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This was an opportunity to showcase one’s ability in front of Xiao Fei. Suddenly, even the area outside of the classroom was filled with numerous people wanting to listen in on the lecture. Some were even from the upperclassmen.

Yet the problem was that at this point, if one were to showcase their ability, it would be akin to one displaying their lackluster skills in front of an expert. Playing the fool in front of geniuses, such was unacceptable!

Chen Xiu stood up. “Doctor, I believe that space and time have mass. This is the major principle underlying physics. We only require a new method of testing to affirm this.”


One could see with a glance that he was extremely young. Yet Chen Xiu did not sit there silently. Everyone in the Physics Department knew that there was an extremely young genius that possessed the spark similar to the one Xiao Fei had when she was younger.

Xiao Fei smiled slightly. At this point, Zhang Shan stood up, “I believe that we don’t require a new method to affirm this. Rather our concepts are flawed. Mass itself is something that we have come up with based on what we knew of  the world a long time ago.. If we free ourselves of these shackles, we will be able to discover something new!”

Xiao Fei nodded her head slightly. Once the two had opened their mouths, everyone else was belching fire! They had to know that these were people from Dormitory 007.

Yao Ailun had already changed back to his black rimmed spectacles. Student Yao having different colored spectacles for different situations felt slightly bigoted.

“Time is the movement of space. In order to understand space, I believe that we have to start by understanding time and it is in this transformation of knowledge that the keys to greater understanding are held.”

Although everyone had a foundation in Physics, most of it was conceptual. At this point, one could see how everyone’s research direction differed.

These three individuals were world-shaking in their own right during intermediate school. As Xiao Fei was at Ares College, once they struck, one could see how superior they were.

Xiao Fei looked around. The rest of the audience felt impassioned deep down, but they had no confidence and were not knowledgeable enough to speak out! This was also one of Xiao Fei’s gripes. Inspiration required a spark, yet the students in her classes were always missing this vital element. Furthermore, this consumed her own inspiration!

Proximity to a cinnabar would stain one red, while being close to pitch would stain one black2!

“Wang Zheng, how do you feel about this topic?”

Xiao Fei looked at Wang Zheng. Our dear Student Wang was still lost in his own little world.

Zhang Shan hurriedly gave Wang Zheng a kick. Student Wang immediately bolted upwards and shouted, “YES!”

The entire audience burst into laughter. Xiao Fei, however, did not laugh but rather looked as if she were eagerly awaiting his answer.

After all was said and done, all of them were still brothers in arms. Yao Ailun hurriedly told Wang Zheng the topic. Actually, they also wanted to see what sort of three heads and six arms he possessed. 3

“I have a slightly incomplete train of thought. I feel that right now, the basic approach we are using is inherently flawed. Although it can be used to gain a general understanding,  which will allow us to make future breakthroughs in physics, including spatial manipulation, we first have to have a proper, unilateral view. Regardless of whether it is mass or any other concept, such a way of viewing things is too narrow-minded.”

After Wang Zheng finished speaking, the entire room erupted into discussion. Fuck. This guy was so arrogant that he wasn’t afraid of bursting through the heavens! In one go he had just disputed the methods used in the last 10 years!

“Tell us why you believe this is so. In my class we want to put an end to stupidity but never be afraid of making mistakes,” said Xiao Fei.

“Let’s start with Newton’s laws. When the theory of relativity appeared, it could be seen that the previously accepted laws at that time were no longer applicable. This case still applies for today. We must first include all 13 dimensions into our discussion. Mass, space, and time are just building upon the three dimensional theory and, at most, the fourth dimension is the foundation for this thinking. Lauren Lee’s warp theory, is basically another form of the 13 dimension’s existence, except that she has only used included scenarios up to the sixth dimension. Yet, her theory is the most advanced one yet. I feel that we should just make a leap. Since the warp theory has already been proven to be correct, why don’t we be a bit braver, and assume that the 13 dimensions theory is correct? Then, we can reverse theorize a bit. In such a situation, time, space and mass’s current problems are all research directions. There is no conflict whatsoever.”

