TSW Volume 1: Chapter 17


Volume 1: Chapter 17 – Apprehensive

“Boss, he won, he won!”

“Won your face! It wouldn’t be normal for Justin to lose. Couldn’t this guy have appeared earlier or later; he chose now to show his face and fight.”

Solon snorted, this one thought causing his head to ache.

“No, boss! Skeleton won! Although, Justin did give him some oppression. The live broadcast broke 5,000 viewers, and the forums are exploding! The click-through rate has already exceeded 100,000!”


Solon stood up and practically flipped over the top of his chair. His old back seemed to have returned to his flourishing era – the age of 18.

How was this possible?

Really, how was this possible!?

As if a depth charge went off, many people were blown away. The fight with Dragongod 007 was different. When all was said and done, everyone had merely guessed. Many players could mimic his style, but everyone was aware of who Solitary Crimson Flag was. The level of skill needed to execute Psychotic Executioner to this extent confirmed that it was Justin.This guy’s temperament was very straightforward. In private, he would not hold back anything from even his friends.

Yet, the well-known Justin was crushed by an unknown individual like this.

Countless players were in the middle of watching the video. Quite clearly, this person had barely begun and had not yet adapted to the desert environment. Newbie players needed to experience such movements for themselves. When they first entered into the desert, they would also have to react to the discomfort of having one foot too deep and one foot too shallow. More than a small number of newbies slipped and fell.

However, Skeleton seemed to adapt immediately. What kind of ability was that???

Could it be he was putting on a play?

If this was the case, it was truly too realistic. It was good enough to win a Milky Way Oscar!

The slow motion view of Psychotic Executioner showed every violent strike of the engagement. Such a shocking exchange was rarely seen, even in the Advanced Area. Both participants had piloted the Wargod No. 1 to the pinnacle of its capabilities.

The final turnaround was something that no one had expected; it was actually a headbutt….

With this counter, the widely known Justin was destroyed by a headbutt.

Skeleton managed to reproduce the Violet Solo-mid’s hidden card!

His newest move —— Whirling Executioner was actually copied!

The legend had just begun. Who was next?

Who could stop Skeleton’s advance!


In one hand, Student Wang was eating instant noodles, while on the other he was looking at his bills on his Skylink.  Shit, not a single dime was left to be seen. This was… How could this be?

With this kind of deficit, he couldn’t even afford to eat instant noodles.

A tick tock noise echoed from his Skylink. It was Ye Zisu.

“Zisu, what’s happening?”

Ye Zisu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. At this moment, Wang Zheng’s mouth was stuffed full of instant noodles and a pair of chopsticks. He ate this way at home?

“I can’t call you if there’s nothing going on? Little Jing isn’t here. It’s so boring being all alone; let’s sing some songs.

Wang Zheng started sweating. “Sigh, that is awfully dangerous.”

“What do you mean?”

“When I was boy, I tried my hand at singing and caused a neighbor’s pet to faint from fear.”

Ye Zisu could not help laughing. “Rest assured, my resistance is quite strong. Furthermore, my own singing is quite pleasant to listen to.”

Not to mention, after getting to know her, Wang Zheng felt that Ye Zisu was quite good. Girls being a little haughty was very normal. After understanding her, he thought they could also become friends. Also, they were classmates from the same department, thus staying together throughout middle school and high school. This was something that was very hard to come across.

The outcome was proof. Student Wang Zheng really was not suited to singing even though he was still very fond of humming. It caused Ye Zisu to laugh her head off; whatever ladylike image she possessed was thrown to the wind.

In the blink of an eye a month had past. Life was incomparably full for Wang Zhen in particular. Ares College was about to have their physical fitness test specifically for students in the Military Department. If you were too lacking, you’d be directly eliminated. Wang Zheng didn’t dare slack off. After all, the track he was on wasn’t as pure as snow1, so couldn’t afford to screw up.

At the OMG headquarters in the capital, more than a hundred employees were cheering on ten young maintenance technicians.

“Uncle Luo Mu, Wang Zheng has been learning for only a month. Isn’t this too hasty?”

Within the crowd of people, Ye Zisu anxiously said these words. OMG regularly held a competition for the maintenance technicians. Although they didn’t prevent interns from entering, the results were predictable. This time, Luo Mu signed up on behalf of Wang Zheng.

