TSW Volume 1: Chapter 16


Volume 1: Chapter 16 – Violent Killing Methods

Battle Start.

Random Map: Desert.

Justin naturally didn’t need any advantages, but divine intervention seemed to be on his side. As an expert of melee combat with the ability to adapt to various environments, Justin was considered among the best. For the average player, the desert was full of despair. To operate in this type of environment was an entirely different concept.

Skeleton VS Justin!


Two mechs simultaneously appeared in a limitless desert. However, Skeleton’s Wargod No.1 suddenly began to sway.

A few of the more experienced players’ hearts thumped at the same time. This was an action which indicated unfamiliarity with the desert environment.

Each and every person who couldn’t exceed Bronze level or higher were eternally newbies, but even newbies had a dream. They wished for the emergence of a single hero capable of challenging these arrogant guys.

Yet dreams were just dreams. No one believed Skeleton was really a newbie even if he really was one.

The Wargod No. 1 awkwardly staggered a few steps in the desert. This was a distinct trademark of a person’s first time piloting a mech in this kind of desert.

Justin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Come on! If you don’t have the skills, why copy others and pretend. He thought that the opponent had come because he had some skills. Wasn’t this just going to be a stomp?

However, after a few steps the Wargod No.1 stabilized, the mech sinking down a bit. Justin’s facial expression also became tranquil.

A real expert could use his experience to overcome obstacles, as his opponent immediately changed his posture to eliminate any openings.

Humph. You’re amusing scrub. No matter who you are, I will take you down!”

Justin laughed mischievously, showing a smile.

Both parties essentially mirrored each other. One second… Two seconds… Three seconds. The atmosphere was very heavy. The players all recognized the sudden shift of atmosphere.

Almost simultaneously, the two Wargod No. 1’s launched.

The Wargod No. 1’s soared to the middle of the desert, sand flying up into the air. It seemed as if Skeleton had already adapted to the desert environment. Yet, it was still clear that Justin’s Wargod No.1’s speed and agility was superior. His movement on the sand was more free. The Violent Solo-Mid title wasn’t wasted on him.


Justin’s attack arrived! This was a clear piloting dominance! His titanium alloy cutlass swung down head-on! So this was the Violent Solo-Mid!?

What followed, everyone understood, was a crazy offense which did not even give the opponents the time to breathe. Filled with killing intent, it was a violent bombardment of the titanium alloy cutlass from every direction. This was Justin’s Wargod No. 1. That was to say, it was already over the moment they clashed. Skeleton’s Wargod No.1 could only try to ward off the attacks.

Once Justin started his exhibit, the enemies could only close their eyes.

Ma Xiao and others also looked on in dismay. They originally believed that they would be able to watch a battle between a tiger and a dragon, and it ended up like this?

“Captain, this is supposed to be an oppressive situation, huh? However, nobody is able to determine the outcome yet.”

“Justin isn’t going to intentionally lose this, right?”

“Very possible!”

Only, Ma Xiao was silent. At the beginning, he also expected him to lose. However, that didn’t seem right. Justin’s attack was fierce, but Skeleton’s defense simultaneously wasn’t losing position.

If Skeleton didn’t reverse this situation, however, it still wouldn’t change the results. It was a hopeless strategy to defeat Justin after letting him reach his maximum output. Even if it was Ma Xiao using the Beast Type Mech, he still wouldn’t allow Justin to do such a thing.

It was the first time Justin encountered an opponent who fought with such resistance. His offense was so fierce, yet the opponent did not lose out to him even by a little!

Even if his balance shook for a slight moment, he could hit him, but the opponent’s center of gravity was excellently maintained.

Fuck your granny! Who was this guy!?

The skeleton robot once said, ‘To lose your center of gravity was to lose your life.’

Whether it was the horse stance or Plum-Blossom Mantis Boxing, a large part of it was all practicing balance. This time, Wang Zheng had already deeply experienced it. The sand would cause the mech’s steps to vary in depth. If the force was too great, they would sink into it, but… it was really interesting, and this opponent was also very interesting!


