TSW Volume 1: Chapter 20


Volume 1: Chapter 20 – Godly Pentakill

“What a pity. Since he exposed himself, he’s lost his only opportunity,” Ma Xiao said with regret. He shook his head towards the surrounding opponents.

The opposite party did not attach much importance to losses. Basically, it was impossible for them to lose. Right now, everyone’s attention was completely focused, thus decreasing the chance of an opportunity appearing.

“Justin, in these circumstances, how many could you get rid of?” asked Ma Xiao. Justin was also watching the match on his Skylink.

“Using a Brittleskin, at most two. It’s hopeless. But if I used a superior class fighter mech, there’s a forty percent chance of success.”


“That’s enough! You’re acting as if the opponents are complete idiots. They only need to properly surround him and play some dirty tricks. There still would be no chance for Skeleton to win, because there isn’t enough time!”

Ma Xiao smiled as he spoke. Winning the match required either completely annihilating the enemy, or destroying the opponent’s battle fortress.

Right now, the Red Team’s battle fortress was in imminent danger. Time was precious at this point.

After discovering Skeleton’s position, naturally, everyone would not scatter to give him an opportunity to launch a sneak attack.

As expected, the Wargod No. 1 could not hide. Instead, he could only relocate.

To move, however, would be death.

As all eyes looked on, the Wargod No.1 actually exposed its whereabouts. He charged directly towards the four mech fighters.

GOD, what is he trying to do???

At that time, in the CT Office, all the employees had stood up. Solon tightly clenched his fist. He couldn’t turn back now.

The data for this battle’s spectators statistics continued to rise in a linear fashion. The scary thing was that as the news spread by word of mouth, more and more people rushed into the player’s room to watch. They were all there to see this Skeleton who used a Brittleskin with remarkable ability.

However, the viewers felt helpless when they considered the Skeleton’s impossible situation.

Four against one! With his battle fortress in an impending crisis, and having no other choice but to sprint forward, this was the final spark!

Wargod No. 1 was hidden at a distance from the four mecha. Although he was very close, around 50 meters or so, this was still a fatal distance . Two Demon Wolf Type V’s, one Beta Type V, and one Wild Beast Type III, all simultaneously aimed their laser guns at the enemy suddenly rushing their front.

boom boom rumble rumble…

Light radiated all around.

The Wargod No. 1 approached its enemies like a whirlwind. Everyone’s mouth hung open… what sort of speed was this???

Inside the cockpit, Wang Zheng’s speed was in full swing, spurring the mech forward. The Wargod No. 1 was producing booming sounds as it rapidly advanced forward, brushing past the lasers.

The lasers of the four mecha were not obstructed by any trees, but were still avoided. In a flash, the Wargod No.1 pulled into the 20 metre range.

The second round of laser bombardment was close at hand.

Solon and his subordinates felt as if they were being choked. This time there was nothing to shelter him.

Right at this moment, the speeding Wargod No. 1 traced out an arc using slide steps. A left arc… god!

Then a right arc!

After the pair of arcs, he rushed forward.

In a flash, he had entered close combat range. The group of four had fought with numerous players, and thus weren’t frightened. The Wild Beast Type III immediately rushed forward. With him acting as a meat shield, even if the Wargod No. 1 possessed abilities from the heavens, he was finished. Moments after pulling off such an action, the Beta Type III, along with the two Demon Wolves, moved into a flanking position. They surrounded the Wargod No.1 and formed an inescapable net!

Right now, the A.I. Bots were exhausting the fortress’s final line of defense. In the present situation, it could last at most, 20 more seconds. Would 20 seconds be enough to reverse this situation decided by the heavens?

Ma Xiao shrugged his shoulders helpelessly. Such a pity. Just moments ago, someone who had broadened his experiences with such a double arc technique, was going to be killed in such a miserable fashion. To lose at this level wasn’t awful, but it also depended on how they lost…


The Wild Beast Type III… was sent flying?

