TSW Volume 3: Chapter 11


Volume 3: Chapter 11 – Like Sweeping Up Dead Leaves (Burst)
The combat area was like an ancient Roman arena. This environment was the best setting at stirring a warrior’s heart.  

Without a doubt, this place showcased the pinnacle of technique.

Wild King’s Light War Cavalry Type D arrived. Aslan Empire’s designs had always combined beauty and power. It had a sleek look…even the mech’s face was elegant. Supposedly, golden proportions were strictly enforced. 1

Of course, simple aesthetics really didn’t matter because fighting strength was the most important.

Skeleton’s Wargod No. 1 arrived on the other side.


Wang Zheng lightly stretched. Standing by his side, Aina didn’t say anything; the feelings in her heart could not be expressed with words. She had acted like it was easy to be by his side, but Wang Zheng knew that it was actually very difficult.

One thing Wang Zheng could do was use the battle to express his own feelings.


The battle still hadn’t started when everyone suddenly saw a usually non-responsive Skeleton write something.

To offer apologies beforehand, what did it mean?

Wild King also stared blankly. Could it be the other player was withdrawing?

At that moment, a sense of crisis entered his heart as a terrifying aura emerged from the body of Wargod No. 1; it was the same feeling he had only felt before during a dangerous street fight.

It was a feeling amateurs couldn’t sense, butWild King was no amateur.

Battle start!

“It finally started. We are going…eh, the Light War Cavalry is using long range suppression?”

Wild King liked the Light War Cavalry’s more violent style that favored close combat; however, he quickly raised the MP5 laser rifle.

On the other side, Wargod No. 1 increased its speed as it dashed towards the Light War Cavalry.



The Light War Cavalry’s attack started. The MP5 laser rifle’s power paired with Wild King’s skill could definitely suppress his opponent.

This was a little excessive!

The spectators were astonished. They had already determined which mech was superior, and that the setting was more suitable for displaying skills. But using a rifle to finish it?

Wild King didn’t hesitate in the slightest as he acted on the sense of crisis he felt.

As the laser roared, Wargod No. 1 increased the speed of his charge and executed the Arc Slide Step again, swaying with a heavy momentum.

Wild King was completely focused, and his hands lacked even the slightest tremor. Although he was firing freely with the MP5, there was a limit to what it could do.

After two Arc Slide Steps, any movement was courting death. A person’s ability to operate had a limit; even if a person was a robot, they would still require a break. Similarly, a mech needed a buffer.

At that moment, Wild King’s laser arrived.

Was it too late for the Wargod No. 1 to dodge?


A laser beam shot out and exploded with a tremendous noise in midair.

Wild King’s jaw dropped to the floor in alarm. Was it a coincidence???

The Wargod No. 1’s laser beam and the Light War Cavalry’s laser beam actually had the same trajectory, allowing Skeleton to narrowly escape destruction. Even more astonishing was that Wargod No. 1 threw away his laser rifle during this maneuver.

However, Wild King didn’t have time to be shocked as he sensed a terrifying attack coming.

The MP5 quickly recharged, and the laser rifle rumbled once more.

Because of the distance,  it was already too late to use Arc Slide Step.


Everyone’s mouth formed an O shape as Wargod No. 1 abruptly swayed and the laser beams pierced through its after image. The mech had performed a nearly impossible dodge. It was as though it had teleported.

This was simply impossible!

If it was another opponent, they likely would have lost all confidence, but Wild King was different. Until it was over, who could say what the outcome would be?

The MP5 again blasted an attack at the incoming Wargod No. 1; however, a light flashed.

The Wargod No. 1’s alloy warblade directly pierced the laser rifle.



The alloy warblade was sent flying. The retreating Wild King didn’t lose his balance and immediately flicked on his energy shield and unsheathed his lightsaber.

Then history’s greatest tragedy happened.

Later Wild King said if time could go in reverse, he would definitely have stood still, not moving.

In mid-air, Wargod No. 1 had already, as fast as lightning, recovered his alloy warblade and just as quickly initiated an attack at the Light War Cavalry mech. How was this disadvantaged? This move was completely treating the Light War Cavalry fight as a piece of cake.

In the smoke from the lasers, two fighters intertwined as the lightsaber and the alloy war blade violently collided together.

However, it was a one-sided battle.

As the two swords crossed each other, the lightsaber was suddenly blocked as Wargod No. 1 rushed forward.

Leaning Landslide!

Rumble rumble.

Despite the protection of the energy shield, the Light War Cavalry was immediately sent flying with Wild King dizzy in the cockpit. The mech was fine, but even if it wasn’t real, the heavy attack still caused a certain shock.  

After the Light War Cavalry was knocked flying, without any extraneous movement, the alloy warblade sharply attacked again.

Thump thump thump thump…

Ancient Europe had a sport called fencing that the nobility immensely enjoyed.

A one-handed, rapid-thrust style that used high-frequency attacks.

Similar to a strong wind, a chain of attacks formed together into a sword beam that slaughtered towards the Light War Cavalry.


In the blink of an eye, the energy shield burst open, and the Light War Cavalry flew into the air once more.

Yet, the Wargod No. 1 stood in place not moving, merely watching quietly.


Before landing, the Light War Cavalry’s chest exploded.

Everybody watching the program was extremely quiet. They were petrified as they watched the images.

This might have been a fight without any resistance, but nobody would have expected this type of outcome.

This was a Hurricane Strike!

This Skeleton God!

