TSW Volume 2: Chapter 8


Volume 2: Chapter 8 – Fawn! Your mother’s calling for you to go back home and drink milk

“Ah, not bad. He indeed does display the skill of one of Asia Region’s top 10 Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian users. His ability to displace the laser is very precise, Wargod No.1 will be down to his last breath soon!” laughed Fawn.

This shot had led everyone to feel shocked. Those that were following the scene closely, sighed in admiration. It was a pity Zhang Hao had turned on his energy shield before he was almost destroyed. However, now the energy shield had now been turned on.

With its activation, Zhang Hao could not afford to waste energy and he rushed in the direction where Wang Zheng was hiding. His charge pulverized all the debris in his way as far as the eye could see.

The Wargod No.1 jumped into the air… he was definitely looking to die…



A laser fired. The Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian wanted to return fire but the mech was rocked by a vicious explosion. He was hit!

Was it a lucky hit?

As he prepared to adjust his machine, rumble. The mech was rocked by another impact. This was caused by Wargod No.1 who had landed a distance away in front of him. He was no longer going to hide and instead prepared to suppress the Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian.



The magnetic field should have been able to interfere and disrupt one’s shooting assistance system!

But what if the pilot did not require it???

What if the pilot was a godly gunner???

The magnetic field could indeed cause the laser to deviate!

But what if the pilot could make calculations and correct the deviation???

What if the pilot had made adjustments in advance???

Technically speaking such a feat was possible. However, practically speaking, it was impossible for anyone to execute it!

The laser hit the energy shield repeatedly resulting in the Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian rocking endlessly. Still, Zhang Hao exerted excellent self-control and calmed his heart. All he needed was one chance. One chance and he would be able to turn the enemy into scrap metal!

Time was of the essence.

Even if his energy shield was hit, with the Wargod No.1’s rifle, it would still require more than 10 shots to deplete its energy.

Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian raised his high explosive laser rifle, bang…

The whole world went silent. A trail of light burst from the Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian’s rifle. However… this ray of light wasn’t shot out, but rather, it was Wargod No.1 who had shot it into the rifle!

The tables had turned!

The high explosive laser rifle had been destroyed. The Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian had become an unarmed pretty little girl! Wargod No.1 continued to advance. Those in the chatbox whom had previously held on to the very end had suddenly been filled with burning fervor!

Bang…  Bang…

Every hit on the Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian caused it to rock. Zhang Hao immediately withdrew his alloy blade and rushed towards Wargod No.1. He had to rush into the enemy before his energy shield depleted.

Wargod No.1 did not show any intention of dodging. He continued to fire round after round at the Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian.

There was only a distance of 10 odd meters between the two. The 8th shot depleted the energy shield of the Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian.

Six meters!



Nine rifle shots!

Skeleton WIN!

Resounding applause flooded everyone’s ears. Everyone’s eyes were full of fireworks.

He could even win in such a situation?

At this point in time, Fawn was cut off from the screen. Actually, while he commentated, he had been holding the carton of milk. The straw which he had been drinking from was jammed into his nose. He had taken a deep breath in surprise and half choked to death!

The chatbox erupted into a frenzy of activity.

“Fawn! Your mother’s calling for you to go back home and drink milk!”

“Hurry up and eat the milk carton, we are waiting!”

✫        ✫        ✫

Although the battle was over, this matter was not settled. Zhang Hao opened the public channel. He had originally broadcasted his identity in order to use this opportunity to become famous. But who would have thought such a situation would occur!

“There was a bug. Wargod No.1’s laser rifle would definitely require at least 10 shots to deplete my energy shield! This has been tested!” Zhang Hao exclaimed.

If the shield had blocked one more shot, he would have been the victor!

At the same time, the viewers were also whispering among themselves. Although no one was really paying attention to this issue, it was true that people had done tests. Especially in the higher level arenas, the amount of damage one could sustain was calculated very precisely.

Especially since the Wargod No.1 was such a basic model, it was best used for such testing.

Could it be that this Wargod No.1 had a problem???

Solon was so happy he looked as though he was on drugs. “Quickly analyze the video!”

No one else was clearer about the facts than Solon. There were definitely no bugs. Since there were no bugs, then it was definitely due to skill!

Whether one agreed or not, everyone, including Fawn, was waiting for the analysis. As a professional commentator, he was extremely clear. With Wargod No.1’s laser power, it would definitely require at least 10 shots to deplete the shield. If the shots were badly placed, it would take even more hits.

The analysis of the video had come out.

Even the chatbox had become temporarily silent. Everyone’s movement had slowed down.

Wargod No.1’s shots had been affected slightly by the displacing effects of the magnetic field. However even under these conditions, he was still able to hit. Although it was easy to say, this actually went against a pilot’s instinctual habits. Even under close scrutiny, no one could believe he was able to do this. Wargod No.1 was extremely accurate with the laser rifle!

At this point in time, no one was concerned with his monstrous ability to calibrate on the fly and his accuracy. The problem was he had only fired 9 shots.

Everyone knew that 9 shots was not sufficient to break the shield. Furthermore, one shot even hit the gun.

At this point, the eagerly awaited analysis had come out. Other than the single shot that had hit the gun, the other 8 shots had all hit the exact same position!

Energy superposition consumption law!

When the same position is hit by repeated fire, the energy consumption for shield deflection would increase!

The analysis showed the energy shield’s energy consumption. By the time the 7th shot had hit, the shield had only 8% of its energy left. Thus when the 8th shot had hit, it destroyed the shield and hit the mech.

This was the epitome of attacks!

He had just succeeded by a slim margin. The shield had been destroyed as a result, and the Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian was unable to leave even a scratch on the enemy despite sacrificing his life.

This was a miracle!