Luo Mu glanced unexpectedly at Ye Zisu. “Little girl, you spent so much effort getting him in here. Do you not know of his capabilities?”

Ye Zisu was slightly startled. Wang Zheng’s capabilities? She felt that Wang Zheng was a hardworking and focused person, but that didn’t relate at all to talent. Not to mention his Genetic Score was completely…

“Girl, stop being obsessed with genetic scores! That’s just a reference!” Luo Mu exclaimed. In the beginning he didn’t want to accept Wang Zheng, but he couldn’t resist Ye Zisu’s pleadings. Who could have known that he would actually unearth a gem?

The competition started. The ten competitors were all outstanding technicians who came from the capital and its surrounding area. Wang Zheng could be considered as the most unfamiliar person. This time they were competing in the dismantling of cores.

The ten people quickly climbed the ladder. Their ages were all around thirty, so Wang Zheng was indeed quite young and inexperienced. However, his speed wasn’t slow at all.

Ye Zisu also watched as Wang Zheng quickly climbed up and dismantled it like a veteran. Luo Mu nodded repeatedly as he stroked his beard. This kid didn’t seem like a novice at all! The most important thing was to not have stage fright. Some people could handle it during practice, but once they were in the competition, they became nervous and shaky. Contrary to expectations, Wang Zheng instead became more excited.

“Little girl, this kid is a talent to be cultivated, but his talent is wasted as a technician. Although I haven’t seen the greater aspects of society, I can say that this kid is certainly a gem amongst stones2!

Luo Mu was completely satisfied with Wang Zheng. Ye Zisu’s heart was also thumping loudly. What did he mean by not having seen the greater aspects of society? In terms of solving difficult problems with mecha, Luo Mu was an expert. He was OMG’s trump card, so it wasn’t easy to get him to build something. In fact, he could have retired long ago, but he had stayed at OMG since he liked working there. AresCollege had actually invited him before to teach an elective class for mecha as a visiting professor.

“Uncle, you should really consider Ares College’s offer. You could pass down more of your skills.”

Haha, you take me as someone who doesn’t know about you youngsters nowadays. Lofty dreams and low ability, afraid of getting dirty or tired. When it comes to seeking fame, one person can be exchanged for two.”

Luo Mu declared.

“Uncle, aren’t there other students like Wang Zheng? What you need to do is to cultivate this section!”

Ye Zisu continued to persuade him. Luo Mu was a highly experienced technician. The only people in that circle who had a similar amount of influence would be the OMG shareholders. If he could become an Ares College professor, it would positively influence OMG brand’s image.

Tsk tsk.  Little girl, don’t believe that I can’t see through your schemes. …Still, there is a bit of a basis. Allow me to ponder and think it over.”

He couldn’t help it. Wang Zheng indeed made Luo Mu see these ‘students of great ability’ with new light.

The allocated time had passed. Wang Zheng was the first person to jump down from the mech. Nineteen minutes and five seconds – a new shop record had been set!

Luo Mu laughed heartily and nodded. “Incredible, this boy’s ordinary best record is 25 minutes. During a competition, his usual self explodes!”

The referee had already begun using the assembly testing apparatus. Not a moment later he gestured an OK signal, which was immediately followed by fierce applause!

“A famous teacher trains a fine student!” Ye Zisu started to clap. This was indeed an unexpected outcome.

Student Wang’s expression relaxed significantly. He finally won! With the internship wages on top of his award money, he had enough for his tuition fees!

Solon was like a cat on a hot tin roof3! He didn’t know how many messages he had sent Skeleton. To throw a stone and see it sink without a trace into the sea4 , how could he handle this? He continuously pondered what he did wrong. Not even in his dreams, however, did he ever think that it was because of the insignificant reward bonus!

CT’s first batch of award money was instantly sent, but the ones after, needed to reach a certain amount before they would be sent in one go. How could he have known that someone was waiting on it like waiting for rice to be finished.

Wang Zheng wholeheartedly invested himself. Luo Mu was also quite motivated to teach. This kind of fearless, enduring, hard working youngster, who wouldn’t be fond of him? Luo Mu’s desire to look after this youngster was a fondness that came from the heart.  