After Wang Zheng finished speaking, the entire classroom was deathly silent. Everyone was shocked.

His words were filled with a pressure that could surpass Lauren Lee. He had truly broken through the heavens!

The problem was that those who understood a little felt that it made a lot of sense and also that it was nonsense. Yet there were many who did not understand anything and did not know about warp theory. They only repeated what was oft heard and being able to understand was another story entirely.

“You have read Lauren Lee’s warp theory?” asked Xiao Fei.

“I read it several times. It was truly a great achievement of its time.”

These were not Wang Zheng’s own words. Instead, this was something that had been brainwashed into him by the Old Merchant. As times progressed, the warp theory had been phased out and seen as redundant. Humanity’s eyes should be focused on the future! It was just a pity that there were too many fools around. This was what the Old Merchant had said.

Xiao Fei grinned a wide smile. This bearing, this tone. It was exactly the same as hers, all those years before! Yet, he was more overbearing and even more arrogant. At the very least, back when she was young, she had worshipped Lauren Lee.

Everyone else was dumbfounded. Was this bastard faking it? He could actually understand it? Furthermore, he read it several times???

“I share Wang Zheng’s views. The essence of today’s physics is wrong and has shackled our thoughts. I would like to tell everyone today that my curriculum will not be restrained. An entirely new journey awaits us starting today!”

The applause was thunderous. Wang Zheng could feel a burning sensation on his back. He really wanted to slap himself! Why did he have such loose lips! He had said too much. Wasn’t he just digging a deeper grave for himself? He’d even buried himself with a larger mound!

Damned Old Merchant, he had fostered the habit of debate. Once he started, he just could not stop.

The bell that signified the end of class rang. Students sighed in longing as no one wanted the class to end. It was unfortunate that Dr. Xiao Fei did not like to waste time mingling around. Questions could only be directly sent to her public Skylink. She would only answer queries worth answering.

“Wang Zheng, follow me!”

Wang Zheng was currently fooling around with the other three from the dormitory and debating, while the iron was hot, whom the prettiest girls were. Interrupted now, Xiao Fei’s order came down.

Watching the two departing shadows, the Three Kings of 007 grumbled in mild annoyance.

“At this rate, it will be impossible to live peacefully, the dormitory leader will be extremely high profile.”

“Ah, as a fellow brother in arm, we need to share our firepower!”

“We have to make sure he doesn’t die an untimely death!” Chen Xiu made a decision, “I’m the youngest and thus, I can share a larger portion of the burden4 !”

Zhang Shan and Yao Ailun immediately strangled this youngest one.

✫        ✫        ✫

After arriving at her office, Xiao Fei took off her jacket and threw it into a corner before collapsing in a chair, freely exposing her curves. Looking at Wang Zheng’s flabbergasted face, she gave a slight smile and replied, “As a teacher I have to act as a role model for others and have to pay attention to how I dress. Though, this jacket is just too uncomfortable.”

Wang Zheng was speechless. He was a student too!

“Doctor, do you have any instructions for me?”

“Ah. You fit in quite well during today’s lessons. I don’t care about your situation with the Mech Department. You just can’t miss any of my lessons, and you must complete all of the work I assign you,” warned Xiao Fei.

Wang Zheng could only nod his head. His little life was held in the palm of this beautiful teacher’s hand. He didn’t dare resist.

“I will strive to perform my best, even if I die!”

“You don’t need to exaggerate. Your train of thought is correct and is rarely seen. Actually, do you know what the most important thing to a physicist is?”

Xiao Fei asked with the intention of testing Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng rubbed his nose. As one who didn’t want to be a physicist, this question was extremely difficult.

“Math. Early physicists built castles in the skies without any solid foundation. It merely required math to prove their theories. One person’s ability is limited and thus, when you are free, you should go to the Math Department and take a look. Perhaps you will be able to meet someone who shares your views.”

