TSW Volume 3: Chapter 13


Volume 3: Chapter 13 – Big Brother Really Doesn’t Want to Stand Out!

Whenever An Mei returned to the dormitory, she tended to gravitate towards Ye Zisu. Meng Tian was just too cold and unapproachable. Although she wasn’t a bad person at heart, they couldn’t get along so easily.

This Wang Zheng was truly fickle when it came to love affairs. He’d quietly gotten a girlfriend of his own already.

When An Mei told Ye Zisu about what happened, she seemed extremely calm on the surface, but deep down within her heart, she couldn’t believe it. She could be considered as one of those who knew him a bit better than most. Practically no one paid any attention to him during his entire time in middle school. Furthermore, during the holidays he had gone to OMG and interned as a mechanic. When did he have the time to look for a girlfriend?

Also, it was extremely obvious that Wang Zheng was the sort that took a long time to warm up to people. To have suddenly gotten a girlfriend, she just truly couldn’t believe it.


An Mei could see that Ye Zisu seemed unconvinced of the situation. “Susu, I also talked to her. No matter how I see it, she is a formidable opponent. I feel as though she’s absolutely invulnerable! You need to be careful.”

“I believe that with Susu’s qualities, you are more than capable of beating her. It’s not like she’s a three-headed, six-armed monster,” said Du Qingqing.

The two of them were extremely curious about Wang Zheng. To be honest, she and An Mei felt it was slightly strange. Although Wang Zheng wasn’t ugly, he didn’t seem very exceptional either. They didn’t understand what part of him had attracted two polar opposite individuals to him.

Even if his military performance wasn’t bad… what did that account for?

Furthermore, right now, he had silently and wordlessly gotten himself an amazing girlfriend?

“That’s right, our society leader asked us to speed things up. What happened with him? Does he want to go back on his word?” asked Du Qingqing suddenly as she blinked at Ye Zisu.

Ye Zisu understood her meaning. This wouldn’t be a bad excuse.

“Susu, I support you wholeheartedly. Even if there is a struggle here, it is only an internal one. What we can’t do is let outsiders seize our resources!”

An Mei clenched her fists and continued, “Tyrant Su is our source of insider’s information. I will get as much info out of him as possible.”

Ye Zisu bit her lip as she replied, “It’s all up to you guys now.”

An Mei and Du Qingqing looked each other in the eye. Deep down they were slightly shocked. On the outside, Ye Zisu was a gentle and kind person, but inside she was extremely haughty. To be able to make her admit defeat and look for external help, especially since Wang Zheng didn’t seem to harbor any feelings for her, made it seem as though they were in a dream.

✫        ✫        ✫

Aina was an exchange student. She didn’t come here just to date; she was also here to learn. Some of the lessons she took also overlapped with Wang Zheng’s. For example, Xiao Fei’s lesson. Even if it were considered on an intergalactic scale, she could be considered to be at the top of her field.

The two of them had already exchanged timetables the day before. Today, the two of them would get to go to class together.

Wang Zheng had arrived extremely early to reserve a seat, listening to music as he awaited Aina’s arrival.

“You like to listen to Huiyin’s music?” Aina smiled as she sat next to Wang Zheng.

“This song isn’t bad; you can really feel the energy from it. I prefer to listen to songs that get your blood boiling,” replied Wang Zheng as he removed his earpiece.

Aina gave a wry smile. “She used your battle footage in the MV, aren’t you proud of that?”

Wang Zheng suddenly pulled Aina’s hand, staring at his princess with pupils blazing. “Do you know what I’m most proud of?”

Aina’s face turned red. This bastard was becoming more and more audacious.

The bell signifying the start of class rang. A new teacher walked in and immediately moved toward the podium.

“Good morning everyone, I am your substitute teacher, Marcus.”

Marcus’ eyes swept across the entire classroom as everyone began talking animatedly. This teacher was well known as the foremost expert of the Math Department. He never taught freshmen. What was happening this year? Professor Xiao Fei started giving lectures and Professor Marcus was teaching freshmen?

Yet, such news was only beneficial for the freshmen.

“Everyone here should know that mathematics is the foundation of science. The millions of things in the universe can all be expressed as a beautiful mathematical equation. Even love.”

Marcus had very quickly earned a round of applause.

The more amazing a teacher was, the more likely they had abnormal standards. They were erudite and would use simple methods to convey complicated information. Furthermore, they could stimulate one’s own thinking process.

Marcus had no choice but to do this. He was still unable to identify that student and Xiao Fei truly didn’t know who it was. Yet Marcus felt that she seemed to be hiding something. Regardless of that fact, since the student was of this school and was a freshman, there would definitely be a way to find him.

Thus, he had chosen to conduct such classes and see if he could discover that genius student. Up til now he had yet to obtain any results. At this rate, Marcus could only continue to do this for another month before giving up. After all, his own research was still extremely time-consuming.

Aina was usually quite the responsible student who paid attention in class. Unfortunately, what Marcus taught was something Aina already understood. Aslan’s elite education started from the age of 3 and thus she could not be compared with normal individuals. She could still feel, however, that Marcus was of a high standard.

As one of Earth’s three traditional colleges, the standard wasn’t as bad as she had expected. However, imparting knowledge was one thing; being able to create was something else entirely. If the ability to innovate was strangled, it would still be extremely difficult to progress.

Marcus quickly finished the lesson in half of the allocated time before pausing. “One has to be nimble in their thinking and willing to try. To be willing to dream and daring enough to act. I have a solution based off one of Marloca’s conjectures. I believe most of you have heard of it, the First Step is as such. Who here can understand this?”

