TSW Volume 2: Chapter 7


Volume 2: Chapter 7 – Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian

Fawn personally felt that he was very popular. As he watched the stream however, he couldn’t stomach it any longer. Fuck! What kind of bastard would use the Wargod No. 1 to such an extent!

Cough. Fawn has to make a slight correction. This guy seems pretty decent after all. Everyone, please await his next battle!”

Pausing the live stream temporarily, he let the users listen to some of his preferred music. Fawn hurriedly started to watch all of Skeleton’s videos. The more he watched, the more surprised he became. This fucker was a monster. He was an expert in close combat! Looks like this was slightly meaningful after all.

Including the battle where he had assisted Yan Xiaosu, Wang Zheng had already achieved five consecutive victories. This game was one that he would definitely lose! The matchmaking system would naturally assign him tougher and tougher opponents.


✫        ✫        ✫

“Boss, there are numerous high level experts who have appeared in the matchmaker. I think they wish to battle Skeleton.”

Hehe. This is the exact result I wanted!”

“But wouldn’t this match Skeleton up with higher level mecha? Wouldn’t this be a problem?”

Solon had a knowing smile on his face, “Battles like these cannot be avoided. He would have to fight them eventually. At most, he would just be forced to swap out his mech. So long as he wins we will continue to do this.”

“…But Boss, he has never replied to us. What if he doesn’t change his mech?”

Solon was stunned for a moment. Fuck. How could he have forgotten such an important thing! “What are you waiting for! Hurry up and inform him then! Are you a pig1!?”

✫        ✫        ✫

Wang Zheng did indeed see his system message inbox blink repeatedly, but since he was preparing for battle he was too lazy to reply.

Matchmaking Complete.

ID. Northwest Wind, Bronze III2. Mech: Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian

Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian: High-End Mech. Exported mech model. Overwhelming long distance firepower. Inbuilt magnetic field for interfering with enemy systems. Commonly used by soldiers of the Moon.

On the other side, Solon felt like he was an ant on top of a burning wok3 . Why was the opposite party not responding to him!

ID. Skeleton, Wargod No.1

Fawn couldn’t help but to be jubilant. The battle ahead would definitely be very interesting. Although, he couldn’t fully understand how a Wargod No.1 would try to beat a Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian.

When he saw the number of paying audience members, he was shocked speechless at the sight. Fuck your granny! There were 30,000 viewers already. In the high level arenas, this would be considered pretty decent. Looks like this guy was pretty well received here.

“Hello everyone! I would like to welcome everyone on this sunny morning to enjoy this battle in the beginner’s arena. A Wargod No.1 vs. a Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian. I’m very curious as to how Skeleton will plan to use his titanium alloy blade to stab the Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian to death!” ridiculed Fawn. “Everyone should know that the Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian’s nickname is the Thunder God. It is an extremely balanced export type mech, commonly used in the high level arenas. It has an inbuilt magnetic field which is specialized for inhibiting long range sniping. …Fuck, did I see something wrong? Our courageous Skeleton has chosen his weapon… and for today, he has chosen the laser rifle! GOD!”

While Fawn was explaining, he couldn’t help but to give a sigh of admiration.

This time, there were numerous viewers who had been invited by their friends. They couldn’t be bothered to watch the video. Some had just entered and once they did, they saw a shocking scene before them.

This expert was being a prick! Using Wargod No. 1 in jest was fine, but at least have some common sense!

The Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian was the bane of long ranged attackers. Although usually, just using the Wargod No. 1 was as good as digging your own grave. The Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian’s key ability was to disrupt long ranged combat; if one were to wait for the right opportunity and engage in melee combat, then with Skeleton’s close combat abilities, there was definitely a chance to attain victory. The problem was that he didn’t bring a blade, but instead chose a laser rifle. The laser rifle of Wargod No.1 was a basic one too. It would definitely be disrupted by the magnetic field.

