TSW Volume 2: Chapter 3


Volume 2: Chapter 3 – Shit Gets Real

“That Masasi is quite the looker. He’s on the same level as you,” said Wang Zheng with a smile.

Xie Yuxin did not know whether to laugh or cry. “That Masasi did not have to test to enter Aslan’s best military college. I don’t know why he would want to come here. If I hadn’t heard this news first hand, I would’ve doubted whether I’d heard correctly.”

“That little white face is that great?” Wang Zheng asked curiously.

Xie Yuxin gazed blankly at Wang Zheng. “I cannot see if your qualification are just as good.”


“Fuck, this is all muscle!”

Wang Zheng teased.

✫        ✫        ✫

Very soon, the entire school knew of this disturbance. These two people had been specially recruited from the outside and were not ones from a good crop. Especially Carl, who had even came to blows with a senior.

This incident showed off Carl’s tendency towards violence. Martians respected the strong, but as for the weak… their lives were a bit cruel.

When Gu Te had first received the news of the disturbance between Carl and the Ares College senior students, he understood that the rest of the administration would no longer feel so pleased about their new, special students. Their views would definitely not be the same.

“Headmaster, that Carl acted out of hand within our Ares College. To beat up his senior means he should be given severe punishment. He must understand the relationships within society or else he may even have the idea of overturning the heavens!

“I also feel this way, this kind of student has not learned and does not know the complexities of the world!”

“How should we punish him?!”

As they met in the conference room, teachers had roused their ires. To the side, however, Xiao Fei continued to play with a space grid game designed to train one’s 3-dimensional capabilities.

“I had just been saying that you guys have far too much idle time on your hands since you’re making such a big fuss over nothing!” Xiao Fei said this while playing. A silence fell over the conference room.

Haha. Doctor Xiao Fei, how do you see it?” asked Gu Te, smiling.

“The present Ares College is very rotten. He didn’t say anything wrong, and it was a group of people versus one. The losers still have the face to complain? I say we just straightforwardly expel these kind of students. If that’s still not enough shame, then it’s no wonder why the Earth’s military rankings have gradually been slipping.”

Xiao Fei had no qualms about using a blunt bamboo pole to overthrow everyone else’s opinions. This included the headmaster, but he was still smiling brightly.

“Dr. Xiao Fei, you are the number one in Ares College,” Said the Teaching Director, Zhong Liang. “You shouldn’t say such words. As a student of the college, he should be…”

Teaching Director, Zhong Liang was saying.

Xiao Fei waved her hands to directly cut him off. “I say, oh ‘Great Director Zhong’, can you wake up? Do you feel he cares? Schools must make students respect them and become a place that makes other people respect them. Don’t bother bringing up the old Almanac, that was published before he’d even been born!”

Zhong Liang was so angry that his mental state was fluctuating wildly. To be lectured by a teacher so many years younger than himself! Unfortunately, this girl was the college’s trump card.

Haha. You two should calm down. I think that what Dr. Xiao said has reason. We cannot soak ourselves in old yellow history, and we cannot cover our ears while stealing a bell. This time I travelled to ten-plus military colleges. Every one of them was innovating. We have already fallen far behind and must make efforts to catch up at once. It will start during this year’s military training. We will adopt the use of an actual army strengthening program. The students of Ares College must, in the future, become mainstays of the army. They should have even higher requirements demanded of them!”

Gu Te borrowed Xiao Fei’s words, to determine directly the nature of the issue. He fiercely believed that the Earth’s students were not innately inferior. What the students lacked was a kind of spirit. The school needed to dig up this spirit and bring it forth!

It could not be said that Carl’s actions were not necessarily correct, but a serious illness required a vigorous medicine. What Ares College needed right now were people like Carl to arouse the student’s passion.

“Ah, you guys can continue. I almost forgot, I still have something to attend to. You carry on drinking your tea and chatting.”

Xiao Fei quickly left, leaving behind a group of teachers to look at one another with helplessness. The school’s inner section atmosphere had a progressive faction and a conservative faction. Innovation always touched upon a few traditions and had its benefits. Gu Te knew that change would not be easy.

But if they could not change, then Ares College would really have no honor to keep for itself. Besides the point that mankind originated from Earth, what honor was left for the people still on Earth?

Using Masasi and Carl’s high level to awaken that spirit in these students, Gu Te believed that Earth, being mankind’s origins, could definitely not be replaced by any other places.

This was his eternally held belief!

✫        ✫        ✫

Student Wang arrived at Xiao Fei’s ‘temple’. The reason why it had become a temple was because the physics faculty laboratory was the school’s most beautiful and most expensive place.

…The laboratory doors were still closed. Student Wang helplessly waited for half an hour before Xiao Fei arrived late.

Upon seeing Wang Zheng, Xiao Fei’s mood became better. Sizing up Wang Zheng from head to toe, she made Wang Zheng feel completely terrified. “Doctor, what were you looking at me like that for?”

“Come. I am first bringing you inside so you can get familiar with your surroundings. After all, you are my assistant. You must understand your domain.”

Xiao Fei spoke very proudly. It must be said many times that Xiao Fei’s mood was like that of a small child …though originally she wasn’t all that old to begin with.

Wang Zheng had mentally prepared himself for an extravagant place, but the spectacular sight of the laboratory still shook him.

“This is a particle separator. Whatever you want you can have. This is the only one on the entire Earth!”

Xiao Fei said, extremely complacently, “If you stick with me, I’ll guarantee it’ll never be boring!”

