TSW Volume 2: Chapter 14



Volume 2: Chapter 14 – MMA Club

This Physics Department guy is very arrogant; does he think this is his stomping ground?

Wang Zheng didn’t care. Although this activity deviated from what he used to do, it was still fine. This math problem was only a small detour. He preferred to finish things once he started them.

After spending an hour, when it could be considered complete, Wang Zheng exhaled. He looked at his watch and panicked. Shit! It was 2pm already! This activity was quite time wasting.  He quickly rushed towards Xiao Fei’s location.


As Wang Zheng ran off, the Math Department students that were left behind were absolutely speechless. Their eyes were wide in shock. Some of them were even mumbling incoherently. A small group were even dancing in joy.

When he exited, Wang Zheng left behind a deathly silent classroom.

After finishing his task, Xiao Fei was already very busy and hence did not cause any more trouble for Wang Zheng. She had only reminded him to attend her classes punctually.

Wang Zheng went for a simple lunch before jogging over to the MMA Club. In a normal school, such clubs would definitely be empty. However in a military school it was one of the three largest clubs.

As a result, it had a generous space allocated to it, with even a designated sparring area. This was truly extravagant.

“Hello, who might you be looking for?” A pretty girl asked.

“Hello older sister, I’m here to enter the club. Student Meng Tian had recommended me.”

Those who were polite were naturally treated nicely, and the pretty girl was happy at the way Wang Zheng had addressed her, “You are really good with words. The Vice President is here. Just follow this corridor to the end and make a right turn. They are currently training.” Wang Zheng nodded his head. Before long, he could hear endless sounds of grunting, and he could feel a slight sense of eagerness.

Inside the training field, there were a dozen or so students sparring with one another. Meng Tian was also there. Dressed in a white uniform, she forced her sparring partner back 4 to 5 meters with a single kick. Although the sparring partner wore rubber guards, both arms still went numb.

There were both males and females in the MMA Club. Surprisingly, a third of the people in attendance were females. It looked as though today’s girls were very adept at self-defense.

What Wang Zheng was concerned about were the training facilities provided. A training facility that possessed a complete set of training apparatus was pretty good. Furthermore, there was a sign next to it a room warning people against entering:  gravity room. Fuck, this was so extravagant.

Normal training could no longer satisfy Wang Zheng’s bodily needs. Thus, a gravity room was absolutely wonderful news.

Meng Tian saw Wang Zheng and immediately walked over to greet him, “I told you, didn’t I?”

“Excellent! I agree to join the MMA Club.”

“Meng Tian, who is this bastard? He can’t be from the Mech Department, right?” A valiant looking guy asked as he strode over.

Actually, ever since Meng Tian had chosen to approach Wang Zheng, this guy’s eyes had never stopped staring at Wang Zheng. If he could stab people merely by glaring at someone, our dear Student Wang would have been stabbed countless times already!

“Wang Zheng, from the Physics Department. This is senior student Guan Tao from the Mech Department. He is also a Vice President of the MMA Club.”

Guan Tao gave a smile and extended a hand. “Ah! So you’re the Wang Zheng that Little Tian has been talking about! I am Guan Tao, the Vice President and also the Vice Captain of the Dragon Spirit Corps.”

Wang Zheng extended a hand in return to shake his. “Our school still employs mercenary soldiers?”

“Yes, in CT. We are considered to be the best team in the Asian Region. The Team Captain is Ma Xiao, and also the MMA Club president.”

Although Guan Tao was all smiles, he suddenly increased the strength of his grasp to the point where his veins could be seen bulging out. Yet, Wang Zheng’s expression did not change. “It is an honor to meet you.”

Meng Tian laughed. Wang Zheng had never even heard of him before, what honor was there in him meeting him?

Guan Tao saw that the opposing party was not physically large, yet his grip strength wasn’t small either. He pulled back his hand and said, “Little Tian, club rules are club rules. As Wang Zheng is not from the Mech Department, to enter the club he has to pass the test.”

Meng Tian nodded her head. “I am of the same opinion. Wang Zheng, let us exchange pointers.”

“You don’t need to worry, I got this. If not, I’ll have no other job to do. Wang Zheng, come over here; I’ll be gentle.”

