TSW Volume 2: Chapter 11


Volume 2: Chapter 11 – The Crafty Gu Te

Xie Yuxin gave a knowing smile. “My days with you guys have definitely been the happiest of times. There was only one mistake. From the beginning, I noticed you because of my ability. In the whole of Daybreak Middle School, Yan Xiaosu you are first.”

“Ah, you say I am a genius? I know this!” Student Xiaosu laughed hard.

“My ability is perception. In every person exhibits a kind of life form or pattern. Yan Xiaosu’s is the brightest. But the more important thing is, because of Xiaosu, I met Wang Zheng. That was the first time I discovered someone with a life that shines!”

Xie Yuxin said seriously.


“That must be so, otherwise how could he be the boss? But what are you doing right now, being so emotional, it’s not your style.” Yan Xiaosu felt that something was up. This guy was normally so cold, never excessively praising others.

“Xiaosu, decide on a goal. Even if it is becoming the richest man in the earth, it probably won’t be a fantasy.”

“Fuck, you’re looking down on bro too much. Bro will become lord over the universe!” Yan Xiaosu, as typical of him, will from a single point of color will dye everything.

“Wang Zheng, previously, your light had radiated all around. Only recently, the light disappeared. I thought you were rattled by the blow from gene testing, then I found that it was actually not so. You have entered a realm where I cannot see into. I don’t know what you’ll be like in the future, and I don’t know if you’ll become stronger. I can only say that you will definitely become a person who will influence the world. I’m not joking. Even if it is Masasi, there is no one who compares to you!”

Xie Yuxin’s gaze burned brightly as it  turned towards Wang Zheng. Wang Zheng admired that perception in his mind. His experience with the Rubik’s cube was unfathomable, but Xie Yuxin could actually perceive it. The name elite of the elite was not unfounded.

“Little Yu, is something up? We are brothers. Say it so that everyone can bear it together so it won’t be a big deal.”

Xie Yuxin smiled. “I’m leaving.”

“Leaving, leaving where?” Yan Xiaosu became serious. “You fellow couldn’t really have won the lottery and are about to be happy by yourself!”

“I cannot speak of the details, but I can say I have met an opportunity. The one who urged me to make this decision was Wang Zheng. This recent military training woke me up to reality. I want to become stronger, but Ares Military College cannot give that to me.”

Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu understood. It can be said that with Xie Yuxin, if he wanted to develop, then he could not use the conventional path, but rather he should take a step towards improving and studying his special abilities. With talent like his, the Federation will place importance on nurturing him; thus, he could rise to a greater world.

“Wang Zheng, Xiaosu, I hope that we will meet again one day, when we have all realized our goals!”

Xie Yuxin extended his hand. Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu also extended their hands. “No matter where we go, we will be brothers!”

Xie Yuxin had not touched a drop of alcohol in the past, but now he drank till he was dead drunk. It was plain to see that he did not want to separate from his brothers. Status and ability had rendered him alone since he was small. That was until he met these two buffoons who didn’t care about his status. From that moment, Xie Yuxin was very happy. As long as a person lived, their dreams could not stop. Otherwise, Xie Yuxin would not be Xie Yuxin.

To leave now, was only to meet again later.

“Wang Zheng, do you know? I’m actually very frustrated. Your innate talent is definitely not worse than anyone else’s. Your hard work and focus is better than others, but I will definitely surpass you, so you definitely cannot slack off. Next time we meet, you will definitely bow to me!”

Xie Yuxin, who had drunk a lot, hugged Wang Zheng while saying this. Student Wang also did not think he would have such an awesome fucking moment, but he also knew this was Xie Yuxin encouraging them on the cusp of his departure.

“Wherever you go, you have to remember; you are the pride of the Three Heroes of Daybreak. Whoever dares to provoke you, trample them.”

“That’s right, we are the Three Heroes of Daybreak, and we will make the world tremble!”

Classmate Yan Xiaosu started to take off his clothes. Flashing his stomach, he jumped onto the table.

Xie Yuxin was leaving for an unattainable stage, faced with mankind’s strongest elites. That kind of improvement could not be compared with someone from a normal background.

These were brothers!

We are the strongest!

✫        ✫        ✫

When school started, Xie Yuxin left. The school explained it as transferring schools. The girls really despaired, as there was one less stud muffin to see. They needed to look for a new target.

The first day of Physics Department courses also began. Wang Zheng had a quite sturdy foundation and view of the general situation. He basically understood all the things the teacher talked about. He had no conflict with physics, but to use it for a living was completely unthinkable for Wang Zheng. He went directly to the principal’s office after class ended. As the number one in military practice, how could there not be a little wiggle room for transferring?

Gu Te was very polite when he saw Wang Zheng. “Here I thought that you were very patient. This is only the first day, and you are already impatient.”

Sigh. Principal, I really am not physics material. You saw my results in the military drills — can you think over my transfer?”

“Ah, your performance really was extraordinary. Instructor Luo Yan also told me that a lot. But, Student Wang, this matter is very difficult!”

Gu Te showed an embarrassed look on his face. Wang Zheng’s heart clenched.

