TSW Volume 3: Chapter 17


Volume 3: Chapter 17 – Oscar, Go Die by a Thousand Cuts!

Romantic Young Master proposed a plan. A team leader has the right to assign roles, directing the overall strategy. Although Skeleton was very famous, he mostly fought alone and the rankings of group matches were dependent on the number of matches fought. This was called experience.

“This is a good strategy, we will be at an advantage down the road, while being able to provide fast support. Let’s win this!” Average Tom said while waving his fists around.

“It seems that both parties has decided on their strategy. Everyone, the match is about to begin!” Fawn said. Although the viewership numbers were increasing rapidly, they did not exceed the numbers of the previous match. Everyone had their doubts about the standard of a 5v5 match, as a group match wasn’t  as exciting or exhilarating as a 1v1 match.

The so called pentakill would only appear when faced with total rookies. At the current level, such a situation would not occur even when faced with a loss.


And, once focused on, a brittleskin simply wouldn’t be worth anything.

Even if one could dodge a snipe, how many more could they deal with afterwards?

There was an official announcement posted on the net about the match, and the amount of exposure given to this match was greater the one against Wild King by far, yet how was it that the results were not as great as one had hoped for?

When Solon looked at the figures, saying that he wasn’t stressed would be a lie, however he had already committed all his eggs in that one basket. He was not afraid of Skeleton losing, but he did not expect that the audience would not even buy the viewing seats.

The employees were scuttling around in a frenzy, as they were faced with a similar pressure. In such a matter one would either prosper or lose everything. Even their end of year bonuses were at stake!

Even with the officials trying their best, there were not many people in the crowd who would show much interest in the use of a brittleskin in a group battle.

This was especially so in a situation like the current match, where Wargod No.1’s use would be limited. Moreover, a match between opponents of different skill levels didn’t hold much meaning.

The members of the Skeleton fan club were the exception. Wild King had skipped class, though it wasn’t a big deal, as it wasn’t even his first time.

Group Match…

Being a Scouter, he was all too clear on the importance of an excellent mech in a group fight. Although it would be possible to focus on a single opponent, there were many unobservable factors in a group fight, and traps could be sprung one after another.

Rainbow wasn’t present as he was in a middle of a mission. He should focus when on the job, after all.

Yan Xiao Su had great fun while fighting. Who could have imagined that Ai Mei was actually an expert ranked Bronze 3, even higher than him. Between Skeleton and his girl, he had chosen his girl, as the consequences of evading Ai Mei would be dire.

Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun had no issue with this, as they were already shouting and cheering.

Antarctica Battlefield

In a world covered by snow and ice, ten mecha descended from the sky, and, a minute later, an automated robot flew towards the starting zone.

Romantic Young Master smiled faintly and said, “Move according to the mech, we must win!”

“We must win!”

Average Tom hollered loudly and fiercely, encouraging himself.

Romantic Young Master rode his sparkling Paladin Type mech to the top lane. His mech was also a scouter, and, based on his prowess, keeping two people at bay would still be quite safe.

Wang Zhong took the mid lane. As he was using Wargod No.1 on the icy road for the first time, he needed some time to familiarize.

The other three people stuck to the top lane and advanced, fanning out onto three roads.

“It looks like our player Skeleton is full of confidence, he didn’t even hesitate to put his groupmates in a tight spot,” Fawn said while starting to shed fake tears. This was his fundamental way of subtle acting.

“Their strategy seems pretty good, and they have a silver ranker carrying them. With the combat prowess of Skeleton, he shouldn’t have any problems in the mid lane, and if the 3 people in the bottom lane successfully execute their attack, they would have a 70% chance of victory for this match,” Little Mo said incisively.

The number of people viewing was increasing, albeit at a rather slow rate. However it was at this moment that something unusual occurred in the battlefield!

The 5 mecha on the Blue team did not actually split up, but were uniformly making their way to the bottom lane!

What was going on?

A focused attack, breaking through the enemy’s defense, even if the 3 people on bottom lane were killed, the fortress they were supposed to defend would also be destroyed, and if they lost like that, what would be the point of this match?

“It seems that the Blue team is quite creative. What matters now is whether their rate of movement will be fast enough!” Fawn said.

Destroying bottom lane, then returning to middle. Of course, they would not have enough time to also get to the top lane. Wasn’t this nonsense!

Although, in his heart he felt that these five idiots should have rather chosen the middle path and destroyed Skeleton.

The audience were all stunned, as this was a tactic that was totally out of the meta and could be considered low level.

“Fuck, I spent money just to see this kindergarten standard match!”

“Are these guys even using their brains or  are they just trolling!”

“Even if they wanted to group up, they should have went to the mid lane!”

“The two guys doing their promotion matches sure are unlucky.”

The players within the match could not hear any of this, as Don’t Run Loli led the other two guys who were advancing with all their might while saying, “Increase speed, make sure to kill the two enemies as fast as possible, so that we can reinforce the top lane!”

“Relax, I’ll give my all!” Average Tom and I Am Not A Noob were very excited, especially I Am Not A Noob as he was a fan of Skeleton.  

A bit later, the opponent’s mecha appeared, two mecha which looked like they were rushing. Furthermore, they were the two bronze rankers, surely they were looking  for death.

“Do not give them a chance to escape, forward!” Don’t Run Loli rode his gleaming Hunter and charged forward.

Seeing the silver ranker rush up, the two bronze rankers immediately followed without a word .

