TSW Volume 3: Chapter 12


Volume 3: Chapter 12 – Boss, Don’t!

“Even in Aslan the number of people who can perform this type of move can be counted on one hand.”

“Eh, eh, can you execute it?” Lin Huiyin asked as she bounced on the sofa.

“I can. This type of person is still worth fighting.” The corner of An Jili’s mouth rose; yet, hidden within her haughtiness was also a trace of respect.

An Jili, who stood at the side, didn’t make a single move while watching the battle, but she knit her brows.


“An Jili, girl’s shouldn’t knit their brows so often. It’s a bad habit and will make you age faster. Sigh, I originally thought I would see a brilliant battle yet he won so easily.”

“Your Highness, this one has a question!” An Jili said in a deep voice.

“Oh, question? What question?” Lin Huiyin asked with interest.

Lin Huiyin was happy. An Jili was an expert her mom had found. Being approved by her mother, who had stringent requirements, was definitely not an easy thing because her mom was Aslan’s Iron Fist Prime Minister and was well known in the harsh Milky Way Galaxy as Kashaven Lin Aslan.

Fortunately, her mother was sticking to the tradition of the royal family and placing all her hope on her older cousin; therefore, she herself was able to have a happy life.

Regarding this trip, Huiyin thought it had become more interesting and couldn’t say for sure if anything big would occur.

In fact, countless people wanted Skeleton to say some words, but, as usual, as soon as the battle ended Skeleton disappeared as if he were in a hurry.

✫        ✫        ✫

As far as Wang Zheng was concerned, this was the first time he cared about having a showy performance; it wouldn’t matter if he was hit 10,000 times by Bonehead, he still couldn’t let Aina down.

Taking off the connector, Aina stared fixedly at him, but he couldn’t see any other reaction. Did it finish too fast?

Right. Aina’s from Aslan so she should know about Wild King.

Fuck. I should have given him an opportunity to act.

As Wang Zheng was mulling over the battle, Aina suddenly moved closer and lightly kissed his cheek.

“Brother, this was the most brilliant fight I have ever seen.” Aina’s charming face reddened and her hand trembled a little.

Wang Zheng was dumbfounded. Despite his age, it was his first time being kissed by a girl. Also, it was even from the girl in his heart.

In the end, Wang Zheng hugged Aina on impulse; this was what he had been longing for the most. He wanted to fully embrace her in his arms as if he were holding the entire world.

A man had to take the initiative. Tyrant Su didn’t even know how many ways ‘to take the initiative’ he had explained to Wang Zheng, yet at this moment Wang Zheng’s mind was blank. Wang Zheng’s and Aina’s hearts were pounding; however, for these two who liked each other, instinct alone was enough.

Wang Zheng took the first kiss of Aslan’s most beautiful princess.

After resisting slightly, Aina’s eyes that could enchant all living things closed and what remained of the two melded together.

It wasn’t certain that her other half would be a prince, but he would definitely be brave.

Time had stopped inside the small room. Wang Zheng’s demands were as insatiable as an excessive child.

When the two walked out of the room with red faces and hands held tightly together, the world seemed to have become like a scene within a movie.

The fat boss was an experienced person. After helplessly watching the two leave, he was unable to bear any more of it; he shook his head and sighed. “Youth is truly good. Thinking back, I was an elegant young man as well.”

“Boss, didn’t you say that you were even fatter as a youth?” An insensitive shop assistant inquisitively asked.

The boss was expressionless as his reverie of his youth collapsed. “Deduct one day’s wages!”

A miserable scream resounded in the internet cafe, “Boss, don’t! You are the most handsome man under heaven…”

✫        ✫        ✫

Despite what had just happened between them, Wang Zheng’s and Aina’s relationship remained a layer of window paper1—a single poke and it would break. They were both very happy with merely strolling around hand in hand. It was such a foolish thing that Wang Zheng thought he would never do so in his life. Now though, it seemed he was a tsundere2.

As they held hands, their simple pressed together palms soon turned into interlaced fingers. While riding the maglev train back, they sat looking into each other’s eyes. After sending Aina to her place, Wang Zheng returned to school and laid on his bed, still feeling like he was in a dream.

Similarly, Aina also laid on her large bed in the Shangri-La’s presidential suite. Outside she was guarded by a heavy security detail. As Aina softly touched her lips, a red flush suffused her cheeks. From childhood she had received training in Aslan’s culture where bravery and strength were seemingly the required traits for a partner, yet the boy Aina liked had a warm heart.

When she first laid eyes on Wang Zheng it was through a window and he was a boy foolishly hesitating at the doorway of the restaurant. At that time, Aina didn’t know how she became attracted to him. He was hesitating as if troubled, yet deep within his eyes he also seemed to have a firm goal and even held an aura of being matchless under heaven. How could these contrasting qualities show up in a boy with a similar age to her?

Aina’s skylink rang, breaking up her reverie. The projected image was a girl who could match her beauty.

“Dear cousin, you should have already arrived. You must come and cheer me on at my Capital Concert!” The girl in the image winked. “Grab that guy on your way and bring him so I can check him out.”

Aina had told this secret only to Lin Huiyin. This little girl’s gossip-filled heart was definitely burning hotly.

Happiness must be shared and the only person who gossip so much was Aina’s own younger cousin.

As the image disappeared Aina felt a little helpless. This girl is always looking to stir up trouble.

✫        ✫        ✫

Wang Zheng had just closed his eyes and was about to recall the sweet—suddenly his eyes opened and he discovered two big, round faces.