It was a string of coincidences that had led to this occurrence. If just one thing went wrong, Wargod No.1 would have lost.

Yet as a result, Skeleton won!

At this point, the livestream had a new attraction. Fawn had wordlessly started to tear up the milk carton, cramming it into his mouth piece by piece… he was really swallowing the milk carton!

The last mouthful had to be washed down with water. He looked as though he had been constipated for over 10 days.

The worker beside him suddenly spoke as though prompted and asked, “Commentator Fawn, I’m sure everyone would like to ask what your opinion on this battle would be.”

Fawn calmed himself and then replied, “Cough. I admit, I almost peed my pants. This was the work of a god!”

Invulnerable God Skeleton!

All of you had been tricked. Skeleton was actually a long ranged expert!

Revealing CT’s largest secret – Wargod No.1 is actually an all rounded mech!

Student Wang was currently recalling his gains. The Rubik’s Cube had a reaction to the battle, but it was not exceptionally large. This gain was not as significant as the military training he had gone through. The battle was not exceptionally difficult either.

Although the viewers had watched with exceptional fervor and trepidation, in reality, once the first laser had been deflected, the battle was already over.

Calibrating for the magnetic field was nothing special. Wang Zheng’s strongest suit was his mathematics and spatial judgement. Once he fired a single round he was able to calibrate for the magnetic field’s interference.

Ah, actually, if he was able to fire faster, 8 shots would have been sufficient. Perhaps then he would have gained a larger amount of battle energy. Wang Zheng felt that he had to work harder. Such an easy battle, and he didn’t perform better.

After his self-review, he paid his bills and left.

If his enemy had known how Wang Zheng was feeling, he would probably have quit CT altogether.

✫        ✫        ✫

“Boss, there are currently 46,000 paying viewers! It’s a new record!”

The entire office was filled with applause. Solon then noticed, he was covered in sweat.

Trying his best to show a relaxed expression he spoke, “It has been tough on everyone. Our next task will be to figure out a way to contact Skeleton!”

“Don’t worry! We will continue to message him. One day he will be moved by our sincerity!”

Solon strode back to his office steadily. Closing the door, he jumped up in excitement like a little kid.

This was too sweet!

✫        ✫        ✫

Those that woke up early on a weekend morning to watch the match were few. They would definitely go and play a few rounds themselves. Suddenly, everyone was wondering: Why were there so many people choosing Wargod No.1?

After watching Skeleton’s Wargod No.1’s godly performance, everyone felt that Wargod No.1 was an extremely strong mech. Actually, other than the fact that it had no energy shields and an average offensive capability, despite the limited choices for equipment, it had an excellent ability to pay attention to its surroundings allowing for better judgement!

This was a mech that could allow one to become a god!

Thus, numerous passionate kids were all tricked. They lost so quickly and so much that they even lost their pants1!

They cried out desperately. Many of them were unable to dodge other mech’s assaults. Even more often than not, before they could even unsheathe their alloy knives, they would already be reduced to a fiery heap. Of course, there were also those who were able to operate it better. Ambushing an enemy from a corner and relentlessly attacking, once the fight began they would began to realize they could not even deplete the enemy shields and as a result, they too would also be reduced into a smoldering heap.

Wargod No.1, at the end of the day, was still Wargod No.1; a training mech.

After using it one would finally realize, this wasn’t a fucking mech. This was a trap!

The more professional gamers, all formed their own corps. It was a form of glory. Of course, forming a corp around a single elite made more sense. All of the famous corps were built like that, just having several strong elites were enough.

All the corps that were slightly more famous usually had a diamond level player as the leader. At the same time, they set high standards for entry in order to develop promising talents. This was the only way to maintain a corp’s glory and fame. Likewise,  this would help spread the corp’s fame.

Yet on this day, a special corps had been formed. This corp was known as the Skeleton Corps. It was different from the rest. This corps had no requirement for the player’s skill level. However, the leader was not part of it yet. No one knew who this leader really was.

The most important part was that to enter this corps, one had to believe in miracles.

When this corps was formed, there were thousands of people who rushed to join. More accurately, thousands of noobs joined.

In actuality, Wang Zheng’s recent battle had already entered the top one hundred searched Sol Federation CT games. Particularly noteworthy was the fact that it was the only game from the beginner arena.

There were too many experts, and the King’s Confrontation had numerous exciting matches. Even in such a situation, such a match was worthy of being placed among them. It also had to be said that Fawn was a courageous man. He actually ate the entire milk carton. The battle was a blessing in disguise for him.

At the start of the match, everyone only believed Skeleton was only capable in close combat. Usually, a professional player would only focus on a specific type of combat and not be a jack of all trades. Furthermore with the Wargod No.1, the laser rifle was as good as a decorative ornament. Yet, after this match, it showed everyone that even ‘spring would eventually come to the field of lilies’. No one would now dare to say that the Wargod No.1 could not shoot someone to death!

Compared to his close combat ability, Skeleton’s long range skill was even more unfathomable.

This battle could not satisfy a craving. Especially to the players who had used the Wargod No.1 and had been tyrannically oppressed. They could only watch the videos to feel recharged and after that, continue to battle before getting destroyed again.  

Yet, for some unknown reason, their hearts would be filled with passion. Every male longed to become a god!

Such a sight was quite common. When they lost, it would give rise to numerous insults among players. Even then the teammates would hope, what if one day they were matched with the real Skeleton?

A torrent of new usernames cropped up, “The Real Skeleton”, “Skeleton Number 2”, “Skeleton00” and so on. These would lead those kids who were eagerly hoping for a fluke to want to cry yet have no tears.

This was truly oppressive!

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  1. I laughed pretty hard here. It is a reference to gambling and losing so much you even bet away your clothes.

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