TSW Volume 3: Chapter 16


Volume 3: Chapter 16 – Seizing Control of the Rank Advancement Match

“Wang Zheng, what happened? Such a pity!” said Zhang Shan.

Wang Zheng shrugged his shoulders helplessly. “There was no choice. My body caught up with me. It just happens for a couple days every month.”

Everyone stared blankly at him before bursting into laughter.

“If you could laugh at this, then something is definitely up.”


“Hehe, Brother Shan, Brother Zheng already got a girlfriend. He has been going everywhere with her, everyone is looking at him with envy,” said Chen Xiu.

“Fuck, no wonder he’s our dormitory leader. He’s always one step ahead of us. Who is it? Could it be Ye Zisu?” asked Zhang Shan. Meng Tian had been training with them after all, so it couldn’t have been her.

“It wasn’t Ye Zisu. She is even prettier than her. Her beauty is indescribable. I’ve never met such a beautiful girl with such a graceful bearing before.” Chen Xiu said as he gestured excitedly.

“Is it true? How could it be so exaggerated? Regardless, congratulations!”

It could be seen that Zhang Shan’s mood improved tremendously since coming back from the special training. In truth, everyone had numerous talents, but only one would truly fit a person.

With time, one would have to slowly change. Zhang Shan was aware of it too. As it was a childhood dream, he was hesitant in making a decision initially. Yet, he now clearly knew that he wanted to develop himself in the Military Department.

Zhang Shan possessed an extremely logical mind and spatial awareness. With regard to directing commands for battles and decision making, this was extremely useful.

Most importantly, the battlefield gave Zhang Shan a feeling he could never experience in the field of physics research.

That was why Zhang Shan felt that Wang Zheng’s situation was truly a pity. The special training had been an exceptional opportunity that Wang Zheng failed to capitalize on. But in the end, Wang Zheng possessed even greater talent in the field of physics, and perhaps it was actually a silver lining in the cloud.

✫        ✫        ✫

Aina brought color to Wang Zheng’s everyday life. There simply wasn’t enough time in the day. Despite all this, Wang Zheng continued to train. That unreliable Bonehead bastard; no matter what he did, he was unable to call him out. Wang Zheng could only continue with the training he had come up with.

The Return to One technique had reached a bottleneck, and no progress had been made for some time, but he couldn’t relax because of that. The cultivation of techniques is after all like sailing against the current – one must press on or will be driven back.

When Meng Tian got back and received news of Wang Zheng getting a girlfriend, she seemed very calm. It was as though she didn’t care. Even during the MMA training sessions, she continued to train normally, and when she spoke, it would only be about training.

The Art Society’s modelling activity only happened once a week. The vast majority of Wang Zheng’s time was spent with Aina. The two of them never seemed to run out of topics for their conversations. Wang Zheng would even silently sit next to Aina and listen to her talk about the world of the Aslan Empire and its culture.

It was truly an elite world. Life developed in the best way possible, but Aina felt that in the process of all this, the people there had forgotten the beauty of life. Yet, Aslan was the place everyone in the Milky Way Galaxy sought to live in.

Wang Zheng often spoke about the interesting things that happened to him. His early life only comprised of his dad, who was a huckster. Following that, he met the Old Merchant. Now that he thought about it, the Old Merchant possessed his own tricks.

Aina truly admired the Old Merchant. A seemingly simple book store owner actually possessed such vast knowledge—she realized crouching tigers and hidden dragons truly do exist among the common populace. One should never look down on them.

Of course, stories of Wang Zheng and Tyrant Su’s awkward times were Aina’s favorite. Their intimacy had developed to the point of exchanging passionate kisses, and would often mutter gibberish that was only understood by them.

Wang Zheng, in the end, still didn’t understand why Aina would fall in love with him.

More or less, everyone who knew them didn’t understand it either.

Aina gradually assimilated into the Ares College school life. She was very clear that she had to forget her identity as a princess in order to better enjoy the life of a student. This wasn’t something a normal girl could do, but Aina wasn’t a normal girl.