“Fuck, what do you two want!”

Wang Zheng sat up. Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun both had obscene smiles. “Elder brother Zheng, you have such a good thing. You have to share with your brothers!”

“Wang Zheng, as the dorm president you must set the example for how to act. Share your experiences.” Yao Ailun also smiled.

“I don’t have anything to say, but what are you guys so excited about?”

Wang Zheng was no fool that would honestly serve out a prison sentence. If he told the truth then he would be ridiculed to death by them.

“Naturally, it was that our great Wargod staged another crushing battle. He was awesome as fuck. I even worried that Wild King’s being oppressed has become an obstacle in his heart!” Chen Xiu said.

By Chen Xiu’s side, Yao Ailun pushed up his glasses. The corner of his mouth was curved into a smile that revealed his so-called wisdom and strength. “Wang Zheng, there is no point changing the topic. As the dormroom head you cannot just focus on your own happiness… boss, introduce us!”

This turn of events was a little fast and made Wang Zheng unable to know whether to laugh or to cry.

“Right now I have also just started and still don’t know who to look to for guidance. Don’t you guys have a target?”

“Speaking about this, after being lectured by Tyrant Su about how taking the initiative was best,, I finally realized that intelligence always loses out nowadays.”

Only after hearing Yao Ailun sigh did Wang Zheng remember that An Mei was also Yao Ailun’s objective.

“Elder brother Zhang, you’re the most amazing. In my whole life I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman like sister Shishi. Those so-called celebrities are all pathetic.“

Chen Xiu revealed the envy within his heart.

Wang Zheng naturally had reason to be proud. This feeling was too incomparable. But if this was spread around, he feared he would be chased and killed by all the males in the Milky Way Galaxy.

“Big brother. Dear brother. If she has a younger sister, older sister, anything… introduce us to them.”

Ailun could always grab onto the main point.

Wang Zheng rubbed his nose. “I’ll help ask for you. How is your Skeleton Corps set up?”

“That is called a surging tempest. Let me take a look first. There are a pile of enrollment applications… oh, isn’t this Wild King?!” Chen Xiu said in surprise.


As far as the prideful Wild King was concerned, this defeat destroyed his confidence of possessing elite talent. Experiencing danger on the streets was a precious treasure that let him become an influential figure immediately after entering Apollo College. In the CT world he was even more invincible, but in this encounter he had been utterly defeated.

All in all he was still very young.

But Wang Zheng’s SORRY before the match nevertheless became the straw for Wild King to clutch on. He wanted to know why it had been said, and it was exactly because of this reason that he didn’t reach the point of completely losing faith in himself.

Joining Skeleton Corps was just the best way to get the answers he sought.

Living on the streets taught a person that however far one falls down, it was just a place where one crawls back up from. Only in this way can one overcome one’s self.

Chen Xiu accepted Wild King’s application without the slightest hesitation. Wild King wasn’t the first and also wouldn’t be the last; moreover, what Skeleton Corps urgently needed at the moment were experts; too many newbies needed looking after. Sister Red Dish was one and adding in Wild King, the number of experts would only continue to increase.

This world nevertheless gave beginners little room to survive. There was no way to say for certain if somewhere in here there was someone who would create a miracle.

They couldn’t give up because of low odds; furthermore, people who break out this way frequently are then able to move towards the pinnacle.

Wang Zheng looked at the two’s administration methods. Military style, clear-cut division of labor, and still lots of fun. It was even more like a living community.

Wang Zheng was also slightly pleased with himself. After all, he had lots of people who liked him.

Only, he had to train faster. At the minimum he had to gather enough battle energy to summon Bonehead in order to have it give him a reasonable explanation for the surprising change in battle energy… of course, given Bonehead’s situation it was very likely he wouldn’t get a result.

Thinking of Aina, these so-called problems all became fleeting. Everything will turn out for the best; he didn’t need to worry about it.

Wang Zheng laughed foolishly as he laid on his bed. Suddenly, he especially wanted to meet with her, even though it had only been a moment since they had been separated.

Thinking it through, Wang Zheng decided to give Aina a message. “What are you doing?”

Quite lacking in substance, but lovers acted this way. He had barely sent it before he received a message. It was from Aina.

… it had said the same thing.

The princess was also a person; the IQ of brothers and sisters in love were about the same.

Afterward, the two started a continuous bombardment of messages lacking any real substance. A senseless subject could make them both happy for a long time.

Yao Ailun on the side was unable to bear it. “Alas, an idiot has fallen into the pit of love once again.”

“Eh? Ailun, is it possible that being in love isn’t this way?”

“Stupid, being in love requires one to keep their rationality. Whoever falls first is the first to get hurt. We want to handle emotion with rationally.” Yao Ailun’s words were as profound as a professor’s.

Chen Xiu didn’t really understand as he replied, “My mom said that if you are sincere then you will have love.”

“Didn’t your mom ever tell you all women are tigresses?” Yao Ailun looked at Chen Xiu with contempt.

Chen Xiu shook his head.

“Let me tell you as your older brother; women are all very scary. If you’re not careful then even your skin and bones will be eaten. Look at Wang Zheng. If even a tenth of his IQ still remains right now, then it wouldn’t be bad. A simple topic like the weather and he’s already talked for half an hour. He can almost be considered a weather forecaster.”

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  1. Window paper is just that, a thin paper that is used instead of glass for windows as well as doors.
  2. The raws really had tsundere. If you don’t know what it is check the link.

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