Wang Zheng finally became the champion of the maintenance engineer competition, breaking Luo Mu’s personal record of one hour and thirteen minutes. Wang Zheng used fifty nine minutes, the first time it was finished within an hour. Student Wang’s mobility was not something that an ordinary person could match up to.

Finally, Wang Zheng was able to become the Mech Maintenance Drill Champion! This month of rising early and going to bed late was worth it. At last, he didn’t need to worry about the tuition fee. In this short amount of time, he obtained very large gains. Wang Zheng’s fundamental understanding of mech structure could be described as knowing its correct and the reason why. Still more, he made friends with Ye Zisu. In fact, this goddess didn’t at all resemble her outward appearance of being lofty and unapproachable. To make friends still depended on feelings.

Wasn’t there a square faced fatty who once said: It’s fate!

Yan Xiaosu and Xie Yuxin had both came back already. In this short time when they left school, everyone had already undergone some changes.

Yan Xiaosu’s face had become more rectangular, but his change in character was the most drastic. His trip to Mars had opened his eyes. He was now grateful towards Yue Jing. Otherwise, he would have gone on muddle-headed and living without a purpose.

Although Xie Yuxin didn’t talk much about his experience, in the past he was like this as well, it was easy to see that this trip had filled him with fighting spirit.

Ares College finally started the school year!

Ares College’s entrance was flooded with a sea of people. All kinds of maglev-cars5 filled the street in front. There were welcoming seniors everywhere.

Especially the older male students. They burst forth with unprecedented passion, their eyes sweeping the crowd like lasers. Once they locked onto a target, they immediately rushed up.

How youthful and beautiful, these female juniors! it was the start of the school year, so whoever acted first would be the mighty, and whoever was late would be considered weak. Therefore, there were numerous volunteers.

But Wang Zheng, Yan Xiaosu, and Xie Yuxin stood there for half an incense stick’s time and did not see even half a person pay attention to them.

These three people just stood there like that gazing at the gate of Ares College. “This door is too broken down. When I have the money, I’ll replace it with the most magnificent door in the Milky Way!”

Wang Zheng and Xie Yuxin looked at each other and laughed. “Wang Zheng, I don’t believe that you just happened to get 60 points every time. I hope this time we can fairly compare our skills!”

Xie Yuxin suddenly exclaimed.

Wang Zheng paused for a moment before agreeing. “Bring it on!”

The three of them separated to report to their respective departments. When Wang Zheng arrived at the Mech Department, the teacher in charge of enrollment adjusted her glasses while saying, “Are you sure you are in the Mecha Department? Your name isn’t on the list.”

Student Wang Zheng stared blankly. This, this isn’t a trick, right?

“Teacher, may I trouble you to check again.”

“Wang Zheng, is it. Let me check again …you’re in the Physics Department. You went to the wrong place. After you exit the door, make a right turn and it’s the next one after three intersections.”

Wang Zheng was a bit dazed. What was going on? Didn’t they say he was going to be attending both the Physics and the Mech Departments? Could it be…

Wang Zheng found the Physics Building. Only after asking many people did he finally find Xiao Fei.

“Doctor, how come the Mecha Department doesn’t have me on the list?” Wang Zheng stared at Xiao Fei. He was slightly apprehensive. He didn’t want to spend the whole day dealing with a bunch of numbers.

Xiao Fei lifted her head and smiled. “Calm down a bit. Sit down.”

“Doctor, this isn’t a joke. I remember that you promised I could study in two departments.” Wang Zheng’s head was dizzy. He had already missed the army’s enrollment.

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  1. This is referring to his ‘backdoor’ method of joining the Ares College, which was not by usual means
  2. The original text here basically says ‘this kid is not some thing in the middle of a pond’. Which is kind of a ridiculous notion to describe something as being uncommon
  3. I personally like the imagery here. It basically just means he is anxious
  4. Honestly, the amount of idioms in this chapter was daunting. I also like the imagery of this one though. Basically to try and do something without any feedback or gains in return. Bonus Pic
  5. Simple new term. Cars that use magnetic levitation to fly/float/hover

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  1. Considering how much money is at stake, couldn’t he just hire a PI to find the MC and talk to him directly? They have more than enough information for even a third rate PI to find him.

  2. something about the record time of the competition is weird…

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