TSW Volume 1: Chapter 14


Volume 1: Chapter 14 – Ye Zisu’s Invitation

The Novice Arena had never before been bustling with this much noise and excitement. Experts would sometimes open up alternate accounts for fun, but nobody would play very seriously because sooner or later, they would be discovered and scorned. Not only that, but the Novice Arena’s equipment also had limitations, along with the fact that opponents got stronger each matchup. Even experts could screw up, so no one would take it seriously.

The forums were exploding. All kinds of guesses were already made, however many opinions were still changing. Explaining his style, there was truly nothing special about it appearing to match known Diamond players.

Four successive victories! The excitement was only growing much greater!

Naturally, there were not few with a detached point of view. This sort of thing appeared over time quite often. Only, many would just as soon fall from grace, or people would seek out their matching sockpuppet counterpart. It was simply a question of time.


Furthermore, this guy’s techniques were very underhanded, focusing completely on close quarters combat. His long range capabilities were close to nil, and thus was a weakness which could be exploited.

With basic mecha existed limitations, but many outstanding mecha did not have these limitations.

Still, all this controversy over student Wang Zheng had nothing to do with him. What he cared about was whether his earnings this time would exceed the online fee, or else he would have lost big time. Especially, since this times battle did not provide him with even a tiny bit of battle energy. Hopefully, his luck would be better next time.

Solon, Vice President of CT Earth region, was primarily in charge of Asia and the rookie section’s performance. In CT, as they were considered unimportant, newbies’ affairs weren’t even comparable to trash in the higher areas.

If there were no outstanding achievements, then there wouldn’t be promotions. No need to even talk about the future. He wasn’t stupid. He used his utmost effort to unearth new talents, such as searching through universities, etc.  He even invited diamond rank experts to pretend they were newbies, but none of it worked. A diamond class expert wouldn’t stay in the lower levels just for a bit of money, not to mention that it was below their status. Most importantly, all of them were, without exception, exposed by the players.

Until, this guy with the Skeleton ID appeared before his eyes on the big screen, displaying his four bouts. Solon was already 55 years old this year. He had a thorough understanding of how intensely competitive this CT company could be. He was already closely approaching retirement, but if he could not seize the light from this small hole, then the chances of him maintaining his position would become questionable.

Regarding CT, Solon believed himself to be a highly experienced specialist. What sort of experts had he seen? However, Skeleton’s four bouts nevertheless shook him deeply. Solon watched the replays again and again, his heart thumping like mad.

Would it be better to grab this fleeting opportunity or not?

He was aware that his competition was waiting for things to go wrong. Once a mistake was made, they would immediately attack that opening! However, if he kept staying on defense, the result would cause him to give up his position.

Would this work?

Solon had already spent a full day and night analyzing the data. He did not watch for the results, four successive victories could be found anywhere, but this kind of detailed execution, this kind of absolute confidence, was not something an average person could achieve.

Solon had determined two things: This man was a actually a rookie, while also being an expert!

An old hand would inadvertently exude familiarity to battle and naturally take short cuts, but this individual did not.

As for this expert, it was quite easy to determine, some movements could only be done with excellent physical condition. This ability was a requirement to walk the distance.

CT was easy to start, to play wantonly. However, to obtain proficiency, especially to attain a certain height, one’s body must similarly ascend the path to the highest peak. Granted, while there didn’t exist the difficulty of being a genuine Mech Warrior, there were still seven to eight shared degrees of similarity.

Ace pilots were absolutely masters of CT, and experts of CT had a fifty percent chance of becoming top-notch pilots. That is also why the top experts of CT were almost all there because of military school.

Is this person my opportunity?

Turning off his monitor, Solon could hear his own heartbeat, thump

Solon abruptly slapped the desk, turning on his Skylink. “Publicity Department, tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock, we will be holding a meeting. Everyone must be present!”

Shutting off his Skylink, Solon was once again immersed within the darkness…

After graduation, everyone once again started their journeys. Regarding Wang Zheng, Yan Xiaosu, and Xie Yuxin, change occurred with their objectives in life.

Three people gathered inside the Dawn High School coffee shop. Quite fortunately, these three people were joining the Wargod Military College. Apart from Xie Yuxin, who was a guaranteed case, Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu went through many twists and turns.

Yan Xiaosu’s father had solemnly donated a large sum of money to the school so Yang Xiaosu could enter the Interstellar Trade and Commerce Department. The important thing was that Yan Xiaosu was finally taking things seriously. That banquet from before had truly struck him hard. He didn’t even play CT anymore. Instead, he spent all of his time studying. Dignity wasn’t something given by others!

Xie Yuxin’s goal was very clear cut, to become a warship captain, a ranking Sol Federation officer.

Wang Zheng’s goals were even more clear. Since childhood, he had wished to become a Mech Warrior, and met many road bumps along the way. Yet, he finally could have his wish fulfilled.

“Boss, Little Yu, I’m going to make a visit to Mars with my father tomorrow. I’ll be back before school starts. In the future, they will say that the world’s richest man, an ace mech pilot, and a General Commander had all walked together!”

Yan Xiaosu raised his coffee cup, yet no one acknowledged him. “Bah! You guys don’t even give me face. What are your plans for the summer then?”

“A part time job, training, just the usual. Little Yu, what about you?” Wang Zheng was actually really grateful to Xie Yuxin. That fellow had been ice cold the whole day, but he was actually a really warmhearted individual.

