TSW Volume 2: Chapter 10


Volume 2: Chapter 10 – True Men among Men

The young man smiled indifferently. “A sneeze from the Aslan Princess can make a representative resign. What great ability. All right, let’s go see about his circumstances.

“Used by someone as a pretext to make a fuss. His daughter also came. It seems…” The butler said, while lowering his head.

The corner of the youngster’s mouth smirked coldly. “When will the mecha from Aslan arrive?”

“At most a week. As you know, going through customs is quite troublesome.”


“Give them three days!” The youngster didn’t leave them much leeway.

“Understood, three days,” The butler said indifferently.

This measurement of a day is the same as a day on Earth. However, it later became the measurement of a day in the whole Sol System, and then eventually the standard measurement across the Milky Way.

✫        ✫        ✫

In the same world, living different lives, on Sunday. Four people arrived early for the meet-up.

Tea Mine. It was a small store specializing in black tea. The owner was very warmhearted and decorated Tea Mine very uniquely. It had quite the reputation around the school.

Four people sat perfectly still and upright. “Since our dorm head has no demands, then I will go first,”

Zhang Shan stated.

“According to IQ, I have the highest so I should choose first.” Yao Ailun was not to be outdone.

“Shouldn’t you take care of me? Respect the old and cherish the young!”

Chen Xiu said with a face of being wronged.

The three of them had already made their play. Wang Zheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. It seemed that the lure of a woman was truly powerful.

At this time, a girl walked in energetically. She looked around, and then walked towards them with giant strides.

The four of them sat ramrod straight. Don’t tell me that…? It couldn’t be? GOD!

This girl… When the masculine girl’s butt fell onto the chair opposite the four people, they clearly felt the ground shake.

“They’re not coming. They said that I could pick one, so you choose amongst yourself!” While saying this she clasped the teapot on the table and guzzled it down.

The four, dressed in their splendid clothing, fell under a spell of petrification and looked at each other with dismay.

Cough. Zhang Shan, I think that in all aspects, you are the most suited!”

Yao Ailun held onto his gold glasses and spoke deadpan. Sizing her up, her weight was around 180 lbs and both hands had calluses. She was probably from a martial arts family; one strike from her wouldn’t kill him but it could hit him half to death.

With a smile on his face, Zhang Shan suddenly exhibited a graceful hand movement. “Oh, could I? How wonderful!”

The masculine female’s face turned ugly, “Get out you sissy!”1

Zhang Shan’s face bore an expression of being wronged, like he was extremely regretful. Wang Zheng and the others cursed ‘shameless’ out loud.

“I can. I only want to tell my Mom. If my Mom agrees, then I can promise you. Can you wait for me?”

Chen Xiu took the initiative to speak2.

The tomboy directly disregarded him. “Get lost. Go home and drink milk!”

Student Chen Xiu smiled complacently. The girl’s gaze focused on Wang Zheng and Yao Ailun.

Yao Ailun pushed up his very chic eye glasses. From his dress to his temperament, it was obvious the bullish girl would be very interested in him.

“When a man speaks, he should be sincere. I don’t gaspsgasps ah, ah, gasps!” Student Yao’s face suddenly fell ashen. Trembling, he dug out something from inside his pocket and stuffed it into his mouth. He inhaled deeply. “Ah, have a problem with it!”

The masculine girl’s expression lost hope. Her sights could only fall upon Wang Zheng.

The other three looked innocently at Wang Zheng. Chen Xiu, with his eyes full of worship said, “Bro Zheng, as the dorm head, you can’t shrink from your duties!”

“Military trainee number one, you really deserve the title!” Zhang Shan slapped Wang Zheng’s shoulder.

“The pride of the Physics Department, only you can take up such an important duty. Your brothers will not forget!”

The corner of Ailun’s mouth turned upwards into a very gorgeous smile.

Yi, you’re that Wang Zheng? You’ll do!” The masculine girl fiercely slapped the table, and immediately the surrounding people looked over. “What are you looking at it? If you look again, I’ll beat you to death!”

Fearless, fierce. The Murderous Four Volts3

Even if there was a nearby military college, the minds of the surrounding people were completely terrified.

