TSW Volume 2: Chapter 2


Volume 2: Chapter 2 – Distinguished Community

Even though Ye Zisu was around, Wang Zheng did not allow her to affect his usual training routine. However, to circulate the first level of his breathing art, it also required one to match it with vigorous physical activity. The body had to be developed alongside the art, to ensure a harmonious development.

“Student Ye, Wang Zheng should have been Daybreak Middle School’s trump card, correct?” asked Zhang Shan. He had already calmed down significantly. It seemed he no longer had that lecherous expression on his face, yet the lust in his eyes was still evident.

Ye Zisu gave a slight smile. “How do you see it?”

“Haha, I also want to better understand him. A person able to change Doctor Xiao Fei’s opinion, how strong can he be?!”


When Zhang Shan spoke of Xiao Fei, his eyes shone with admiration and fervor.

“I’m afraid you will have to be disappointed. In all 4 years of intermediate school, Wang Zheng had always struggled and barely maintained a pass on his subjects. He was only able to enter Ares College after the final term.”

“What?!” shouted Zhang Shan as he lost his calm. “That can’t be the case!”

“Actually, I also felt the same way you did; that it wasn’t possible.”

Ye Zisu glanced at the slowly jogging Wang Zheng. She didn’t understand it herself. Just how in the world was his brain wired?

“No need to worry, there will be plenty of time for us to get to know him better.” Zhang Shan laughed. A new school, a new environment, there would definitely not be a dull moment.

School had started for two days already, but this was the time school clubs were most ardently searching for new members. The two sides of the school yard were astrewn with club banners. All of the clubs with plenty of beautiful girls, such as the drama club, the dancing club, etc. were well received. However, there certainly were exceptions. For example, the CT Wargod Club. It was considered to be a club bustling with students. Although there were no beautiful girls, having brothers was fine too! It was probably the only distinguished club among all of the men’s clubs.

Other clubs, such as the Wushu, MMA, and boxing club, also managed to attract new members. Still, they couldn’t compete with those other clubs.  

In regards to dear Student Wang, well he was completely neglected… This was because he had the Physics Department’s insignia on him.

To the guys of the Physics Department, everyone politely declined them.

CT’s club was bustling with activity and Wang Zheng was actually extremely interested in it. Yet after thinking about it, it was easier if he could move around as an individual. Especially since this would allow him to train more efficiently. Letting it purely become a form of enjoyment, would be waste.

After finishing his breakfast, Wang Zheng left for the school’s service system. He had matched up the school’s curriculum with the associated material while his Skylink was downloading information. Some of these books …Wang Zheng had already read several years back.

Directly opposite the Physics Department building was the Mech Department building. The students from the Mech Department were engaged in excited conversation. Despite the majority of them being males, the number of students who wanted to be mech pilots were innumerable.

Regardless of whether it was a childhood dream to become a hero, or if one was duped into doing so, it was difficult to resist the allure of becoming a mech pilot.

Wang Zheng was one of those that was duped into becoming a mech pilot, Looking at how excited the others were, he himself almost drooled.

His Skylink began to ring… It was a call from Xiao Fei asking Wang Zheng to come over. Today was only the second day and classes wouldn’t officially begin until tomorrow.

Just as he prepared to leave, there was a shout from the crowd. An extremely handsome youth wearing a Mech Department uniform walked out. This was the first time Wang Zheng had met someone who could compare with that guy Xie Yuxin. In fact, this guy seemed even more perfect. It was hard to find any faults. Could this be the legendary Mr. Perfect?

“Is that Masasi from the Moon?”

“Yep, it should be him. The Headmaster personally invited him! He’s the cream of the crop.”

“Fucking hell, what is he doing on Earth. He should have just stayed on the Moon!  Then the Moon would have had the highest standards in the Sol System!”

“Only a ghost would know what he’s thinking. Perhaps he’s unable to continue living on the Moon and was forced here.”

“This scumbag has already been voted to be the most handsome guy of our generation!”

Tsk. I have to admit, this fucker actually looks pretty good.”

Masasi, who was totally relaxed, had a wry smile on his face. It seemed as though he had not heard any of the words the surrounding individuals were saying about him. This was one aspect of him that was better than Xie Yuxin. Xiao Yu, that guy, would only be relaxed when he was with Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu.

The crowd clamored noisily once again. This time on the opposite end, an individual approached. He had a head of flaming red hair. While he chewed at a piece of gum, arrogance and obstinacy were written all over his face.  

His hair was actually not dyed, but rather it was the defining feature of a Martian. Carl was quite tall and he exuded a heroic spirit, yet his thick lips caused his sharp temperament to become even more overbearing, such that it would repel anyone within a thousand miles radius.

“Masasi, I told you we would meet again!” Carl said provokingly.

Masasi merely gave him a warm smile. “Who would have thought that I would meet you here.”

“Haha, did you actually think that Gu Te, that old bastard, had the skill to convince me? I rushed here just to meet you. However, what I would really like to know why you gave up the opportunity to study at Atlan College and come here instead.”

Carl licked his lips. He was clearly extremely interested, and this time there was no need to be worried. In this school, there would be many chances to spar and it would be impossible to hide.

They were both well-known individuals in the Sol System intermediate academies and were naturally well acquainted.

Masasi gave a wry smile, “Headmaster Gu Te was very sincere.”

“Bullshit! Apart from some young maidens, there exist few distinguishing features to this damnable place. Honestly, only a bit of those leftover historical sites aren’t to be damned!”

In Sol System’s intermediate academy student ranking, Masasi had consistently suppressed Carl. He would never believe that this proud and arrogant individual would be swayed by someone’s sincerity to come to this god-forsaken place.

