maritime Windmill by half. With shape like a dragon, the dragon boat that was painted the color of blood went around the iceberg, changed direction, and sailed in the direction of Big Maritime Windmill with great speed.

Behind the dragon boat, three small-sized dragon boat followed closely. They were only half as long as the one in front while their width were also narrower.

On the center of every dragon boat was a wardrum made of animal skin. A giant over three-meter-tall with a strange green-grayish skin was holding huge bone hammers while slowly banging the wardrum, making a loud sound that made a man’s spirit waver. 

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