He had wanted to humiliate Wang Zheng, but it had almost turned into a reward! Everyone in the vicinity was watching them. If he did not properly discipline this bastard, how could he lead from now on!?

“Come, use whatever weapon you like. Wooden swords, nunchakus, anything.”

Guan Tao casually pointed at rack of weapons. With a competition about to occur, the surrounding students stopped their training and gathered around the pair.

Wang Zheng shrugged his shoulders. “It would be better if we kept things simple.”

“Did this guy offend Guan Tao?”

“Are you dumb? Have you forgotten about what happened to the guy who threw flirtatious gazes at Meng Tian? That guy is still in the hospital.”

“I think this guy is stirring up trouble in the midst of his fervor. Meng Tian won’t like him. The captain is a much better fit for her.”

“What do you know? Perhaps Meng Tian likes this sort of guy.”

“What is this chump from the Physics Department doing here, creating a scene?”

“Who knows. The first lesson for freshmen is usually quite low-key.”

Wang Zheng took off his shoes and stood on the platform. Guan Tao was already in a prepared pose.

“Come.” Guan Tao beckoned with his hand. As a senior and a leader of the club, he had to have some form of poise.

Since everyone was waiting for a show, Wang Zheng couldn’t help but show off a few skills. He slowly walked over and as he lifted his arm, lashed out in a kick.


Guan Tao was knocked onto the floor, sprawling like a frog on its back.

Everyone was shocked. Angered, Guan Tao flipped himself upright. This bastard was too sneaky, he feinted with his arm and kicked out instead.

How could he know that Wang Zheng was merely playing around.

Guan Tao launched a flying kick at Wang Zheng’s head. Wang Zheng took a step forward and grabbed Guan Tao’s leg, neatly transitioning into a throw.


Some of the onlookers had closed their eyes. This was a complete thrashing.

Guan Tao was thrown with so much force his head spun. All he could see were small stars.

A few students hurriedly rushed over to support him, but Guan Tao angrily refused them. “You bastard, are you looking to die? I will beat you till you scream for your daddy and mommy.”

Wang Zheng shook his head helplessly. From the start, he had already given him face. He didn’t know why this guy was so keen on competing against him, but even he had a bottom line.

Guan Tao executed a roundhouse kick, aiming at Wang Zheng’s head. If it were a newbie, that person would definitely need to spend quite a period of time in the hospital.


Wang Zheng’s left hand grabbed Guan Tao’s ankle. With a bit of force, Guan Tao was hanging in Wang Zheng’s grasp. Pulling, Wang Zheng lifted him up and threw him once more. Guan Tao was thrown directly into a wall.


Due to the impact, Guan Tao was plastered onto the wall. His body slowly slid down the wall while white foam frothed from his mouth.

Wang Zheng helplessly shrugged his shoulders. “The Vice President was too vicious, I could only dodge.”

Since he couldn’t get people to like him, he would have to get them to fear him.

Student Wang was not one who feared taking action. This MMA Club wasn’t anyone’s territory either.

A wry smile appeared on Meng Tian’s face. It should be said that when she smiled, she was absolutely beautiful. The feeling it gave off was like when the winter ice thawed and the springtime flowers started to bloom.

“I knew you were an expert. Come. If you beat me, you can enter the MMA Club.”

“Can we not fight? I don’t like to fight with women.”

“Treat me like you would a guy. Trust me. If you don’t fight me here, your troubles will definitely increase.”

Meng Tian was very direct, and Wang Zheng smile in response, “Well, then I won’t be courteous either. Please.”

Meng Tian tightened her girdle and arranged her hair. As she dropped into a fighting stance, a vicious and frightening energy emanated from her, striking directly at Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng looked slightly distracted. It looked as though he had underestimated his dear classmate Meng Tian.


Meng Tian immediately launched a flying kick at Wang Zheng. It was completely different from the one Guan Tao had executed. Meng Tian’s footwork was not gaudy or flashy, but precise and fast. Taking advantage of the female’s light body, this kick seemed like a bolt of lightning.

She was definitely not an apprentice.

She was definitely an expert!

Wang Zheng backed up. Meng Tian proceeded to show off her full array of foot techniques as she drew closer and closer. The people watching were shouting in excitement. Meng Tian being able to become a Vice President as a freshman was not due to her looks. The moment she arrived, she had soundly defeated everyone and easily attained her current position.

