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Chapter 99 Private Letter

When Big Maritime Windmill was receiving cheers from the crowd, the patrolling fleet commanded by Commander Neville was passing through a small headland.

It was a sea area with the most complicated terrain in Dunerk’s vicinity. As many as ten small isles of piled-up bones was randomly scattered in this territory of less than fifty kilometers wide. With undercurrents, whirlpools, dense fog, huge seaweeds and ferocious sea magical beasts, this area was known as ‘Headland of No Return’. It was the most dangerous waters in Dunerk’s vicinity.

Where there was danger, there was secret. It was the most ideal hideout for certain criminals. Particularly it was the best gathering point for an army of Five Dalian Island to infiltrate Dunerk. As long as they occupied one of the isles in Headland of No Return and build a base on it, the alien tribes invading Dunerk could attack and retreat as they pleased, an enormous advantage tactic-wise.

The twelve warships formed a circular formation, going through the isles in their slowest speed. The ship tails left traces in the water like a huge net carefully sweeping the Headland of No Return. Occasionally, one or two green fireballs would soar to the sky from the warships before exploding into flames in the sky. This signal meant that the isles they had already searched were safe.


Gale rolled huge waves to slap on the thick body of the warships, making even such huge warships unstable. Every soldier on the ship swayed along with waves. It was the worst season of the year, but even when the people of West Continent kept warm in their homes, the soldiers of patrolling fleets had to struggle to sail at sea.

Standing in the bridge while looking out through the transparent glass window at the churning ocean outside, Commander Neville’s aide-de-camp, Jerry, rapped his pipe before lighting some new tobacco. He prayed softly, “Damned weather, hope those damned alien tribes won’t come again to cause trouble. Even if they are going to cause trouble, at least don’t come to the area under our protection, go to another place!”

Every year, several towns along the northern coastline of West Continent would suffer an attack from the alien tribes. The scale of some weren’t too big, at most a dozen to twenty people would plunder a little bit of food and kidnap some women. But the strength of some attacking armies were out of the ordinary, with more than one thousand people, it was the kind of strength that could control a city.

Recalling the five military fleet of Odin Holy Guards that Lin Qi and the others encountered, Jerry strongly shook his head. Fortunately they merely chased Lin Qi and the others at sea, if this army formed of elite Odin Holy Guards invaded the continent, unless it was a major city like Dunerk that had a regular army and tens of thousands of militiamen protecting it, other towns would be destroyed in one attack, and Commander Neville who was responsible of patrol would be in trouble.

“Great god, let those damned alien tribes attack another place! Although Dunerk is the only ice-free port in the northern part of the empire, there are many other places to come ashore!” Jerry sincerely prayed. It had been peaceful for thirty years, making the hot-bloodedness within the imperial army whittle away by a lot already. Other could die but oneself couldn’t, this way of thinking had started to sprout and grow within the hearts of a lot of low-leveled officers like Jerry.

Behind the bridge was the commander’s cabin. Its interior was brightly lit with several big candles. Commander Neville was sitting in front of a writing desk. His pen flew across the paper, describing everything that happened in the past few days in detail.

A Red-eyed Iron Falcon the size of a human head calmly stood on a bronze scaffold next to Commander Neville. Its gaze that was as sharp as knife occasionally swept over Commander Neville while it occasionally lowered its head to tear the bloody beef in its claws. Red-eyed Iron Falcon, it was one of the several rare species among small-sized birds that could freely soar in the stormy sky above North Sea and an essential bird messenger between the imperial military department and certain military aristocrats, specifically used to deliver certain important and classified documents and letters.

Not only was their flight speed extremely fast, their strength was also extremely astonishing. One flap of their wings could even break a bull’s skull. If it was certain variation of Red-eyed Iron Falcon, they could even spit wind blades and kill several most powerful big-sized birds in North Sea.

After scribbling for a while, Commander Neville raised his head. He stretched out his hand to pet the Red-eyed Iron Falcon before lowering his head to continue writing.

Honorable uncle, Lin Qi’s every word and action was already mentioned above. He is different from his peers, he has exceptional skills and abilities. From his actions, his family should have considerable wealth and influence in Dunerk. To befriend them will be advantageous for our family’s future. When the essence of the family is fading away and its original wealth is being seized by other families, we need external support.”

The backing of some big shot in the empire, we need this, we need some big shot in the empire to speak in the family’s interests. Regardless of whether they are court officials or military leaders, we need the backing from higher up. Apart from this, we need even more support. Military force, manpower, financial resources! Especially financial resources, like what I said to you last time, if our family still possessed our wealth of those days, perhaps now I would already be a Navy Captain.”

I urge you to investigate the background and strength of the family behind Lin Qi as soon as possible, then decide in the best interest of our family. Attached is a golden note, to help you take action in the navy department and do your best to change my position.”

Based on my rank as a Navy Commander, the position of fleet commander of Dunerk defense garrison should be more suitable for my status.”

Writing up to this, Commander Neville couldn’t help but grinned. Damned patrolling fleet commander, it was embarrassing for a Commander to be a patrolling fleet commander. Wasn’t this because he didn’t satisfy the big appetite of the greedy assistant minister of the navy department, so that person put him in this unlucky position? At this moment, the fleet commander of Dunerk defense garrison should be in his mansion, embracing his dainty lovers, drinking alcohol, smoking cigars, while simultaneously planning for the fleet training in spring.

That was the proper place for an imperial Navy Commander!

And not like him, being subjected to gales and violent snowfalls, going around the roaring sea like a dog. To eat frozen and stale beef, nibble on frozen fruits that was as cold as ice, drink tea that was as black as ink, and face the rough soldiers of the entire patrolling fleet who never showered all day long!

I hope you can bring me some good news, the current family needs someone with true authority, an officer who has an actual right anywhere!”

I wish you good health. Please send my regard to Viviya, tell her that I miss her goddess-like beautiful face every day!”

Sighing softly, Commander Neville gazed at the churning sea outside the window, then added another sentence on the paper.

Please request your old friends in the military department to verify Lin Qi, Enzo, and my military accomplishments as soon as possible. If now I had a considerable merit, it would be of enormous help for my promotion and our family prestige!”

Sighing again, Commander Neville shook his head and put the golden note Lin Qi had given him and the letter into a special metal cylinder of the imperial military department before tying it to Red-eyed Iron Falcon’s claw.

Pushing a window open, Commander Neville let the fierce bird trained by his own family fly off.

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