Wang Zheng complained bitterly in his mind. What the hell is Ye Zisu doing? He thought about it again. Ye Zisu had helped him so much. If he made her friend go back like this, it wouldn’t be too good. Anyway, he only had to deal with her for one day. At least it wouldn’t make the opposite party as embarrassed.

“If it’s a day, I can do it.”

The masculine girl scowled. “What day? It has to be at least a fucking month!”

The three people at Wang Zheng’s side held in their laughs with great difficulty. Such a fierce ‘fuck’, how could he survive a month?

The masculine girl seemed to discover the abnormality. “What are you playing at? Isn’t this just modeling for the Fine Arts Club? You don’t need to strip naked!”

Fine Arts Club?

The legendary loli garden? With girls as beautiful as jade?


The four were stupefied. At this moment, Ye Zisu and three gorgeous girls came in. “Sorry, something came up and we were late.”

Yi! Club President, why are you here?” asked a girl with long hair that swept over her blue dress.

“Qingqing, is this not him?”

“Club President, I said next to Tea Mine, not in Tea Mine.” Qingqing laughed.

“No matter, this guy looks pretty good. The new student’s military practice no. 1, Wang Zheng, is him!” The masculine girl pointed at Wang Zheng and said.

“Classmate Wang? Then we’ll depend on you from now on. I am Zisu’s dormmate and the vice president of the Fine Arts Club, Du Qingqing. This is our club president, Zhang Runan4.”

Du Qingqing smiled and said, “It seems like we’re tied by fate.”

“Okay, you guys chitchat. I’m going!”

Having said this, she left with giant strides. Fuck me, was this even like a man? It was ultra-manly!

After this brief episode, everybody could easily mingle together.

Student Yao Ailun, since the four great beauties appeared, started to act like a gentleman, which could be called elegant. Chen Xiu, this kid, put away his act of a mama’s boy and looked around with big, watery eyes. Such a moe figure; cute shotas like him were rare goods in the military college.

Zhang Shan hated to be unable to immediately cast off his clothes and show off his splendid muscles. In terms of build, who could compare to him?

Ye Zisu’s four dormmates. Du Qingqing, Officers Department with a strategy specialty. Vice-president of the Fine Arts Club.

An Mei, Officers Department with a strategic management specialty. A member of the Theater Club.

The other one came unexpectedly. Originally, Ye Zisu’s dorm only had three people. This one originally did not live at school and had just transferred in. Mech Department student, Meng Tian.

Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan were naturally not unfamiliar with her. Height approaching 1.8 metres, a slender build, ice-like coldness. The most important point was that she was pretty. In total, she was imprinted on people’s minds.

“Please sit, please sit. Seeing four great beauties is my honor!” Student Ailun promptly assumed a pose. “Please choose whatever you like, I’ll buy.”

Fuck. This young guy has already made his move. Chen Xiu immediately went to pull out a chair.

Tsk tsk. This stud muffin really has manners,” said An Mei with a smile. Her mouth was quite wide with ample lips. Very sexy.

Student Chen Xiu sincerely smiled. “To be at the service of beautiful older sisters is my honor.”

He was definitely a ‘wouldn’t harm a fly’ type.

Fuck your granny. Nowadays, the smaller, the fiercer. As a matter of fact, they had already struck first.

Zhang Shan and Wang Zheng were thinking of what to do, only to discover that there already wasn’t anything to do.

“It seems that our school separates the dorms according to appearance,” Zhang Shan said. Girls all like praise, especially ones with class.

The big and tall Zhang Shan had a delicate side.

“Wang Zheng, I want to compete with you!”  Meng Tian suddenly declared.

“Our Tian Tian is a part of the MMA Club. Don’t look down on girls!” said Du Qingqing.

“Today, we came here for a meet-up; to talk about romantic things, no?” said Ye Zisu, completely disregarding Meng Tian’s electrifying expression.

“Seeing you four, I finally understand why the ancients came up with the idiom ‘a feast for the eyes’.”

At this time, Student Ailun did not have a trace of his computer/gaming otaku characteristics. He was entirely an expert in affairs of the heart. His acting skills were too strong.

The whole afternoon, the two sides talked cheerfully, without any awkward silences. The opportunities for student Wang Zheng to cut in were not many. The girls on the other hand were also surprised. They originally thought that physics boys were a little more eccentric, and didn’t think at all that the four before them would be this special

Very normally, the two parties exchanged Skylink numbers. It could be said that the meet-up was a success; at the least there would be opportunities later on down the line.

