TSW Volume 3: Chapter 15


Volume 3: Chapter 15 – Devoting Oneself to Art

Right now, the Skeleton Corps was in the midst of a fever, standing in first place with many players. The addition of two experts, Rainbow and Wild King, also brought in much firepower.

Rainbow and Wild King could lead people through group battles. Rainbow relied on steamrolling over enemies with his equipment while Wild King used brutal force to eradicate them. As they say, a good scout could turn the tides of battle. This made not a small amount of people delight in the extreme happiness of making a comeback.

In ancient times, they said that three stupid cobblers could outsmart Einstein1. A good captain could bring about a miracle, even when the abilities of their teammates were limited.

Rainbow and Wild King, however, didn’t let this royal treatment get to their heads. When they were relaxing, they would come on to play and see if they could meet Skeleton or not.


Actually, everybody was wondering, if they were to fight in a group battle with Skeleton, what kind of spectacle would they see?

The godly pentakill from before was something that people recalled profoundly!

It was most advantageous for Yao Ailun, Chen Xiu, and Tyrant Su. These three people stood in a position where they could more easily interact with Rainbow. During group battles, they basically only needed to provide assistance. Then they would watch Rainbow exercise his power as he completely demolished the opponents.

Morning classes ended. Wang Zheng received a skylink from Ye Zisu, asking him and Shishi out for a meal.

He could not refuse this, of course. They would meet sooner or later. Moreover, he could use this as a test. Other than Xiao Su, the one most likely to recognize Aina was Zisu.

Ye Zisu prepared herself mentally. She knew that the girl Wang Zheng would fall for would definitely be exceptional, but she still regarded herself as pretty good. Even so, the moment Wang Shishi appeared, Ye Zisu was dumbstruck.

Wang Zheng bringing Yan Xiaosu’s love letter to her was the first time she and Wang Zheng had talked. At that time, her mocking had actually stemmed from a girl’s inner aloofness and arrogance. Or, at the core of it all, she wanted to attract the other’s attention.

Back during the birthday party, the appearance of the Aslan princess surprised quite a few people, but there hadn’t been any who actually cared.

Those were two parallel lines, so much so that they seemed to be two parallel universes. Seeing Aina Aslan actually sitting before her now, albeit with dyed hair, Zisu still recognized her.

Wang Zheng smiled. “Zisu, Shishi came here to study for a while. Her identity is confidential at the moment.”

Ye Zisu smiled slightly and extended her hand. “Welcome, Student Shishi. I think that we will become good friends!”

The two girls grasped hands lightly. Aina also wore a smile; she felt that the opposite party seemed confident in something.

Ye Zisu held an advantage Aina did not have.

“Shishi, in the capital, if you have a problem then look for Zisu and it’ll be all good. Tyrant Su is unreliable.”

“Hehe. You called him Tyrant Su.” Ye Zisu couldn’t help but smile. She really didn’t know what Xiao Mei was thinking when she actually gave him that nickname. Not to mention, it was catchy and very charming.

Lunch was a simple meal in the school cafeteria, but the two girls had good appetites. Actually, this kind of food was obviously not up to the standard for them but….

Student Wang didn’t pay attention to these particulars. He was hungry, hungry 7 days a week. He wanted to eat a lot of food. He actually ate several times the quantity of a normal person.

“You really can eat, must have been hard on your parents.” Ye Zisu laughed as she spoke.

“To be able to eat is the happiest thing in the world,” Aina replied.

“That reminds me, Du Qingqing has a complaint. You promised to be the fine arts club model, but you haven’t reported for duty.”

“Ah, I forgot. There have been too many things going on recently. I will go after the end of the afternoon classes.”

Wang Zheng had actually forgotten about this matter, probably because of the fear he felt when he thought about the fine arts club’s ‘ultra-manly’ president.

“Yeah, you have a beauty by your side. Even if it were me, my IQ would drop drastically.”

Ye Zisu spoke teasingly. She liked Wang Zheng. It had been four years since the day she had first noticed him in middle school. Originally, she had believed they wouldn’t interact, but fate was always interesting. After a series of events occurred, they both tested into the Ares College.

She didn’t think she wouldn’t have opponents. Meng Tian was one. Yet, she didn’t imagine that an opponent like Aina would appear.

She knew that she had an advantage which Aina had no way of competing with.

Ye Zisu and Aina became friends as expected. The two had many topics in common. Wang Zheng also hoped that Aina would make more friends during her time here.

But when he thought about the fine arts club, Wang Zheng felt like his head would explode. He really couldn’t be a model.

When the end of the afternoon classes arrived, Wang Zheng summoned up his courage. He was a man, after all, and if he said he’d do it, then he’d do it.

After all, it wasn’t like they were going to kill him.

When he arrived at the fine arts club, Du Qingqing was already waiting for him at the entrance.

“Oho, our busy man has finally graced us with his presence. It was truly hard to request you,” mocked Du Qingqing.


“Cough cough, Student Qingqing, for the sake of giving Zisu face, let me go. The moment you feel that I am not suitable, it will be completely fine. Or just let me go immediately.”

Du Qingqing put up her long hair. She seemed to be especially attentive to caring for her hair. Every strand was smooth. The soft, long hair of a girl touched the heartstrings of every man and was also very suited to the qualities of a painter.

“We still haven’t started, yet you’re already trying to back out. This is your style after all.”

Wang Zheng rubbed his nose. When did he get this style thing.

Inside the painting room, there were more than ten people waiting. The majority were female, with two males mixed in.

President Zhang Runan was also there, her face expressionless as she looked at Wang Zheng. “Take it off!”