In a flash, the Wargod was fleeing through the gap between two enemies, breaking through with his titanium alloy blade. The Beta Type III could not comprehend why the Wild Beast was sent flying before the enemy suddenly appeared before his eyes.

The alloy blade cut into the cockpit. Sparks flew everywhere as time seemed to stand still for at least a full second. There wasn’t any time to retrieve his titanium blade.

When both Demon Wolves Type V’s had went in for the kill!


The Beta exploded, but the Beta’s player was still expressing a bright, smiling expression. They had already planned for someone to sacrifice themselves2.

However, what surprised everyone was that the Wargod No. 1 released its grip on its weapon, the mech suddenly swaying. As if there was the same error in their line of sight, both their titanium blades crisscrossed each other.

At this moment, there was simply not enough time to launch their energy shields. The two Demon Wolf Type V players looked on helplessly as they saw their own blades stabbing into each other. They wanted to engage their energy shields, but their fingers were a tenth of a second off from pressing the button in time. So close, yet so far!



The system’s voice stated in elation!


The system climaxed!

At this time, the battle fortress was left with barely any defensive line. In a flash, Wargod No. 1 rushed forward, and pulled out its titanium sword. With a somersault, he arrived by the Wild Beast type III. At that moment, the Norton Star’s two suns seemed to glow brightly. The titanium sword let out its own dazzling light and stabbed the target through the head!




Red side WIN!

Server wide announcement. Congratulations Skeleton! For completing five kills in a row, you have been given one hundred bonus points and a Warrior’s Medal. Continue working hard!

The voice of the system sounded incomparably passionate and dignified.  At this moment; a through silence.

In the CT work hall, all the employees were struck dumb. What kind of piloting was this?

This was a godly tempo!

Solon’s hand shook as if he had contracted malaria. His cigarette had already burnt down to his fingers but he didn’t even feel it. All the employees gazed worshipfully at Solon. This manager, who was already on the verge of being transferred to another post, had made a seemingly godlike judgement.

Solon waved his hand, coolly indicating to everyone that they should continue working. He returned to his office. Once the office door had been locked, legend had it, people could hear this respected chairman burst into tears.

At this time, the spectators area had already become thoroughly overcome with emotion. Even as late as the final 10 seconds, there were still people joining. Of course, some of them came to watch the myth of Skeleton perish, but as a result, they witnessed the work of god.

In CT, in order to count as a kill, the enemy mech needed to be over 80% destroyed. Just killing three, was already a fucking awesome victory. Getting a full five kills was an extremely rare and momentous event.

A pentakill in an extreme environment!

The work of a god!

The knowledge of a god!

The tempo of a god!

On top of the explosive victory over Justin, Skeleton had once again performed a miracle.

Wang Zheng took off the V.R. gear and cooly reflected on the battle just now. His decisions were calculated correctly; he had hoped for the opponent to let down their guard. This did not indicate that it was a complete mistake on their part. Rather, with that kind of superior advantage, it would lead to the mindset where the enemy team would only be about 70-80% serious. Their formation strategy was also completely within his predictions. Foresight in battles was extremely important.

Seeing that his own work was something that any newbie could do, Wang Zheng was not completely satisfied. He knew that this was still CT’s lowest level. Still, in this kind of battle he had actually come to realize quite a bit.

Nimble footwork was also extremely important, while adapting according to this situation was entirely instinctual. If he had broken his titanium sword, the results could have varied significantly.

Luckily, during Bonehead’s training, there were no weapons. Every part of the body was a weapon, and the opponent’s weapons could also be seen as even more weapons. Why not make use of them?

In the pit of his stomach there was a  comfortable and warm feeling. This sensation wasn’t bad. Obviously, the Rubik’s Cube approved of his own realizations. He didn’t need many battles, but ones of good quality, and he needed to properly contemplate them afterwards.

Student Wang was a good kid who loved to learn.

The in person Wang, completely finished off his beverage. He could not squander the boss’s sincerity.

