TSW Volume 3: Chapter 1


Volume 3: Chapter 1 – Crazy Tempo

Looking at Xiao Fei’s expression, Wang Zheng suddenly remembered. It was something that he had completely forgotten as it was insignificant.

“Ah, you couldn’t be referring to the question on the blackboard? I wasn’t taking it seriously and was just doing it for fun. Crap. That didn’t cause any problems, did it?”

Student Wang was speechless. Wasn’t this an insignificant issue?

Xiao Fei helplessly shook her head and took a deep breath, “You are trouble. You really caused a headache this time.”


“Randomly scribbling shouldn’t be a crime, right? Worst come to worst, I should just be able to help the Math Department clean the blackboard.”

“The current problem is now, that Marcus wants you to enter the 4th year Math Department class!”

Student Wang’s forehead creased and three dark lines could be seen on it. This was a school, not an underground society! How could it be that the professors were getting fiercer and fiercer?

Looking at Wang Zheng’s pitiful expression, Xiao Fei couldn’t help but burst out in laughter. “Your random scribbles answered a question which others have been racking their heads over for a long time. It’s led a group of genius Math Department students to look up at you in admiration. If you were in Marcus’ shoes, how would you have dealt with this?!”

Wang Zheng let out a huge sigh of relief. The principal had told him not to offend anyone, else it would be extremely difficult to change departments.

“Little bastard. Although it isn’t obvious, your talents aren’t few. Such a treasure was picked up by me! Even if Marcus, that old bastard, wants to try and steal you away from me, it will only be a dream of his. Relax, this older sister will protect you!”

Xiao Fei was extremely forthright as she patted Wang Zheng’s shoulder. As the distance was just one arm’s length away, Wang Zheng could only see a snowy white, absolutely spotless expanse in front of him.

In the Rubik’s Cube, Bonehead had made him undergo training against such desires. However, his heart knew that what he had trained against was all fake. Yet now, what was in front of him was the real deal.

Sigh. This…”

Looking at Wang Zheng’s face which was now completely red, Xiao Fei stared blankly at him for a moment before realizing what had happened. “You’re not bad, yet you still don’t have a girlfriend. How about I accept you. A relationship between a teacher and a student is still pretty good.”

This was her usual way of bullying others. This demonic lady would derive satisfaction from seeing Wang Zheng’s awkward embarrassment.

“Looks like I frightened you. Older sister’s expectations are very high, but you barely meet the requirements. Work harder! In the future, I might give you a chance.”

After saying that, she gave Wang Zheng a charming gaze. Our dear Student Wang was so frightened that he wanted to escape as quickly as possible. If he were to stay, he didn’t know what else would happen. He was a young and vigorous adult male. Even Chen Xiu knew that the best type of women was one that was seductive, wise, and of great character. He was no different.

In her room, Xiao Fei was like a child who was extremely proud of herself as she laughed. Bullying little boys was extremely fun. In the future, she would even have to properly protect this little bastard. She already had a competitor in the form of the Mech Department. If he really did join them, the problems would only multiply.

With such an excellent foundation in mathematics, he was a genius born to do physics!

✫     ✫     ✫

Meanwhile, on the faraway Planet of Aslan…

The entire planet was the most structured in the entire Milky Way, each building constructed according to a predetermined layout. As such, it was so aesthetically pleasing that anyone who saw it would be caught by surprise. Elegantly designed environments, lavishly abundant in greenery, covered vast swathes of the planet. Twelve intelligent satellites surrounded Aslan, periodically absorbing sunlight and providing Aslan with solar energy. During times of war, they could also be used as mighty weapons.

On the 36th floor of Aslan’s famous Star Pagoda was Lin Huiyin’s Sound of Nature’s Echo’s music recording studio.

“Your Highness, I don’t understand why you would want to take such a risk. There is absolutely no reason to do so!”

“Indeed. We have the best team available. If you wanted to try a new style, we would definitely be able to produce something of the highest quality!”

A group of workers were currently surrounding a little girl who seemed to possess the atmosphere of an immortal. The girl’s bare legs were currently dancing according to a rhythm inside the room. Right outside the window were Aslan’s uniquely ring-shaped butterfly constructs. They were flying machines that never stopped traveling back and forth, keeping everything neat and tidy.

♫♪ I want to know what kind of person, she had kept in mind constantly! ♪♫

The girl lightly bit down on her tender and lovely lips. She was the famous beauty that could move mountains, the one and only Lin Huiyin of Aslan.


This was Sound of Nature’s Echo’s new single. Once it was released on the airways of the Milky Way Alliance, of the 18 music ranking charts, it became the single ranked first for 10 of them!! It had created a never before seen miracle.

This was something that numerous music critics would never have imagined. Although she did rely on her looks and had absolute confidence in her youth, the most important part was that her singing style was completely unique. It allowed Lin Huiyin to become popular throughout the Milky Way.

However, just relying on her sweet personality also had its limits. After releasing two albums, Lin Huiyin was confronted with a choice in her musical direction. She could choose to change, or to continue with the way she currently was. This was a choice she had to make for herself.

Of course, Lin Huiyin didn’t have to bother with the criticisms. She didn’t have to change at all. However, just based on this guy’s combat style, however, he gave her inspiration to write a new song. A song that had lyrics that made one’s blood boil and instilled encouragement among the people. To an Aslan individual, this wasn’t a significant issue. It was just the fact that the response had exceeded Huiyin’s own expectations. She felt that this song was not too mediocre, but never would she have expected that this experiment would have turn into her best result yet. 