However, it was at this moment that snow and ice blasted in all directions, as three mecha rushed out from the side. Boom boom boom

Lasers thundering, the two mecha in the middle simultaneously launched their attacks.

The silver ranked Don’t Run Loli only shot a single round before he was killed by a multitude of shots. The two remaining bronze rankers retreated to a side to fend the shots off.

Although he was slightly depressed, Average Tom did not act overly angry and said, “Everyone is at the bottom lane, those at the top and middle hurry up!”

This was a vital piece of information, especially for the top lane, as with the strength of a Silver Rank 3, it would be sufficient to turn the tide of this match.

Average Tom tried his best to stall and wrestle every single second, as one more second could be the difference for victory.

“Damn, my connection…”

A voice rang out from the side of Average Tom, Romantic Young Master had disconnected…

In that instant, I Am Not A Noob who was nearby got distracted and was hit — mech destroyed.

There was only one person left, and in this field covered in snow and ice the movement speed would be decrease. The mecha opponents’ mecha were all Scouter type mecha, so their speed was quite good.

The five mecha started to circle around, and the Radiant Type A mech in the middle acted as if this was a hunt and paused for a short while, before exploding Average Tom’s head with a single shot.


The player riding the Radiant Type A, which was the classic perfect mech made in the Aslan Empire, was Natural King, a Bronze 1 ranker on his silver promotion match, and he had just gotten a Triple Kill

Silence filled the audience, before turning into  noises of discussion—the trap actually worked?

Average Tom was momentarily stunned by his mech’s destruction, before snapping out of it and thinking, What the hell do you mean by lag, this bastard actually led us into a trap, the most shameless was to have 7 matched with 3!

“Fuck, isn’t this just a promotion match, that isn’t anything worth losing face for!”

The points that were painfully accumulated over the week were destroyed in a moment, this is so frustrating, FUCK. So what if you have money!

Natural King could not resist and laughed loudly. “It seems that I am the bringer of destiny. By destroying Skeleton, everyone will receive a 20,000 dollar bonus!”

This was also a form of entertainment, as there were many kinds of ways to have fun. Take for example the case of Yan Xiaosu who asked people for help to seize control of his match, however it was not as ridiculous as this.

Little Mo and Fawn looked each other in the eyes and said, “Looks like we are met with a style that is exhibited by very few teams, and that player Romantic Young Master could very well be the actor of the year!”

For the sake of ensuring victory, people would get substitutions, and the most successful way was choosing the same time while letting the people you requested group up with a random person of similar rank. That way, there would be a chance for them to be your opponent.

It could be said that Romantic Young Master and Don’t Run Loli played their roles quite well, with one rushing in and dying while the other disconnected. Even if he sued, it would not be of any use.

This method would only occur occasionally as the cost would be too high, so no one would have thought that this would be the thing to bring down Skeleton.

The 5 people all chose Scouter mecha due to speed concerns, as Skeleton chose the mid lane so there would be enough time to reinforce.

After seeing all of this, the viewership started to drop rapidly, and Solon and the employees stared with eyes opened wide. Damn, how much ungodly luck do you need to stumble upon such a of thing!

There wasn’t much to see from this point, with 5 mecha, 1 Radiant Type A and Taklamakan type B. The situation was akin to a cat catching a mouse, except that there were currently 5 cats.

The audience did not pay money just to be abused, however this match was too disgusting, there wasn’t a single shred of technique and everything was just an act!

Natural King, however, was incomparably cocky and said, “Your grandfather has money, the thing I play for is this feeling of invincibility. A trivial brittleskin, let your grandfather end you!”

Not being able to get a pentakill made him unhappy. If Romantic Young Master were to come over, he would definitely be getting a title. but he would never do it. Unexpectedly catching a big fish was, however, good enough to feel happy about.

The people in the Skeleton Fan Club were all stunned. What the hell was all this about, this bunch of people were really too shameless, what meaning was there in a victory like this?

“I don’t know what we should think of this, since, although it is unfair, there can never be too much deception in war. Faced with the facts, will player Skeleton surrender, or leave?” Fawn hopelessly said. However, the sharper people could spot him laughing through his eyebrows.

“It really is a pity, I was anticipating a brilliant match, and this is how it ended up…player Skeleton and Wargod No.1 made a turn!”

On the battlefield, 5 mecha were currently chasing after Wargod No.1, which did not increase speed and attack the fortress, instead waiting for them.

In fact, considering Skeleton’s speed, he might have been able to do it.

“Skeleton god, it’s alright, forfeit this match and report them, this is too shameless!” I Am Not A Noob shouted angrily. One could tell from his voice that he was still young, and he was slightly out of breath due to his anger.

Average Tom breathed a long sigh and said, “That’s true, this bunch of fellows are too shameless, don’t let them be happy. If they were to destroy you, we would be angered to death.”

Wang Zheng did not reply. He prefered using actions over words in expressing his feelings.

It was just as Bonehead said, the best way to treat your enemy was with destruction.

Wang Zheng’s eyes were filled with a murderous aura which spread out in all four directions.

System Warning: A snow storm is imminent, a snow storm is imminent.

Wargod No.1 continued to move in a straight line towards the incoming 5 mecha.

“It should be said, this Skeleton is letting his ego get in the way of his decision-making, which is not smart. If I were in his place, I would definitely just surrender, and then report them!” Fawn leisurely said.

Tiny Suds lightly glanced at Fawn with the corner of his eye at Fawn and said, “There are some people who will never understand the meaning of courage.”

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