Wang Zheng did not see, but the CT forum in the Asian Area had absolutely exploded. Although the battle ended, online players still increasing feverently. This battle deserved to be reviewed.

Their blood was still pumping.

When this kind of video emerged, it made the forum’s senior experts appear on the scene, to officially compete on the speed with which they analyzed the match. It turned out there were still hidden dragons and crouching tigers3 among the population.

The beginning portion of the video was almost completely ignored by everyone. The final half minute was the best feature.

Legendary pentakill. Even more so, it was a Wargod No.1 pentakill.

No matter what level, what equipment, what situation, the name of a five kill rush was enough to reach the top of the pay-close-attention-to list. This was to say nothing of this kind of Jedi counterattack4.

“This youngster is too fierce!” Justin was also reviewing the video and was struck with awe. “He deliberately waited until the battle fortress was hanging by  a thread before acting!”

Ma Xiao was also still watching. They did not need to analyze it, just watching it again would blow their minds. In their current state they were still ignoring many of the smaller details.

“Hiding like a poisonous snake, he really can endure!”

Hehe. No matter who it was, they would believe that victory was already within their grasp. I’m really impatient for him to enter our world.”

Justin and Ma Xiao looked at each other and switched off the video. This person would enter their world sooner or later. At that time, it may really become a tempest of blood and foul wind; a revolution!


It really wouldn’t be so effortless.

The video analysis came out.

The first sidestep could already be rated as a textbook-perfect maneuver, but the four opponents’ chances of victory were still at eighty percent. Then the Wild Beast type III lost its defensive position as a meat shield. This was fatal. In the team battle, this did not serve any role. It was merely wild rushing while believing the opponent wouldn’t dodge. They wanted to directly overthrow the opponent, but they didn’t expect that the Wild Beast to be sent so steadily flying by the Wargod No. 1.

Accomplishing this task seemed to take little effort. Even with clever maneuvers, although they had launched a big assault on the Wargod No. 1, from the beginning to the end, the Wargod No.1 never lost its center of gravity.

Beta Type V was a complete tragedy. Its only role was to get caught on Skeleton’s sword. The two Demon Wolf’s could not complain. In a flash, the Wargod No. 1 displaced their movements, completely swaying the center of gravity between the two Demon Wolves. It caused them to attack awkwardly, then immediately the Wargod No. 1 took the advantage to rush forward and completed its godly work.

During the battle, when Wargod No.1 brought the light and killed the Wild Beast, he had already become a god.

This was the common thought of the players watching the video.

There was a kind of battle that could be called done without fault!

Skeleton’s godly pentakill!

Master of battle techniques. Master of control. A new era of the Wargod mech was slowly rising!

Most likely, the novice arena was just too dull for far too long. At this time, it was like a heavyweight bomb was thrown in and gave rise to a violent chain reaction.

Usually, a review of any video could maintain around ten minutes of high concern and attention. Following that, attention would rapidly decline. However, this video was not like that. The rate of increased views had already frightened the employees.

This was not just an ordinary battle that existed. It shouldn’t even occur by chance! The scariest thing was that every view of the video would lead to further discoveries of things that were previously overlooked.

The opponents were also regarded as capable in their own right. Among the Black Tortoise Corps’ newbie ranks, their battle skills and potential capacity were excellent. If it was said that this team was killed by a single person, no one would believe it.

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  1.  This is counting the kill from last battle.
  2.  Just incase anyone is having trouble following the action here. Basically, he gets the kill from last game, then when they all approach, he knocks back the one acting as the tank, then juts through two people. At this time, it is in the enemy’s plan to let him attack one of them while the other two attack before he even has a chance to pull his weapon out of the cockpit of the one he just killed.
  3.  Just means talented people hiding among normal people. May also be a intended as a movie title reference.
  4.  Yes. the raws really do say Jedi! Movie references are the best.

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  1. Seeing that his own work was something that any newbie could do, Wang Zheng was not completely satisfied. He knew that this was still CT’s lowest level. Still, in this kind of battle he had actually come to realize quite a bit.

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