Wang Zheng was very patient; his every strike diffused Justin’s attack. Each contact between the titanium alloy cutlasses spewed sparks in all four directions. How long had it been since Novice Area players last fought a battle like this?

Normal players usually couldn’t even receive this kind of offense. They either died, were defeated, or both received injuries. Facing Solitary Crimson Flag’s attack, Skeleton actually managed to block it all.

The two clenched their fists, suppressed their urges, and silently endured in their minds until the opponent gave an opening. Then they could retaliate!

Unfortunately, Skeleton’s opponent was Justin!

Justin’s hurricane-like suppression was similarly taxing. If his opponent also had tough resilience and they couldn’t achieve results, the outcome of the battle would be debatable. If he didn’t put in more effort, it truly may turn out like that.

He immediately chained three stabs of his swift and fierce titanium alloy cutlass together. A fast and violent offense would thereby create an opportunity which lasted for less than a second.

Solitary Crimson Flag’s Titanium Alloy cutlass suddenly became a backhanded blade. Once this move was displayed, even those players who didn’t already know guessed what it was. This was Justin’s specialty move—–Psychotic Executioner!

His Wargod No.1 spun like a spinning top towards the opposing Wargod No. 1.

Ding ding dang ding

Kill kill kill kill kill!

Sparks lit the entire sky! Only Justin could forcibly find an opportunity to exploit in this unexploitable situation. His opponent had nowhere to hide.


Skeleton’s Wargod No.1 flew out. 

Was this the end?


The Wargod No.1 firmly landed on its feet. Justin didn’t try to pursue him because the high speed rotation had caused his mech to sink into the sand. Forcefully pursuing would only give the opponent an opportunity.

Who the fuck was this guy?! Such high endurance!

He even borrowed the ferocious chain of attacks’ strength to free himself from the engagement. He didn’t know many opponents who were capable of accomplishing something like that.

Now that the battle was back to square one, all the players felt suffocated. The fuck! When had the newbie area ever experienced this sort of battle?!

Even though it did not have the splendor of high grade mechs, it still had a sort of primal brutality!

“Boy, no matter who you are, today shall be the day of your fall!” Justin quietly said. This was a new secret technique that he had just learned this year. He never planned to use it in this kind of match.

Wang Zheng felt the killing intent being released from his opponent. The move that Justin was about to unleash, he really looked forward to it.

The two Wargod No.1’s practically made their move simultaneously, rumbling as they sent a fatal blow toward each other.

Twenty meters… Fifteen meters… Ten meters…

In a flash, Solitary Crimson Flag’s Wargod No.1 took the initiative. His foot fiercely stomped into the ground! Sand immediately exploded out, filling the air. No one was able to see!

The players supporting Skeleton suddenly had a blank expression. Fuck, so shameless and underhanded!

On the battlefield, there was no difference between good and evil. The reason Justin’s melee was so ferocious was because he could fully exploit the surrounding environment to mount a comeback from a disadvantage.

So at this moment, Justin already began to soar into the air. The was his newest skill, Whirling Executioner!

Revolving up and down, the operation difficulty increased by 50%. Finally, after practicing it for the majority of the past year, Justin was able to freely use it. Even if God came, he would still have to kneel to this grandpa!

What was the objective?

Suddenly a mech was out in the open!

It was precisely Skeleton’s Wargod No. 1!

Come on! A titanium cutlass being used backhand, was this the technique of a primary schooler?

Justin’s upper half began to whirl, engaging frantically. His titanium alloy cutlass crazily chopped toward his opponent. The problem was….

The opposite Wargod No.1 unexpectedly executed the Psychotic Executioner. 1

Sparks burst out as the alloy cutlasses crisscrossed at high frequency. The jet engines frantically propelled them forward, supporting the two mechs’ mobility. The audience area was completely silent.

Both Wargod No.1’s fell to the ground. After this brutal exchange, whoever struck first could immediately dispose of the other.

Nevertheless, it was still Justin and Justin’s titanium alloy cutlass which was raised first, GOD!

This was Europe’s Violent Solo-Mid’s strength!

