TSW Volume 2: Chapter 15


Volume 2: Chapter 15 – Mysterious Genius

These things were not reasonable, but still suggested the training direction. To improve one’s physical ability, one had to start from the basics.

For example: finger strength.

He didn’t disregard push ups. With a single flip, Wang Zheng did a handstand. Single arm push ups were too easy, so how about changing to single finger push ups?



Wang Zheng fell on the floor. He slowly got up, and a dumb smile could be seen on his face.

Following which, he continued to experiment.

This attitude was entirely due to Bonehead’s training. He had been infected by its fervent training. He started doing pushups again with five fingers, then gradually reduced the number of fingers.

Doing it this way allowed his finger strength to increase. Even if he couldn’t hold on, he would not use the Return To One technique. Using it wouldn’t allow him to reap the full benefits of training.

Tricking oneself was meaningless.

In the training room, Wang Zheng had fallen repeatedly. He was absolutely battered and exhausted, but there was still a large smile on his face.

A new day came. The memories of the tough military training gradually dissipated. Everyone was settling into the routine of everyday life.

Dormitory 007’s came to a democratic decision which everyone felt was extremely fair.

Zhang Shan’s target was Meng Tian. In Zhang Shan’s own words, “The harder it is, the more I want to achieve it.”

Yao Ailun’s target was An Mei. The cold, uncaring beauty was the sexiest.

Chen Xiu focused on Du Qingqing. Student Chen had always felt that age was the most important factor. Shotas were unparalleled. The rest were too old.

As for Ye Zisu, everyone gave her to Wang Zheng. Even though Wang Zheng didn’t say anything, everyone else felt that there was definitely something between them.

With regard to this, Wang Zheng did not oppose it either. In any case, they could say whatever they wanted. His current life was much more fulfilling.

Actually, it wasn’t that Wang Zheng had no opposition to their words. It was just that such people were out of his reach. In this life he didn’t know if he would have the opportunity to meet them face to face.

Fuck. As a soldier, how could he be depressed?

Wang Zheng summoned his courage and walked towards the classroom. A new day had come, and he had allocated ample time for each course of the Physics and Mech Departments. Especially since he was a Physics Department student, he couldn’t bring himself to miss any lessons.

On the second day, everyone had settled into their respective departments. The teaching staff began to teach their respective classes. Generally speaking, first years were usually quite diligent, and few would skip classes.

The atmosphere in the Math Department was slightly chilly.

The class had started 30 minutes ago but Dr. Marcus stood motionless in front of the blackboard. The students were all whispering among themselves. Could it be that the answer was correct?

Marcus suddenly turned around, his eyes like that of a cobra as it swept across the classroom. He knocked on the blackboard heavily.

“Who wrote this?”

His expression looked as though it could devour someone. The students looked at each other in dismay. Even if they had wanted to answer that math question, they would not have written it on the blackboard! They would have passed their solution to the professor privately.

Marcus suddenly realized his expression was rather ‘sinister’ and let out a smile. “Who wrote this? I have been here on Earth for almost 5 years. I thought that this place was only full of pigs. It looks like that attitude was too shallow of me. This is the work of a genius. It is my first time seeing such an answer. It is extremely beautiful. No. It is extremely refined!”

Marcus had an expression of infatuation on his face. Most people could only duplicate answers, and there was no worth in that. Yet suddenly, a person had opened a new path on his own. It was too wonderful. It had even improved his understanding of equations by an entire level!

The students were still looking at each other in dismay. Everyone knew that Marcus was only here because of Xiao Fei. Both of them were partners. Moreover, Marcus had a bad temper and his standards were high. The students whom he had destroyed were not just one or two.

At this point, a student raised his hand. “I didn’t recognize him, but it was done by a student from another department. He wrote it.”

Marcus gave a smile. “This is impossible. This is an equation of the advanced 4th degree.  If a Math Department student could do it, he would already be considered a genius. If some other department’s student could do this, we can all just resign.”

At this point in time, everyone was sure that Marcus was not being sarcastic. In regards to stupid calculations, Marcus would unflinchingly evaluate and criticize them sharply. So much so, the other party would no longer be recognized by their own mothers!

“I think he is from the Physics Department.”

“Yes. He was wearing the uniform of the Physics Department. He wasn’t old and should either be in the first or second year.”

Marcus was speechless. He was from another department? Year 1 or 2??

Marcus was no longer in the mood to continue with his lesson. “All of you write this down. This is an entirely new method. This is worth at least a prize in the Sol Federation.”

The students were in uproar. Fuck. Such an exaggeration?

This school possessed such a genius!?

And it was not even his own student!

Even if Grandmother could resist Grandfather, she couldn’t resist this!1

Marcus immediately rushed to Principal Gu Te’s office and anxiously explained himself.

Gu Te was flabbergasted. “Dr. Marcus, your requests have always been taken seriously by the school. Could you repeat whom the student is and from which department?”

Marcus stared blankly. “I don’t know. I only know that he is from the Physics Department and is either in Year 1 or 2.”

Gu Te was speechless and could only give a bitter smile. “That would be quite difficult. There are many students. However, you needn’t worry. I will search for him wholeheartedly. Having talent is always a good thing.”

Marcus finally relaxed. “Okay. Please hurry with this. I will pass his mathematical proof to the Sol Federation’s Mathematical Society and let them judge it. I think that winning a prize should not be an issue.”

“What. So impressive?” Gu Te was shocked.

“What else? Do you think I’m this cheap?” Marcus gave Gu Te a glare.

