RE Chapter 96


Chapter 96 Arrival of Happiness

Old Man Pompeii was an old local of Dunerk Harbor. His old ancestors had been living in Dunerk ever since who knew when so his family witnessed how Dunerk developed from a small fishing village into the empire’s third biggest harbor, as well as the only ice-free port in the history of the northern empire.

When he was young, Old Man Pompeii was once also a brave and determined fighter. He worked as a porter at the docks for two years. Then, because his martial arts wasn’t bad, he was recruited into a small gang among the porters. Logically, the life experiences all young fighters of Dunerk were similar, Old Man Pompeii who was a good swimmer became a young pirate.

After following the old captain to wander the sea for several years, with big bowls of meat and big bowls of wine every day and different beautiful ladies every night, together with the young fighters of the same hometown, Old Man Pompeii finally met a girl he truly loved. Hence Pirate Pompeii vanished, while Dunerk gained another small tavern opened by Uncle Pompeii. Years passed, Uncle Pompeii also turned into Old Man Pompeii.

Old Man Pompeii who once liked to use his fists and dagger to talk, now had three sons who were even more troublesome than the him back then. Evidently, it was impossible to split the small tavern between the three wild and unruly sons of his. The small tavern could support one family, but not three.


Yet Old Man Pompeii didn’t wish for two of his sons to walk through his old path, to be forced to leave home and wander aimlessly, unsure whether he would be killed somewhere someday, like a trash thrown to the sea to feed fish.

So Old Man Pompeii took out all of his savings, including all the profit the gained from struggling at sea for nearly ten years, as well as all the income the small tavern of his had earned for the past ten years, adding up into ten thousand gold coins. Old Man Pompeii stake all his savings on Trident Whale-hunting Company, investing in a whale-hunting ship called Big Maritime Windmill that was in construction.

Old Man Pompeii who gloriously became a small shareholder of a whale-hunting company, waited for two years in anxiety before Big Maritime Windmill was ready and launched into the sea. Furthermore, during the whale-hunting season this year, if Big Maritime Windmill had considerable harvest, one bumper harvest could let the shareholders regain the money they invested, while all its profit in the future would become the clean profit of all the shareholders.

Old Man Pompeii’s plan was simple and unsophisticated, to regain his money on the first year, then gain profit equivalent to the money he invested every year. Minus the taxed he needed to give to the empire, after ten years he would have a total asset of nearly one hundred thousand gold coins. This amount money was enough to buy a good section of land in Dunerk and open a big inn.

One small tavern was incapable of supporting three sons and their future families, but one small tavern and one big inn was enough to support five sons and their families. Old Man Pompeii wanted his sons to follow the rules and not follow the old path during his youth.

One early morning, hearing a rumor that Big Maritime Windmill was entering the harbor, Old Man Pompeii hastily came. He was very astonished to learn that Big Maritime Windmill was returning today. According to the whale-hunting plan, she would only return after another seven days.

Could it be that this year’s luck was so good that Big Maritime Windmill ran into good harvest as soon as she sailed out of the harbor?

Or was perhaps her luck so bad that Big Maritime Windmill ran into some trouble?

With an anxious heart, Old Man Pompeii quietly waited among the crowd. When Big Maritime Windmill finally stopped in her berth, Old Man Pompeii saw the huge hole at the back part of the ship at first glance, a huge hole that was cleaved open by some external force, leaving cracks and traces of melting on the steel plates around it.

Old Man Pompeii’s vision immediately turned black, did the ship run into trouble?

Old Man Pompeii seemed to see his ten thousand gold coins sprouted wings and fluttered far, far away. He could see his three sons waving huge hatchets and machetes, robbing merchant ships at sea, before being shot by some mercenary convoy and turned into hedgehogs.

Although he had never personally seen such a mythical creature like a hedgehog, this fact didn’t stop Old Man Pompeii to imagine its appearance ━ his three sons with arrows sticking out all over their bodies were piled together, it should be the perfect origin story for a mythical creature like hedgehogs.

A sweet taste appeared in Old Man Pompeii’s throat as a mouthful of blood gathered within his throat.

At this moment, Old Man Pompeii saw Blackbeard, saw an influential figure in Dunerk. He also saw Lin Qi and Blackbeard passionately hugging each other and heard Lin Qi’s deemphasized words ━ he and Enzo joined hands to kill one prey.

Old Man Pompeii’s heart immediately tightened, one prey? If it was one Single-horned Wild Whale, then things hadn’t turned for the worst. He would at least regain a little bit of his money back, even after adding the maintenance cost of Big Maritime Windmill, Old Man Pompeii could still bring a little bit of money back to his small tavern.

But just like all restless small shareholders, Old Man Pompeii was filled with certain anger towards Lin Qi. With only one prey, yet he actually let Big Maritime Windmill return. With only one prey, he actually caused such a huge damage to Big Maritime Windmill. The reparation cost of a large ship like this was very expensive, just the hole with a diameter of two meters would cost at least tens of thousands of gold coins to repair it.

At this moment, the several delighted small shareholder representatives rushed out. They stood at the prow of the ship and lifted the golden, four-meters-long horn with a spiral pattern on its surface and which bottom part was as thick as an ordinary person’s waist!

The unique color and pattern, with length longer than an ordinary horn of Single-horned Wild Whale, these told everyone on the dock that Lin Qi and Enzo, these two honorable young masters, caught a Single-horned Whale King!

A Single-horned Whale King that was equivalent to twenty ordinary Single-horned Wild Whale!

Old Man Pompeii’s heart violently throbbed as his blood unceasingly rushed into his brain and constantly cleansed every part of his body. He passionately hugged the people around him while shouting incoherently and strongly waving both his hands.

He could almost see a brand new inn, his three sons and beautiful daughters-in-law, and his grandchildren running around. Happiness came so quickly and so unexpectedly that Old Man Pompei’s tears came flowing. He laughed towards the sky and said, “Young master Lin Qi, young master Enzo, they truly are….”

The speechless Old Man Pompeii hesitated for a while before suddenly roared loudly, “Young master Lin Qi, young master Enzo, you are the men amongst men!”

The nobilities on the docks roared with laughter. One after another, they nodded in admiration, these words were truly appropriate.

Lin Qi and Enzo repeatedly bowed in a reserved manner towards the feverish crowd around them as everyone was firmly wrapped in a kind of happy atmosphere.

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