TSW Volume 3: Chapter 10


Volume 3: Chapter 10 – Comeback

“You dare to seduce the beauties of the Fine Arts Club!”

“What could you be talking about? Only you could treat a person like me as a treasure.” Yan Xiaosu chuckled.

An Mei actually liked Yan Xiaosu’s personality this way. This was the boy’s charm. Actually, there was absolutely no way he was as bad as he claimed to be. Whether it was his family circumstances or his personal situation, both were pretty good. Actually, no matter where they went, An Mei felt very proud of him.

What kind of background does this Wang Shishi have? Tell me when you get back. This girl is too pretty and well-mannered to be suitable for Wang Zheng!”


She might be pretty, but she is still slightly inferior to you,Yan Xiaosu said, the words grating against his conscience.

“Tut! Sweet talker, you know how to speak words. Trying to change the subject won’t work, so explain clearly and don’t you dare tell me you don’t know!”

An Mei pinched Yan Xiaosu’s side.

“She is Wang Zheng’s distant relative who visited Earth before to have fun. Perhaps she only changed schools because she felt Earth’s environment was very novel.” Yan Xiaosu’s classmates still stressed loyalty among brothers.  

An Mei lowered her head. “Aslan girls might have very good personalities; however, when you look at her clothes, she’s obviously wearing common clothing. Her circumstances must also be that way. How is she better than our Zisu? Really! You boys really are bad judges of women!

An idiot strikes again, Yan Xiaosu thought, laughing bitterly. Boss, your brother has played the scapegoat for you many times.

On the road back to class, Aina simply did not mention the so-called potential rivals. That is not to say Aina felt she was vastly superior, but that she understood Wang Zheng.

Even though they hadn’t known each other for very long, from the moment they had met at that wonderful encounter, that time spent together was already enough for her to understand him.

The afternoon physics lecture finished quickly. With Aina present, Wang Zheng felt that the passage of time had already lost all measurement.

After school, both of them definitely wanted to spend their time together, and Aina wanted to watch Wang Zheng “battle”!

As Aslan’s princess, Aina had definitely met experts, as the Aslan Empire did not lack elites. After returning, the terrorist organization was suppressed, and she heard the killers they had sent were well-known assassins. Yet they couldn’t even receive one of Wang Zheng’s moves. This caused Aina to be filled with curiosity towards Wang Zheng himself.

Regarding Skeleton’s success, the brainless idiot Yan Xiaosu mindlessly failed to recognize what was right in front of him, but Aina knew and remembered. It was just that during her stay in the Empire, she was always under the surveillance of others and had almost no freedom to verify it.

For Aina, Wang Zheng was the most charming when he was in battle.

Regarding his  ID as Skeleton, Wang Zheng had never intended to hide his identity from Aina.

Wang Zheng logged into CT. He thought, If Aina wants to watch, naturally I am going to put on a good show.

When Skeleton’s ID went online, countless alerts immediately sounded out ding ding dong dong.

If Rainbow had any free time, he spent it waiting online. The brothers on his  team frequently ridiculed him; if he kept ignoring his SWAT duties, sooner or later he would be discharged.

Rainbow was calm and collected concerning this. Who said SWAT had to force themselves to bitterly train all day? Every mech pilot had their own hobbies.

Seeing Skeleton online, Rainbow immediately voiced a yell of excitement, echoing the same from many other people. At the Internet Cafe, the number of SWAT team members immediately increased. After hearing that the master oppressor had been oppressed, they wanted to witness this man’s remarkable abilities for themselves.

For the Skeleton Corps members, the login of Skeleton to CT was a joyous occasion like a holiday and brightened their moods.

Rainbow notified Chen Xiu. Chen Xiu immediately told Yao Ailun and Yan Xiaosu. As Skeleton Corps members, they personally showed up.

The only thing left to look forward to was the matter of whom the opponent would be.

Wang Zheng feared the free-matched opponent would be too weak. In the middle of selecting his challenger, he suddenly discovered a familiar name.

Wild King.

This guy’s skill was fairly good, and after seeing the details, Wang Zheng smiled. This elder brother was very straightforward and wanted to battle again, but not with a Wargod No. 1. He wanted to use the mech he was experienced with. If he lost again, he would join Skeleton Corps and become a follower.

Wang Zheng didn’t particularly care whom he battled against., His primary goal was to make  certain that the person he fought would let Aina watch a relatively good competition.

Skeleton versus Wild King!

Everyone stared blankly. Didn’t this idiot already lose once before? How was he not convinced of his inferiority and instead came to challenge Skeleton again? What was the meaning of this audacity?

Very quickly, however, everyone was  stunned.

They had seen immense bravado  before, but never this extensive.

Wargod No. 1 battling Light Cavalry Type D!

Old friend Solon was also stunned. The idiot Skeleton needed to stop playing with Solon’s heart, or he would die.

Last time, with Wargod No. 1 versus Wargod No. 1, he had almost lost. Although he made a comeback, it still looked dangerous. Wild King was definitely Asia Region’s top ranking expert, but right now he was using the Light Cavalry Type D that he was most adept in.

This was a rhythm courting disaster.

All of the staff members in the hall were at a loss. Technology had limits. Was he willing to accept all of them?

Rainbow and all his fellow brothers were also dumbstruck.

“Boss,  this guy is fucking insane! If Wargod No. 1 can kill Light War Cavalry, I’ll change my last name to his!”

“Supposedly after losing a match to Skeleton, this Wild King lately has been a rising player, and his battles in the Diamond League have been fairly awesome.”

“This is really not smart. That last match’s win was a thriller, but this time Skeleton is just playing with fire.”