Fawn did not expect to run into such a situation this morning. “Hello my fellow early risers. It looks like this competition will be over soon. Our little friend Skeleton looks like he has yet to wake up. He’s continued to use Wargod No.1 and even brought a laser rifle. I think he feels that his opponent, Northwest Wind, is a follower of Catholicism4!”

The atmosphere in the broadcast had changed. The rest of it was just ridicule after ridicule.

✫        ✫        ✫

In the office, Solon hit the table angrily, “You group of IDIOTS! You can’t even contact a single individual!”

Communication. Communication was extremely important. He greatly wished to interact with Skeleton. He wanted to let the opposing party know what a great financial opportunity he was. If the two of them worked together, they could have created a miracle.

Yet this opportunity was about to be destroyed!

Even a kindergarten child could tell you that one cannot utilize the laser rifle against the Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian.

The biggest problem was that Skeleton was clearly a close combat expert. Why in the world would he choose a laser rifle!

Suddenly a thought arose in everyone’s mind. He must have selected the wrong weapon!

He definitely selected the wrong weapon!


It was unfortunate that the competition had no option to back out. Begin!

✫        ✫        ✫

Battle Location: City Battleground

The city possessed numerous buildings which could serve as cover. Was he planning to use the rifle to literally beat the Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian to death?

The Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian had an energy shield, so even if he were to bash it with the rifle for an entire day, the shield would not break.

“Excellent, Skeleton my little friends, is planning to come out in public with a stunning appearance! He seems to be slightly perplexed as he examines his laser rifle. Looks like he really did choose the wrong weapon. To everyone watching this livestream, I am Fawn and I will be commentating on this battle of CT in the beginner’s arena. This battle will teach everyone an important lesson: lacking common sense is indeed quite a scary notion!”

By now, Skeleton already had numerous supporters. Yet under the insults and scolding of the other viewers, they had no way to defend Skeleton’s actions. Everyone possessed common sense after all.

✫        ✫        ✫

“Boss, the battle has begun, but viewers continue to rise. Attention to it is also increasing.”

Solon did not want to watch, but at this point, even if it was to be his final firework, he had to personally witness this battle.

✫        ✫        ✫

On the screen, the Wargod No.1 hefted his laser rifle and started spinning it around in circles. He seemed extremely curious. Then he fired a shot to the east and a shot to the west.

This clearly exposed his current position. The Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian had already started moving in Wargod No. 1’s direction.

“Excellent, looks like this will be a quick defeat. Contestant Skeleton has nonchalantly revealed his position. Based on previous analysis, within a 100 meter range, the Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian can completely disrupt the enemy mech’s shooting assistance system. Although some experts might be able to compensate for the interference caused by the magnetic field and adjust the laser, as mentioned, only experts are able to do so!” smiled Fawn as he explained.

At this point in time, Fawn’s Skylink received a message. If it were a more exciting match, he would definitely have left the message for later, but at this point in time, there was nothing worth paying attention to and hence he opened the message. Fawn was instantly overjoyed.

“Dear viewers, I have just received a message. Our contestant, Northwest Wind’s user is none other than the Asia Region’s 9th ranked player with the Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian, Zhang Hao! Congratulations contestant Skeleton, he will not have lost to an unknown challenger!”

This implied that there would be no chance for victory.

✫        ✫        ✫

The Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian trod carefully, his sides against the walls beside him. Even if the enemy ambushed him, he would have a way to react.

Actually, Zhang Hao did not feel that the enemy had any chance of victory. However he did not want to take any chances.

Wargod No.1 did not have any intention of hiding. Within a few minutes, the two individuals clashed. Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian unreservedly began to fire his lasers at him. The Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian possessed high explosive ‘A’ lasers which had significantly more firepower compared to a Wargod No.1’s small gun.

“Facing the Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian’s ferocious assault, the Wargod No.1 retreated! Excellent, this is an extremely smart move. Looks like contestant Skeleton has not given up. Please forgive me for not being professional, but I want to drink some milk. For the sake of this battle I have not even had breakfast!” as Fawn finished speaking, he immediately took out a bottle of milk.