Meng Tian’s ability far surpassed that of Guan Tao’s. It was like comparing an amateur to a professional!

Meng Tian’s assault gradually became more savage. Her kicks lashed out towards Wang Zheng’s nose several times. Wang Zheng could feel the wind sweeping across, but being able to watch Meng Tian’s body execute such moves was indeed a sight to behold. It was graceful and beautiful.

However, Meng Tian did not possess the same relaxed feelings as Wang Zheng. She could see that Wang Zheng had not retaliated at all. This shouldn’t be the case!

All of the members of the MMA Club were shouting and cheering in excitement. Meng Tian’s assault was so vicious that her opponent could only retreat with his tail between his legs!
Meng Tian’s continuous attacks had finally reached a peak and the last kick lashed towards Wang Zheng. Wang Zheng took a step back, but Meng Tian had already anticipated it. She intercepted his path with a lightning fast kick. This move, from a female, was both fast and vicious with no weaknesses.

At this point, she saw the unstably retreating Wang Zheng suddenly give way and pull her leg, causing her body to be forced forward. He simultaneously leaned to the side and moved himself into Meng Tian’s stomach region, left hand grasping her right knee and right hand grabbing her arms.

With a wry smile he said, “Student Meng Tian is too amazing. I am only here to enter the club. Will this prove that I have the ability to join?”
Meng Tian realized that she was unable to escape from his grapple. She clenched her teeth. It was very clear that Wang Zheng was giving her face. If his left hand could grab her arms, then if he had a knife she would have been defeated.

She bit her lip and nodded her head. Wang Zheng then released her leg… the feeling was truly top class!

“Wang Zheng will enter the MMA Club. Does anyone have any comments?” Meng Tian announced.

The audience members looked at each other in dismay. This bastard could crush Guan Tao and even suppress Meng Tian. Whoever fought him would just be looking to die!

“Welcome to the club, Wang Zheng.”

Student Wang was beaming as he prepared to shake her hand. “Thank you. I hope you will be able to take care of me, Vice President.”

Meng Tian leaned close to Wang Zheng and whispered, “Bet it felt nice. However, this isn’t over!”

Our dear Student Wang’s face turned red. Fuck. It was just for a brief moment. Heaven have mercy on him!

After Meng Tian finished speaking, she didn’t bother Wang Zheng and went to take a bath. Once Meng Tian left, no one paid any more attention to Wang Zheng. He received a training uniform and was as excited as could be.

With such a large area, the training apparatus were just too good. There were basically no club activities, and after 8pm there was no one around. Wang Zheng basically owned the place. Once he obtained the keys from the senior sister, he could use the facilities as much as he liked.

With regards to his current physical condition, Wang Zheng was still not content. What he needed was explosive strength. With regards to his environment and his genes, this aspect of his was severely lacking.

Explosive strength across his entire body and its individual parts all needed improvement.

Ever since he had trained in the uniformed landslide1, his entire body’s explosive strength had risen slightly. However, Wang Zheng felt that having only this sort of skill wasn’t enough. Explosive strength from each limb was also necessary.

Wang Zheng wasn’t worried about the accumulation of Battle Energy. When he next met Bonehead, he had to give him some sort of surprise. He would not let him look down on the dignified warriors of Earth.

When he was younger, Wang Zheng’s father had been very competent at parenting. Although he liked to dupe Wang Zheng, he would also tell Wang Zheng some mystical stories. It was said that those experts who trained in breathing cultivation techniques could fly and run on walls. In the blink of an eye, they could annihilate their enemies with their techniques.

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  1. This is some sort of slang reference to the military training they did. I have no idea what the author is referencing though.

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  1. “uniformed landslide” – Reading previous chapter, I get the impression of bajiquan’s tieshankao (tetsuzanko for gamers) as it was described as a tackle attack.

  2. “the uniformed landslide” from previous chapters kinda indicated it is a tackle move, I get the feeling is likely to Bajiquan’s Tieshankao (or gamers may know it as Tetsuzanko). MC did use it on the assassin that attacked Aina where descriptions did mirror what this move usually performed and does.

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