Student Wang felt as though his head was going to explode. He hated things that had to do with formulas. They were extremely time consuming. Right now however, whatever Xiao Fei said was the law.

“Okay, go and bring these materials to the Math Department’s Dr. Marcus. Remember to leave a good impression!”

Xiao Fei patted Wang Zheng. She was definitely placing her high hopes on Wang Zheng. There was still plenty of time. She would definitely bring Wang Zheng back on the right road and let him know that mech battles and whatnot were merely transient things. Only the boundless sciences were truly eternal.

Wang Zheng took the materials and rushed out of the office. Although he was thankful to Xiao Fei for recognizing him, he was definitely not the type to do research. His knowledge in physics was all due to him accompanying the Old Merchant and engaging in conversations. If he had to walk the walk, his inabilities would come to light.

✫        ✫        ✫

In the Math Department’s fourth year classroom, Dr. Marcus was scribbling furiously on the blackboard. “This question is the final hurdle by the end of the semester. Whoever can answer this will get an A+ from me!”

Such was Dr. Marcus’s personality. Every semester, when school began, he would give a ‘bounty’. The first student to complete it would receive the best results.

It should also be said that in the field of science, Earth did not possess the highest standards. However, she5 had managed to maintain her position as one of the best and did not deteriorate at the same rate as the other aspects.

All the students were extremely excited. If they were successful, not only would they receive excellent results but also become famous!

Each field had their own struggles and pride.

Wang Zheng had searched for half a day but could not find Marcus’ office. Marcus looked as though he were 60 odd years old. His hair was extremely messy like a pile of grass and he dressed quite slovenly.

“Professor Marcus, these are the materials that Professor Xiao Fei had asked me to bring to you.”

Marcus was too lazy to even lift his head to acknowledge. His table was full of materials that surpassed all the others around him. “Place it on the table, you can go.”

“Ah, also, in classroom T-6, on the teaching table is a data table. Pass it to Xiao Fei and tell her she owes me a favor.”

“Yes Professor.”

Wang Zheng only felt utmost respect to those who were able to calculate complex mathematical balances. If he were asked to do the same however, he would politely decline.

After locating class T-6, he noticed most of the students had already left. Wang Zheng searched the table and then found the mathematical sheet. When he turned around, he saw the question on the blackboard.

After scanning through it, he couldn’t bear to leave. The Old Merchant used to give him questions to do every week. If he did it correctly he would get a reward; if not he would be punished. Ever since the Old Merchant had run away with all his savings his life had been quite pitiful.

This question did have some significance.

This problem should be part of an arithmetic calculation. It looked as though it could be solved with Romeo Equation’s general solution. The Old Merchant had gone over it once before.

Wang Zheng started to scribble on the blackboard. There were still about seven or eight students whom had not left. All they saw was a Physics Department student on their turf messing with their work! That guy didn’t know how high the heavens were!

From the past until now, with the same level of achievements, it was the physicists who received great acclaim and fame. What most people didn’t realize was that many of the physicists who had changed history had relied on their mathematical ability to begin with. Inside here was the culmination of many a mathematician’s sweat and blood. Without these hard working mathematicians, physics would have nothing more than speculations.

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  1. So, this time we get a chance to use an english phrase, in place where there isn’t one for Chinese. The original title basically says something along the lines of ‘loose mouth are troublesome’ etc.
  2. Idiomatic expression that means that different environments will lead to different influences
  3. This has some Buddhist ties, as those who read Desolate Era may be able to relate to, but other than an artist work of a Buddha with 6 arms and 3 heads in SF, I am unclear on the exact ties. Should just mean, what kinda badass are you kinda thing.
  4. He is trying to say he will sacrifice himself to spend more time with Xiao Fei so Wang Zheng doesn’t have too. Such a sacrifice to hang out with his beautiful idol.
  5. Referring to Earth as she here incase some get confused. It’s a sign of endearment like when a motor enthusiasts names their bike/truck/car, you name it, after a lady

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