TSW Volume 2: Chapter 17


Volume 2: Chapter 17- Eternal Life in Blood

Chen Xiu was passionately shouting in high spirits.  He didn’t look like his usual shy and bashful young self. Only in here could he be absolutely unrestrained and show his true colors.

This was a kind of strength!

This was true tyranny!

The invincible god, Skeleton! A competitor for the Monarch’s Struggle has descended!


“Boss, we’re on fire! This time we’ve really done it!”

“This will lead to him rushing into the top 10!”

“Boss, do you think that Skeleton is a retired ace pilot? His actions were so blinding that my titanium alloy dog eyes couldn’t see anything. He was too calm, like he was dealing with a child!”

Solon didn’t know. He really didn’t know. He wasn’t even clear what the other party actually wanted.

Fame? With such skill, he definitely wasn’t an ordinary person; being famous would be easy.

Money? This guy didn’t seem to be interested in money. Furthermore, such an individual wouldn’t need to rely on such methods to earn money either.

It had to be said that the audience had started to form legends around him.

In truth, what our dear Student Wang really wished for was a greater share of the ticket earnings!

✫     ✫    

Wang Zheng also discovered that this battle had taught him something important: his combat experience, and thus his combat skills, had a flaw. He’d almost tripped, but thankfully there was only one opponent. What if there was a sniper hiding near him? He would have lost!

He still had much to learn… Why was it so noisy outside? It was like a bomb had gone off…

After waiting for a bit, Wang Zheng went out and noticed that a large group of people were in the central area watching something on the communal screen. …What in the world was so entertaining?

…This looks …familiar?

“Boss, quick. Come over and see this. Fuck, this guy just blows your mind. He uses a Wargod No. 1 and is invincible. His kick is basically a god killing technique! I’m going to enter the Skeleton Corps!”

Yan Xiaosu’s saliva splattered all over as he spoke excitedly. He had already long memorized all of the noobs IDs.

After the video analysis ended, an extremely beautiful advertisement came on screen:


Regardless of your profession or rank, enter the Skeleton Corps!

Don’t live your life as a gutless weakling!

Be reborn in blood and live forever!

Student Yan looked slightly crazed. He’d really entered the Skeleton Corps! In addition, he was even in a position others strove for. This corps was indeed extremely fitting for him.

The Skeleton Corps could be considered to be a different type of corps compared to the ones usually found in CT. A corps was usually filled with individuals of similar goals and beliefs who happened to meet each other online and decided to band together. To prevent fraud and being overcrowded, each corps had their own specialties. However, the minimum requirement to enter these corps was to have a high level of skill and a high win rate in the game.

.Yet, no corps was filled with as much excitement as the Skeleton Corps. This was because their core identity was to be engaged in battle and blood! Winning was battling. Losing was also battling. Most importantly, it all depended on what one wanted.

Wang Zheng’s previous battles had already been saved and arranged neatly. Unfortunately, as his first battle happened too long ago, it had already been deleted from the system and could not be retrieved1.

However, the battles that were available for viewing were already sufficiently shocking.

The opponents got stronger and stronger, and he kept using a Wargod No. 1 to crush them. Since his opponents would continue to be stronger and stronger, the opportunity to crush elite mecha was only a matter of time.

When it reached that point, would the legend continue?

No one knew, but this was the hope in everyone’s hearts.

“Too sweet. Fuck. Too amazing. Bitch, oppress these assholes. Ranks are meaningless!”

Student Xiaosu angrily rushed off. It could be seen that he’d been trashed by his opponents the previous round. He had failed the bronze ranked promotion matches and needed to re-accumulate points again.

“Boss, I want to learn new skills. Just researching God Skeleton’s video analysis would be sufficient!”

Wang Zheng stared at the obsessed Yan Xiaosu. He didn’t know if he ought to tell him or not. With Yan Xiaosu’s big mouth, if he were to spread the news, then Wang Zheng’s peaceful life would be gone!

