TSW Volume 2: Chapter 12


Volume 2: Chapter 12 – The Bastard Who Arrived Late

Currently, Meng Tian and Ye Zisu were the two most outstanding freshman girls in their cohort. More accurately speaking, the entire school knew who they were. The cohorts above them were mediocre in comparison.

Many closely scrutinized Ye Zisu’s family background by others, as she was the heir to OMG. On the other hand, Meng Tian was a different case. This beautiful woman was an excellent mech pilot. Ye Zisu chose to enter the Mech Department not to become a pilot, but rather to better understand the field before taking on her role as the future chairman of OMG.

Ye Zisu was amiable and approachable. Meng Tian was the exact opposite; always ice cold to everyone. Numerous suitors had already had their hopes dashed against that wall.

Ye Zisu gave Meng Tian a look and then smiled wryly. “No need to bother.”


It could be seen that the friendship between the two of them was rather special. The world of women was something men would never understand. Thus, Student Wang continued to wait with his large, innocent eyes.

“As you wish. Wang Zheng, remember our arrangement! As a representative of the MMA club, I would like to invite you to join us!” said Meng Tian. Student Wang felt even more perplexed. He could not remember making such arrangements with Meng Tian!

Tsk. How can anyone just wantonly enter the MMA club?”

“I am the Vice President,” replied Meng Tian dryly. On the very 1st day, she had overthrown the previous Vice President and took his place.

“Actually, it’s not that I don’t want to join, but rather, I’m too busy! I have no time.” Wang Zheng had no time to spare, and thus rejected her.

“If you want to become an exceptional mech pilot, your body has to be sufficiently conditioned. The MMA club’s training machines are the best. If you are a member, you can use them,” said Meng Tian. It looked as though she had seen right through Wang Zheng’s facade and thus, attacked his weakness directly.

Wang Zheng’s eyes lit up. “Really? Then count me in!”

“Excellent. Once you’re done with your work, report to the club room in the afternoon. I will be waiting for you.” After saying that, Meng Tian turned and gracefully left. Looking at that beautiful body, numerous men could only gape in shock. How could she be from the MMA club?

Thinking of Meng Tian in her white training outfit, making a spectacular roundhouse kick, that beautiful leg could be seen arcing through the air gracefully.

“That makes a lot of sense. As a Mech Department member, how can we neglect physical training!”

“Let’s go soon!”

“Definitely, we must definitely go!”

“Given brother Ping’s physique, even without me, it would definitely be the MMA club’s loss.”

This group of guys were currently clamoring loudly. Ye Zisu had a bitter smile on her face. Ever since she entered college, although her background was exceptional, Meng Tian’s ice goddess demeanor had led her to be comparatively more eye catching.

Yet when it came to making friends, she held the advantage.

“You’ve got to be careful, Tiantian has her eye on you.”

Wang Zheng shrugged his shoulders. So what if she had her eyes on him. He was originally looking for a new place to train. This great opportunity had just fallen from the sky, and he would save quite a sum as well!

At this point, his Skylink started to ring with a charming sound.

“Student Wang, you would not happen to be skipping my first lecture, would you?”

Wang Zheng began to quiver. Fuck. He had forgotten. This was Xiao Fei’s opening lecture! He was going to die!

Fuck! There was still one minute before class began.

Wang Zheng wildly rushed over as quickly as he could, wishing he had longer legs.

Ye Zisu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when looking at Wang Zheng’s sorry sight. Passion had a price after all.

Although Wang Zheng ran as though his life depended on it, he was still late.

In the Physics Department, Xiao Fei’s opening lecture was considered an extremely important event for the entire school.

She was not only famous in the school but on the entire planet of Earth. Xiao Fei hated to do opening lectures, as geniuses usually had strange temperaments. But she suddenly had a change of heart. The entire classroom was crammed full of people. Even those who were not from the Physics Department had arrived, all for the sake of seeing this famous individual.

Looking at the entire history of humankind, those who wished to be at the apex of science were usually physicists. Once they demonstrated their ability, physicists would also became the most respected by society. From the time of Newton, Einstein, Hawking1, to the current generation of Lauren Lee and Alan Tucker, they were all highly esteemed and regarded throughout the Alliance.

Of course, Alan Tucker was currently embroiled in controversy as people opposed his theories. A group of people believed that the Rubik’s Cube Theory was a sham. Others believed what he had theorized was right. The coalition’s interested ended once they came to the conclusion that the experiments were flawed. The creation of this ‘sham’ resulted in the humiliation of science.

Without a doubt, Xiao Fei was recognized as the Sol Federation’s pride. She had contributed new insights into the theory of spatial manipulation through her independent research.

Furthermore, Xiao Fei was also a beauty.

In the modern era, intelligence and looks coexisting, was not as rare as the time of the Milky Way Era. In fact, there were more and more of such individuals.

Actually, when Alan Tucker was young, he was extremely narcissistic. He had often dated numerous celebrities but none of the relationships had borne any fruit. In the end he devoted himself to research.

There is no need to mention what happened afterwards.

The entire lecture theatre, which could fit 300 individuals, was filled to the brim. In fact, some of the seats had two people sitting in them, but it was still surprisingly quiet.

Everyone understood Dr. Xiao Fei’s temper. It was already time for the lecture to start but Xiao Fei just stood there silently.

If it was another professor, the crowd would have already exploded into chatter. However, when it was Xiao Fei lecturing; the students would gladly endure any hardships in order to hear her lessons.

Being able to be in the presence of the most beautiful professor was already extremely satisfying.

