TSW Volume 2: Chapter 1


Volume 2: Chapter 1 – Dormitory 007

In the office, a fully focused Solon began to write sincere emails to all of the ranked players. If a hundred emails were not enough, he would write a thousand!

✫        ✫        ✫

Wang Zheng had just left the Brothers Net Cafe when his Skylink began to ring incessantly.

It was Ye Zisu.


“What’s up Zisu?”

“How’s your new dormitory? On behalf of my dormitory roommates, I would like to invite you guys to join us for a gathering!”

Ye Zisu had seemed pretty embarrassed. It seemed as though she was being coerced into doing so.

Wang Zheng paused to consider the offer. Today’s girls were pretty enthusiastic is what he thought to himself before replying, “Your offer is pretty enticing.”

“Alright, then it’s settled. I’ll be there this weekend to get everything organized.”

After which she hung up the Skylink call. In the background, one could hear sounds of excitement coming from numerous girls.

Wang Zheng nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders. He felt the call of a university life from this invitation.

Regarding the aspect of student life involving girls, Student Wang was pretty cool about it. He would occasionally recall to mind a beautiful silhouette, but Yue Jing should already be more than a hundred million kilometers away.

✫        ✫        ✫

At night, the dormitory was ablaze with chatter 一 a common occurrence.

Firstly, they had to decide who would serve as the dormitory head. Yao Ailun gently adjusted his spectacles and said, “In the future we will all become brothers in arms. Naturally, the dormitory head will have to be the most capable individual. I am a meticulous individual. With regard to lesson curriculum and information gathering, I am an expert.”

A glimmer of light could be seen in Yao Ailun’s eyes.

Zhang Shan gave a slight smile, “I was my intermediate school’s MMA champion, I will ensure everyone’s safety!”

Similarly, Chen Xiu bashfully said, “I’m the youngest here and hope to serve the rest of you.”

The three of them then looked in Wang Zheng’s direction. Wang Zheng was sincerely disinterested in this competition for role of the dormitory head.

“Wang Zheng. Although you might hail from the capital, this alone is not a legitimate reason for you to become the dormitory head,” spoke Yao Ailun. Wang Zheng was a student that was

specially admitted into the academy. Furthermore he was the Doctor’s personal assistant. He could be considered an individual with significant influence.

“Cough. I have no strong points so to speak. What I would like to say, however, is that this weekend, the Mech Department’s girls would like to have a friendly gathering. Are you interested?” Wang Zheng asked.

Zhang Shan’s eyebrows creased, “The Mech Department? Do you intend to feed us to dinosaurs!”

Yao Ailun laughed mischievously, “Being uncultured is truly frightening. The girls from the Mech Department might not necessarily be pilots. Wang Zheng, are they beauties? Don’t throw us into the fire!”

Wang Zheng pondered for a moment… if all the girls were of the same caliber as Ye Zisu… “I have not met these girls personally before, but they should be beauties. One of them was known as the school flower in my previous school.”

The three of them then looked at each other momentarily. Zhang Shan suddenly reached out to grab Wang Zheng. “Even if you’re a tyrant, it’s fine! I strongly recommend Wang Zheng to serve as our dormitory head. In the future, we three brothers will rely on you!”

“Ah, a school flower? That’s my favourite!” Yao Ailun said as he wiped his spectacles, his eyes glittering with radiance.

“But… what about me?” a pitiful Chen Xiu said as he pointed at himself. Sometimes, being the youngest was not an advantage.

“Little Xiu, don’t be anxious. We will take up and share your burden so rest assured!” Zhang Shan said as he patted Chen Xiu vigorously, almost knocking him to the floor.

Thus, Student Wang was chosen to be the dormitory head. Sometimes, the reasons men come up with are nonsensical. Wang Zheng however, had a feeling that if Ye Zisu’s friends were indeed dinosaurs, these guys would definitely have him overthrown.

Thus, this was how Ares College’s first day of chatter had unfolded. Wang Zheng was a good listener and these three had interesting backgrounds. Zhang Shan had chosen the Physics Department over the Mech Department, the exact opposite of what Wang Zheng would have chosen. There were indeed people from all sorts of backgrounds here!