As he spoke, Marcus began to write out a complicated equation on the blackboard.

Wang Zheng on the other hand was only looking at Aina. Aina couldn’t help but glare at him, “We are in class, what is so great about looking at me?”

“Shishi, are you trying to say that the old man on the podium is better looking?”

As he said this, he continued to tug at Aina’s hand. Aina attempted to struggle slightly before eventually giving up and letting Wang Zheng grasp her hand tightly.

The entire class was absolutely silent. Even though all of them were geniuses in their home countries, this equation truly stumped them.

Aina stared at the equation momentarily. Although she had previously understood this, she would never flaunt her knowledge.

At this point, a short haired man stood up, “Professor, is this equation trying to say that with Rodriguez’s theory as a basis, using computational analysis… …”

The short haired man greatly enjoyed being in the limelight of the audience, yet he had even greater hopes that the girl sitting in the front row would look at him.

Marcus nodded continuously as the guy continued to speak; he wasn’t bad. “What’s your name?”

Landry Busen,” said the guy slightly haughtily. The rest of the class began to whisper among themselves, one after another beginning to pay attention to him.

Landry Busen was a mathematics genius. He had entered the Sol System’s Top 10 new stars. He had risen to fame by completely explaining Moore’s theory, thus becoming an influential figure, in middle school.

After entering Wargod College, however, he was disappointed when he found out that Marcus wasn’t teaching freshmen.

As such, he decided to use his own abilities to let Marcus notice him. A diamond’s luster could not be obstructed by dirt.

While he was explaining, Wang Zheng and the beautiful girl continued to whisper in one another’s ear, completely disregarding him.

This bastard in particular. Although he was from the Physics Department, he wanted to enter the Mecha Department’s special training. He ended up being transported back half-dead after getting kicked out, yet had no sense of shame and could still act so happily and content.

“Excellent explanation, Student Busen.” Marcus gestured for Landry to sit down. This brat could indeed be the one. He had also heard of Landry Busen’s name. This was an extremely learned and gifted student.

Busen did not sit down but instead looked at the front row. “Professor Marcus, I heard that among us there is a genius from the Physics Department. Even Professor Xiao Fei holds him in high esteem. He often engages in lively conversation with the professor in class. Since mathematics and physics are quite closely related, I would like to hear his opinion on this equation.”

“Oh?” Marcus looked at the front row. “Who might this student be?”

“Student Wang Zheng, what are your opinions on Marloca’s First Step conjecture?”

Busen had singled out Wang Zheng to challenge him.

The surrounding students immediately acted as if they had been injected with chicken blood. On the other hand, our dear Student Wang hadn’t even noticed that he had become the center of attention. In the Physics Department, countless praises of him by Xiao Fei had already aroused the ire of many. Aina’s appearance caused the fire to turn into an inferno.

In this day and age of dating, wooing someone would be very direct, regardless of gender. Even if there was a goalkeeper, it would only motivate one to score even more, especially if this ‘goal’ was of worth.

It wasn’t that Wang Zheng just didn’t listen in class, rather, he had already completely understood the entire theory long ago. During dear Student Wang’s idle childhood and middle school life, he had spent all his time playing the theory of numbers with the Old Merchant. Hence, when it came to things like drinking and playing, he was a complete amateur.

Aina nudged him and said in a low voice, “Let us take turns to handle this, there is no need to be scared of him!”

The entire class’s curious gazes fell on Wang Zheng. They wanted to see if this bastard’s luck would continue to hold.

Wang Zheng stood up, glanced at the equation on the board, mulled for a minute before beginning to speak. “Marloca’s First Step conjecture utilizing Rodriguez’s theory is extremely wonderful.”

Instantly, the entire class burst out into laughter. Was this not rubbish? This was one of the world’s most famous theories, why would one need to praise it?

Just as Aina was planning to say something, the words remained stuck in her throat. The sort of smile Wang Zheng had on his face was something that seemed vaguely familiar. She had often seen her father and her aunt wear the same sort of smile.

“Yet, Marloca’s conjecture mainly relies on the fact that spatial jumps are able to break the space barrier. Rodriguez’s theory explanation, however, is purely theoretical. In practice, it is being phased out as his explanation for passing through the barrier would result in a deviation of approximately 0.1%. This deviation is already considered significant. With the necessity of spatial theory being more precise over time, this theory would also have to be phased out. Currently, the most practical solution would be to use Mill’s equation as the first step. In this case, the chance of deviation would fall to a 0.01% instead.”

The entire class fell into silence. Busen’s face was plastered with disdain. Was this guy joking? What is this Mill’s equation he was talking about; he had never even heard of it.

“Student Wang, is Mill’s something you can eat? I have never eaten it before, has anyone here eaten it before?”

At this point, raucous laughter could be heard in the room.

Marcus, however didn’t laugh. In fact, his heart already knew. “Hehe. Student Wang Zheng, Mill’s equation has not been verified and there are still some shortcomings in that equation.”

“Professor, you said that we have to dare to try. Mill’s Equation replacing Rodriguez’s theory is just a matter of time. At the very least, the first step has already been completed. A good start is half the road to success.”

Hehe. Really? Why don’t you explain this first step.” Marcus smiled.

Aina stared at Wang Zheng. This was also the first time she had heard of this. A princess wasn’t all knowing. The mainstream view was that of Rodriguez’s theory, and furthermore it had been in use for almost 10 years.

Everyone stared at Wang Zheng. Spouting nonsense was useless; he had to prove it.

While they were all waiting for Wang Zheng to become dumbfounded, he instead walked up to the podium.

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