Back in the dormitory, he realized that the other three had absolutely petrified faces.

Skeleton had only won one battle, was there really a need to be like this? With the personalities of these three, such an expression was absolutely too extreme!

“What happened to you three?” asked Wang Zheng.

The three looked at each other in dismay. Their expressions finally showed a trace of excitement, yet also disbelief.

Yao Ailun blankly looked at Wang Zheng and, with a soft voice, spoke only a single word, “Guess?”

At this point, Wang Zheng felt like grabbing him and throwing him out of the window. “How would I know? Could it be about the battle where Skeleton won once again?”

“Hehe, Brother Zheng, you’ve managed to guess half of it correctly. God Skeleton has once again completely devastated an opponent, but that’s not the most important part!”

“Was it how many new members the Skeleton Corps received?”

“Wang Zheng, you are Dormitory 007’s Dormitory Head; use your imagination!”

“Stop messing around, I wouldn’t be able to guess even if I tried my best. Up till now, I can’t really believe it,” Zhang Shan said. He didn’t seem like his usual self.

Wang Zheng shrugged his shoulders. He couldn’t be bothered with these three scumbags who kept him in suspense.

“Wang Zheng, as an ordinary man, have you heard of The Sound of Nature’s Echo.”

“Yes, their songs aren’t bad. They can be listened to.”

“Fuck. What do you mean they can be listened to? Your fucking requirements are too high. These are the songs of our goddess, Lin Huiyin2 ,” exclaimed Chen Xiu. He was beginning to go cuckoo.

“Ah.” Wang Zheng didn’t understand what these three guys were trying to get at. They seemed to be getting further and further away from the point. Lin Huiyin was someone that was known by everyone. Extremely popular, she was a celebrity in the Milky Way, an Aslan citizen. However, to Wang Zheng, her songs were just that; they could be listened to and that was it. He didn’t pay much attention to them.

“It turns out that there is a generational gap between the two of us. Goddess Huiyin is my idol. If I could just meet her once in this lifetime, my dreams would’ve been considered fulfilled.” As a representative of the new generation, Chen Xiu was slightly obsessed with her. It could be seen that when compared to Skeleton, the allure of a goddess was significantly stronger.

“Okay. Her agent have contacted us and hoped that God Skeleton’s combat footage could be used in her new music video. Now, do you think these two wouldn’t go crazy?” Zhang Shan smiled.

He loved Lin Huiyin’s music as it was very soothing and refreshing to listen to. Perhaps Wang Zheng’s standards for music were too high, or he could be just too old fashioned.

“Oh, it couldn’t be a scam, could it?”

The three were growing increasingly frantic over Wang Zheng’s calm demeanor. It turned out that the strangest guy in the dormitory was actually Wang Zheng.

After meeting Bonehead, nothing could make Wang Zheng scared anymore.

After meeting Little Shi, nothing could make Wang Zheng surprised anymore.

Bonehead could be a military instructor, and if Little Shi could transform into a princess, what in the world could happen that would be more outrageous than that?

.“Just do it then,” Wang Zheng said unenthusiastically.

“You sound as though you could be Skeleton. Fuck. Although we were the ones who created the Skeleton Corps, we actually have no power. We’ve already sent a message to Skeleton and don’t even know if he will reply! My god, if this works out I would be so blessed. My god and goddess would combined into one! GOD!”

Wang Zheng was slightly speechless. What the heck did he mean by combining into one?

“Actually, if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t matter. This is just a sideshow,” Wang Zheng shrugged as he replied.

“Brother Zheng, since you don’t play CT, you wouldn’t understand. You’ve never experienced being oppressed by others countless times. It was so bad that I wanted to die! God Skeleton gives me spiritual release while goddess Huiyin is someone whom I entrust my hopes in!”

“Wang Zheng, it doesn’t matter if you know or not. Us helping him is a form of support. It is also the culmination of our hopes and dreams!”