After separating, the four hooked their arms around each other’s shoulders and walked to the school. “Wang Zheng, the matter with the Fine Arts Club, if you can’t do it, us brothers will help you and share the burden.”

“That is, we are all brothers-in-arms in the trenches, sharing all happiness and sorrow.”

“I think they could find lots of inspiration from my body,” added student Chen Xiu very cutely.

The three people stared at him, and at the same time pointed a finger. “Shameless!”

Wang Zheng could not continue participating in the talk about girls. He was called over by Xie Yuxin.

Little Yu was a comparatively shy person. He Yan Xiaosu usually went together to find him.

When he arrived, Yan Xiaosu and Xie Yuxin were already there, seeming very solemn.

“What’s going on?”

Yan Xiaosu pouted. “Ask him. This guy is so secretive. I also don’t know what he’s doing.”

Xie Yuxin smiled slightly, and brought out a deck of cards. “You guys can pick any card.”

Yan Xiaosu was cheerful. “Little Yu, don’t tell me that you learned magic tricks. Actually, if you change your style to that and you smile a bit, pretty girls will go out with you.

Xie Yuxin looked at Wang Zheng. Wang Zheng picked out a card of his choice.

“Hearts, K.”

Wang Zheng looked blankly. “That’s right. How did you guess?”

Yan Xiaosu grabbed the card. “This is a stage prompt, what are you kids getting so excited for.”

Yan Xiaosu pulled out a card. As a result, Xie Yuxin also guessed right. Yan Xiaosu shuffled the cards again, even picking out one randomly behind his back and making Xie Yuxin close his eyes. In the end, the results were correct.

Yan Xiaosu also realized that something wasn’t right. With a pair of large-eyes he looked at Xie Yuxin and then abruptly slapped his thigh. “Fuck, afterwards we should buy lottery tickets so that we can become rich and rule over the universe!”

Xie Yuxin was terrified. Finally he couldn’t bear it any longer and cursed vehemently, “Can you think about anything else!”

Yan Xiaosu gave a flattering smile, saying, “Lottery tickets are more dependable!”

“I can’t guess lottery tickets. Wang Zheng, you’ve probably guessed it.”

Wang Zheng nodded his head. “Is this the elite, one-in-ten thousand, Ability X?”

“Yes, my ability is a little bit of perception.”

“Shit, seriously? Comparing yourself to others only angers you to death. Your popularity is so high, and you are already sufficiently handsome. Adding this, how could you have a rival when chasing girls!” Yan Xiaosu was fairly dejected.

The two were helpless towards Yan Xiaosu who thought of only lottery tickets, besides girls.

“Don’t you to think that our becoming friends was very strange?” Xie Yuxin laughed and said.

Yan Xiaosu rubbed his nose, which was learned from Wang Zheng.Sigh. It’s more like we offered to shelter you.”

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  1. Zhang Shaun is quite clever and risky here. He determines that this buff/strong looking girl is a tomboy and doesn’t like sissy men. So acts flamboyantly to remove himself an an option.The risk pays off!
  2. The mommas boy act. Also a nice goto move!
  3. This is reference to a Chinese drama (I think) I know nothing about. So it might not be the correct translation. I am assuming it is a mildly well known drama, featuring 4 very scary and dangerous mafia like people. This reference should be the crowds reaction when they looked at these 4 roommates, and in response the 4 give them some sort of death stare that invoked this kinda reaction. Just imagine a scene where you are in old school New York or something, and you look over at a table you shouldn’t have, and there are a bunch of scary thugs giving you the “What are you looking at? Keep looking and I’ll gouge out your eyes!” kinda look, or so I am guessing. Should be something close to this anyway.
  4. Runan means ‘like a man’. The author has a pretty funny naming sense sometimes. I will try to be more proactive at pointing out the funny ones

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      The three of them had already made their play. Wang Zheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. It seemed that the lure of a woman was truly powerful.”

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  3. Chen Xiu said with a face of being wronged.

    The three of them had already made their play. Wang Zheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. It seemed that the lure of a woman was truly powerful.

    Chen Xiu said with a face of being wronged.

    The three of them had already made their play. Wang Zheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. It seemed that the lure of a woman was truly powerful.

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