To Zhang Shan, physical exercise was just a hobby which was incomparable to the greatness of the scientific realm.  Developing the mind was a never ending journey.

Just by looking at his large frame, it was impossible to tell that he was actually such a thoughtful youngster of the new generation!

In Wang Zheng’s case however, he was mulling over how he could quickly get rid of his attachment to the Physics Department and return to the embrace of the Mech Department! That day would come eventually!

Despite Wang Zheng going to sleep with those lovely thoughts in his head, that night, he had a nightmare. He did not dream of Bonehead. No, it was worse. Xiao Fei was using his face to sharpen a sword…

“Boy, while you live, your body belongs to me. When you die, your soul belongs to me. No matter how vast and wide space might be, you will always be a part of the Physics Department…”

In his dreams, Wang Zheng repeatedly reassured himself that this was only a dream. Once he woke up it would all be over.

As the first rays of light lit up the sky, Wang Zheng opened his eyes. Last night, the other three’s discussion had already reached the level where they schemed to conquer all of the beauties under the cosmos. It seemed that even those of the Physics Department were extremely passionate about such matters.

Wang Zheng was not the sole one to wake up early. Zhang Shan’s bed, the one opposite his, was already empty. When Wang Zheng arrived at the gym court, he understood. He was not the only early bird, there were already numerous individuals carrying out their own forms of morning exercise. Zhang Shan’s size was too eye catching. He was only wearing a short sleeved sweatshirt, and one could see the muscles rippling explosively underneath as he did his single-armed chin ups. He looked extremely relaxed as he smoothly executed his chin ups.

Without paying any attention to the stares of those around him, Zhang Shan leaped to the ground with a single somersault. If there were any girls around, they would surely scream in excitement.

Seeing Wang Zheng, Zhang Shan was slightly surprised, “I did not expect you to have the habit of training in the morning.”

Wang Zheng gave him a smile and replied, “My aim is to be a mech pilot after all. I have to keep on training.”

Zhang Shan looked at Student Wang’s small physique, “Looking at your body size, I think you should just give up. Entering the Officer’s Department would be more like it. A mech pilot suffers large burdens on the body and thus not everyone is suited for it. This is why the Earth’s forces are insufficient. You should instead focus on your strengths and develop them.”

Wang Zheng noncommittally replied, “Your body’s toughness and flexibility are excellent, yet you’re wasting your own talent by not being a mech pilot.”

Zhang Shan laughed loudly as he now saw him in a different light. Wang Zheng did not mention his muscles but rather the flexibility of his body, as though he was trying to hint at something.

“Do you want to compete?” Zhang Shan said without thinking.

Wang Zheng waved his hands, “I think you should continue training, if the opportunity arises we can exchange pointers.”

Wang Zheng’s started practicing the first step of the Return To One secret art. The best effects were produced when facing the morning sun. This was actually not taught by Bonehead, but rather his father. This Return To One secret art allowed him to be one with the heavens. A newborn fetus was able to absorb the Heaven and Earth spiritual qi, but once one grew older they would be less and less able to do so. Thus, this breathing technique allowed one to condition themselves to achieve such a state and absorb the qi. Wang Zheng had previously thought this was a load of nonsense. After cultivating the first level of the art though, he had felt that it seemed slightly reasonable.

He sat down after finding an empty space and faced the morning sun. The first level of the breathing technique began to slowly circulate within his body.

On the outside, it seemed as though the first level of the breathing art’s operation was more difficult than the Rubik’s Cube. The effects were actually slightly superior. Wang Zheng understood that the reason his father had tricked him into learning it was not due to ill intent. Yet, if he had not encountered the Rubik’s Cube, perhaps he might not have had this opportunity to develop.

After the qi finished circulating around the body, Wang Zheng felt utterly refreshed and reinvigorated. The morning sun’s energy had already left his body. Although the vast majority of it had returned back to nature, a trace amount still remained inside Wang Zheng’s body.

“Wang Zheng, are you actually part of an evil cult?”

A delicate, smiling faced Ye Zisu entered his field of vision. When did she arrive?

Wang Zheng stood up and blinked his eyes, “I was praying for my luck to improve, to enter the Mech Department, and to become classmates again. That would be the dawn of a better era.”