Number one on 10 of the ranking charts, this song was the most played song. Even fussy people had no complaints with regards to the song.

This was Huiyin’s first singing and rapping single!

It had to be said that numerous youths became absolutely crazy over the song. Every station was playing the song. So long as one heard the song, they would become extremely fervent!

The MV1 was even more stunning. A lone Wargod No. 1 in unimaginable battles, one after another. The lead actor seemed to possess unparalleled skill and a courageous aura, regardless of the enemy.

♫♪ I‘m not afraid to take a stand

Everybody come take my hand

We‘ll walk this road together, through the storm

Whatever weather, cold or warm

Just to let you know that, you‘re not alone

If you feel that you‘ve been down the same road ♪♫

At this point in time, the MV showed Lin Huiyin in full military attire pointing towards the sky. During a moment of desperation, it showed the Wargod No. 1 executing a pentakill with godly skill.

This was the fervent climax!


♫♪ I‘ma be what I set out to be, without a doubt undoubtedly ♪♫

In the MV, Huiyin and the Wargod No. 1 would take up the two sides of the screen. One after another, opponents of the Wargod No. 1 would appear and be coolly destroyed.

♫♪ Regardless of the enemy, we will definitely fight till the end!  ♫♪ 

Rays of light shot in all four directions. The Wargod No. 1 would just fight one mech after another as the music began to intensify in volume.

♫♪ And to the fans, I‘ll never let you down again, I‘m back ♪♫

When the music ended, the Wargod No. 1 and Lin Huiyin stood together, both giving off a radiant light.

✫     ✫    

Back in the dormitory, Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun were almost going mad as they danced ecstatically. This was perfect. This would be the Skeleton Corp’s anthem.

This song’s influence was slowly spreading. Wang Zheng’s battle videos silently became the most searched videos in the entire Asian Region. Numerous others from the other regions were unaware that this was a real battle that happened and wasn’t staged. However, there was practically no one in the Asian Region who didn’t know of this fact.

It was just that Sound of Nature’s Echo’s influence was just too large. It had directly catapulted Skeleton’s battles to the top.

Wang Zheng had also seen it. It goes without saying that he was absolutely shocked. When he was in middle school, he had also listened to Huiyin’s music. However, after experiencing the Rubik Cube’s training, his personality had experienced numerous changes. He no longer enjoyed listening to such gentle music. Yet he could never have imagined that Lin Huiyin was such a genius. The song had captured the feeling of his battles!

Some of this was from the heart. Only Wang Zheng could truly understand that air of haughtiness and the desire to attain his goals.

The title of the song was the finishing touch: NOT AFRAID2. It was akin to telling oneself that regardless of the situation, one had to keep on going. There was nothing that was frightening in this world.

Zhang Shan was also dancing. No one knew that he had a gift for breakdancing! “Unparalleled! This is fucking awesome. This song is perfect!”

“This is my Sound of Nature’s Echo’s’ self-written song!” Chen Xiu said in a pleasant tone.

“When did it become yours?”

“I am a Sound of Nature’s Echo’s fan club’s loyal fan! I have been a member since the day it started. I am a senior member!” Chen Xiu said proudly.

Yao Ailun adjusted his spectacles, light flashing from the lenses. “You call yourself a fanboy? Your brother here has collected all of her albums and posters, including the Aslan Special Edition. Have you?”

“Older Brother. You truly are of my blood. Can you let me see it!?”

“If you perform well, I will even let you listen,” Yao Ailun said with a smug face. He enjoyed the feeling of being worshiped.

“Wang Zheng, it looks like the two of us are still quite rational.” Zhang Shan said. Although he liked her songs, he would not debase himself to such a state.

“It truly is quite nice to listen to,” Wang Zheng said sincerely. He truly felt that the song resonated with him.

“Wow, we have reached the maximum number of members for the Skeleton Corp. This is unacceptable. We need to upgrade it!” exclaimed Chen Xiu.

“We need to find an administrator. Fuck your granny! The administrators have already used the footage as a promotional video. They need to give us some compensation!” Yao Ailun angrily slapped the table. The two of them started to tinker around.

Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan were speechless. The two of them usually acted like old men, but when they were childish, they were exceptionally childish.

✫     ✫    

“I have told the professor and she said she would consider,” said Wang Zheng. He felt that a single assistant was just too dangerous and that Zhang Shan was truly a genius and truly wanted to develop in this direction in future.

“Thank you! You two can continue talking, I need to take my leave.”

Zhang Shan heavily clapped down on Wang Zheng. Wang Zheng’s body was extremely strong and he was not afraid that it would be hurt.

This bastard is just in heat, trying to get a hold of young girls.” said Yao Ailun disdainfully. He styled himself as an omniscient, capable of anything.

“I have a brother and he is in the Skeleton Corps. Could you help him increase his privileges? He also likes Skeleton a lot.”

“This is only a small problem. I wouldn’t give up this chance if I were your friend.”

It looks like Yan Xiaosu’s personality fit the other two extremely well.

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  1. MV was what was used in the raws. Not Chinese. Should be slang for Music Video.
  2. The Author wrote these words in english. Being in a different language gives it a special emphasis.

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