However, before Justin’s eyes, he discovered the Mech in front of him becoming larger and larger.


Suddenly, the earth and sky started spinning around. The fuck, this was…..a headbutt???

The moment they landed, Skeleton’s Wargod No.1 didn’t use any weapons and directly attacked with a headbutt. Justin’s Titanium Alloy Cutlass had only just been raised!


The titanium alloy cutlass slid out in a backhanded stroke, chain after chain of fierce sparks flying out. Solitary Crimson Flag’s mech’s head flew away, landing far into the distance.

The sparks flying out from the severed neck were exceptionally dazzling.


Mech exploded!

Skeleton WINS!

The whole audience area was still as quiet as before. Europe’s Violent Solo-Mid Justin was actually destroyed???

Not only that, it was due to his own specialty, the Psychotic Executioner -, the top backhanded knife technique???

Wang Zheng felt that the Rubik’s Cube in his chest finally heated up the bit. It wasn’t easy to achieve this hard-to-get reaction.

When he exited CT, he needed some time to reflect on the battle. Battle itself was originally just an experience. The most important thing was to comprehend and remember it. This opponent’s close quarters combat skills were very exceptional. The Whirlwind Backhand Blade 2 the  indeed could greatly increase attack speed, but this move was very taxing. It was basically a final resort that didn’t leave enough leeway for oneself. It was adequate for a one on one, but if it was a group fight, it was basically sending yourself to the enemy.

What a desperate move!

After contemplating for about ten minutes, Wang Zheng finally opened his eyes, feeling very refreshed. It was time to go; the stingy boss was about to add more to his fees.

Although a normal spot was slightly cheaper, Wang Zheng was already used to the VIP area’s tranquility. Not to mention that the simulation cockpits were also somewhat better.

He left carefree, not even leaving a wisp of cloud behind 3. Everyone else was left wondering.

Who was this guy, so arrogant!

He even crushed Justin!

Not to mention that it was using Justin’s best technique, the Psychotic Executioner!

Dragongod’s battle team’s people were all shocked stupid. What kind of fucking comeback was this?

“You guys look carefully at the replay; I’ll go say hello to Justin!”

Ma Xiao had a wide grin on his face as he walked outside, dialing on his Skylink.

Justin was also dazed. How could this happen???

The expert that appeared this time… he searched inside his mind again and again for possible matches. Of the people he knew, absolutely no one could achieve this sort of skill!

Suddenly his Skylink sounded…..could it be Ma Xiao?

“Ma Xiao, don’t tell me it’s you, brat. Are you taking hormones?” Justin growled.

“Haha, essentially yes – I am feeling quite invigorated. I came to greet you, Europe’s Violent Solo-Mid. How does it feel to actually be crushed by someone?”

“Damn it, get the fuck out. Be careful that I don’t PK you in real life!”

Despite being old rivals, their private relationship was actually quite good.

“Don’t be depressed anymore, you aren’t the first one.” Ma Xiao bitterly smiled.

“…That Dragongod 007 was indeed you?”

“Damn it! I originally wanted to show off a bit in front of the newcomers and ended up getting cruelly crushed. This guy really has some skill. He seems to have some ability in imitating others.”

“It doesn’t matter who he is, just find him! I must have a rematch. A Wargod No.1 can’t display my full abilities!”

Justin wasn’t feeling very good in his heart. The most depressing thing was, his opponent used his own move to destroy him.

“Haha, if you find him, then tell me.”

Solon, at this time was in his office massaging his head. He mulled over the new ideas, but all his cards had already been played. He was trying to think of a new plan. Anywhere a good new idea existed, you needed to spend money to acquire it.  However, the ministry of finances was very strict; it was hard for large sums of money to be approved.

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  1. so he basically comprehend Justin’s previous move just through this battle, and uses it to counter his newest move! So hype!
  2. so this is basically his name for Psychotic Executioner. He doesn’t know the name of the technique, so this is what he calls it in this ‘inner thought’
  3. this is just a poetic way to say he didn’t leave behind any trail for people to track him

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