TSW Volume 1: Chapter 18


 Volume 1: Chapter 18 – School Opens for Young Companions

“When have I, Xiao Fei, not kept my word? You’ll be coming in with the identity of a Physics Department enrollee. The Old Head has even secured a special seat for you in the Mecha Department as an auditor.”

Xiao Fei looked at Wang Zheng with the expression of a predator.

Wang Zheng only stared back blankly. Ah, shit! Without a Mech Department diploma, how could he join the army after graduation?

“Are there any other options?”


“Student Wang, one should not be impetuous. Rather, they should behave with integrity. Consider things clearly. You already have no way out, as tuition fees cannot be refunded. Moreover, this year’s recruitment has already concluded. I, Xiao Fei, have many more methods that could make things difficult for you. So just be obedient and I can give you the benefit of being my assistant. If you have the ability, then you can enroll into the Mech Department.”

Xiao Fei gave a considerably sinister laugh. This person was a genius doctor who was quite famous for being extreme. It was a shame that Wang Zheng was only confused by her outward appearance. This was also the first time Xiao Fei discovered a student who she could communicate with. Dealing with all those other damned, foolish guys was a completely different experience. How could she miss this unique opportunity?

Wang Zheng remained silent. What the hell was going on? He wasn’t even all that interested in Physics. Originally, he only used it for chatting with the elderly. After all, the old merchant seemed quite pitiful.

“Student Wang, the Headmaster and I actually put a lot of effort into this. Think more about your situation and who would want to accept you. I used my own identity as a professor to recruit you, but I am not a person of the Mech Department who could give you special permissions.”

Xiao Fei declared with a face of dejection, as if Wang Zheng committed some injustice that even the heavens and earth could not tolerate.

Wang Zheng was clear, he had already boarded the boat. To get off now was not possible. Fortunately, there were still opportunities.

Sigh. Thank you, teacher. I shall certainly give it my all!”

“Very good! This is the proper attitude of a capable student. Your ideas as a whole are not bad, but the details are still somewhat rough. Study hard and in the future you will definitely have prospects!”

Xiao Fei stated, proud of her own age and experience.

Wang Zheng forced a smile and nodded. The hell? He certainly didn’t want any future in the physics field.

Wang Zheng, resigned to his fate, went to find his dorm room. The three roommates had already arrived, but they weren’t present at the moment. Wang Zheng threw his belongings onto the only remaining bed. Just as he did so, with a beep, his Skylink started ringing .

“Boss, let’s meet by the flower beds near the entrance. The first social gathering at the university has started!”

Yan Xiaosu was already experiencing the waves of youth; his voice radiating with passion.

Wang Zheng only waited there for a moment when Yan Xiaosu and Xie Yuxin arrived. “How does it feel? Not bad, huh?” Happily exclaimed Xie Yuxin.

“I’m confused. Did you already know beforehand that I would be in the Physics Department?”

Xie Yuxin shrugged his shoulders, “There’s nothing I could have done about this. Only professors have the authority for such unique recruitment. Isn’t it already quite good that Xiao Fei likes you? In any case, you still have the opportunity to join the Mech Department classes.”

Wang Zheng too, was aware that this was still pretty good.

“Little Yu, you’re so sly. Since Gu Te is your relative, why didn’t you say so earlier? It would have felt so great to bring that stack of scholarship money and spend it freely!”

Yan Xiaosu let out a troubled sigh.

“The school isn’t owned by my family. I’m only taking advantage of some opportunities. Judging based on Wang Zheng’s abilities, entering a group is really easy. Don’t ask me for anything that needs special privileges.”

Tsk. Wow, this is incredible! His reputation as one of the four great school princes really isn’t false.” Yan Xiaosu said with a face full of smiles.


“Are you guys behind on the news? Our group’s Little Yu is the headmaster’s grandson, Daybreak Middle School’s number one student, and also an incomparably tall and handsome youth. He’s already been named as a school prince.”