Suddenly, Gu Te smiled. “Actually, it’s not like there’s not a single way to transfer departments. The first thing is that just your performance in the military training is not enough; after all, that was just the basics. You need to win an honor for the school, then the board of directors will pass you. The second thing, you need to get Teacher Xiao Fei’s permission. Get this goal and then you can go the Mech Department to visit. You can choose freely between two department courses, but you cannot flunk the Physics Department exams. Otherwise, no one can help you.”

“Principal, you really are a good person. I will definitely work hard!”

“En, go forth.” Gu Te waved his hands and looked at Wang Zheng’s happy expression. In his heart, he secretly smiled. ‘Little guy, good days are yet to come. You are a trump card, and I must use it well!’

Xie Yuxin was also originally one, but the young man had a better opportunities elsewhere. As his maternal grandfather, he could not stop him. He also didn’t think that Little Yu’s ability would attract such… attention.

In the afternoon, Wang Zheng escaped the Physics Department for the Mech Department’s classroom where the air was fresh and cool.

There were many people in the big class, so no one noticed Wang Zheng. It was on the developmental history of mecha.

This was a class focused on understanding the process of mecha integration and its gradual ascent to importance in the history of mankind.

Previously, mecha were only used as machines of assistance. At the time, science and technology were not as developed. Robots and conventional weapons were still the main force. But after the first generation of developed mecha were forged, the original form of Wargod No. 1, the mecha’s superior functionality replaced conventional weaponry in a flash. This was almost an unstoppable historical process, as such cases are in the majority of scientific and technological advances.

Due to the mecha’s adaptation for all-weather combat, it rapidly became popular among every nation in the Milky Way Federation. Each state’s arms race shifted from the study of forbidden weapons to mecha. Moreover, the technology derived from mecha could also have civilian applications.

From initial development to the present, mecha have had over a hundred years of history. The original ten kinds of base mecha have given rise to over a hundred types. It is said that every nation now has its own hidden mecha, so called super mecha capable of reversing the tides of war.

Operated by men, mecha’s abilities as a crucial weapons in warfare, have gradually influenced the direction of battle situation development. Many mech researchers believed in the superstition that the best course for mankind’s civilization lay in advancing the development of mechanical science and technology.

There will come an er,a where technology has developed to the point where one man and one mech, can freely traverse the universe.

It must be said, the professor of this brief history of mecha was really good at stirring up emotions. This group of hot blooded young men and women listened in earnest. At this point, those who didn’t like mecha were almost completely cut from the course. If you can get into the Mech Department, you were a man amongst men. At least, that’s what the Mech Department students believed.

Wang Zheng was also among them. While listening to the professor teach class, he also looked at Chen Xiu’s explanation of the various mecha. There was no doubt that this was professional work. From their origins, to the characteristics of the mecha, and to the analysis diagrams. The details were very precise. That analytical form could not be understood without a strong math and physics background.

In the Officers Department, a similarly rousing lesson was underway.

“Some of you are elite standing at the pinnacle of the world. You can lead the fate of mankind. The Officers Department, the officer’s cradle. But I will say that I hope that I will see the future Commander-In-Chief of Earth among you. The Sol Federation’s commander. Even the Milky Way Alliance’s commander!”

Chali Zhou, the dean of the Officers Department. His teachings were widely known to cause a clamor. Frequently, he drove groups of students wild.

“Those soldiers who do not want to become generals, are not good soldiers. This does not apply to you. If you are a student of the Officers Department, and cannot become a general, you are not a student of mine. Remember, you must not squander your talents or your lives. Right now, this department is a springboard for you. You must use your own abilities to conquer the universe!”

The students practically forgot the passage of time. The military training had paved the way for the current period of complete and explosive growth.

✫        ✫        ✫

Gu Te’s innovating determination was obvious.

For people like this, school was regarded as the same. To not break the silence is to die in silence1.

Therefore, in the eyes of others, this shameless poaching, Gu Te did not care!

✫        ✫        ✫

Wang Zheng listened very earnestly. While listening, he took notes, only his notes were slightly different than others. Suddenly, he discovered that these talking points of Chen Xiu were very interesting.

The source material of CT’s mecha came from imitating reality. These characteristics of mecha were almost identical. Outside of the Aslan Royal Family School, there was no other military college in the Milky Way Federation that possessed enough mecha to give to each student to use.

This Aslan Empire was a fuckin’ awesome place. Aslan citizens all held this sentence in their mouth: ‘Everything here is the best.’

After class, the whole classroom immediately started to buzz with activity. As youthful and eager first years, being next to the beautiful girls made them naturally rowdy.

“Wang Zheng, you really came. Are you not scared of flunking?” asked Ye Zisu.

“Scared. Flunking definitely cannot happen, but you understand that I love mecha the most.”

Wang Zheng shut off his Skylink’s notetaking window. “Maybe I will need to borrow your notes. There are some classes in physics that I don’t dare miss.”

If he escaped Xiao Fei’s class, to not be completely dead would be weird.

“That depends on whether you are sincere or not?” Ye Zisu said with a crafty smile.

“No problem, demand what you please, I’ll even devote my whole life to you,” said Wang Zheng teasingly.

“I’ll lend you notes, no need for you to devote your whole life,” a cold voice sounded.

Meng Tian’s lofty and pretty voice rang out, immediately attracting all gazes.

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  1. My brain isn’t working well enough right now to make this sound better. Basically, if something isn’t going well, or is just coasting along in mediocrity, then to not do something about it, and staying silent, would be an inglorious death.

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