Like Ye Zisu, Yan Xiaosu, who often got extremely nervous around Aina, also discovered that Aina was trying to blend in and live a normal life while enjoying her time with Wang Zheng.

This caused Yan Xiaosu to feel the utmost reverence for Wang Zheng. Wang Zheng was a true man. No! A god of men!

Even if Tyrant Su had always looked up to Wang Zheng, his recent reverence made Wang Zheng extremely happy.

These two single brothers had finally gotten attached to someone. This year, the two of them wouldn’t need to drink by the lakeside as single men any longer.

✫        ✫        ✫

At Brothers Net Café.

Wang Zheng had to show off his skills every weekend. In addition, Aina loved the way Wang Zheng looked when he battled. In her own words, Wang Zheng looked exceedingly cool and amazing at that point in time.

Our dear Student Wang also had his own selfish motives. Honestly, he was more concerned about the rewards he would gain from winning. Even more importantly, the VIP room was secluded. In school, there were too many students around, and if someone noticed him, then the situation wouldn’t be good.

Alas, even our dear Student Wang felt he was spoiled. After thinking about it, however, this was the result of his abilities!

Yan Xiaosu brought An Mei along as Student Yan wanted to demonstrate his skills in front of her. With Rainbow’s help, Tyrant Su had finally managed to advance to the Bronze Rank. That glittering label improved Tyrant Su’s reputation. He was now rushing toward the next rank, Silver. He hoped to eventually achieve the Gold Rank and would do anything to obtain it so that his own standards could be met.

Yan Xiaosu and Wang Zheng had the same thoughts in mind. Lovers needed a private space and thus, up until now, Yan Xiaosu has only held An Mei’s small hands before. He was truly too suppressed.

The relationship between males and females were very mysterious. If they could not progress past the point where their feelings were at an all-time high, then the only possible result was to remain in a friendship. To look at it from another angle, it would definitely be very pathetic.

Yan Xiaosu was confident that Wang Zheng had the same aim in mind. Otherwise, why would a noob-stomping elder run here? Boss was truly being a boss. Regardless of whatever he did, he would always plan things ahead.

After saying all this, however, once they entered the battle, Wang Zheng would be extremely attentive. He wasn’t like others. If he didn’t perform well, then he would have to pay a price.

Bonehead’s training didn’t allow for failure. He could not remember how many times he’d been electrocuted anymore. It was like he’d become an electrical conductor.

“You don’t know who your opponent will be this time?” Aina asked curiously.

It was impossible for a member of Aslan to not be interested in military matters. In Aslan, every member of society had to go through two rounds of military training unless they had extraordinary circumstances. Otherwise, it was unavoidable even for members of the royal family. As a result, Aslan possessed the ability to rally an extremely skilled population of the entire country to arms.

Even a game like CT was played to the highest standard in Aslan.

1 versus 1 or 5 versus 5?

Wang Zheng looked at Aina, and she blinked. “Let’s make things difficult for you; how about 5 versus 5?”

Wang Zheng smiled as he selected the 5 versus 5 option. “If I win, do I get a prize?”

Aina winked charmingly at Wang Zheng. “Let’s see how things go.”

Dear Student Wang looked as though he’d been injected with chicken blood. He would have to perform well this time.

Entering Matchmaking.

✫        ✫        ✫

In the discussion forum, numerous individuals were currently waiting. 5 versus 5. Everyone knew that Skeleton was no longer an unknown newbie. Now that he was famous, the moment he appeared, he would be the focus of the enemies. How would he fight?

There were just too many variables. With Skeleton’s current win rate, he would likely be placed in an extremely high skilled match. The Wargod No. 1’s disadvantage in group fights would then become evident.

“Welcome, everyone, to today’s 5 versus 5 group match. I am Fawn.”

“And hello everyone, I am Tiny Suds. I will be commentating with Fawn for today’s match, and have always looked up to Skeleton. I also can’t believe that the first match I’m commentating for him will be a group fight!”