Ye Zisu clicked her tongue, “You’re not as simple as I thought. You’re even making me the butt of a joke.”

As the two laughed and chatted, they didn’t notice that the people surrounding them had focused their attention on them. When Ye Zisu entered the school, she became the centre of attention. Her profile picture on the Ares College’s site placed her in the top 10 of the most popular individuals. Furthermore, along with being a beauty, she was also OMG’s little princess.

“Who is that shifty looking individual? He actually dares to stand next to Ye Zisu and chat with her for almost 30 minutes!”

“I don’t recognize him, but he should also be a student. I have never heard of him.”

“Fuck, the wolves are numerous and the meat is limited. We will have to do something.”

As there were an innumerable amount of senior students, the new male students had to give 120% to show off their fighting spirit.

There weren’t many girls who liked to exercise in the morning. Ye Zisu was definitely the crane in a flock of chicken. Wearing a white T- shirt and azure hot pants, coupled with her white sports shoes, she was the very definition of an unparalleled beautiful youth. Her looks had excited the hormones of numerous male students as they stared at her.

“Wang Zheng, are you going to introduce me? Who might this be?”

He hadn’t noticed when Zhang Shan had walked over.

“This is my classmate from Daybreak Middle School, Ye Zisu, also known as Beauty Ye.”

Before Wang Zheng could finish his introduction, Zhang Shan had already stretched his hand out towards Ye Zisu. “Name’s Zhang Shan, Wang Zheng’s dormitory roommate. If there’s anything bothering you in future, do not hesitate to find me.”

Ye Zisu raised her hand and shook his lightly, “I have been looking forward to meeting you for some time. Dormitory 007 of the Physics Department is the pride of our school.”

“Hehe, well somewhat. Actually, if you knew me better you would have already known, I am a person full of strong points.”

Wang Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This brother of his was indeed slightly forthcoming. He had thought that those from the Physics Department were more low profile, but instead he even took the initiative to stand out.

Zhang Shan hurriedly gave Wang Zheng a wink and secretly gave him a thumbs up. This situation was one of a kind; he could not wait for the upcoming gathering.

Wang Zheng helplessly shrugged his shoulders. Looks like they would not overthrow him from his position of dormitory head any time soon.

“Does our dormitory have such a name?” Wang Zheng asked.

Ye Zisu looked at Wang Zheng in surprise. Zhang Shan, who was also standing at the side looked at Wang Zheng as though he was an alien.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I suddenly feel dizzy! I don’t understand why Doctor Xiao Fei would hold you in such high regard. The Physics Department’s 007 four special individuals, as well as Masasi and Carl, are considered the pride of the school for this year. Under my guidance, the Ares College will definitely achieve new heights!”

Zhang Shan was still unashamed.

Wang Zheng scratched his nose, he had always struggled in poverty thus he had never understood Zhang Shan’s lofty ambitions and aspirations.

“Excellent, the Physics Department will be left in your hands. I will tell Doctor Xiao Fei to let you replace me as her assistant.”

Zhang Shan was thus excited. Why would he not be satisfied with himself?

A shocked Ye Zisu stood there mouth agape. Although she knew that Wang Zheng had loved mecha, she did not expect such a situation to occur. Ares College’s sole specialty was Xiao Fei’s Space Physics Research. She was the Milky Way’s pinnacle expert in this field. The other Departments may be top tier on Earth, but compared to the rest of the galaxy? They could not even hold a candle to them.

“Brother, thank you for giving me face. I will continue to strive harder!” Zhang Shan heavily smacked Wang Zheng’s back.

Wang Zheng nonchalantly nodded his head. To him, being able to be rid of Xiao Fei was a wonderful thing. He had always convinced himself that Xiao Fei was nothing but trouble.

Zhang Shan’s eyes shone with curiosity. He had spared no force when he smacked Wang Zheng’s back but the man did not even budge. In fact Zhang Shan had even felt an extremely strong recoiling force from Wang Zheng’s shoulders.

Clicking his tongue, he felt that there was now meaning to the idea that this year’s batch of students from Ares College contained some crouching tigers and hidden dragons.

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