Right at this moment, a single man rushed in. Everyone was shocked. Fuck. Who was this piece of trash, he actually dared to be late!

The truth was that Xiao Fei’s temper was not pleasant. If just one student was late, she would potentially cancel the lecture and let everyone self study instead. That would, indeed, be a pity.

In the class, there were even some people from other schools. All of this was for the sake of listening to the Milky Way’s youngest professor of spatial manipulation teach.

Every individual in the room glared at dear student Wang. It reminded him of the first time Bonehead had stared at him. Fuck. This time he was screwed.

“Pardon me.”

Xiao Fei put down the class materials and wryly looked at Wang Zheng. Then she surveyed the audience. “The one who dared to come late is called Wang Zheng. I believe he’s the only one with this name.”

Memories tend to be forgotten rather easily, especially those that are related to others. Wang Zheng whom had been the top of military training had quite a low profile. Only those around him knew him. Everyone stared at the cocky bastard. He was really brave. Hearing Xiao Fei’s unhappy tone, if the class was cancelled because of him…

At the first row of seats, the three experts from Dormitory 007 were feeling extremely resentful. This bastard was bringing shame upon them. If Wang Zheng sat with them, the three would also be affected!

Wang Zheng could feel the fiery gazes that were on him. It felt as though he was about to be set ablaze. Yet, Xiao Fei’s next words caused him to be absolutely speechless.

“He is my helper and also your class representative. If you have any problems, feel free to find him.”

In the end, the wok exploded2. Only third year students and above could be assistants! Likewise, Xiao Fei had never before had an assistant. Everyone knew that the reason was that any potential assistants were usually too stupid, as stupid as pigs for that matter, and would only bring down the rate of efficiency.

From under which stone did this bastard crawl out from? Since he was Xiao Fei’s assistant, it was no wonder that despite arriving so late Xiao Fei wasn’t angry.

On the contrary, Wang Zheng did not feel that the hatred had diminished. In fact, it felt like it had increased!

Including the three Kings of Dormitory 007, everyone could only put up with the way things were.

“I cannot accept this. Our dormitory leader is hogging everything for himself!”

“This is a society that shares!”

“We need to have another round of dormitory discussions and do some research on this problem.”

Three against one. This unanimous decision was made rather quickly. Our dear Student Wang had no opportunity to explain himself.

The audience now understood for whom the frontmost seat was reserved for. It was obvious  that Xiao Fei prized this student.

Originally, he had felt that Xiao Fei’s lesson would be extremely boring and uninteresting. Yet in retrospect, Xiao Fei was able to explain extremely complicated issues with simple analogies, and the instruction became extremely meaningful.

Everyone listened to her lessons with great gusto and constantly nodded their heads. Following the great voyage of the universe, physics had become increasingly important. More and more individuals wished to understand and explore space. Without a foundation in physics, attempting to accomplish this goal would be extremely dumb. It was comparable to the past where one didn’t have any knowledge of navigating the seas, but still wished to set sail.

Yet, such explanations were meaningless to Wang Zheng. The Old Merchant had explained all of this a long time ago. To be frank, although it was not as interesting as the way Xiao Fei explained, it was much more profound. Wang Zheng could still remember the Old Merchant’s expression. It was as though he were the king of the realm of physics and everything was in his control.

Of course, all noobs were the same.

The applause was unending. Every student was attentively recording down notes, but Wang Zheng was daydreaming instead.

He was reminiscing about one of the mech’s abilities. It was simply too beautiful. Whichever genius had designed it was a king of the jungle.

Xiao Fei had used beautiful words to paint an alluring image of the the world of physics.

It was not that Xiao Fei couldn’t give lectures, or a fact that she couldn’t explain complicated issues in a simple matter. Rather, to geniuses, there was no need to go to this extra effort.

The three from Dormitory 007 were sitting behind Wang Zheng. It was clear that Wang Zheng was daydreaming. What was that bastard doing? Zhang Shan was extremely tall and could see everything that was happening.

…Wang Zheng was looking at a mech’s blueprints!

Zhang Shan couldn’t help but give Wang Zheng a kick. This guy really did not know how to spell the word death.

Xiao Fei glanced at the entire classroom. “Everything in the world of physics, especially that which cannot be seen, must be seen by you. You must feel it. Thus, in the pursuit of physics, one must be able to dream!”

If a more traditional teacher had heard her words, they would be extremely angry. Yet, the students happily accepted these words.

All of humanity’s existing achievements are just references, not something to imitate or continue. Rather, be willing to fight with a spirit of challenge to discover and construct something that belongs to yourself. From today onwards, all of you must construct your own world.”

Xiao Fei’s words had won her an intense round of applause.

Knowing one by reputation cannot be compared to meeting one in person. By meeting one in person, one would realize how different one can be compared to their reputation.

Gu Te was right outside. He had not heard such raucous applause for an extremely long time.

A good start was half the battle won.

Xiao Fei’s lesson continued. A teacher not only needed to have knowledge but also charisma. Whether through her looks or her style, one first had to grab the attention of the students.

Xiao Fei possessed all three qualities: style, looks, and knowledge. It was difficult not to be subdued by her confidence and charisma during her class.  Yet this also brought about another problem. Many students worshipped her. Xiao Fei only looked upon such things with disdain.

On the other hand, this helped to facilitate her research. As long as one lived, this would be bound to happen.

“Does anyone have any alternate views to this lesson? Would anyone like to share?” asked Xiao Fei.

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  1. Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. I hope you all know who these real scientists are. If not, yes that are real people.
  2. I am sure I have covered what is a wok is before. If not, it is a large cooking pan, so this is a figurative wok exploding here.

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