“You even care about these kinds of useless things.” Xie Yuxin had an indifferent expression. He had never been that interested in these matters.

“Yeah, right. I just knew you’d have this kind of reaction. Being so famous, it must be quite convenient to pick up girls. Later on, make sure you remember to introduce your brothers to some of them. Oh, and also to organize more social gatherings! The rest of our lives are in your hands!”

“Xiaosu, if you’re going to do all of that, then don’t drag me with you.”

“The fuck? Are either of you men of honor? There are girls and yet you don’t woo them. Can you still call this the college life?”

Yan Xiaosu’s frame of mind was excited when he opened up the Skylink and picked out an advertisement. “Well, I’ll just have to rely on you two, since I’ll definitely be a bachelor my entire life. Ye Zisu has been ranked as the newcomer’s NO. 1, so if she can help introduce one or two girls, they’d definitely be pretty good. Especially since we are all alumni of Daybreak Middle School.”

Wang Zheng and Xie Yuxin were both helpless. Although appetite and lust were only natural, this doll was still too anxious. It seemed that Yue Jing’s disappearance from their lives was actually not that bad.

Wherever there were people gathering, there were circles. Different middle schools also had their own circles. Since Ares Military College was hailed as one of the three great colleges within the area, it naturally attracted talented students from all over the world. A new place, a new battlefield. Those talented students naturally wanted to have a good fight in their own areas of expertise.

However, among the talented it was still easy to pick out the outstanding as well as the so-called few who were favored by heaven.

Xie Yuxin, genetic evaluation of A, full marks on techniques. Note: the headmaster’s grandson, the son of a rich family which had great influence on both academic and military matters.

Masasi, from the Moon, also had a genetic evaluation of A. Note: This person rejected the invitation from Atlan College, the best on the Moon, to come to Earth.

Carl: From Mars, genetic evaluation of A, full marks on techniques. Note: The headmaster went to Mars three times to recruit this person.

Masasi and Carl were the headmaster’s secret weapons. He used not a small amount of connections in order to get these two students. There was no doubt that he had offended Atlan College, since this was the most typical method of poaching.

As one of Earth’s three greatest colleges, it has been in a disadvantageous position in recent years during the contest over the student pool. The European area’s Zeus Military College and the American’s Apollo Military College had stable positions at first and second place. Gu Te had exhausted his options. In order to develop the college further, it was better to act than to sit back and wait. He had to go out and unearth students from stronger areas.

It was only with results that one could attract more outstanding students. Gu Te did not want the reputation of the Ares Military College to degrade in his hands.

Pictures revealed the truth. By the looks of the three freshmen, Xie Yuxin definitely surpassed Masasi and Carl by a large margin. This made Yan Xiaosu feel very proud of himself. When he chased after pretty girls, he could use the name of Little Yu.

“There’s still so many boring people!”

“That’s true, it’s an era of fast news correspondence!”

“Is it? It’s not that fast, Wang Zheng hasn’t been included yet,” said Xue Yuxin. He was engrossed with sizing up Wang Zheng. He always felt that Wang Zheng had a secret, but since this youngster was so calm, he could never catch what he wanted to hide.

Wang Zheng touched his nose. “Don’t gossip about me. Im staying low-key. Low-profile.”

“Hehe, there are instances that don’t work even if you’re being low-key.”

“I plan to enter the Photography Club and take pictures of beautiful lifeforms1. What do you plan on doing?”

“I don’t really care. I have no idea right now. I originally planned on not wasting any time,” said Xie Yuxin.

“I think, depending on the situation, I will become Dr. Xiao’s assistant.”

“Dr. Xiao? As in Xiao Fei? Hold on!”

In a frenzy, Yan Xiaosu flicked a window on his Skylink. An image of Xiao Fei surfaced.

“Boss, is this her?”