Gu Te felt helpless. It was difficult to be Headmaster this year. Furthermore, he was trying to develop a group of gods.

The first week of classes was usually filled with excitement and enthusiasm. Once the weekend came, everyone wanted to relax. Once class ended, Yan Xiaosu rushed over to find Wang Zheng.

“Boss, my Commerce Department is filled with beauties. You should come over.”

“Are you sure?”

“You should best understand the situation in the Physics Department. It’s a stomping ground for dinosaurs. They are all from the Jurassic period. The ones in the Math Department aren’t much better, they are probably from the Cretaceous period. My Commerce Department is completely different! The guy to girl ratio is 1 to 4. Ah, I could fly.”

Yan Xiaosu’s facial expressions changed in the blink of an eye. He seemed quite helpless. “However, it’s a pity. The most beautiful girls are all in the Officers Department.”

Wang Zheng nodded his head. “Ye Zisu’s friends are also exceptionally pretty.”

Yan Xiaosu’s eyes filled with tears. “Boss, don’t forget about me. How could you leave me out of such a gathering! We grew up in the same pair of pants!”

“Go and die. Who wants to wear the same pants as you!”

“I don’t care! I just want beautiful girls. Please introduce me to some. If not, I will tell Ye Zisu you’ve been cheating on her.” Yan Xiaosu spoke righteously.

“You’re good. Next time there’s such an event, you can take my place. I have no interest in it.”

“We truly are brothers. Let’s go and relax, my treat.”

The so called relaxation was to go to the Net Cafe and fight a few rounds. Once the Boss saw Yan Xiaosu, his face looked as though a flower had blossomed. Xiaosu couldn’t let down the Boss, and he swiped his credit card several times as well. This was the splendor of a rich family.

Once he entered the game, Student Yan actually abandoned Wang Zheng. He hadn’t played for a long time and wanted to search for an expert.

When Wang Zheng entered CT, he sent a message through the system. He didn’t know whether Solon’s words were still valid. After such a long period of time, perhaps everyone had forgotten about him.

What surprised Wang Zheng was that after he had sent out the message, the system promptly replied.

At this point in time, CT’s Asian Region waiting area began to bustle once again. Solon had personally handled things. The opponent had already been prepared some time ago.

This was not a random battle, but a pre-arranged fight.

An official announcement was broadcast.

1 versus 1 battle: Skeleton VS Wild King

There were no decorations. The originally silent broadcasting area had erupted forth like a raging sea.

Who was Wild King?

He was the European Region’s number one Scout for three consecutive months! He specialized in using using the Moon Army’s high level mech Light War Cavalry Type D.

Known for his strength and sharp senses, he was the European Region’s most passionate and cocky bastard. Yet, he was also a Diamond ranked expert. He wanted to challenge Skeleton?

How would he fight?

Would he use the Light War Cavalry Mech?

Of course not. Wild King would not take advantage of the enemy. At the Diamond level, he could expertly operate any of the mecha under normal circumstances. As he was a scout, he was even more versatile.

But the popular Wild King was willing to come and fight?

Once the battle announcement circulated, not only did it attract the attention of all those in the beginner arena, but also the attention of those in the expert arena.

Solon was extremely calm. This was what he was looking for. He wanted to charge high fees for it.

Wargod No. 1 VS Wargod No. 1. Who was stronger?

Solon felt the odds for either player would be about even. If not for the previous match, even Solon wouldn’t dare to organize a fight like this. That bout could not have been won with just a simple reliance on one’s physical skill. But who would have expected Skeleton’s marksmanship to be excellent as well. Thus, he dared to take a riskier gamble.

What about the risks?

From the start, this plan wasn’t completely foolproof.

Wild King was quite popular in the expert’s arena in recent months. If he could maintain his place for a bit longer, he would have the qualifications to challenge the Earth’s strongest Monarch rankings.

The payment to fight was just one aspect. If the opponent was too crappy, Wild King would not be interested either. However, after watching Skeleton’s videos, he felt a desire to battle.

For him, the rest was unimportant. Using only basic mecha, he wanted to fight Skeleton.

Scouting — it was a job that involved dancing on the edge of a knife.

The more dangerous the task, the more exhilarating it was.

Wargod No. 1 was a mech he used for a long time to refine his precision. However, he did not use it in the beginner’s arena but rather, in the Bronze arena. During this time, his achievements were quite glorious. Once he was discovered however, he stopped doing so.

This guy was just like him.

Perhaps Skeleton was also using this as a way to train himself. Being able to beat such a bastard would definitely bring him great satisfaction.

Sitting in the cockpit, Wild King could feel the thrill of the hunt.

Those who were willing to utilize scout mecha were pilots who were well rounded. With well balanced offensive and defensive capabilities, they were able to simultaneously take on multiple roles. Wild King was also the European Region’s most outstanding new player and was absolutely radiant within the Diamond ranks.

This battle was, without a doubt, full of unusual enthusiasm.

Expert scout pilots, when utilizing the Wargod No. 1, had absolutely no issues. In fact, many scouts liked to use the Wargod No. 1 to train.

Battleground selection:

Map – Big Dipper Western Wilderness

It was a wilderness location, belonging to the category of maps specializing in direct duels. The winner would have to win purely with skill.

Wild King Wargod No. 1’s armament… Random.

Skeleton Wargod No. 1’s armament… Laser Rifle.

Perhaps it was because of the shooting lesson, but recently, Wang Zheng had felt extremely comfortable with the laser rifle. Wild King, however, had received the alloy blade knife.

…What kind of situation was this?

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