Having an incisive personality was a commentator’s characteristic. Especially since he was coerced to come and commentate such a low level game; it was indeed humiliating.

Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian’s magnetic field had been activated. It covered the battlefield. Zhang Hao quickly took the initiative. In this sort of situation, so long as he was able to suppress the enemy, it would be easy to crush the opponent.

Using the Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian, it was important to keep some distance away from the enemy.

Thus even as he chased, Zhang Hao continued to maintain a safe distance.

Looking at the capabilities of the mech, exported mecha usually did not possess significant speed. The Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian, however, could not possibly be worse than the Wargod No.1. Once he caught a trace of the enemy, it would be impossible to escape from his grasp.

Once Wargod No.1 appeared, he would be subject to vicious assault. The enemy would have no way to retaliate.

Zhang Hao slowly approached the corner around which the Wargod No.1 was hiding. One would eventually run out of space to retreat.

“Everyone should be familiar with the City Battleground’s layout. Within the next three minutes, Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian will definitely corner the Wargod No.1 and it will be the moment everyone is waiting for. Fellow viewers, give me a moment to drink some milk. Whenever I see bad performances, my stomach feels hungry.”

Fawn’s insults had let those previously depressed viewers become exceedingly angry. They began to flood the chatbox with comments of their own. Both sides were arguing with each other. At this point in time, a small minority still believed a miracle would happen.

Fawn drank milk as he watched before laughing, “I can’t believe contestant Skeleton still has some die-hard fans. At this point in time, some still believe he can win. I, Fawn, have broadcasted for three years already, and even livestreamed the power struggle of Monarchs! So let me tell you, this situation has no chance for reversal. None at all. If Skeleton were to win, I will eat this milk carton.” Fawn spoke as he laughed loudly. He didn’t understand what Solon was trying to do.

He had heard Solon would not be able to work for much longer and wanted to give him some face. But who would have known it was a trap! Livestreaming such a performance would be considered a joke in his circle of friends, and the more he thought about it the more he regretted it.

Just as Fawn spoke, the Wargod No.1 was located. Suppressed under Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian’s firepower, he continued to retreat backwards with very little space left.

At this point in time, the Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian had forced its way across. At this rate, within 10 seconds, they would meet face to face.

From the start of the battle till now, the Wargod No.1 had not fired in the enemy’s direction. Thus it led people to wonder if he knew how to use the laser rifle.

“Ten, nine… excellent! Contestant Skeleton has decided to make his last stand. He is awaiting the moment his opponent appears. A pity.”

When Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian was about to appear, he suddenly stopped and then he rushed out. This prevented the enemy from peeking out and spotting him causing the Wargod No.1 to lose his element of surprise.

The Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian stood face to face with the Wargod No.1. Both sides’ guns were already facing each other.

The Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian began to fire. Rumble rumble rumble…

Four lasers beams were fired directly at the Wargod No.1.With a commentator, the finale had to be commented on.

“Magnetic Guardian fires. Excellent! His shots are very accurate. The Wargod No.1 has climbed behind the wall. This is his life’s final wall.”


Eh? The Wargod No.1 returned fire. Without the assistance of the shooting system, the laser raced towards the Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian. Zhang Hao broke out in cold sweat and immediately activated his energy shield. This was a basic function of the magnetic field, but the laser had not been disrupted! The laser hit the cockpit directly.

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  1. Just a funny way to call someone stupid
  2. Reminder: This is a MOBA style game, and League of Legends was the most popular on in China at this time. So the ranking system is similar to that system. Bronze three is his division, and III is the rank
  3. Wok is a large black frying pan.
  4. A joke here meaning he is a good person, won’t return violence, won’t kill, will turn the other cheek etc. etc.

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    Essentially it is punishing people for being talented. Instead of trying to get those out to a level where they have people that can fight them fairly as fast as possible it deliberately tries to slow them down to about double the advancement speed of an average player (that is 1 win/1 loss, for a 50% ratio, at 5 points for 2 games it takes 400 games to get to bronze).
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    That criticism aside, I do actually enjoy the story, thanks translation team!

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