Yao Ailun adjusted his spectacles. He was unequalled when it came to crafting theories, but when he played CT, he was a terrible player. Thus, he held a lot of negative feelings in his heart which could not be dispelled. Yet he’d suddenly found a person that could represent his dreams. He was able to live vicariously through that person!

Wang Zheng couldn’t understand such feelings, but he could see that these guys were extremely serious about this. “Since you guys believe in it, I am sure he would agree.”

“Since you have this much conviction, I am sure he would be willing!”

“Remember, if it works out, you must get several signed posters from him!”


Wang Zheng shook his head and turned on his Skylink. In his CT mailbox he found Extremely Handsome’s message and replied to it. After all, it didn’t make a difference to him.

After replying to the message, Chen Xiu, who sat just beside him, suddenly rose excitedly and shouted, “Success! Success! The heavens have blessed me!”

The randomly jumping Chen Xiu was like a small child. Yao Ailun, who stood at the side, was more controlled. “Make sure there’s a signed poster and signed photo!”

Although she was not the most beautiful, Lin Huiyin was still known as one of the Milky Way’s most beautiful women and her fans were innumerable.

✫     ✫    

No one knew why such a popular entity would suddenly take note of Skeleton’s battle montages.

Fortune came too unexpectedly, and even Solon was surprised.

He’d spent a lot of effort promoting the battle, but the effects were just too profound. He suddenly found out that Lin Huiyin’s new music video wanted Skeleton’s battle montages in it. That almost gave him a heart attack! This was just too intense.

A wide and vast world was opening its gates to him.

Suddenly, a thought flashed across Solon’s mind: Believe in Skeleton and be reborn!

His comebacks that happened again and again had made him a true believer. Miracles were being created one after another.

Lin Huiyin’s team had even confirmed and made an announcement on her official media network.

✫     ✫    

Although the final appraisal had varied comments, there were several factors at play here. Firstly, the Aslan Empire possessed numerous experts, but the person chosen was one from the faraway planet Earth. Moreover, it was a noob! It seemed as though the song would be a motivational one but Lin Huiyin had never chosen such a direction for her songs.

Would it work?

Her cuteness and sweetness was unequalled. But of course, everyone was the same in that they wanted to breakthrough their own limits. But that dream was too plump and reality was boney; the failure rate for such an endeavor was extremely high. They couldn’t imagine what the extremely beautiful and sweet princess Lin Huiyin’s music video would result in.

Yet, the most faithful fans still gave her their full support, even as her rivals continued to sulk.

Wang Zheng had no idea what goddess Lin was like. However, what he could be sure of was that this goddess was in the middle of an unstable state of affairs.

✫     ✫    

Since she was in her own dormitory, Xiao Fei dressed very casually. She was in loose fitting pajamas, and her whole body exuded the feeling of a sensual beauty. As it was quite loose, if she didn’t pay attention then her snow white skin would occasionally be exposed.

At this point in time, Student Wang sat in front of her. Xiao Fei circled around him and seemed to be deciding if Wang Zheng should be baked in sweet and sour sauce or stir-fried with mixed garlic…

“Cough. Professor, could you please cut to the chase. If I know anything, then I will tell you everything and won’t hide a thing!”

Wang Zheng was extremely fearful of the empress before him that had absolute control over his future.

“Haha, that would be for the best. I would like you to know that you will not be able to tell a single lie before me. Did you solve Marcus’s question?”

“Who is Marcus? What Question? I’m so busy that I don’t even have time to help others!”

Wang Zheng gave a bitter smile.

“It wasn’t you? That day, I remember that I’d asked you to pass some materials to Marcus. You spent a lot of time there.” At this point in time, Xiao Fei seemed to have become a detective, and she stared at Wang Zheng with a burning gaze. It was as if she were a bee and had just found a fresh flower.

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  1. This should be referring to his first 5v5 match with Xiaosu. A.K.A. the match that would link would link Wang Zheng as Skeleton
  2. Huiyin here ‘回音’, means Echo. The same Echo in the bands name’天籁 – sound of nature 回音 – echo’

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