Rainbow did not say a word. He had already fought with Skeleton and had a strange feeling regarding Skeleton’s abilities. He knew Skeleton hadn’t used his full strength. Countering every move was also a way to enjoy the process of a fight. Rainbow felt that he was a little similar to Skeleton, but their tempos were somewhat different.

Wild King’s own skill was obvious, and this type of fight was very dangerous. However, the more he was exposed to  this type of danger, the more he had something small to look forward to.

Wild King himself couldn’t believe his opponent really accepted this type of unfair fight.

Regardless of who won or lost, both applauded their opponent’s courage.

In real life, Wild King was soon to enter a special training area in order to prepare for the event where the three great military academies would meet to exchange experiences. Originally he hadn’t been that serious about preparing for this event, but the President knew of Wargod College’s preparations behind the scenes, and he wanted to prevent a setback.  After all, this year, Wargod College was fighting on home ground and wanted to present a strong front.  

Therefore, Wild King hoped to use a match victory against Skeleton to welcome the beginning of the nauseating training he was soon to start.

The Light War Cavalry Type D mech was one of the Aslan Empire’s common scout machines.  Among their present general mecha, this mech was one of the best balanced for overall performance. Simply stated, this mech could display the pilot’s ultimate ability. Matched with an MP5 laser rifle’s accuracy in a moving and vibrating environment, the precision level was excellent. The laser sword, however, needed to be swapped for a better weapon.   

Because Wild King was extremely confident in his skills and mech advantage, he decided to let Skeleton choose the battle setting. His own mech’s superiority was too big to take the extra advantage of also choosing the arena.

Almost as if they were one person, countless players waited online. What setting would Skeleton choose this time?

Upon seeing the choice made, their eyes suddenly bulged as if to pop out of their heads and fall to the ground.

A simple arena!

The most cruel and most direct arena with no shelter and no retreat. A pure display of a mech’s performance and skill.

For an already superior mech, this arena was the first choice. The open arena prevented unexpected accidents and was the best selection available.

Skeleton was wanting to defy the heavens!

“Brilliant, the earth cannot stop Skeleton being a god!”

“I dare to choose everything. In front of this older brother, you’re just a child!”

Fuck, if you can win, elder brother won’t believe in love!”

“Your father, what does this and love have in common!”

“Damn it! Older brother doesn’t believe you and love are related!”

All kinds of godly comebacks were spoken, and all kinds of PK’s defied heaven. The votes on the outcome of the battle continued to increase.

Even under these conditions and in spite of everything, 40 percent of the people believed Skeleton could win. Some of the new spectators were stunned. Do these people have mental problems?

Within the Skeleton Corps group, Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu were enthusiastically singing their battle song – Lin Huiyin’s new release NOT AFRAID. No matter who Skeleton’s  opponent was, they would be stamped flat!

“Hello everyone, I am the omnipresent Fawn. Since before dawn yesterday through  noon today, I’ve been recording the Diamond League’s kings competition for supremacy. I originally thought that I’d have a good afternoon nap, and I never suspected a certain someone would appear again in front of me,“ Fawn’s voice was still full of ridicule as he said. “Seriously, some people are extremely arrogant – Wargod No. 1 facing Wild King’s Light Cavalry. Everyone should already have heard of Wild King, but you still may not know of his specific accomplishments. Wild King has eleven consecutive wins in one versus one battles in the America region’s Diamond league and nine wins and one loss in five versus five group battles, continuing his defense of ranking as the Diamond league’s number one Light Cavalry.”

Fawn swallowed his saliva. “Very good, a simple arena map gives us something to look forward to. Player Skeleton surpasses God, Amen.”

He made the sign of the cross over his chest. League commentators could not avoid slight pauses in their speech to throw in some polemics. The likes and dislikes of the commentator were clear, and no one could do anything  about it. Anyone who ate two milk cartons and had diarrhea for a week as a result would also have this tendency.

Fawn and Skeleton were full of energy. He still really didn’t believe this guy was unequalled.

Aina was at Wang Zheng side. She liked Wang Zheng’s ordinary self-confidence; yet even if Aina didn’t really believe this match was winnable, hearing the commentator’s introduction regarding this Wild King player sounded very awesome.

On a spaceship, Huiyin was curled up on a sofa happily eating popcorn. Her eyes were wide open. “Interesting, interesting, let me see how awesome you really are. Tsk tsk. The power of love really does make people blind!

Very clearly, enough time had passed. Elder cousin should have arrived by now. For a boy? After one exciting event in her life, she became impulsive. Impulsiveness often was a devil.

“An Jili, do you want to eat popcorn?”

“Thanks, Highness.”

“An Jili, don’t be so serious. Do you feel Skeleton can be victorious in this match?” Huiyin smiled. “The name is very rebellious.”

“This guy is a blockhead. Wargod No. 1’s capacity is insufficient, and the deployment distance is too close. The differences between the two mecha are too huge. Unless his opponent is stupid, there is no way for him to win,”

An Jili meticulously said.

“For all you viewers who’ve already waited a long time, the battle will soon start. Please remember this moment, it might be my last time commentating a novice competition. Thank God, I will finally be set free,”

Fawn said uncaringly. He really didn’t care about the common people’s feelings. Of course there were a lot of supporters; after all, every competition had a large number of new spectators pouring in.

In the CT office, staff members were all stunned because 80,000 people actually paid to watch this competition. Of them, there were over 10,000 who chose the VVIP holographic level to watch.

What type of rhythm was this?

Solon continually drew the sign of the cross on his body, God bless and protect. By all means, don’t let his be my last supper.

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