Wang Zheng wiped off his sweat, this… Doctor gave off the feeling of one trying to lure little kids.

“Doctor, I am but a new student. Saying these kinds of things to me are too high level. I cannot understand at all.”

“Relax, I’ll teach you. With your gifts, it will be very easy to master. Physics is mankind’s greatest science; you will fall in love with it.”

Xiao Fei’s eyes gleamed with a splendid light. This was the genius who had immersed herself in the world of physics! Student Wang was already desiring to leave, only at the present stage, it would be better to continue on.

“Doctor, my dormmate Zhang Shan is also very gifted. Could you let him be your assistant?”

Wang Zheng stated. With Zhang Shan’s circumstances, he should be qualified enough.

“That kid ah? He’s pretty good, but you’re a bit better.”

Gazing at Xiao Fei’s boiling hot expression, Wang Zheng became dizzy. He would have been more comfortable if Xiao Fei age had been a little older, but unfortunately she wasn’t much older than him.

He was dragged around by Xiao Fei on a tour for a long time until he was finally released. It was easy to tell that Xiao Fei had finally found someone who she could share ideas with.

Being in the science world was definitely lonely. Teaching others was one thing, but having an intimate friend could only be found by chance, not sought. Xiao Fei did not think that a middle school student would actually have such power of comprehension.

The original introduction was equivalent to a decent view of the general situation. This student possessed potential to become an outstanding physicist. It’s no wonder Xiao Fei was so impassioned.

✫        ✫        ✫

The second day of the beginning of school was passed busily. Following, military boot camp would officially began.

The military drill instruction was divided into two sections. One section was at the level of the standard military department, while the other was much easier at a non-military department level. The former was much harder, but students could choose.

Without the slightest hesitation, Wang Zheng chose the former. What was more unexpected was that he was not the only one. Zhang Shan also chose the former.

That day, students were assigned to suburban and urban sectors. Previously, military instructors from the capital’s military district were asked to teach at the school as a favor. However, a large majority of the students were not conscious of the fact, so it felt more like a school outing with new friends.

Changing into simple military uniforms, all personal belongings were stored until the end of the military boot camp. Dorms only contained simple and crude beds; moreover, a room housed one hundred people. It rather felt like they took a warehouse and cleared it out to turn it into a makeshift dorm.

Many people complained for days. With the never ending sound of complaints in their ears, Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan calmly found their positions. The two looked at each other.

“I did not think that you would also choose to follow the Mech Department’s basic training.”

“I said that I wanted to test into the Mech Department. What about you?”

“A brilliant mind must be paired up with a similarly strong physique. Besides, the level of the Mech Department isn’t all that wonderful,” Zhang Shan said loftily.

His build and strength actually gave him the capital for arrogance.

The two people did not have much to say to one another. Work and rest time were all very scheduled. When it came to sleep, other people still continued to complain and gossip, as if this were at a tea party. There were even some who directly used their Skylink to link up and start a game match.

Zhang Shan thought his will power was strong, but with such noise, he could not sleep. But when he turned his head, he discovered that Wang Zheng had closed his eyes and and already entered a state of peaceful sleep.

This level, to Student Wang, could be said to be a mere trifle. When you know tiredness, you can sleep comfortably even when standing up. In any case, was only a little noisy.

✫        ✫        ✫

At another place, Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun were already complaining incessantly. They were regarded as pure intellectual types. Towards this kind of situation, they were not adapting at all.

“I really don’t know what those two guys Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan were thinking. As intellectuals, it unfortunately seems like some guys with developed limbs got mixed in,” said Yao Ailun.

“Big Brother Ailun, Actually, Zhang Shan’s four limbs are very developed,” said Chen Xiu.

On this side, the Physics and Math Department students were in a completely different state. They only bothered with each other. Speaking with soft voices, each side seemed to be in their own world.

But no matter what was said, the college’s military training had begun.

✫        ✫        ✫

Very early the next morning, an ear-piercing ringing sounded out. The doors were kicked open and everyone looked blankly at the military personnel standing at the entrance door.

“I am your military instructor, Luo Yun. I will give you five minutes to assemble at the drill grounds.”

“Fuck, have you made a mistake, what time is it right now!?”

“I still haven’t slept enough. This military training is really tyranical! I, your father, will be reporting you!”

Luo Yun smiled slightly. “Each and every person who fails to meet the qualifications must directly quit school, as your admission notice already explained. Right now, you still have four minutes and twenty seconds remaining.”

After speaking, Luo Yun turned and left. The people in the room seemed to have their minds woken up a bit.

Actually, when Luo Yun had finished speaking, Wang Zheng had already finished tidying up. Zhang Shan’s speed was also very quick. It seems they had anticipated that this kind of thing would happen earlier.

Two people went out first.

“It seems like this Gu Te is playing for real,” said Zhang Shan as he laughed.

On the training grounds, they were not the earliest to arrive. Masasi, Carl and Xie Yuxin were already there.

Students continued to pour into the training grounds. In the end, the Mech Department and Officers Department had prepared their hearts. Even if they talked about what they would do, they still didn’t dare put it into action.

In the surroundings were ten or so soldiers who made a record of the people who were late.

Once everyone was present, approximately ten minutes had passed.

“All you late comers, turn around and run 10,000 meters!”

Immediately, there were people who didn’t want to. Luo Yun said coldly, “Quibblers can immediately leave. No one is being forced. This is an army. Everything is carried out according to military standards!”

The corner of Carl’s mouth was lifted into a smirk. This was but a trick on the level of playing house, that was all.

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