“I also have some business to attend to. I’m going to go increase my knowledge and experience, to reach an even higher level. Asia isn’t the end, neither is Earth, it is the Milky Way that is our world!”

The three of them longed for the future. Earth was simply too small for them. The outside world was so incomparably vast. They couldn’t even imagine being foolish enough to spend the rest of their lives in this place. They needed to explore the unknown.

After humanity began navigating the sea of stars, many great adventurers had been born. They were like the great explorers of ancient times, such as Magellan. The unknown drove humanity’s thirst for knowledge, allowing humanity to take large strides forward. Naturally, these three youngsters were not resigned to stupidly staying on Earth for their whole life.

Yan Xiaosu was clearly aware that if he didn’t want to sell sanitary towels for his whole life, then he would have to change himself. Wang Zheng and Xie Yuxin’s target was clear, but the fact was, Xie Yuxin and Yan Xiaosu had advised Wang Zheng that without a good genetic rating, becoming a mech pilot was not a good choice. It was exhausting, dangerous and even harder to make it big.

The Space Fleet had higher pay and rank than those of grounds troops; it naturally suited Wang Zheng’s character.

Yan Xiaosu and Xie Yuxin set foot on their journey. They would certainly enjoy the boundless starry skies, providing them with new experiences. Wang Zheng was happy for them, but he had his own matters to attend to.

Still, without these two people by his side, Wang Zheng really was a bit lonely.

On his Skylink, there were two messages. They definitely weren’t from Xiaosu or Little Yu; Besides them, did he have any other friends?

The two messages in his inbox were rather unexpected. One was in the inbox, which he had used when registering for CT. When he opened the message, a person appeared.

“Player Skeleton, hello! I am Solon, the Vice President of Earth’s CT region. I hope to chat with you tomorrow.”

Wang Zheng shrugged, keh! Who would have such a poor moral compass, damnable swindler. Regarding this type of person, Wang Zheng would not be polite, sending back a single character(滚) – Get lost!

Very much without care, deleted. This type of person ought to be arrested, and made to suffer a beating!

The other message was even more unexpected, it was surprisingly from Ye Zisu.

“Student Wang Zheng, I wish to speak with you. Do you have time?”

The image of Ye Zisu’s expression, contrary to what you might expect, was sincere. Only, Wang Zheng’s first reaction was trap.

He hadn’t seen Yue Jing since that occasion at the Shangri-La Hotel. If they had any sort of destiny with each other, then it would be an ill-fated relationship. Ye Zisu wasn’t as extreme as Yue Jing, but did he have any sort of good impression of her?

Yet, since the other party took the initiative to invite him, there didn’t seem to be any reason to fear.

“Time and place?”

After replying to the message, just as Wang Zheng prepared to take a strong bath, his Skylink immediately rang back.  

“This afternoon at 2 o’clock. The school’s lakeside pavilion.” Ye Zisu’s reply was brief.

This location, could it be she was trying to handle him by throwing him into the lake?

Wang Zheng shrugged indifferently. He didn’t want to have a grudge with a girl unless he absolutely had to. The issue from before was a bit cruel, but because Yue Jing was too excessive, he didn’t care much for her or Ye Zisu anymore.

Wang Zheng arrived at his destination at 1:50 in the afternoon. It was here that he got to know Xiaosu until they were best friends. however, he had rarely visited this place afterwards.

He hadn’t expected Ye Zisu to have already arrived. She was dressed in a simple white t-shirt today without any sort of LOGO and a short blue skirt. Her hair was simply tied and flowed onto her chest. It had to be said that this outfit was very comfortable.

Seeing Wang Zheng, Ye Zisu smiled. “I didn’t think you were going to show up.”

Wang Zheng laughed and said, “Regardless of what anyone says, we’re still classmates. At worst, you’ll throw me into the lake. Just remember to fish me out if you do.”

Ye Zisu stared blankly, before showing a knowing smile. Replying, she bowed to Wang Zheng. “Sorry, it was the nearest location. I apologize to you.”

Wang Zheng waved in dismissal. “It’s really nothing. There’s nothing too wrong with these kinds of matters. We don’t even have any relations.”

Ye Zisu shook her head. “I’m also to blame. Little Jing is actually quite proud and the matter this time has hit her quite hard. She already transferred schools. However, we’re still classmates. I’m also a freshmen in the Mech Department at the War God Academy. We’re still fellow students, Wang Zheng.”

Ye Zisu extended a fair skinned little hand expectantly towards Wang Zheng and in return, Wang Zheng lightly grasped it. Although he didn’t get along with her, the Old Merchant had told him before to be careful of sweet speech and honeyed words, as well as the darkness of the world. Today, Ye Zisu was considered an example of a goddess, but what if he was wrong?

“What? You know I passed the entrance exam for the Mech Department?”

Ye Zisu humbly smiled while she played with her hair which was flowing in the wind. “I don’t know if you believe me or not, but I’ve always felt that you could become a Mech Warrior. Regardless of whether or not you entered the Wargod Academy. Never has there been a man who has trained so ceaselessly for 4 years, regardless of rain or shine.”

Wang Zheng stared blankly. “How did you find this out?”

“Haha, you’re too single minded. Those who train in the mornings all know of you.”

Ye Zisu insisted on additional training and had noticed Wang Zheng long ago. She recalled that during one day, there was a torrential rain so she stayed in the dorms and rested. She thought that no one would possibly go out and train, yet with her binoculars, she spied Wang Zheng loudly training in the rain. She still remembered his smile in that torrent of rain.

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