Wang Zheng nodded his head, and Yan Xiaosu seemed to be overcome with emotion.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. I haven’t even gotten a girlfriend, yet you’re already a step ahead of me. My Teacher Xiao Fei is the number one school beauty. In a dusky laboratory, a lonely man and a widow, dry wood and a blazing fire2 , a teacher and a student…”

Wang Zheng and Xie Yuxin almost simultaneously cast vehemently disdainful looks at Yan Xiaosu. This guy can associate anything with ‘that thing’. Just how desperate was he?

Sigh. I heard that the great beauty Xiao is actually a little chili pepper. The students who were scolded by her weren’t just one or two. People say that her age is not that much greater than ours; how can her mind be so bright?”

Hehe. Teacher Xiao Fei’s gene evaluation is S class. It belongs to the classified range. Naturally she wouldn’t be like us ordinary people,” said Xie Yuxin. At the time, his grandfather had spent a great amount of strength to get her to stay, because at the time the Aslan empire had extended an invitation.

“In the Milky Way, very few people reject the Aslan Empire’s invitations since it signifies the most grand of treatment and the best benefits. That is a world especially for the elites.

“The Aslan Empire has the most stringent admittance policy in the galaxy. All the talented immigrants are asked for their three generations. Only the most indispensable of elites can enter in every generation. In the past decade, the number of people invited could be counted on your fingers. Xiao Fei’s refusal had become the most talked about subject at the time. Can you guys guess what her response to the opposite party was?”

“I’ve heard about their reaction. It is said that the Aslan Immigration Manager vomited blood three times!” Yan Xiaosu let out a big laugh.

“…it couldn’t be that it wasn’t close to home?” blurted out Wang Zheng casually.

Yan Xiao Su and Xie Yuxin looked stupidly at Wang Zheng. “As expected, you two have a common language!”

The hell? This also counts as an excuse… but this is really something Xiao Fei would do with her character.

“This event made the Sol Federation very elated. It also raised the reputation of Ares Military College. At our school, there is no one else who could reach her level of popularity. It’s a pity that every year she only teaches 30 students. I have to thank you, Wang Zheng. There’s a big class this year so everyone can have a taste of her elegance.” Xue Yuxin noted that his grandfather once said that in Xiao Fei’s eyes, except for Alan Tuck, everyone else in the present age was trash.

Xie Yuxin sized up Wang Zheng once more. He always felt that the young fellow had strange secrets, but could not determine what they were.

The three people briefly congregated for a moment, then each returned to their own dorms. The first few days of school couldn’t help but be busier during this period of time.

After returning to the physics dorms, he found that his three new roommates had already come back. Wang Zheng was very happy to be able to make new friends.

“Yao Ailun! I’m from Madagascar. I came to chase Dr. Xiao Fei. She is the world’s greatest physicist!”

Yao Ailun had an average height. Along with glasses, he seemed a little bit childish and spoke with his head slightly lowered from slight embarrassment. When it came to the topic of Xiao Fei however, he became fanatical.

“Chen Xiu, from Esteemed Mountain City. You three older brothers, please take care of me from here on out.” Having said this, he promptly bowed.

“Fuck, how could I be with you in a dorm? Yao Ailun, an Earth middle schooler who was the only one to obtain the federation’s first prize for physics. And then there’s Chen Xiu, the fourteen year old prodigy and the youngest person in this college. Fuck your granny! I am called Zhang Shan, you may call me Da Shan!”

Da Shan was close to two metres tall and didn’t look much like someone who studied physics.

Yao Ailun pushed back his glasses. “Zhang Shan, son of Dr. Zhang Deyu and also his assistant. Dr. Zhang Deyu was Dr. Xiao Fei’s college professor. This year he participated in publishing the ‘God Particle in Empty Space Movement Behavior’ theory. Although the credit is mostly given to Doctor Zhang Deyu, the outside world says that you had also participated in it. And that you offered important insights. Very interesting!”

As he brought this up, Yao Ailun’s small eyes twinkled with an energetic light.

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  1. Xiaosu is talking about takes pictures of woman here.
  2. Passionate love, irresistible to one another. Similar to ‘Like moths to flame’ but more so love-centric

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