Masasi continued to smile and didn’t pay any attention to Carl. Then casually spoke, “Earth has Earth’s unique points. The new school term has started. Let us mutually improve on our weaknesses.”  At this point in time, the Skylink had finished its download.

Carl wrenched open Masasi’s hand, “The moment I beat you in a battle will be the moment I leave this damned place.”

He held no regard for the fury the surrounding people had towards him. He was full of unadorned hatred, yet he had failed to realize that this was Earth and not Mars.

The signature wildness and ferocity of the Martians could clearly be seen emanating from Carl’s body.

“Youngster, you must be Carl. Don’t be so ferocious. Ares College is Earth’s number one academy. In the entire Sol System, there are countless academies. If not for the fact that you’re a freshman, I would have knocked you down long ago.”

A 3rd Year Mech Department student, who had been previously restraining himself, stood up with unbridled aggression.

Carl’s face turned into a sneer, “Are Earthlings only good at talking? Or should I say that Earth’s soldiers are only adept at talking?”

“Fuck you!”

The Mech Department’s senior student could no longer restrain himself. He threw a punch at Carl which landed squarely on the side of his face.

Carl rubbed his cheek, “Brother, you have yet to finish drinking breast milk.”

A kick smashed across and with a bang. The student who was kicked, flew across the field by over 5 meters and crumpled in a heap on the floor.

“Too weak. This place is just full of weaklings. Masasi, what do you think you can learn here?”

They were in the main courtyard of Ares College and this was a provocation to every individual here! A group of people moved to surround Carl.

“What, do you want to gang up on me? Rubbish like you, no matter how many come at me, it wouldn’t make a difference.”

In a brief moment, 5 to 6 individuals had been knocked down. They were definitely not heavyweights. That Carl was like a ball of unbridled wrath. It was said that the Martian military academies fostered a barbaric culture and style as their foundation.

Was it really necessary to use it at a military school?

Masasi did not lift a finger but merely watched silently from the side. A trace of disappointment could be seen in his eyes. He knew that Earth’s standards had deteriorated significantly these last few years but even he didn’t expect that the standards had fallen to such an extent.

The students here were too comfortable, they did not seek to improve themselves.


Carl’s hand was blocked by someone. Xie Yuxin held still with an icy expression. “Carl, we are not on Mars, don’t push it.”

“Haha, who might this be. Is this not Xie Yuxin? I thought that you had gone to the Aslan Empire. Excellent, things are getting interesting. Today, for your sake, I will not push the matter.”

Carl shot back, separating from Xie Yuxin. After adjusting his uniform, he said. “Within the year I will beat the two of you and then leave this shit-hole!”

The Aslan Empire possessed the best military academies in the Milky Way Galaxy while also representing the highest standards. For individuals like Carl, Masasi, and Xie Yuxin, they all possessed the ability to enter those schools.

At the Aslan Empire’s military academies however, it was not only difficult to enter but difficult to be retained. In these few years, the students from the Sol System who were expelled were more than a few. They were the best of the Sol System, but when they returned, they were completely devoid of spirit. They refused to speak of their experiences there.

Carl had also wanted to go there, but at the very least he had to beat all of his rivals in the Sol System before he had the confidence to be there.

Xie Yuxin did not continue to bother with Carl. That person had a very domineering and haughty personality. He turned around and saw Wang Zheng and was extremely happy. At this point in time, Carl suddenly lashed out with a kick towards Xie Yuxin.

The crowd roared in displeasure. Who would have expected someone as famous as Carl to launch a sneak attack?

Xie Yuxin didn’t expect it either and he retreated on instinct. However, as the second kick neared him, Xie Yuxin had managed to block it, but his body lost balance and he flew backwards. Yet, Carl did not relent. He followed behind with two large steps he launched a vicious shoulder tackle.

Fighting on Mars was commonplace, and there could never be too much deception in war. This was Mar’s tradition.

A shadow appeared on the court grabbed Xie Yuxin while simultaneously receiving Carl’s ferocious shoulder tackle.

“Fellow classmates. We might all be angry, but we will have plenty of opportunities to exchange pointers in the future.” Wang Zheng said as his left hand grasped Carl’s right shoulder tightly.

Carl tried to exert strength but he realized that his opponent did not budge even a single inch. Twisting his right shoulder, he managed to escape from his opponent’s grip.

He looked at Wang Zheng with interest as he sized him up …Physics Department…

Xie Yuxin grabbed Wang Zheng, “Let’s go. This guy is no more than a rabid dog.”

Xie Yuxin was not easily provoked and thus he was suited to join the Officer’s Department.

“Actually I realized this place has become quite interesting.” Said Wang Zheng as they walked off.  He did not pay much heed to the sneak attack, furthermore, Carl was previously ganged up on by several individuals. Even if their strength was insufficient, one could not use that as an excuse.

“Carl is this Mars generation’s most well-known individual. The fact that he and Masasi chose to come to Ares College is quite strange. In fact, grandpa had called on many people to join us, but in the end only those two chose to accept. To be frank, grandpa did not expect anyone to accept.” said Xie Yuxin.

Wrestling was not his strong suit. Even if they did fight, he was not Carl’s match. Furthermore, he could not afford to offend him as despite Ares College being excellent on Earth, compared to the rest of the academies in the Milky Way Galaxy, its standards had dropped and were still dropping. Being able to attract Carl and Masasi was a mystery and he earnestly wanted to avoid a fight. Furthermore, if he were unable to defeat him, he would most likely be unable to let it go.

“If I can beat that guy, does that mean I can enter the Mech Department?” asked Wang Zheng as his eyes glittered with a golden light.

“ …Well, if you can perform exceptionally during military training, I can raise this situation with my grandpa. However, this guy only used 50% of his power just now. All those from Mars are just freaks.” Xie Yuxin shook his head.

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