Wang Zheng jumped in fright. Take off his clothes in front of this many people?

Everyone laughed. It seemed Wang Zheng wasn’t the first to get played like this. Du Qingqing endured as much as possible. “Well, there is a men’s changing room to the side. Taking off your top clothes is fine. The main focus of today will be capturing the upper body.”

Wang Zheng then let out a breath. So frightening. Why was there a custom of bullying the new person everywhere?

The club members readied their brushes and their palettes. Wang Zheng quickly emerged, having removed his upper body clothes without any problem.

But anyone who was stared at by Zhang Runan, such a masculine woman among men, would feel a bit unnatural.

The club members clicked their tongues in astonishment. Wang Zheng’s physique wasn’t of the very robust type. When he wore clothes it was even hard to see anything, but with his clothes off, every line of muscle was elegant. It was the Asian man’s archetypal aesthetic.

Entering a creative state, the studio turned quiet. Wang Zheng, according to request, held a pose. An artist was always in need of a good model to reference. Drawing people was the most difficult because their familiarity with the subject naturally demanded higher standards.

A good model could be a source of inspiration. Only faint rustling sounds could be heard coming from the painters now.

Being a model and holding a single pose without moving was actually quite tiring. After an hour, Student Wang’s first-time modelling session was proclaimed to be finished.

He was very curious, how did the drawings turn out?

“Do you want to see?”

Wang Zheng nodded his head. He began to sweat bullets when he saw the finished painting. How was this similar to himself? Was he similar to a monster?

“This is me?”

“We are not cameras. The model is the source material, and we draw what we imagine. Still, the president’s is the best.”

Du Qingqing sighed in admiration.

…Student Wang was not curious about that at all.

The ultra-manly president seldomly nodded her head in praise. “Not bad. Those who came here today, hand over your finished paintings to me.”

Until the ultra-manly president left, Wang Zheng had no space to breathe.

“You seem to be afraid of our president?” Du Qingqing asked with a smile.

“Uh, your president has a threatening atmosphere.”

“Haha. Is that so. But it’s rare to hear the president praise people. You are really fierce, to have not made a single movement for an entire hour. Simply innate model material.”

For a model, whether it were a professional or an amateur, they all moved a little. There were too few like Wang Zheng.

Student Wang was now currently being asked to be a model for this and that. He didn’t want to do it at all!

“My task is complete, I will leave first.”

“Go ahead. Thanks a lot! Let Susu treat you to a meal.”

Du Qingqing smiled as she spoke. Looking at Wang Zheng scurrying along the road, she was unable to stop smiling. He was truly an interesting person, to have made Zisu and Meng Tian fight over him. In the end, the person in question already had a girlfriend.

What a pity!

But art was still good. In the world of art, you could be the big boss.

At the entrance, Wang Zheng unexpectedly discovered that Aina was waiting for him. His heart couldn’t help but feel warm.

“What are you doing here?”

“I was scared that you would be eaten up by a pack of tigresses, so I came to rescue you.”

“So you haven’t seen the president?”

“A man just passed by here. Isn’t the president a woman?”

Aina asked in bafflement. Seeing Wang Zheng’s eccentric expression, she suddenly had an epiphany.

“Do you understand? I was stared at by her for an hour. It was torture!”

“You have devoted yourself to art. Fine, I will reward you a bit.”

Just as she said, she bestowed a light kiss on Wang Zheng’s cheek, one as light as a dragonfly touching water.

How could this be enough. Wang Zheng immediately hugged Aina and gave her a long and deep kiss. It lasted until Aina couldn’t breathe.

If they weren’t in a public place filled with people, a place where it would be hard to be excessive, Wang Zheng didn’t plan on letting her go.

“You are becoming more and more naughty!”

Aina said in a whisper.

Wang Zheng assumed a hurt face. “Don’t blame me, blame yourself for being too beautiful.”

“I didn’t think you really knew how to use sweet words. How could I not have seen this before?”

Aina stared at Wang Zheng.

“I am a genius, a complete natural!”

“Idiotic genius!”

“Okay, you dare mock me, you’re looking for a fight!”

“Ah, you want to bully me!”

Aina laughed and ran, Wang Zheng chasing after her. If time could have stopped at this moment, it would have been perfect.

Seeing the little princess so adorable in front of him, Wang Zheng’s heart was filled with happiness and pride. He wouldn’t worry about the future. Even if the world ended it would be fine!

Time passed day by day. The special training members finally returned. Masasi had became captain in the end, and Zhang Shan had unexpectedly become the vice-captain.

Zhuo Mu had formally proposed Zhang Shan for having dual degrees to the school. Of course, he himself intended for Zhang Shan to switch courses.

In the special training, Zhang Shan exploded in strength. It should be known that he did not train in a particular style or system. He just normally liked to keep his body’s physique in shape. This innate quality was one in ten thousand.

Due to his familial relationships, Zhang Shan actually liked physics. When he was in military training, however, his competitiveness could be seen. Through the special training, a genetic trait of his was excited.

He liked the feeling of battle.

Official members: Masasi, Zhang Shan, Ma Xiao, Meng Tian, Jiang Bin, substitute Guan Tao.

The entire school was full of anticipation for the upcoming exchange. If they were to be beaten to a sorry state by people on their home field, then they would lose a lot of face.

When he returned to the dorm, Zhang Shan received an enthusiastic greeting.

“Incredible! Big Bro Shan, you seem to have become more sturdy!” said Chen Xiu with envy. His own physique was too frail.

“Che, your brain has definitely been squeezed,” teased Student Ailun.

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  1. In other words, the minds of many common person can beat a genius.

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