In the Skeleton Corps, a burst of hysterical shouts had already sounded in the air.

In the dormitory, Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun madly jumped around hugging each other.

This fucker, his tempo was thoroughly heaven-defying!

Because Wild King’s maneuver was smashed apart, he had no chance to retaliate. This was madness!

“This is bullying a child!”

“I didn’t even see it all clearly, and it had finished. Is it an illusion?”

Slow motion playbacks were already coming out.

They were already attentively watching the evasion of the laser rifle using the Arc Slide Step; some experts also used it often, but it was his counter laser strike at the crucial moment that left him breathing room. How much precision did this demand?

This was only the beginning of a supreme god.

Moreover, it wasn’t the appearance of an unreal Wargod No. 1 sockpuppet, but Wargod No. 1’s extremely frightening pace. It’s upper and lower body moved independently to the extent that the opponent’s attacks were way off from misjudgement!!!

This was footwork like that of a phantom, the Bewildering Shift.

Such a move  is top-notch in misleading the opponent. Supposedly, it was the military‘s ace pilots favorite move.

This was still just the beginning. If they couldn’t believe what had happened just then, then their hearts would burst at the sight of what happened after.

At the moment when the two mecha were less than 10 meters apart. Skeleton decisively gave up his laser rifle and drew his alloy warblade. Then at a critical moment, he attacked straight at Wild King’s laser rifle. Anyone would collapse facing an opponent manipulating a match this beautifully, but Wild King’s will power was absolutely firm, and he was able to aim again. However, the laser rifle was still struck, and it exploded.

Wild King didn’t commit the same mistake as Little Sister Red Dish, and he immediately turned on his energy shield; however, everyone felt he really should not have done this.

The simple shoulder strike split the rock-like defense and shocked the world. Watching it in slow motion, Wargod No. 1’s entire left arm had sunk down. This fucker used all his strength.

The same attack was even powerful enough to severely affect an energy shield, yet it still wasn’t the limit when performing this kind of fierce offense. Under this kind of attack, even if it was CT, a pilot may have been rendered unable to breathe. Afterwards, an even more terrifying thing happened.

Chained Lightning Thrust!

It was a sequence of consecutive, rapid attacks focusing on a single point of the energy shield to break through as quickly as possible.

That was the official explanation and even a child could understand it, but who could execute it with the same speed! The same accuracy! The same consistent attack!

The effect of Wang Zheng’s finger and wrist strength was displayed. Because he was in such close quarters with his opponent, the end of the successive thrusts didn’t allow enough room to wave his arm. He relied completely on combining a flicking thrust and reversing the rebound force from the reflection barrier back to his opponent to form an extreme attack.

The energy shield ruptured as easily as crushing dried leaves and smashing rotten wood. The power gathered from the barrier’s reflective energy was enough to annihilate the mech. If it was a real mech, then the mech pilot inside would have been eradicated already.

At the end, everyone felt helpless as they watched the Light War Cavalry fall like a leaf.

As Wargod No 1. stood in the middle of the arena, it was as if Ares himself had descended!

The experience was especially vivid to the VVIP spectators who felt as if they were personally there, and they could not stop their uncontrolled, mad howls.

This battle could ignite the blood!

Wild King buried his head in his hands as his tears fell uncontrollably. He refused to submit to anyone. It wasn’t that he had never experienced defeat, but after every past defeat, he would have paid it back with double the interest.

But in this battle, he really felt helpless.

At that moment, he finally understood what the SORRY before the match meant.

When the official analysis of the match came out, Solon had already stopped believing in God and converted to the Skeleton God.

The new video was mixed with Lin Huiyin’s NOT AFRAID. When the music and the fight were combined together, it was a sensational experience.

Paying spectators had miraculously surpassed 100,000 counts; moreover, ten minutes after the battle ended, they actually hadn’t left, and the number of people logging in was still increasing.

Those who missed the battle could only cry themselves to sleep.

Red Dish and his 10,000 teammates looked at each other in dismay and were speechless for a long time.

“This guy isn’t part of the armed police force but an Army…”

“The average person’s body would be crippled after finishing this type of movement. It’s absolutely impossible!”

“You really have to consider that perhaps the number of people who can pull it off can be counted on the fingers of one’s hand,  and they certainly wouldn’t be bored enough to  do these things.”

“Boss, where did a prodigy like this guy pop out from? My hands itched watching this fight.”

“Come, if you want to know the answer to that riddle, join the Skeleton Corps!”

Rainbow thought, beaming with smiles, It is getting more and more interesting. His premonition actually really came true. Before the battle, he already had a premonition this battle’s tempo might be different than in the past.

The result turned out to really be that way. The battle this time was definitely the layman watching and experts seeing the road. The technique was secondary; the problem was how tough one’s body strength must be before being able to perform it.

This result required devilish training.

Inside the Milky Way’s Brilliant Star spacecraft, Lin Huiyin was still crunching on popcorn.

“The opponent was very weak, and it was over so quickly. This is boring.” Obviously, Huiyin was very gifted musically, but in terms of battle knowledge, at best, she was probably able to tell who won.

The cute, stretching, snow-white leg and small toe mischievously flexed again and again. “An Jili, look at how flexible my small toe is. You definitely can’t…yi!”

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  1. Also known as the Golden Ratio. It was used by many artists and is thought to be an indicator of beauty.

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    1. Disclaimer: I don’t know if this applies or could apply and I admit I have no physics knowledge beyond Gen College Phys I.

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