We’re recruiting volunteer translators, translation checkers and editors at the moment to help with the translation of Heavenly Calamity, Battle Frenzy, Magic Chef of Ice and Fire, Lord Xue Ying, Zither Emperor, Unrepentant, and Tempest of the Stellar War.

Applicants agree to all terms and conditions of membership.


  • Excellent understanding of Chinese
  • Fluent in English
  • Translate raw Chinese text into English.


  • Native in English.
  • Excellent writer
  • Have an excellent grasp of English grammar.
  • Understanding of what “style” is
  • Highly proficient in the technical side of the English language
  • Rephrases sentences so that they read better and “flow” better
  • Meticulous eye for detail
  • Fixes grammar, spelling mistakes, terminology and etc.
  • At least two hour of free time a day.

Responses will only be made if you are accepted.



Note – All work and/or contributions by members belongs to Radiant Translations.


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  2. Just sent off my application! But I have definitely seen worse than what was in the test, Google translate isn’t that bad when you compare it to Bing translation.. Thought I might’ve dropped a dozen IQ points after reading CD and LMS with Bing + Google combined.

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    1. I, for one, am definitely looking forward to it. 🙂 It’s fun either way, and it’s probably a self-standing novel, with a few references to the previous ones.

  5. Quick question… The editor’s test changed midway from Mk2 to Mk3, but I’ve already finished Mk2…. Do I need to start Mk3 or can I just submit Mk2? >.>

    1. Post

      Just submit Mk 2. Mk 3 is the “easier” test though.

  6. I submitted mine. I still haven’t gotten a reply and I replied to the email enabling viewing because I didn’t know that you have to allow viewing. Should I resubmit it?

  7. What is the name or email you submitted it under? (Kiseki is grading the last application as I type, but we can’t confirm whether we have it without your ID)

  8. Since the document should be view only, you need your own personal copy to edit. After that just follow the directions in the document and you should be good to go.

  9. Bruh i aint no american but english is my most fluent language when it comes to reading and writing. Do you have an age requirement? Not that i’m applying or anything. I’m just really really curious about it. REALLY.

  10. I want to sign up, but I have reasons where I can’t.
    One: My mom won’t let me (says I should focus on studying *rolls eyes*)
    Two:I’m barely thirteen
    Three: I know no Chinese what so ever.
    Four: I’m failing English ;~;

    1. I’d want to sign up too but,
      One: I don’t have time
      Two: I’m just over 14 ;3
      Three: I know no Chinese either (I’d like to try being an editor someday though)
      Four: English isn’t my ‘first language’, or whatever it’s called….
      As in I speak Finnish and live in Finland, so I have no idea if my English is good enough xD

  11. Well,this was an interesting development. So all the animals are bowing in front of the superior phoenix. Wonder what secrets the phoenix clan hold that it would be has if Nian Bing found out,maybe he already heard of them from his father because he was from the fire kingdom.
    Thanks for the chapter as always 😀

  12. Although I might or might not have sent my application (i forgot whether i clicked ‘SUBMIT’), RT shared Editor’s test MK. IV to me (in Google Drive) so I tried editing it, how can I send the test so it could be checked? And just PM me in my email if I had sent my application or not and if I passed the test. BTW, regarding the application, once you PM me about it, there might be changes since I’ve just been accepted to another translating group, the other site I’m reading at too. Thank you in advance

    1. Hi, we have not received any application from you yet. Please fill out the form and send it in if you are still interested.

  13. Hey so I was wondering if you will ever create and epub version for both the novels because I have been reading for ages and sometime I have long journeys or no internet access and I really want to read it though it not just me a couple of friends who read this feel the same.

    I know your busy and all so if you want to do but haven’t got time I can do it I know how to create them .

  14. “Ming Hui took the initiative to grab Ning Bing’s hand, already for getting the difference between men and women as she tugged him into the chicken.” As much as I love it shouldn’t it be kitchen?
    Thanks for the chapter!

  15. “Why do you want to join?”


    Joking. I love you guys really… don’t leave me… I need these chapters…

  16. Thanks for the chapter. Premium virgin is premium.
    Kinda want them to know NB’s identity,some amt of shock and awe is in order.

  17. Hey Guys, anyone know if the Editor’s Test is still open? Ive tried to make a copy but it either wont show up, or I cannot edit due to restriction…really want to become an editor 🙁

  18. Do let me know if you need another link, because I don’t think I published that properly when I finished.

    (Was applying for one of the Editor positions.)

  19. Hi, I’d like to apply for an editor position and I’ve already finished the test, except for the creative writing section. I’m absolutely terrible at writing with prompts I haven’t the made myself. Would my application still be acceptable without that section?

    1. Post
  20. Hey there so I was just curious if we are also emailed if the application is denied, or if it is only done when the application is accepted? =)

      1. Post
  21. Hi, thanks for all the work you guys do, i’m loving the your work. Occasionally there are a few mistakes, but I guess that’s to be expected.
    Is work currently being done to translate more of MCIF? If so will there be an update soon? If not when can be expected?

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