Tiny Suds was a famous beauty among commentators. This time, she was specially invited to be partnered with Fawn. The two of them were the most well-known CT commentators.

“It is my honor to be able to work together with Tiny Suds. Let us see what kind of surprises Skeleton will show us today. Will his Wargod No. 1 be able to create miracles in the group battle once again?” Fawn was extremely calm today. After suffering defeats time and time again, even a pig would change their personality. He would first observe the situation before making a comment.

“Fawn, I heard that you hold certain prejudices against Skeleton. Is that true?” This beauty smiled as she asked her question. With her oval face, laughter showed through her adorable dimples. It was no surprise why she was so popular.

Professional commentators not only received compensation for their work, but they also owned their own online shops. They earned quite a sum, even more than certain players.

Fawn was also an old fox, and he gave a wry smile. “What do you think? Don’t joke around. I’m an extremely cautious person. This tightrope situation can easily be overturned. Especially since it’s a group battle. The only thing I can do is to say my prayers for the ones who will become Skeleton’s teammates.”

“Really? Then let us wait and see. Right now, what everyone is seeing is the Newbie Arena’s Legendary Skeleton’s group battle matchmaker.”

The discussion forum immediately exploded with chatter. What kind of battle would this be?

The Officials had already been riled up and were currently awaiting the results of the matchmaking.

Romantic Young Master, Silver Rank 3

I Am Not A Noob, Bronze Rank 4

Don’t Run Loli, Silver Rank 5

Average Tom, Bronze Rank 1

Wang Zheng’s win rate was too high. After seeing Average Tom’s portrait light up, it could be seen that this was his Rank Advancement Match, from Bronze Rank 1 to Silver Rank 5.

On the enemy team, there were 2 Silver Ranks and 3 Bronze Ranks.

Average Tom was extremely nervous. He had to win 2 matches out of 3 to advance his rank. He had already lost one and won one. This match would be the culmination of all his hard work during the weekend. When he saw 2 Silver Ranks in his team, he felt extremely happy.

Unfortunately, there also happened to be a noob on his team. It felt like someone did a cold water challenge on his heart.

Ah… this ID seemed slightly familiar?

Wasn’t this the player that was extremely popular right now?

“The enemies have appeared. Red and Blue teams both have an individual hoping to advance to Silver Rank. This will be a battle where the players stake it all. We have seen Skeleton’s personal skill, but will it stand up to the test of a group battle?”

Tiny Suds smiled as she browsed through the opposing players’ information.

“Group battles are completely different from solo fights. Most importantly, one has to coordinate and comply with others.”

Fawn looked extremely calm, but deep down he felt extremely happy. This time, there was a chance. With the current situation, the opposing team would definitely focus their efforts on Skeleton. If he lost, then it could all be blamed on Skeleton. If they won, but Skeleton got destroyed, then he could once again blame Skeleton. This time he had more than a 50% chance of success.

Yet, what was depressing was the fact that Skeleton’s matchmade teammates were all also extremely strong.

✫        ✫        ✫

The highest ranked player would become the team captain. Thus, the captain here was Romantic Young Master.

“Everyone, this is little brother’s advancement match. Please help me out. Please put in your best effort!” Average Tom said anxiously.

The advancement match had become one which had to be seized by force. Relying on yourself wasn’t enough. It required the strength of the team. Thus, he had to be more polite and sincere.

Romantic Young Master gave a slight smile. “Relax, our team has two Silver Ranks while the enemy team also possesses their own two. We do, however, have a hidden BOSS.”

“My god, it’s Skeleton. That’s wonderful!” shouted I Am Not A Noob. He’d clearly watched Skeleton’s competitions.

The two Silver Ranks were extremely calm. Higher ranks not noticing the lower ranks was also quite normal. Regardless, they had definitely heard of him.

“I have an idea; I will take the top lane and block two of the enemies. Skeleton will take mid lane and fight one of them. I think that shouldn’t be a problem. Loli and the other two of you will lie in ambush and quickly dispatch the enemy. After that, come and assist me—they will definitely be taken by surprise.”

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